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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. InkscapeC01intro

    • 2. Inkscape01L01

    • 3. Inkscape01L02

    • 4. Inkscape01L03

    • 5. InkscapeC01L04

    • 6. InkscapeC01Help

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About This Class

In this class I'll teach you how to draw with the free software Inkscape. It is a software of vector graphic design similar to Adobe llustrator. At the end of this class you will be able to create geometric patterns.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. InkscapeC01intro: Hi, everybody. And welcome to my first class about escape. So escape is a software off a vector graphic design, A really similar to illustrate or other illustrator. But it's free and you can go on in escape dot Argh and freedom loaded. So in this first class for beginners, I teach you how to create a repeat Parton geometric like this one that you can see on my man monitor. And in this way, we will begin to be confident with the main tools off this program. Eso if you are a designer used to software's like for the shop or GM per. And it could be weird the first time you open this kind off software off spectrographic design because it is really another way to work. But trust me that I'll teach you and you'll be really happy of it. And with the escape, you can draw whatever you would you wish. Not only geometric designs, of course, and I have recommended if you don't have yet a tablet because I used to work for match with my tablet. But if you don't have it with escapee, really, you can draw everything in an easy way. Just using the mouth. This is the lovely thing off a vector graphic design, of course, because you can control better the lines in the shapes and to this design, I added later, textures. But the texters where other with another softer with beam. I usually usually make the designs with escape. And then I had Texas later with deep. It's always a free software, and the if you are curious, I made some already made some classes about Jean off course, so I hope you'll enjoy is first class, and I wish you would be, Oh! 2. Inkscape01L01: Hi, everybody. And welcome to the first lesson about being escape. So escape is a vector design software. So we are going to work in a really different way. Um, if you are used to software like further shop or for to pay in or gimp and I used t say to my students when we started working with escape that you have to think that you are working with shapes off paper that you put together like a like a with all the techniques off collage. Okay, so the first, the first time you were open escape you should have already have a file open. And take that some tools and Justin some out just to see your sheet. It should be the side une four. And as you can see, we have space outside detail. So in escape, you can work outside your ah, Peter Baber, just like when you work with Kalash that you can move your shapes where you wish I am. Now let's zoom in, and the first thing we have to learn is how to move our shapes. And so just start creating some some objects or shapes. In this case, we peak we are going to pick this tool, the creator of triangles and squares to root. And if you plead and trash in a rodeo, if you can go on with your mouse and then you release, then you can create a rectangle. So at leak, I don't leave the bottom and then I lead it. Can you understand? Just try and create the many, many sheikhs. Now, another thing to say. These are rectangles with different sizes. Of course, you we should to create a square. Okay, If you wish to create a square when you use this tool, you have a two bleaker them the control key on your keyboard. So control key. And in this way you create squares. Okay, this is a square. Um, now I created many She shapes or objects. We should call them objects. They are objects. Now, um, click here waiting to use it very much. This tool, this tool, this black arrow uh, you always the picky eater when you will. I wish to move your objects. So Indian this case this square is a selected and I can move it. Do you wish to move this rectangle? Just click on it and then you can move it. These one, I can move it, These one and so on. Okay. Now, um, it can you see that the first direct angle we made is under the older, the other ones, and the swan is above all the others. But off course, if you wish, you can change that. These order and the these are the tools that you can use to move all these. The shapes you create a both or under. Okay, So to understand better this teeing, um I'm going toe to change the call off tomorrow. Tangles Just picking here. A caller. These one is read. This one will be orange. These one will be yellow, always with the O Toole. I just select my object. And then I changed the caller. So in the second lesson, we're going to understand better how to change colors. But now, um, just changed the caller in this way in these fast way just to understand how we can move our objects. For example, this little square and we sheet to be above alert the others, Then can you see this for these four bottoms? Bottom bottoms. Then click here with this bottom you can move it, Whatever the others can. You see This is above all the others. This one I wish these one, Toby, just to be under all the others. Then I pick likely here. And this is now under all the others. Can you see? But of course, you could say I wish the orange one to be just above the red one. But not above the the little square. In this case, you have to use these won this battle. That is the way. Sorry for Mark for hormones. Okay. And of course I could say I wish these being queer square