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Inkscape for beginners Class 03

Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

Inkscape for beginners Class 03

Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

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6 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Inkscape class 03 intro

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About This Class

I will teach you how to use some useful tools from Inkscape. You will learn how to do the difference, the union and the division between two paths. Using them I'll guide you in the creation of an art lettering:


At the end of the class I'll teach you how to add textures on your design using another free software: Gimp

If you are new to these softwares, please check my first classes:

Inkscape for beginners Class 01

Inkscape for beginners Class 02

You can start using Gimp just with this class, but if you wish you can also give a look to my first class about Gimp:

Gimp Class 01

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. Inkscape class 03 intro: so Hi, everyone. And welcome to my third class about escape in this class. I'll teach you how to use the summer really useful tools on escape and we learn how to make the difference. The union and the division between two paths. What does it mean in this class? We try to write this lecturing, be creative and have fun. And for example, if you needed to write on a or a B or no, you'll have to draw the shape of the letter and then you have to make a hole on it. Can you see a tree? Younger horror here or a circle in Oh, and you can do it, making the difference between two paths. This is what we learn in this class using distilled the division tools, for example. It is really easy and fast to dio the stripes on a shape like these one. Okay, like the sea or this kind of all the textures off shapes of ciric ALS on dso on on the other letters at the end, off the drawing process with just flat colores I am I export to the file as a PNG and then I'll open it in another software on game and on game for I'll teach you my own process. How I add textures on my designs because you know, this is a part off the work that I do always with using give. I prefer I don't do. I don't have the textures on on Escape. So game for is the similar to photo shop, but it's free. So if you wish, you can just go on dimple dot org's and freedom loaded, and you can just follow this class. You should understand how to manage gimp for the first time. If you find it difficult, you can off course follow my classes about gimp. I recommend just to fall the 1st 1 It's a really useful if you wish to learn better, how to manage the liars, how to manage all the jewels on deep. But I tried to be really clear on the class to so you can just start with game for in this class if you wish. And so what else? If you don't wish you to to use game, but just follow on Lee. The first part off this class only the first lessons where I teach you how to make the difference. The union on the division between some paths. OK, so, um, it's hard I hope you enjoy and the let's be creative and have fun. 2. Inkscape03L01: so high, everyone, let's start drawing a visa letter. We are going to write, be creative and have fun. So the first thing to do is it to decide the size off our design off course. And if you wish, How do you wish to draw these lettering? Because it's like an illustration of the latter in. So I decided I wish to grow inside a circle. So I am used. This tool, the circle the creates circles too. And pressing control on your keyboard. You can have, you can see because it's not cholera. Here you are. If you're breast control, you can have a perfect see about either. Don't press control. I show you you can make a least lips even know the exact name in in English. Okay, so remember to checks year your locker. It must be Lockard here, The proportions, you know, because if here you have eaten not locking when you go to recite your sickles using this oro, the proportions could change. So you must be lock it Now we can decided that the sides off course we can change here, for example, I could say I wish the circles to be 2070 metres, for example. Okay, so you you choose the size of your letter of your registration. Now, another thing you can do now or later. It's not so important to do it at the beginning. But you can also do now is to change the document properties. So you go on fire document properties and you say in this window stupid. You can see they're here. You can see that you you wish to recite the pager, you see, because now we have a page over side of on a four. You know, you can say he recites page to content eso to be drawing their selection. As you can see, my circle is selected so I select what I wish e should the page off the side of my circles , for example Then I say likely here and now Can you see Oh, my girl here Can you see It's the let's zoom out Because we went down You can see this is our feet first so we can always work everywhere. We have so much space that I am here in Inskeep But the document is thes one. So when