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Insider Secrets to Insanely Great Websites - Defining Your Purpose

teacher avatar Cindi Acker-Hein, Creative Strategist + Writer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. WebWrite Class 1 Intro

    • 2. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 1

    • 3. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 2

    • 4. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 3

    • 5. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 4

    • 6. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 5

    • 7. WebWrite Class 1 Exit

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About This Class


Why do you need a website? OK, did you just read that and think something like, "Duh, I want to make money."? I'm with you, my friend. Let's just improve your odds a little, OK?

In WebWrite Class 01: Defining Your Purpose, we will look at your website from a customer messaging perspective. Why will people come to your website? What information will they need most? Nailing the answers gives you a massive business advantage. Even if you use the same DIY website builder as the competition, you’ll blow them away with your purpose-driven messaging.

By the end of the class, you will know:

. Why the purpose of your website matters

. How to use the three customer purpose categories to plan your success

. How to nail your own website purpose using downloadable Class Project


This class is suitable for everyone. Please note it is a business planning class that will make it easier and more effective to plan and write your own small business website; This is not a technology or design class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Cindi Acker-Hein

Creative Strategist + Writer


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1. WebWrite Class 1 Intro: My name is Cindy Acker Hein, and I'm here to tell you about insanely great small business websites. I've been involved in websites since the very beginning. In fact, if you can believe it, we were still trying to figure out if you could make money on the Internet. I think we figured that one out. What's less clear still, after all this time, is the matter of content. Now there's plenty of things out there little stereo toward content marketing and S CEO and things like that. But there's nothing that actually says, Hey, let's talk about your website and let's talk about what you want to say in your website, which is why we're doing this first class on defining the purpose. Great website needs three things. Great design. If it doesn't look good, people are going to hang around. Secondly, functionality links have to work. It has to work on all your devices. And if it doesn't, people get frustrated. The third, of course, is content. If people come to your side and it's clear that you don't have what they're looking for, they're going elsewhere. It doesn't take very long for them to click away, so That's what we're going to start right now by doing taking a good look at what the purpose of your website ISS. And by the end of the class you'll have a pretty darn good idea and the whole process of making content is going to be so much easier, let's get started. 2. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 1: Hi. Welcome back. I want to start the class by talking about a few things you should not be worried about right now. Right now, you're defining the purpose of your website, and that's it. Pretty much. Everyone you know, however, is going to have a great idea for you. Ignore your great Uncle Chuck, whose wares by Twitter and wants to tell you how it took his chicken leg franchise to 510 stores in a week and 1/2. Ignore your poker bodies, including the one preaching search engine optimization, the other guy suggesting immediate and ongoing Facebook posts. And the other dog who says his son could build your site for free in his basement. The Digital Age, my friend, is the California gold rush of our time. And just like the Wild West, the possibilities are bright and shiny. Take a look at this. This is a marketing technology super graphic. It was created by Scott Brinker, who's at chief Martek dot com. Scott creates of new chart like this every year, and it's become very well known for it, he says there are about 40% more products in 2017 than there were in 2016 a total of over 5300 solutions. You can spend your time digging into ideas for everything from advertising to social media to data management, and each one of these headers has at least six sub categories. Also, some of these products won't even be around a year from now and think about wasting all that valuable time exploring something that can never be an option. Now I get it. All these ideas, they're exciting, they're sexy, they get the heart pumping and there's a place for them. But we just jumped out of the website creation airplane, and we're 50,000 feet surveying our options that we control our descent. Start playing around with all these ideas and you'll disappear down a research rabbit hole . Stick your head out 16 now realize that no content and you're side. It's not live, even though you feel like you've been working your rear off. And that's the nature of a rabbit hole there, nasty to stay on task, ignore everything except to finding the purpose of your website now that skirt around that hole and move on to the really valuable stuff up next. What's the purpose of a purpose? See you there 3. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 2: Here's why it's so important to have a purpose for your website. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, you've got about 10 seconds to communicate your value proposition if you want visitors to hang around. Otherwise they're gone way. Don't want that, so let's look at ways to keep them around longer. This is called the Web Right Purpose Worksheet. There's a copy of it included with the class. You'll be using it later to help with your class project, but it might be helpful to download a copy now so you can refer to it as we move through the videos. As you can see here, there are three broad reasons people might be coming to your site. Responding, researching and returning, they might be responding to something they've seen or heard. If this is your main purpose, your goals to drive sales through outside influences such as ads or social media posts or recommendations from friends, they might be researching a product and thinking about a purchase. If this is your main purpose, your website seeks to establish the company as a trustworthy category leader, or they might be returning to your website because they have an existing relationship with your company. If this is the case, your website is there to support your fans. These are the customers of your business. Now let's talk for a second about overlap. People don't really research with no intention to buy or respond to an offer with no intention of researching. There's overlap. The trick is to decide one info your customer wants 1st 2nd and third overlap is good, because even though you're near purposes in priority order, you're still using all three of them. We'll dive into that assignment beginning in the next class finding purpose Number one, Meet me there. 4. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 3: right. Let's start by meeting the company whose websites will be studying. Zero. Rez is a franchise cleaning service for floors, furniture and things like that. I chose this company because they're Atlanta franchise has an award winning website. That's pretty darn great. But first I want to point out that I have no connection whatsoever would see or arrests or with their agency dynamics Web design. This course analyzes their websites on Lee and does not seek to review their services. Good or bad. Zero Rez is an excellent example of a company with lots of things to communicate and that could make it difficult to get a cohesive message across at zero residue. Lambda. They obviously thought about why and how people are coming to their site, beginning with their number. One reason researching. Here's another look at the Web right Purpose Worksheet, a site with researching as its number one purpose believes that its customers are there to plan a purchase, research a potential purchase or just research the category. In this case, that's furniture and floor cleaning services. First we see a big graphic about what Ciro Roses air rather what it isn't just below that we begin to see what they clean, beginning with carpet cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning above the fold, then into air duct cleaning and hardwood floors below the fold. By the way, the fold is a term dating from old time newspaper days. It means the visual area you can see without scrolling down, similar to how a paper looks when all you concedes the top half. The purpose is to grab your attention, making you want to buy the paper and Seymour or, in this case, scroll down the website and see more. Here's an example. See now that'll get your attention school a little further, and their story gets even stronger with lots of proof points a well produced video and guarantees. Finally, when your customers researching you want to establish yourself as a category leader. Here, you can see there blawg, which is chock full of useful cleaning information, even stretching to clutter management. Zero rez wants to be no, not Justus flooring and air duct cleaners. But as overall cleaning experts now, this is what the Web right purpose worksheet looks like. Now we've moved researching into the number one column and added a new section How does the site meet the researching needs of its potential customers? They start with a big competitive claim above the fold. The scrolling home page tells the whole story, and they're well rounded. Blawg clearly establishes them as thought leaders. We'll break out purpose number two in the next module. See you there. 5. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 4: Now let's break out purpose number two responding. Zero Reds Atlanta second type of customer is responding to something like an ad, a Social Media post or a recommendation from a friend. Here's how we comptel there gotta love it. Guarantee helps reinforce their expertise, and they've got it right here above the fold nets. They show us through their main nah far, which is this area right here. That they are legit. Residential and commercial helps you understand that people in all walks of life put their trust in Xerez. Although noticed there's an offer right above that showing us that they expect residential customers are the primary users of the site scrolling down. We find their definitive proof points. The things they have decided reinforced their message. The best marketing, by the way, regardless of industry or whether you're marketing by a website and add or something else, always has a defined set of proof points that are used over and over again. Finally, we discover a number of best of seals stretching across years as well as 35 star reviews, catchy headlines, and this is what their Web right purpose worksheet looks like. Now we've put responding in the number two column and added the house. They take aim at doubts by featuring a prominent guarantee the Net bar reinforces their legitimacy by showing what a well rounded company they are and they're proof points air well edited, thoughtful and repeated. Often I'll catch up with you in the next class, finding purpose number three. 6. WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 5: zero s. Atlanta's third type of customer is, of course, returning zero. Rose has made it easy for their third level of user to get in touch. Here you see their current special in a noticeable green bar. They repeat that same color in their online scheduling link and display their phone number in the larger type. With a handset icon, you can contact them digitally, too. It's on the right side of the knave bar, right next to the phone number. Now, as we scroll down, you can see how the ability to schedule a service follows you right to the bottom, where there's another chance to schedule the bloggers for returning customers to in their quest to be category experts. Zero rez. It's working to own a reputation for expertise. This makes them very approachable to returning customers who, as you can tell by the reviews, are raving fans. Now here's the final Web right purpose worksheet with returning in the number three spot. And here are the house. There are multiple ways to get in touch everywhere you click. There's a new chance to schedule an appointment, and the blood is clearly useful for returning customers and the worksheet is finished. If you'd like a copy, you'll find it bundled with this course and all. Bet you'll never look at a website the same way again. I'll see you in the final video. 7. WebWrite Class 1 Exit: download the class project were cheap and use it to find the 1st 2nd and third purposes for your website. It's not gonna be easy. I kid, you will be so worth it. You'll give you a huge edge of the competition. And speaking of the competition, download the bonus worksheet and use that to look at your competitors website. Think about what their purpose is. Our and don't worry if you can't figure out what they are. That's in telling itself. My name is Cindy Acker Hein, and this is what bright Class one. There are lots more classes in the pipeline, so I hope we'll see you soon. Good luck by