to be under the yellow one, but above the purple one. So I say I used these one. So these two battles are go under just under one shape or go a bird of one shape just one sheep about. And these two are above all the objects and under Sorry under all the objects and the ball or the object. And for this first lesson, it's cool. Just plea with your tongue this and learn to be confident with these tours 3. Inkscape01L02: So let's start now to understand how to change the colores off our share shapes and objects . Because the first lesson I just pick up the cooler here in the here in the line. Toolbar hook. Can you call it in English? Okay, this is really long so you can pick the calorie wish. You select your rectangle and then you go here and pick the colors. The color you wish. It's really useful. And another thing you can do easier off course to change the color of your stroke. For example, how can I do it? Just, um, used the shift, the key on your keyboard. And then you choose your call or, for example, green Or can you see now that I change the color of my stroke or brown and so on so you can always use these things colors. But for the stroke, you up toe klik the shift a key on your keyboard, okay. And batteries also Ah, big window here that I recommend to have it open about feelings troop. If you don't have it, you can call it clicking here. Then you can see here you can go and change the corridors for example of these square you can change the call or using these wheel. And um, you can also say that you don't wish to have a call or owner. Your square You You wish to have it empty. So I eat liquor. He armor pain toe And can you see now? I have just the line the stroke. OK, let's put again the feeling now You can also say you wish with the less capacity and it will be quite transparent in this way. Okay, Now, um, this is the same is with the stroke stroke paint. You can change the stroke paint here, there in the window of stroke paint. And you can also say I don't wish to have the stroke. So you click. Yeah, usually I work without the Stroker and I create all shapes without the syrup, for example. So it's really important Now I can I wish toe show you Ah thing if I now I create um a rectangle. These direct angle Oh my God. This rectangle has again a stroke. Can you seat? I e Put it away Now let's create another rectangle. It it has again the stroke. Why? It could be in this way your software you have you have to change something on your rectangles tour. So you double click on your tongue of tools and you see that you wish to have always the last user style. This is a really important because it's a mime to go and put a rule the stroke every time. So now if I create the's a rectangle, it is like this one. The last I created last one here without the stroke Can you seat? So it's a really used for air command to do this thing for their tangle Stool for them, create circle stool. It's really it works really similar to direct angles. So last use that style, not vistas on style. OK, this is important. So if you wish to create a circle and you use this tool this'll ruler, you can also other. We direct Unger's, adjust the click control and create a perfect circle off course. Now, um, last thing to say about this, Okay, easa that, um here we had the stroke style. We can change him stroke and make it bigger. And, uh, we can change here the stroke and make it with the dots or something different. It is useful if you have to create a skim and create some arrows, for example. So whoever these or to create a paper toys to cut. Okay. Okay. Um so for the the second lesson, it's all just, um, play we only with the rectangles and, um, circles for the moment and And try toe, be confident with these, and, um, as always, you can put them under. Oh, over. Okay. 4. Inkscape01L03: So now let's child try to create, um, a simple A really simple partner. Germany Trick pattern, using the shapes that we learned to use and moving them in the right position. So, um, start creating a square, then I am. I take it with the stroke. I say no stroke. And to the cholera. A wish in here. I can truth it off course here. Just like this green. Okay. Now, um, can you see here the reason a lot. We have to look here because in this way, if a scale mine my square, it will not. Proportions will remain right. So how can you scale just when it is a selector with black or Oh, just going on these little roo here and there You can, as you can see, drugging you can skate. And you can, of course, do these distant If I defect like one. If I click one time, I see these Arab arrows. But if I click two times, I have this kind of our oath that give me the possibility to rotate. Okay? No back seven back. So you can always rotate and scale your shape or your shapes. And if you make a mistake. As always, you can go back here. You have these two arrows. Go back or go forward. Okay. Now I wish to create some squares. I can also just click with them. Uh, we gather about a bottle of your mouth, the right and left. It is right. One. And I say replicate when you see duplicate. Okay. This way I can really faster create, um many squares now Let Zuma another thing too old to learn easily to select many, many objects or together. So always with black arrows, I select all them and I could say replicate. Okay, learn to be confident with these copy duplicate. You can also do copy and paste, but duplicate is Ah faster now, as you can see here I have some blue bottoms because they are selected when they are selected. If I put to one off my squares and held on over, they just Uncle, can you see? Oh, okay. In this way, it is really useful if you have to position your, um squares one