a day and you needed to export if you say expert to the page in PNG, for example, the escape we left. Um well, expert on Lee, what is on this page? Okay, Now on other, another thing we needed to have is the align and distribute window open. So you can click here and it will be open as you can see here. Or if you can see a zoo. Always. You can go on object, immune you. And here you can find it. Okay, so we need these line. And of course, we always need the filling stroke window. It can be found always here. Here you are filling through. Okay, what had them open? It lets the changes here Now the cars off these circle and make it transparent. And, um, the strike painter must be visible. So let's click here because these circle is just for us a za reference. Okay. In the window of the line and distribute. You can say if you select the circle, you can see that you wish she ally net with pages so you can a relative to page You can say that you wish it in the center in this way. Now it is perfect in the centre. My circle. Okay. It's not so impassioned when you draw, you can draw out off the page. Of course. Okay, but just we should to show you this thing. Okay? Now we can start toe to dro the lettering. I wish to draw Big Rat either and have a fun. So at first I have to think What are the most important wars in this quote? Creative and farm. So credit and farm must be bigger. Ok, so it will be the creative and have a farm. So I usually start drawing the most important words. So in this case, as you can see, I'm going to work. We feel and the nostril pain just with this tool, my family jewels in a dramatic way then and go, I will change the shapes and do them better. Of course. So that's a two first, just right in a awful who ate like these. So because we just needed to know how much space every every letter we need hopes you can always with them with your key border. There is a queue toe. Go to council, you know, to go back on with these when you can go back if you do something wrong here, Um, as you can see, I'm I'm working without making their holes because the holes in the letters is what? We're going to learn it to the new thing we're going to learn in this tutorial. Okay, So be creative. And they have a farm. The farm must be really big. Okay? Because we need to have fun when we are creative. Okay, now, now I can put that the other right. You for the B. I just made these things. It's an offer. Be ready and have fun. So maybe I can do be smaller. Put created. As you can see, I select using this black are I select all the world and I can put it. Yeah, okay. And I can adjust it. Maybe you could have these tools self selected. Please dis elect them all up because they're not Use it for now. And he And now we have to write and really little. Okay. When you are writing in this way, just put some points. Some notes. Okay. Not too many, but just the ones you need to understand which can travel authorities. I can understand it is a beat off course. It's horrible, but they can understand. Okay, then later. You can always argue notes. If you need a merman, you can off course cut away some notes. For example, in the CME. It's too many notes. I'm going to cut them, okay? And have we needed the right have okay. And we have wear Don't with the first single part of our walk. Okay, So now, now you have, in this first part adjusted to understand the spacer every world you wish to give to every word. Okay, on. But I think you should play in this part. Too dry, for example, to give more space to death. It could be lovely to put the after here and to give the road farm more space. Okay, so you have to remember you have to try to transform the letters. Ah, in a way that they they are. Mom, the feel better the circle. Okay, but if you don't like this effort, you could also put some other the course okay, on your drawing and put some flowers and so on. But way. We should to have this letter must meet administration. We wish to have all the circle feel it. Okay. Okay. This is all for the first lesson. 3. Inkscape03L02: way have me lecturing just to give it the space way we share. So some awards are bigger than other off course because they are the key words off the quarter. And now we can start to draw better the letters. So, for example, this be we started with the B. You can select it with these tulips. In this way, you can see and more the knowns as you wish. And the first thing to do is to select that these two notes and to say that you wish the the arms off the busier cools tangent in this way they are cotton gin. Okay. Can you seat and remember that you can In this way, they are talented. But if you can make this longer than this one if you wish Okay, if you need. If you are making a really symmetric design, you could choose that This one you if you click here the arms that we'll move together, okay? And it can be used for if it is Ah, smashing design. Of course. Okay, now, another thing you need to have you here is the align and distribute window. Of course, you can click here to open it or you can go on object. Yeah, um because maybe you we should, For example, you have these two