Ink Drawing Techniques: Brush, Nib, and Pen Style

Yuko Shimizu, Illustrator, Instructor at School of Visual Arts

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14 Videos (1h 32m)
    • Introduction

    • Brushes and Nibs

    • Ink and Paper

    • Bonus Video: Da Vinci Artist Supply

    • Setting Up Your Materials

    • Asian Brushes vs. Watercolor Brushes

    • Brushstroke and Nib Techniques

    • Review

    • Calligraphy with Ai Tatebayashi

    • Illustrating Textures, Part One

    • Illustrating Textures, Part Two

    • Sketching and Scanning

    • Inking Your Sketch

    • Final Touches and Tips


About This Class

Master your illustration hand with award-winning Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu’s exquisite, detailed guide to essential inking and drawing techniques!

From selecting the best materials in the art store to digging into inking textures and styles, both the novice artist and the established inker will benefit from this all-access, on-location, 90-minute class. Lessons include:

  • Basic brush, nib, and ink techniques
  • Asian vs. watercolor brushes
  • Illustration textures
  • Sketching and scanning essentials
  • Inking fundamentals

Glimpse into Yuko’s personal critique process, and build skills that allow you to experiment in illustration, comic art, and high contrast. Nothing is more beautiful than brush and ink!


Images courtesy Yuko Shimizu

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By far the best Skillshare class I've taken. You can so tell that Yuko teaches by day as well! I've learned so much from this class - even the tips at the end are pure gold! Fabulous. Please do more classes Yuko.
Her techniques and lessons are excellent for beginners as well as for intermediate illustrators. I've learned a great deal from her class!
Very informative.





Yuko Shimizu

Illustrator, Instructor at School of Visual Arts

Yuko Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based in New York City and a veteran instructor at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Newsweek Japan chose Yuko as one of “100 Japanese People The World Respects" in 2009. Her first self-titled monograph was released world-wide in 2011 and her first children's book, Barbed Wire Baseball, published in 2013.

Her work has appeared on t-shirts for The Gap and NIKE, on Pepsi cans, on VISA billboards, and on Microsoft and Target ads, as well as on book covers published by Penguin, Scholastic, DC Comics. Her work has also graced the pages of such publications as The New York Times, Time, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and many others.

In fact, illustration is Yuko’s second career. Although art has always been her passion, she initially chose a more practical path studying advertising and marketing. Early in her career, she took a job in corporate PR in Tokyo, and she stayed in the industry for 11 years. In 1999, sensing an early midlife crisis, she finally made up her mind to pursue her childhood dream, and she moved to New York to study art for the first time.

Yuko graduated with an MFA from SVA’s Illustration as Visual Essay Program in 2003, and she has been illustrating ever since. She now teaches the next generation of young artists in NYC at SVA and online at Skillshare.

(photo by Giorgio Arcelli)

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