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Inkscape for beginners Class 02

teacher avatar Gaia Marfurt, Illustrator and Surface Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. InkscapeC02intro

    • 2. InkscapeC02L1

    • 3. InkscapeC02L02

    • 4. InkscapeC02L03

    • 5. Inkscape02L04

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About This Class

At the end of this class you will be able to draw whatever you wish on Inkscape, just using the mouse. I'll teach you how to import images in Inkscape, useful as reference for your drawings. You will create a repeat dizzy pattern.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. InkscapeC02intro: Hi, everyone. And welcome to my second class about escape. Yeah, I'm so excited to teach her this class because we are going to learn how to draw everything we wish. Just with the help of one tool one pen and with this kind of pen you will be able to draw busier. Cool. So whatever you wish in busier corpus and in this way you can draw everything. You is just with the mouth. You you don't need to have a tablet to draw with the vector designed software like escape. So in this class we draw a repeat pattern. So I teach you how to draw all the details and then how to put them in a good way. That repeats. Well, of course, At the end of the class, I am exported, my major as a PNG. And then I used a gimp, always a software a free software to add a text source on my design. And this is a process that I will teach you. I prum eyes. I teach you as soon as possible in another class, but off course, if you wish, you could try to add textures and gradients and shadows on escape. You can do it with escape, but it is a process that I don't like very much because when you add the textures and graduations on a vector, design the preview and the major get here. And if you don't have a good PC, really power for PC, you could have problems off the review and it could get slower. You know, my case for my PC. I had some problems because it's it's old, my PC. So really, I e find them better to draw in vector design. Always with flat corridors. I can control them better in this way or the shapes. And then just at the end, off the design I exported. And then I get textures with so I hope you'll enjoy. I was 2. InkscapeC02L1: everyone and welcome to my second class about escape. So in this class I teach you how to draw some flowers, some leaves just to learn to be confident. With this tour, the one I use the most of the drugs here cools and straight lines to because with this tool , you can draw everything What you wish unjust Using the miles. If you don't have a tablet, the first thing we do either to go on a on a broza on your brother and try to find a color palette that you love because it really was it as inspiration to start drawing. Okay, I am usually very often I do. In this way I am I look for and a good color palette. In this case, I have written spring palette. You could check for on out on palette or watch you wish. That's the copy. The major you say you go on your own, the major you you love and you say copy in age and then you go on escape and say paste them in this way. You can import easily in majors from the Rosa and used them as inspiration as a reference when you have to draw something are too difficult for you to draw alone with without reference. And and in this case, we're just going to use that these colors and you can also I put my platter outside of fried. If I and you can try to add some callers from this parrot on and just create your own for example, I would like another green here so you can just create a rectangle. Sometimes I just do it this way. I create a rectangle and for example e love this color. Let's see if it's it looks good with one. Maybe more more thes One more more with us with Bluewings e unit can receive Okay then I can also duplicate these little rectangles Just click on the right bottom off my mouth and I I create many of these rectangles Then I eat using my name Carter Picked tool It's here I have not No, not too so much space. Yeah, in my recording windows. So I am I select the single rectangles and you was these core orsa In this way I need another rectangle so just duplicated Put it here then pick this caller now I can just let the object. It's just an object through the major. And I can relate it with my my council key on my keyboard. The one you use when you have to raise concerns. Um, world, if you're writing, Okay. Okay. Now I have my core appellate. And if you issues, they said you can add or change some of these cars. If you wish. For example, this game could be more blue. I love it more blue and so on so you can personalize your palate. Now my disability love can group it. Okay, I can use it for many part terms. Now let's start to create our drawing. So let's pick this Drogba's year toward Okay there, Corvis. And start, Just click and release. Click and really either create a polygon and with five corners are up in Tabram. Okay, now this'll is a Let's look here always in this way You don't change the proportion of your major Now these is going to be a flower If you click here on this stool With this tool you can change the way you can move The nerd sent. So the points on your part okay? In his way you can go and select and select the single node and move it. Or if you wish, you can select to off them and move. Move them. Can you see? Now, look, what happens if I go near this'll line off the part. Can you see there is a hand I can grab year perfectly and it line becomes a cool can