on er dollar OK, in this way. So just duplicate and that he he moves alone Just this portrait. Mia and he goes toe the corner. It goes to the corner. Okay. You don't need to position on your square here. And it is a knowing for you to have the instrument you can duster click here. And now, if I put make put your this year, it doesn't, uh it doesn't go on the center here, Okay? So you can use it when it's useful or just click. And it will be no more selected in this way. Okay, Now, let's create a really simple parter. It could be this one, for example, Batter with something here, for example, I even I wish to create a circle and put it here. If you wish this circle really in the center of the square, there is another really important window you have to learn to use It. Is these Warner click here and eat opens here. Okay. Can you see? There is always a here below There is always the film stroke pane window. Okay, they are all here. And now you are sure that he are these Ah, first selected. Okay, So if I select these one for forced and then the circle was the 2nd 1 I can see that I wish my circle in the centre relative to the first selected and in for the for the high too. So in this way, now it is just in the centre. My circle Okay, let's try again. Duplicated the circle m make our circles Moeller. And now just click the first circle the 2nd 1 and say in the center of the 1st 1 and so on . In this way you can approach your mom or your shapes. Where the wish Let's create another square Smaller. I duplicated these one and a I wish these one okay with this corner. Okay. And and so in this way, you you're going to create a Arabic batter. Um, if you wish to export it now, just make it, um be good because of the resolution will be better. When you exported as PNG, you could just make it bigger than your file below it. It's not so important now when you have to export it, it must be else elected. You see, export PNG. Okay. And here there is It must be the selection, not the page. Because if you expert paid, it will export all the space off these a four page. Okay, so this election, then expert as a you click here and you can choose where you wish to export it. So, for example, here can export it on my desktop and you put your name Okay, Done. And then, um okay. Safe now. E didn't export yet. Now it's important. Remember to click here export, because some sometimes you can think I you already exported. Now we just We have just written that just in the name now export. Okay. He exported But another thing to do to check and I didn't check It was the dp I If you wish to print dizzy made make sure you have at least 150 d p. I sometimes export 300 db i to be sure I ever go to a resolution. Okay, so check always dairy solution because you could have just a 72. It's not enough for for printing. Okay, well, you have exported your partner's PNG. Of course, you can open it. It will be more more of Victoria design a vector design, so you can just open it as an image on further shop photo paint game and so on. If you wish to save backed Or if I and I recommend to do these when you work, you have just to say file saver and you save eater in esa s the G fire. And this is Victor designed. So when when you open it, you can steal more of your objects. Because when it is a P and you have no more objects, you have just picks us. Okay, um, this s BG file. If you wish to open it on Illustrator, for example, you can do it about probably. You should save as planus svg. Okay, but you can, uh, open it on interstate. Or if you have illustrator, I don't have it. Okay? It did this oil for today and I recommend to try to create men have these simple geometric patterns In this way You learn to be confident with the truth I teach you to user. I told you to use it and I hope you'll enjoy 5. InkscapeC01L04: way our last lesson off this birth class about escape in this class. So in this lesson, we are We vacate to other squares with the three young girls in the squares. So how can I create three angles? So it just duplicate one off these squares? There are many way to create three young girls off course, and there is a tour, uh, that Keep me the possibility ditty to create polygons over 3456 corners. Okay, as you wish, But we're not going to use them. The this tool, if you wish to experiment, experiment? Of course, I learned in this way to use in escape just trying the old these tools. There are some things I don't know yet how they work. And today I wish to show you for lasting this tool. This one. Okay, draw busy curves and straight lines. So this is really, really beautiful. And it is the truth I used the most because with this tool that you can create in a first way just give you a little um I wish to show you and you can create Ah, corpus. As you can see indeed, the shape you wish in an easy way. Okay, this is something that, um, way learned in another class because it would be too much for you in the first class. But we can with this really useful tool, just create a simple, really simple to younger. And so make sure you ever these bottoms in blue. And now if you go with your, um, pen on this corner and click and really, either you will have the first point of your triangle just where we share it, Toby. Now here. And he are You click and release and then you close the your part, and we have a tree younger. So let's see. Can you see it? It is just like a paper and they can Poteet here. Okay, now just duplicated is too young Will make sure you have here Lockard. Of course. And let's do it smaller Now you have. You can change the corners with this pick Colores from him. Age in this way. Okay, so, um, this is a really used for can you see? And