nose and you wish them at the same vertical. Okay, you click here, you select them and you click here, and they are now at the same. They are vertical thes e, for example. I select this to once, and I click year. Okay, so the airline and distribute window is really beautiful. Now, let's learn none out to create the holes in the B disease import down, and we have them to use new tools today. Pick the Drogba's Year. Korver, since right lines toward these one. My favorite. Okay. And just the draw. A triangle. OK, one here and one here. Okay, Now, these are every one of these is a part. Okay, Now, what are we going to do? We are going okay to make it better off course with the core. Okay. Now, if you select the B and the part here, you can go on part and say difference. And now you have a whole look. Can you see? Below? There is in the circle. There is a whole now, so you can repeat the same for these one off course. So you you make it in this way core of okay. You could also just cut it and you have the cool, so it can be enough sometimes. So I recommend just use less knows you can. Okay? Because you can transform in an easy way the shapes. If you have not so many notes, let's make again difference. Okay. So to make the holes, you have to use a part difference. Okay, Now let's learn and nothing, because today we are going to be confident with difference, but way are going to use union to and division. Okay, just this tree. I am. I think that you could try to use a lot of these tools. Okay, They were similar. The other exclusion. The intersection is lovely. I once I use the most our union difference for the holes and division. Okay, so we are working with this only with these three ones, because together it would be too much of the through a confusion. But if you have time to experiment, always do it Because I learned in this way just experimenting. Now let's go on the sea and first thing to do for the sea is just to cut too many notes Way Cut them all and we leave just one here and one here and off course weekly here in this way , because the mazir tools must be tangent. Okay. Oh, this is too much. Okay, Every time I cut away, you know that I could find that the north near the one Nakata under are no more tangent And you see, so always take them and the click here. Okay, in this way. Now I know I wish to show you how to create a stripe. Okay to the Isasi. Okay, let's let's create some stripes. And in this way, we learn how to use the division instrument, OK, the union and the division toe. Ok, um I used to do it this way. I I start creating in these waste from stripes. They are bigger. Can you see off my seat? It's not important because when I'm going to do the division, they will perfect the will fit. So just go in this way. This is something you can't do with the textures because attacks. Because, for example, if you go on the paint and stroke tool here, you can find a way to put some textures. Compact ins with stripes, dots, But they are all in the same direction. You can't have the stripes following that. Your see? Okay. Now, look, Look at first of what happens if I select the c m one off the stripes. I go on pastor and say division. Now, look, we have three different parts. So these one, I make a color a different color so you can see better these one and these. Okay, so with the division tool, you create a different parts and it the cops perfected the part of the ones of the one part of that was in the background. So it is the best way to do the stripes to your C. I think it is this one that if you wish to be faster, I recommend it to the 1st 2 selector, the strives and make the union pay attention, not group. Okay. It's not the same of grouping because when you group the pastor remain different parts. Okay, They are group, but they are different parts. In this case, when I say part union, these thrives now are run under our run parts to show you better Look at this. If I click with this tool here now, you can see Earl the nodes. Because when I click here that that is not only deserve little rectangle here, it's everywhere. Everyone, it is all one part for escape. Okay, If I group, for example, these four letters and they say group okay, when I go to select always with Visa Toolan, I recommend not these one. The one with the nose A I select here Tennessee. You see only the nurse off the because. Okay, the A's group with r e m t that it's just group it. It's not the same part. Okay, I say it is because you have to understand it's different the grouping and that the union. Okay, now let's group. And the main important thing to know is that when you make the union, you have not busy this union you can group in the group about the one that you made that the union you can go back, see, are okay that there is no command thes union, so you will have to use it just in some cases like this one here it is used for the Union. Because I select all of these rectangles. I make the units and then just selecting the C. I say division and I ever The Davy Jones is. So if you ever really big letter with many, many stripes, you grow faster in this way. Okay? And now, just to show