you see? And the camp start creating my first petal off the floor in this way. Really, really fast way you can start to creating a flower. So let's check out what happened to our notes. If I take on this one. Look, now you have these arms. They gave me the possibility to to modify the core. So all the Corvis, you can just go here, Grab here, use these handles arms. I don't know the right in English. Okay. And in this way I create in creating a flower and with them a lovely look not to next to called to dramatic. Okay, the patterns are not all the same. They are different, Can you see? So let's change the color off our floor where make each orange. Okay. Now, if you wish to create a circle on your flower You could You could use the circle told, But I don't love it. Okay, If I create a circle, then change the horror this'll away, for example, and put it here. This could be an easy way But I don't love this circle because it's too perfect. I don't love it. It's called one. It's too perfect. So I use really to draw always with this tool and I create a square this way. Then I make it a circle. You can do it this way. You you select of the points and then you see you have to say that you make you wish to make the selected nodes smooth And look what happens with this bottom. Okay? It is really I have a circle, but it's not so perfect as the other one. Okay, so we have created our first flower and it's better toe have thes a Truls thes blue tools off. Not on in this case. Okay, now, if you are satisfied with your floor, we can just You can just grew Peter, These two shapes eso you say object group And now these flowers. If I click here, moves off the circle with with it, Okay? And I can off course scale it. I can duplicate it. Rotate up, sport eight in this way. Okay. And I can start creating my partner in this kind of floors. This is for the first lesson theme. 3. InkscapeC02L02: way have created our first flowers. Let's try now to create some leaves. So picker was these tool and just a when have to draw something, you have to do a shape, a dramatic shape at first, similar to the shape you wish to create In this case I'm doing in this way. This is my leaf. Liefer can change the call off course and then I'm satisfied. Now I wish thes air to be a cool. So I just select these two notes. So these one and then with the shift key I still at this 12 and caps them. I just cut them away with my name can say key on my keyboard. And I have a leaf so unimportant something to do through two to say about vector design. The less moves you use when you draw the better it is when you have to make changes and the design will be a light or not to he be so This is the best thing to do to draw with not with less and notes that you can And I wish to show you another tour that I don't use very much. But if you have a tablet. You can use it. These is this tool. These a pencil drawing Freehand lines with this pencil, you can draw free lines. For example, let's create the, um Ali a lift. Let's give a local manning Notes are in it. Can you see how many notes are here? Okay, you can of course, creator with this kind of tool. And then you can go and and cut son of these notes you can do in this way. Sometimes I do it, but less notes are in here. Better teas when you have to change the shape too. Okay. And we'll be the design will be writer toe. OK, this is important to eso Now let's try to create a murder t so I just duplicated this leaf . They are one on the older You can see it the new one. So let's change the color off the new one with this green, then I always with this too. Will I Ego here, grab and look. I change here the shape. But as you can see now I have this kind of legally for So look, they are two pieces. Can you see it? Ok, now let's put it again where it was in this way. Okay, if you're satisfied with this leave always. You can group. But And now if I click here, it's a lot. A knob checked. OK, In this way we can start creating so many lovely drawings. Um, I show you another lovely thing to do. If you wish to create another kind off the flowers, for example, we can always create something like visa like a leaf. And let's catch these two notes. Then let's gv Teoh this cold. Or now, as always like in this leave, I duplicate and change the color with these like pink. Then I grab here and here again a duplicate this shape the life being Kwan duplicate change the color year on Dhere So I wish to change the color with another one. So you can better understand. These are three shapes one big air than these one and this one. Okay, but in these worry, I'm going to create some lovely lines to my okay, so again duplicate to change the color with this tool. Always you can rob not black Arrow, the other one. Okay, let's duplicate again on grab, OK, And I'm unsatisfied. Maybe smaller. Okay, Now I'm satisfied. A group object group. This is another lovely petr over any flower, so I can duplicate it and rotate the new one. When you were take, you can change the position. All of yours. Rotating center, for example. Put two year okay. And start creating a new floor in these way. Okay, Duplicate. Here you are. We have another flower. So he is where you can draw everything you wish and and start creating the little details off your part. Turn. So for its sample, you could duplicate these the circle and puts many dots on your flower. And so So let's create many little drawings and then I'm going in the thermal asunto toe, teach you how to create the repeating. 