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8 Videos (7m)
    • Inspiration is Everywhere

    • Project

    • 1 Pantry

    • 2 Go Places

    • 3 pinterest

    • 4 What do you LOVE?

    • End

    • Bonus: Inspiring Images


About This Class

This class is for beginners and a reminder that inspiration for our next masterpiece is all around us. But we must choose to pay attention and take notes.  YES!  Inspiration is always hanging around! We'll go four basic places, and look at principles and elements of design. We'll look at color and texture.

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Its short and sweet and is a good starting place to get in to the mood to create.
A quick tutorial about looking around your world to get ideas about color, shape and so many more things--in only 14 minutes.
Interesting and everyone will enjoy the crushed impressionism.
Myra Mireya

Lettering and Watercolor Artist





Myra Mireya

Lettering and Watercolor Artist

What brought me to skillshare?

I found skillshare while learning hand lettering and watercolor. I'm a curious and imaginative self taught artist. I work on something every day as much as I possibly can. You know,  that's the best way to learn! 

Why art?

It's a hopeless love. No matter what or where life takes me, art is right there with me! Art gives me the I'm at my best everything's possible feeling.

Why do you teach and what do you gain from it?

The greatest gift isn't much if you keep it to yourself. I want to share my words and art with as many who will listen. Oh yeah- my classes are the first phase in building a huge platform where I teach you everything. The best is yet to come!

To learn more check out my blog or instagram myrasletters.