Insider Secrets to Insanely Great Websites - Defining Your Purpose | Cindi Acker-Hein | Skillshare

Insider Secrets to Insanely Great Websites - Defining Your Purpose

Cindi Acker-Hein, Creative Strategist + Writer

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7 Videos (14m)
    • WebWrite Class 1 Intro

    • WebWrite Class 1 Lesson 1

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About This Class


Why do you need a website? OK, did you just read that and think something like, "Duh, I want to make money."? I'm with you, my friend. Let's just improve your odds a little, OK?

In WebWrite Class 01: Defining Your Purpose, we will look at your website from a customer messaging perspective. Why will people come to your website? What information will they need most? Nailing the answers gives you a massive business advantage. Even if you use the same DIY website builder as the competition, you’ll blow them away with your purpose-driven messaging.

By the end of the class, you will know:

. Why the purpose of your website matters

. How to use the three customer purpose categories to plan your success

. How to nail your own website purpose using downloadable Class Project


This class is suitable for everyone. Please note it is a business planning class that will make it easier and more effective to plan and write your own small business website; This is not a technology or design class!





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Cindi Acker-Hein

Creative Strategist + Writer

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