Insight Mapping 201 - Mapping for Creatives | Barbara Fillip | Skillshare

Insight Mapping 201 - Mapping for Creatives

Barbara Fillip, Mapping Maven

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4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction to Insight Mapping 201

    • 2. Learning from Your Own Experience

    • 3. Learning from Others

    • 4. Combine Insights into an Action Plan


About This Class

In this class, you will sharpen your insight mapping skills by developing two maps and then combining them into a third map and developing an action plan.  This class is a follow on to Insight Mapping 101 - Make the Most of Your Experience.  Completing Insight Mapping 101 is recommended prior to enrolling in Insight Mapping 201, but not a requirement.  Insight Mapping 201 does not cover the basics of creating a map.  






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Barbara Fillip

Mapping Maven

Learning junkie. Map Maven. Insight seeker, gatherer and connector. Mom, recreational bicyclist, amateur juggler, expresso lover.

I plan on soaking up the learning on Skillshare and sharing my interest in mapping and learning with a course titled "Insight Mapping 101," which is about using concept mapping to support reflection and learning by documenting personal insights (aha! moments that make learning so much fun).

In the real world of work and daily routines, I work at NASA....

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