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Inglés Hablando curso para principiantes- Lección 2

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    • 1. Inglés Hablando curso para principiantes- Lección 2


About This Class

Una vez ya tengas una base fuerte para aprender inglés online, ahora es el momento para consolidar esa base y dar un paso adelante. En esta lección, vas a seguir ampliando los conocimientos básicos de la lengua inglesa. La lección 2 de este curso para aprender inglés te enseña a formar frases simples y cortas. También aprenderás verbos nuevos como “to speak”, “to go” y “to see”. Esta lección te ayudará a mejorar el vocabulario y las habilidades para formar frases.


1. Inglés Hablando curso para principiantes- Lección 2: out of ammo. Seville Lapolla, Bada bada Call your significa. Yeah, Cano says yes. Four f o r ammonia service Dallas Who saw Dante? German para 30 algunas sport If Yunus BMOC stuff dressing tingle own Pero para el perro LF casita own gado Botta in English And one Mendez is four and don't says Lefrak city Yeah, I have a dog for him but he needs a cat. Deputy Mose, I have a dog for him but he needs a cat. Vamoose outta ultrafast Going for tingle own Pero para el Hato El Carrie Coon Gatto, Let's look. Phone said, Yeah, I see I have a dog for him but he wants a cat labour Deimos I have a dog for him, but he wants a cat order Bmoc una palabra nueva Available ob la I'm glad in English is to speak to speak as B e a k on This is a g other Landy. It's important. The Kapper Industries Palabras No, sir. Throws case we w Hey, we boss Otero's case. You all You all You Why oh, you all a n e Eight years? Eight years? Is they? They d eight e why I get in the most available of large Kogelo corn. Algunas personas imprisoned e for the thin blue Babalu. I speak a blast. You speak Abla. He she it speaks. I've Lemos. We speak applies. Do you all speak Avalon? They speak. They speak Obama's totally style. So the sisters for months Contino soon isn't important it in it. In going back in a castle A Abla is he or she speaks Speaks as b e a k s interest unless personas some Indian a love for my speak seem lazy apart is our I recordar esto Farrakhan who are louisbourg goes media is the phrasing Geo Ablow Espanol or absolute espanol. I have a separate in their k Bablu is I speak por tanto la raza Sadiyah. I speak Spanish. I speak Spanish. Vamoose! Outta Odra Frazee Ah bless Espanol Come up with is where is Toys? Onofre? Essay in the robot Eva Bama's disclose Arla Our blast Dude, you speak espanol. Spanish in English is the Fras Sadiyah. Dude, you speak Spanish? Do you speak Spanish? Do it's unbearable. Actually, I Yeah uda aware go principle Della Fresi muscle. They landed intended as order obviously service Total serious stuff dressing. Noah blesses spaniel is enough for a say in the robot. Eva for Tando No have lives Don't use big espanol Spanish life as a complete Syria. Don't you speak Spanish? Liberty Most though new Speak Spanish out of bay. Almost those polarizing with us. Poco a takinyou Barco significa leader Lito and I t t l e begin your in Inglis is small small as, um a l l Obama's algunas process parenting there lar diferente Avallone poco the spaniel I speak a little Spanish order Afrezza Sadiyah tingle una casa Picking a casa is house house H o u as a and don't is left Russia completa Syria I have a small house Bmoc una palabra nueva available bear came Inglis is to see to see as e kyodo Burillo Manana, kiddo. I want Bello to see him. Manana tomorrow to moral T o m o R R o W Indulgences Life Rasa completa Sadia I want to see him tomorrow. Pierrot were day oy and stuff. Ra se estan was utility and no una palabra nueva que is in English is to day to day t o the a While Anton says lefrak completa kiddo with the oil Syria. I want to see you today. Go minus Banyan in Inglis apron. Mbulelo him. Okay? You operating the last again? The money that this poison Very Bob to see. Put him below. See you See him See them? I get any more suna express your boy a cane. Inglis is I am going to bus is you are going to But, uh is he is going to bombers? Are is we are going to bon uh, they are going to be amours. Algunos FM blows in Alaska. Sooty Lisa Esther Express Yoon boy a Londres. I am going to London. Papademos, I am going to London. Massimo Zara, enough! Rasi Corta ban along Raise Commission of Rwanda. Ban in Inglis is Are they going to Por tanto la frase se queda Are they going to London? Are they going to London? Our tenemos la misma Frazee. Better the money, Dad, If it indeed Ban Are laundries turning Gwenda care Stone Oyster nap Rwanda Scene location Afrezza feel Matt, Eva Endurance is literally handle Afrezza Sadiyah, They are going to London. They are going to London. Me and asking is Banyan Juniper Rwanda Express our alchemy London issue in the last dressing in English CIA three Commando Lord In the Gospel arrest in June Oppa, Rwanda put a fem blow They are sick Omerta in our day our Obama's Audra Frazee Boy Burton manana belt is seed You in Dante's la Afrezza is I am going to see you tomorrow. I am going to see you tomorrow. Yes, service locate Dingle. Significa is I have I have sin embargo Tengo que in Inglis is I have to I have to do sanyal I have but as big zed. One sec that una oblique as soon Bama's Luso This die struck Tora and stuff Rasi Tengo que tengo covered a oy I have to see do today. Deputy mood. I have to see you today our age. Emotional Mr. So I stopped for a staycation. Boco mas larga. Tengo que alas quella manana. I must allow us a key for the fam flu. You know, they just is it canning less as to go to go Go G o e Esqueda. Okay. In English normal Munday is school school as C H O Oh, and Portuondo Lafosse is I have to go to school to more room. I have to go to school to more room by simmers our own after a saint. However, the Neymar's k eat Santos The Nemo's K is we have to pour tanto la Afrezza is we have to go to Sandoz. Our, uh proximos algunas Orazio knees Simples kitty eat all hospital Get it. Is dude you wand Port Endo Afrezza is Do you want to go to hospital? Do you want to go to hospital? H A Muslim beast Also our are those palabras and with us Normie Significa to sleep to sleep e esta nota is to night to night d o and I g h t So what could require? Thus came a nose in Inglis is less less and dances intent that Rosie is staff Rasi boy other me minnows estan noti I am going to sleep less to night. I am going to sleep less to night this night not of the Lizza in English. C Knox, Would you leave that to night Indulgences Boy? Other me minnows s technology Sadia I am going to sleep less tonight. I am going to sleep last two night last again. Frazee is back. So I feed Al ago and Mr Castle Bus is Are you going to? And don't this life lesson in English stadia Are you going to say something? Are you going to say something to say significa they feed? This is grieving as a why as a why is the son algunas pullout us in Espanol? Kettunen la misma Or to rafia al mismo sin diddle in English? Mousavi is to spell out as a pocho pocho last Ussery most in order. Thoroughness must are the for the Templo last Palabras shown I was evil a destructively flexibly or really in perceive Lee Rivoli BC vili bmoc Safras continue You know, the last polarize the Calista Ontario as a mask or manners. Impulsively, it is more or less impossible. It is more or less impossible. It's better. Could require this, my Spohn Minnows gaining less is more or less more or less a cute animals or traffic Same us is perceived para mi perro No trial. It is possible for me, but not for him. It is possible for me, but not for him. Jeunechamp Lomas algunas the last palabras de Calista Or really receive Lee as? Or Rivoli? Yes. BC Vly e is And for Danto. La Afrezza in English is it is horrible and it is visible. It is horrible and it is visible