you Can you really the best way? Change the colors off your shapes So we learned to create three young girls with the most useful tour. Just remember it The jobs year course. What is a desire? Cool that we learn better in in the second class. Okay, so let's, um select all of these things All the square here. Ah thing I didn't yet tell you. And this is really useful is that if you are if you love these square, it's OK and you don't wish to change it anymore. You can group all these shapes together in this way. When you are, you go just clicking and dragging your your square They will follow altogether I e show you If I do it this way only the square comes but to move all of them and you have to select over them and then I can move them. But if you are sure that you wished oh to leave them in this way you can group them So you go on object and group you can always on group if you are not satisfied. So remember Objet group these objects that we selected together now it Liza Ana an object. Okay, This one is not an object. If I do in this way 100 The Green Square comes okay If you wish. You can group all your little squares object group, Nike, visa a group and we can move. It is in an easy way. So let's, for example, duplicated These one put it here. And now I wish to flip it or to rotate it off a 90 degrees. Okay, To make this things, you have these useful tools. Yeah. Wrote these one. Can you see all the fleeting one The sleeping in this way or in this way? So I think it's enough for you for first class. You can really create, um, lovely things in this way. I made ah, lovely important for spoof Lower Andi. I entered the contest in a child and it was a a challenge with the team about house Bauhaus style. It was so easy and fast to create the partner using escape in this way. And now I think you can do it. You can create really lovely patterns. The only things that you could need if you wish Easy to learn to our textures on these kind off partner because now the disease with flat colores if you wish Toe addparam textures only I used to do these um, the 12. The textures on the partner using temper. I don't I don't use escape for for this kind off for the Cold War in part. Okay, I just use the flat course and then important a PNG he made on gimp and then my other texters I teach. I already made a class about Kemper, where you can learn toe texters on on any major about I do it for you, um, specific for, um for designs. Main with escape. So stay tuned. I do it as soon as I have free time to do it. So I hope you enjoyed my class, and we should be job. 6. InkscapeC01Help: so Hi, everyone. This is Ah, Ban with a lesson about how to find or your tools are on in escape. Because I know that many students have not the same layout of the software. When you open it the first time, it's not, um, similar to mine. For example, there are students that didn't find these tools of these m does not being a toolbar, this one, it's air so useful. And I have to say in my first instinct, when I e. M downloaded the first time in Skipper didn't have it and they didn't know it existed. Really? Really. And, uh, and sometimes that you had this toolbar in vertical position and here and so it's ah, can't really help you to find this to bar because I tried to look here, if I could find it, and I couldn't find it. But it could be just hidden, and you could find it. If you ever a little black aro here, similar to this one that you can see he are these little arrows. Maybe you could have a little are here that if you click enables things bar off the knepper guys, this one okay and however, the messed important windows you needed to know and you have to find them and you have to open then are the feeling stroke a window. And if you don't have here this bottom, you can go on object and you can find it here. I'm sure that quite sure that you can find it going on a menu object filling stroke. You click here and it will open. It opens here, but so you can find it. And the other one important is the online and distribute window. This is so important way. Use it so much. And this one is the also in objector. He I have here a line and distribute So the best important windows you can find them. He are. I couldn't understand where you can find these one. It is so useful because when you create an object and you wish to put them together, these is so useful. Can you see you can align, um, and snapper these objects together. Um and so I work in many years without it end. If you don't have it, it's Z you have to select. The first objected on the 2nd 1 Then you have to use their line and distribute window and say that you wish them at the same Hey, and then put one. And here the order, It could be these one or these one. And at the beginning, when I started to using the escape, I made all of the things when I have to put them together just using the online and distributes tool. It s so you can do without these snapping battles. But they are so used for I hope you can find them off course. Eso just give a look. If you can find a song Little black arrows like this one and clicking there, maybe you could find the thesis tool, Barto. So I hope you you'll find the of course And another thing to say either that some bottoms are not enable if you if you don't select the object, for example, these wants are, um you can use them only when the object is selected. Okay. And, uh, if I am, I picked this tool, for example, the zoom tool here. You can see I am other other other bottoms off course. Those we used Jim. Okay, So remember that the bottoms, the visible bottoms. Er depend, um, on which to you are using. Okay, so I hope this little less on a will be used for Teoh.