4. InkscapeC02L03: thing. I teach you how to create a good repeating in a escape over a see a pattern and not a dramatic one off course and the body. I made 1/4 1 because I think I have to tell you some other things about this tool about how to work way the notes because you need to know how to use at least these three bottoms. They are really useful. And these one, if you have to have no so about, I do 1/4 lesson. Eso because I don't wish to have too much in life, so to say so now. Let's stay Percocet on higher to create the repeating how to change the sides of your design if you wish. For example, I used to work with squares. I prefer squares so you can do a repeat pattern off the sides you wish, and it can be also a rectangle. It's not so important, but you. We should change the sides, for example, and to create a square, you can pick their rectangle tool. It's useful and pressing control. You'll have a square, then put it aside, background and move it to bottom and, um, and the key here is locker. You can change, of course, of the sides, and now you can just select the square. Go to fire document properties and you'll have this window and this window you can say recites, page growing or selection. If you can see probably it's close it. You could have the window in his way. You go here, recites pitched content. Then you say precisely to drawing or selection. I am this election off the square And so now, as you can see, I have my file If I am. If I hear the background, you can see the file now is number on a four. It's a the square We should toe off This'll square can have the side. You wish you can go and change it The sides He also selected the square. He are the score tool and I am points you can I can have some tea matures millimeters and I can change the decides in these two windows. Okay, Now the better thing to do it if you wish to ever, Um a repeat pattern is to have some details in the meter off you're repeating and they must be in the right position, of course. So you at first we have to position, for example, to put a flower and the other one here for their peaking. They are not still in the right position. We have to zoom and put them in the back factor. So the repeating will be perfect. But at first let's just put them in the position in this cave here believes are okay. And you should do this thing for many off your details because if you don't do it, it could be it could be. When you created repeating, you could see the empty lines and they are not lovely to see. So are good. Repeater should be doing this way. Now let's look, how can can I put in the right position? The floor. I just use the zoom tool. I go near my flower and I e tried to put for example this ball into that. I can see it really well Exumas much as they can. And then I put teeter in the right position in this way. Okay, as much as you can. OK, so it will repeat. Good. Then I come out and make the same thing with other flowers So look which paid ality is in these one and put it. Yeah, off course here. Okay, Now let's zoom in as much as you can and put it in the right position. Zoom as measures you can. Okay? Okay. Wear not finished. Because they must be at the same Hey, so high. Okay? I like them both them. And with the 11 distribute window, I say that they must be center on horizontal axes in this way. Now they are perfect, and repeating will be perfect. If you can see the this window on, you have not here this bottom. You can just go on object. And here you can find it. You click here and you'll have these windows open. Always hear an object. You can find that the feeling stroke window if you shouldn't have, here is the bottom. Okay, Now let's dio again The same thing with another design, for example, with the leads are I eat, I choose a point that I can put easily. Yeah, for example this to the leader to okay in his way. Then I got he asked you the other leader which does these one. Andi, I put it Yeah, zoom Always as really be very much the most you can. Okay, Because in this way you will be more precise and another thing to do It would be useful. In some cases you can see back you can see the the line eso You can change the view sometimes it it's beautiful. If you go on view, display mood each say outline Here you see only the lines. It can be really useful when you have to do these things work because sometimes with cars you can see in the right you can put the right position. You're satisfied you change again You the view more This so this melee more Do you say normal? Okay, so now the that is not yet in the right position. Always you have to put the turn his days, the right position off the line and then you select both leasers and they must be now centered in a vertical axis. Okay, because one could be too much on the right. A So the older one. Ok, so it's a t end to put them so center. Okay, Now you have to do this thing for oil meditates that are on the side of your partner. So for these flowers, as always, you zoom, you put in the right position and when it is in that position, you select but and you say they must leave the same. Hey, okay, for all the things on the cell aside, so you have to use these one. And for all the things on these other sides, you use these one off course. Okay. When you have finished with all the borders, then you feel it. The inside over. You're off your pattern. When your fee said you can export your file, you can if you have. If you still have the square as background, you could just select it and see export PNG file. And then here expert as you can change the name. But I recommend it to just say saver here. It's not