you that they are all the or now different parts because with the union they are you they are all together with the division. I made the division. Now we have all different. Every stripe is a non object. Okay, I could just put away some of them. I could say a pair of these. I don't wish them on the C. I feel empty. Okay, Okay. So let's practice again. Just to see if you understood. Let's see. Here, make it Corba. That's a line. So the window is here. You can play with your letter. Try to create a fun letters with as you wish. Of course. And now again, let's create the whole Can you remember? How do you create the whole you have to select? Of course, Both the RM thes shape here. Then you go on part. Okay. We'll go. We are working with parts. So you go on pop and you see a difference. Okay. Okay. Now, um, let's show you again them how to use the union and division tools. So I peak these tea, Okay. Make it quite bigger in this way. Now, um, look, you could use the, for example, the circles now and just make some circles in this way some smaller. Okay, Some bigger. As you wish. Okay, let's Please, let's have fun. Okay, Now, But I'm going to do I just with shifter. Okay. On your keyboard, I select all the circles I see back to union in this way, a yard apart to know. OK, then I select the tea and say Pat Delusion What? Open it. Okay, let's see. Now I have a or these cute Syria calls here. Okay. And so on. Let's change the corners so you can see them back. So now you can see in the first mood what I'm creating with these lettering. So, as always, I'm always using the difference that the division and the union tools. And as you can see, I'm I found a good palate. So I am. I looked for a good palate for my design, and I'm using it. So I'm only using the call or so you can see above. And, um So, um, let's give a look to my way off drawing my process at the end. I'm going to export these major as a PNG, so you will have to go on file and exported. I recommend to export it as, ah, in higher a solution at least 150. It says for for indeed be I and, um, and the as a PNG a week did in this way you will not have you have not a background. Um, and I recommend to cut away Teoh a raise to cut away the circle because your circle was just as references to draw the m the lettering off course. So at the end, you have to cut it away. Eso um then in the next lesson, will, uh, we learn how to put textures on the major. But we'll do it opening the PNG file. - Way , way, - way , way, Theo 4. Inkscape03L03: So now I am at the end off the drawing process and I'm going to our textures on my lettering. I have to export these majors. So you have to go on file export PNG and you will have these. You'll find these window open. Um, so you have to click on page because you wish just to export the page? Not in this case. I don't wish to export these color palettes to Okay, s o I could off course cattle them out. But just to say page here, then you have to check here the resolution. It must be at least 150. I am used to work with the 300 DP I Then you can choose where you we should to to save your majors. So export as you can to the where to save it. And you can give a name? Of course you say say then then every command don't forget to click here on export. You have to export the dizzy manger. I already have exported it. So I just have to say you replace in this case. I m okay. Now you are ready to open the PNG file on game for and at texters with me 5. Inkscape03L04: So let's see now how? I had textures on my design using team. So you have to open deep, of course, And open your file s. So you go here on file open and you can you can look for your file. It must be a PNG. We exported it from escape as PNG five. It is transparent. Can can you see? It's transparent the file because we have no background. And when you open gimp, you should have already these window opened the tour options and liars we know. And the tools box. If you don't see one off these windows, please go on windows and you find them. There is the toolbox, the liars window and the two options to here. OK, so you can just go on. We know that you and you'll find them. Now. First thing to do is to create a new lawyer. Let's make it just right, okay? And the Poteet below the other. So you can just drag the liar or click here and it will go below now. Way. Have Chula? Yes, and created the textures. We are going to create a new liar. This time it will be transparent. Okay, So now you have to know that I have already many brushes made by myself that I use it to create the textures. Now I just used them. But I'm going to to tell you how to create your own, of course. So the two options you can find many brushes. As you can see, some are already here. But I have so many that I created by myself and they used them. This one, the world brush, is the one I like the most. Use it with Dina, with a big sides off course, really big. And with genomics truck direction. You click here you choose a track of direction here destructive direction. So as you can see the brush, change the direction just by inset itself and I just click, Click, click, click