Ink & Watercolor Magic: 5 Step By Step Illustrations

Yasmina Creates, Ink & Watercolor Artist

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    • Why Use Ink & Watercolor Together

    • Supplies

    • Watercolor First

    • Ink First

    • Loose Cactus

    • Juicy Kiwi

    • Vintage Teacup

    • Wildflowers in a Jar

    • Rainbow Camera

    • Until Next Class! :)

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About This Class


This class is for beginner & intermediate artists. Watercolor beginners will benefit the most, because ink really helps to make watercolors approachable. I wanted to show you my favorite techniques and different ways in working with ink & watercolor. The best way to learn is by doing, so join me in 5 step by step illustrations that will level up your illustration skills. We will illustrate:

  • Loose Watercolor First Washes
  • Ink First 'Coloring Book Page'
  • A Loose Cactus
  • A Juicy Kiwi
  • Fun Wildflowers in a Jar
  • A Vintage Teacup
  • A Rainbow Camera
  • & There will be tons of other examples throughout the class!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's make some magic and learn lots of new techniques! :)



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Yasmina - Your classes have been a fresh breath of inspiration and motivation to me. I really appreciate the fast pace - It keeps me hooked. I think the most important thing I've learned from you is not to spend too much time obsessing about everything being perfect and rather to just dive in and have fun. I have trouble with that, because I get too serious, but I've noticed that the pictures where I just have fun ALWAYS turn out having more life in them, and ultimately being way better than the ones where I measure everything and am scared to death to mess up! Your lessons are just fantastic... please keep them up! I'm trying to illustrate a children's book that I wrote, and your lessons are helping me tremendously. THANK YOU!
I love this class ao simple and yet you finish learning so much,
Pearl Purdy

Never Give Up

I love Yasmina's classes! So informative and fun. She really makes her techniques accessible and doable for everyone!





Yasmina Creates

Ink & Watercolor Artist

I strive to make every class the highest quality, information-packed, inspiring, and bite-sized.

Creating is my biggest passion and I'm so happy to share it with you! :)

You can find my recent work on Instagram & mini-tutorials on Youtube.

You can also view my favorite supplies here.

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