Inking: Working with a Nib | Gisela Pizzatto | Skillshare
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    • Inking With a Nib


About This Class

This class will show you how to work with nibs: kinds of nibs, papers, ink and information on how to make properly cross-hatching.

This is perfect for begginers but it also may have some tips and informations for those who already know a lot about inking using nibs.





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Gisela Pizzatto

Illustrator and Mangaka

Illustrator and Mangaka

Gisela Pizzatto is a brazilian illustrator, teacher and mangaka.

Born in Brazil, she teaches art since 1998. Graduated in History, she studies art since she was 11 and then decided to dedicate her life to Art.

Gisela has taken part in several art exhibitions around the world: America, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Italy, Singapur, Korea. She has also published comics in Brazil, Italy and Ireland. In 2013 she won the Gradam Reics Carlo, prize for best ...

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