OK, with the mouth or the pen. I'm using a welcome job. Let now. But you can just click with your mouse in this way. And now you have my texture that I will go to you. I will never going. I will use that Teoh on my design. Okay, that's now let's see, How can you do these week a brush of your own So let's create at first your own brush. You can just go on Internet. I'm sorry that we know is to be for you here. You can go on Internet, look for just texture and choose something you like. Okay, Something free. But I have to say that we're not going to use a any major as cities. We're going to create a brush from it. So I think that you should You shouldn't have problems off copyright. OK, but if you find something free, it's better. Okay. And something open source. Off course. You could create some textures. Also importing the texture off your genes. Fabric off a watercolor you made, you know from a photo you made that That would be really good. So you have no problems off copyright and Salam off course. But I wish to repeat a weapon just to select a little portion of a texture and use it as a brush. So it is something that should be free from copyright. So, for example, you can just, um, copies of major. Okay, You say copy, major, and you go on your team file and you say a that pace that based as new lie. You're OK. You pay sweet as a new lawyer and now, as you can see, the liars they're really, really not so big. You can just scale it off course. If it is not so be. It's better, of course, to you the texture. Dottie's with a good resolution. But okay, now I found these one. It's just because I am to show you scale it now. The liar disloyal that I pasted is a smaller Can you seat? You can off course a lawyer. Three major sites. But it's not so important. But you can do it so you Now you can see it's the same off the other. Now I use thes lei lei stool free. Select tool. Okay. And I create a shape that must be really irregular. It must not be a square. Okay, try to do it Really irregular. It's better one than you are going toe to create the texture with it. So my brush will have this shape. Ok? I mean the selection and you have to check that you are working on these lawyers. OK, the clipboard. Now you see Korpi the selection and paste as a no brush. We have them to create this new brush. And you can give it a name, for example. I don't know Black. And why Teoh Brush Day B w brush. Ok, I gave it a name. Now dis electoral Justin click with this one here. And it is all this elected or you can also go here and say select. No! OK, now there is nothing selective. This is the lawyer. You can just delighted you need it and no more. And lets the letter also my my liar and create a new one. Transparent. And now let's try with this. Told the paint brush tour. Here you are. You have already the new brushes you can see in track direction. Okay, let's create your texture. Okay, so now, um, this is a major we created Justin illustration. Okay, IFI, if you are going to create repeat part terms, Okay. You should do also the offset off this text. What is it? The offset is, um you can find it. Here you go online, you're transformer and you make the upset. It is that we are going to cut thes image in four pieces and invert them in this way, we'll have the border that repeat well, this'll is a a good thing to do one. You create attack, stroke or for a pattern. Okay. You have to say here to your computer that you wish to have it uttered in this case quite in half. So it is 2000. 1000 151 181 of the best 181 for it should be the the half. Okay, 100 1181 and then going to cut it in half and invest. Offset. Now, can you see if I zoom that there is a line here? So it is good. Good seeing if it is our bit parter to do it. And then always with your brush, Um, you hear on these lines? So you are no lines. Okay, Now it is a really a lovely good texture that can also repeat. We don't need a repeating here, but I wish to show you if you if you use to create repeat patterns, Okay. Now let's call a Rita so you can just say on caller polarise and let's DV two colder. Like this one, for example. Okay. No way. This'd Exeter has a caller. I used to work in these way because I wish to have to be really fast in my way of working. So I used to duplicate this liar and put rum just here below. It is my reference liar for the duplication off many other lives. Because we're going to create a liar for each Carlo. OK, so So now you have to go on big creative Honda lawyer of your growing okay and credible idea. You use this tool the selective color tool, and start choosing the color, for example, this one. So we select these one. Okay, then go on the Zarya. Let's make it visible. Because I made it invisible. Okay, let's make it visible and see. Select in. OK, in this way. Now it is all all the other things are selected, and now I can say cut. Okay, So what I did I selected on these large water we should have selected. Then I went on the liar with a texter and say selecting bears. Okay, Because we have to invert this election because I wish to cut all the other things. Okay. And then I cut assayed caught in this way