steel exported. You have to say export. And then when? When you have exported you completely out, then you love a PNG file. Because the first times I used to escape, I grabbed t here. Okay, check the resolution all always that These must be at least 150. I use a 300 bp I because if I wish to print my partner, it must have a good resolution. And in this way you will have a PNG that you can open our on game on fourth the shop where you wish or just upload on both sides. And I recommend it to save us. Always a nest DJ file off course. Because if you need to go and change callers, the besides the shapes always you have t to say the S V g a vector file. Okay, so svg file. So always unless identify and then expert eat, he wished to upload it to use it with other software. Okay, Theo. 5. Inkscape02L04: Hello, everyone. Disease. A lesson where I wish to to tell you something more about these tools. The drove their cools and threat line tool because the first time you use it, you could have some problems. For example, when you click and release, you can see that you can just draw these polygons and that this is the way I use it the most. But if you click and don't release, but you can create a cooler with the Wazir tour just clicking and then moving your mouth without releasing, Can you see? So there is a Maybe someone could prefer to work in this way. And I don't like to create in this way the Corvis I prefer toe. I find that it's easier just to create at first just a poorly gonna off the shape I wish to create. And then I e m. I selected the notes with the stool and I can eso created the Corvis. Oh, can go and change the node about the notes. You can see that they can have too busy here, handles arms or just one in this case because here it is a straight And here we have the cool over on. You can off course change it. The kind of northern if you selected to, you can change it in many ways. So let's start from these one. This kind of know if I select it and click these tow this bottom. I have my busy arm, so I called them arms. I'm sorry. I don't know the right name in English. And as you can see, these arms, they move together. Um and they they stay always the tangent to the core of Can you see eso? They are not free tomorrow as they wish Ship backed off course. In this case, I can just make these one really long and thes one shorter or these one shorter. Okay, if I click these bottom in this way now I have I know the symmetrical. And when I make this shorter disarm this one gets shorter to can you see So it can be useful when you are working with them. Symmetrical shape, its metric shape. Ok, of course. If it here they are more moving together, Can you see? And if you click this one this tool they are free now. And if I go here, can moved. They are not more their home a tangent toe the core And so you can create a sharp point. Can you see a corner in this way? Off course. If you wish, you can just click again on these bottom and we have no more the Wazir arms. Okay, so this is really important to know because you have to know how to change your nose if you need. Okay, So learn to use these three bottoms. These one, I never use it. I have to say I don't know how to use it. So I just learned these three. It is enough and less the thing to say. If I select these two notes, I can say that I wish, um, another in the middle. And now if I click again, I have two warders here Can you see? Because they are all selected. And again and again, you could ever really so many notes if you wish. But I recommended not to use too many notes if you don't need them because the file they made you get here. Okay, So only the ones you need and it will be better toe to change that. The shape toe to modify the shape when you have not so many notes, what else I have to say, OK? Thes is what you need to know about this tool off course there is these one the pencil. You can use it if you have a welcome tablet and you create a shape with free hand. Now you have toe. See that I didn't closer in a good way the shape and hear if ago here, Can you see I can't with them. Handle changes the shape here because the shape that the party is not close it. So you should selected these two notes and say that here it's closer The part and maybe you can do with probably in this way Now it should be closer. Can you see now we we have the hand. Okay, So you have to know that some ships could be open like this one Can you see this shape is open And he I can go with my hand and changed the shape. Okay, but here No. So, in these cases again, I select these two notes and say that I wish to close the park. Oh, no, not this one. Maybe it was these one? Sorry, it should be these one. Okay. With this one, we should selectees to and close with this bottom Join. Can you see there is return Joined the the part and now it's close it off. Course you could say that. You wish this to notes become one only one in this in this way. So these bathrooms are really useful and that they are not so difficult to understand how how to use them. Ok, you have always a window that that open when you go on one off them back. Pat, for example, is the opposite off these one. Okay, try them okay and try to become confident. So I hope these things port lesson was used for for you, remember or waste toe open the most important windows them the feel and stroke window and the align and distribute. If you don't have, here is the beautiful bottoms. Please go on object and you can find the feeling Cirque window he are and the airline and distribute. We know you're ok. Bye.