Ink Illustration: Bold Lines & Fearless Style

Ira Marcks, Illustrator / Storyteller

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12 Videos (51m)
    • Introduction

    • Traditional Workspace

    • A Short Film: Inking in the Dark

    • Digital Workspace

    • Software and Digital Tools

    • Composing The Scene

    • Ink and Shadow

    • Celebrating Your Influences

    • Playful Lines: Quentin Blake

    • Fearless Hatching: Maurice Sendak

    • Mysterious Shadows: Edward Gorey

    • Your Class Project

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About This Class

Join artist and author Ira Marcks in his latest illustration class and learn to build stronger compositions, ink bolder lines, and utilize your inspirations.

This class is a close up look at the illustrative process. It begins in Ira's studio as he shares the two sides of his artistic life: traditional and digital. The following chapters of the lesson review composition layout, tools both digital and traditional, and Ira's favorite inking techniques and how he creates his professional work. But that's just the beginning.

Have you considered all the different ways a drawing can be inked?

Through a series of inking exercises, Ira looks deep into the styles of the artists that have inspired his work since childhood. Odds are, you know a few of them! This class is ideal for creative illustrators, visual designers, and everyone looking for new and exciting ways to draw and ink their ideas.

This lesson is filled with twists and turns through the inspirations and memories of an artist and wonders how we all find our unique place in the vast world of illustration. When you complete this journey, you'll never look at an inky line in the same way again.

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Very good, not only your technique but your humor. I had so much fun. Please continue to post classes!
Rich with information and illustration of concepts. Love watching the process.
as all of your classes, i have enjoyed this one as well. thank you :)





Ira Marcks

Illustrator / Storyteller


My name's Ira. I'm a cartoonist/illustrator living in Upstate NY with my wife, dog, two cats and lots of books. In my Skillshare classes, I explore ways to create more meaningful illustrations and comics.

Follow me on Instagram for art stuff and get semi-weekly updates/inspiration from my Newsletter.

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