Now you have the texture on this part. Okay, Now, this was the big name. Apart, apart already, you know. So let's on this liar check always on which lawyer you're working. I recommend So this'll you go on, call us. You can go on polarize and changing color. But I preferred these option A few saturation with this window I can change the corner and also change. The lightness is so I wish to create a darker cooler. So let's try to find a poor poor like this one. Maybe, but the darker and more saturate I think I prefer. Okay, let's see. Okay. Think it is a lot to light okay from the beginning. So let's You can also use brightness and contrast. I use many, many windows. As you can see with Britain with brightness and contrast, you can make it darker with more contrast. Okay, I love it. So in this way you can create a texture on every caller. You can also try to create the other kind of textures with other kind of brushes. Ok, so now let's try to repeat this party does. That is important. Usually after during these week for caller what I do. I just duplicate to my reference liar. He also I go I selected than I go here and saying duplicate lawyer. Then I put teat above your girls. Okay, then I just make it invisible because I have to go here on these lies. The one off the doing. I select another call or let's select, for example, this light pink. Then I go again on this lawyer and make it visible. Of course. And I recommend you have to read this election, so make in their selection and just get This is so fast. So you, as you can see now this elector Elif, you wish this way No one. Okay, now, in this way, you will have every caller on different Liar. So it is so easy to change the callers without having give the problem off selection. You just go on lions. You've changed the color whenever you wish. You know? Then thes case, let's go again on saturation. Let's find the color we prefer you can make so so many experiment. I love this Alina tu. Okay, let's go with a pinker. Maybe dark hair. Okay. And so on. So I don't guesting for every call or and you can experiment and try to create other reference liars with other brushes with other texts. This is a part of the job I really like so much. It's so lovely to see how a drawing looks different. Changing the textures. Okay, I hope youll enjoy these. Way off, working your find it really fast and beautiful for your illustrations. And now I'm going to finish it in a force more so I wish you good job. Bye bye. Theo. Theo. Theo. Way. 6. Inkscape03L05: So as you can see, the design is with the texture now And when you are finished with your work, if you wish, you can marriage these liars with a texture because they more I years to you head on your file and more he it would be It will be much he the file, of course. So usually when I am satisfied with the design I used to marriage only the liars with the texture because it's ah good to leave. Um allow year without the textures where you can easily select bye bye call or every part you know, because to selected by color on the texture is not good. You can sell You can select good in a good way, you know? So just go all out here and say Merge down and the insulin merge down again Marriage down Can you see? They are merging together Maj down marriage down and again. Ok, now this is the liar with all the textures together and this one is the old one. Ok, In this way you can try to create many polar variations off your design and on a new lie years off course, you can also just always go on them On the first lawyer, the 1st 1 with flatter callers Justice select the park for here the red. Then you go on the texture and you can always just change on Lee This color, for example, I say I don't want you these one anymore. And I go here and and change it, for example with the powerful blue and so on council now. So, as you can see, you can you can merge Dely years the texture liars together. But please leave the flat Colores that these liar with fat crawlers leave it because it's useful when you have to select by Kohler. Okay, so this is all with game for you should never use it It you can off course export the major as a PNG and JPEG in high quality. Of course, in a high resolution, whatever you wish, you can hear a select the file type and save it as you wish. Export it as you wish, or I recommend a highly recommend is always to save also the file as cities with all the liars you say say vows and in this way you can save it as a a nexus year for and in this way you will have order years if you have Ah, photo shop and you needed to open Eat with all the liars on for the shop, it can be door. If they remember, you can export it as a PSD do. Let's missy, it should be here. I got the winner is too big and, uh, game pgm appear city where it is. You can see it for two Shopping age thes must be PSD Here you are. So if you need to open it, I don't know why, but you could have toe through to open it on photo shop. It's possible to have it with all the liars in P. S. D Tennessee. Okay. And you experts So this is all I hope you will in you. You'll enjoy your work in this way and I wish you the job by