Insight Mapping 101 - Make the Most of Your Experience | Barbara Fillip | Skillshare

Insight Mapping 101 - Make the Most of Your Experience

Barbara Fillip, Mapping Maven

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Welcome to Insight Mapping 101

    • 2. Select An Experience

    • 3. Recall

    • 4. Start Mapping

    • 5. Add Structure

    • 6. Add Insights

    • 7. Final Touches & Closing Thoughts


About This Class


Insight mapping is a variation of concept mapping that focuses on eliciting and documenting insights from any given event, activity or experience.  It can be used by individuals, in support of team work, or by entire organizations.  This class is a short introduction to insight mapping for individuals.

We all make mistakes and mistakes are an important avenue for learning.  Have you ever felt that you seemed to be repeating mistakes you'd previous made?  Albert Einstein noted that insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.  Would you like to try a new approach that could help you better leverage your own experience.  Insight mapping provides a simple and relatively quick way of reflecting upon an event, activity or experience, and drawing out key insights that can help you move forward in a more productive way so that you do not repeat mistakes.

The class includes short videos which will guide you through the creation of your own insight map and some sample maps.

No special software is required for you to complete the project.  If you wish to use concept mapping software, some advice will be provided or you can use whatever software you are already familiar with.