Infused Salts: How to Add Flavor to Any Dish

Kevin Kawa, Screenwriter and web designer

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7 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Assignment

    • Ingredients and Supplies

    • The Dry Method

    • The Wet Method

    • The Reduction Method

    • Now It's Your Turn!


About This Class

Infused salts are a quick and easy way to boost the flavor of any recipe. Even better, using infused salts is just as quick and easy as making them, and as salt is a natural preservative, your infused salts are shelf stable and always ready at-hand.

This class covers:

  • The three methods that go into making infused salts
  • Demonstration of making¬†three infused salts recipes, along with suggested alternative flavors and uses

How this class is taught:

  • A series of seven pre-recorded videos detailing the how-to's in infusing your own salts

What is expected of students:

  • To use¬†one of the demonstrated methods in making your own infused salt
  • Post the name of your finished project (i.e. Pinot Noir Salt) to your project page
  • Extra credit for posting a photo of your finished infused salt and/or suggested uses for your infused salt recipe

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I liked the unique ideas and really like the pdf that is attached. Can't wait to try this out
Interesting class. My only question is when you put the salt in the oven do you mean at 170 Fahrenheit or Celsius? I also can't find the attached PDF you mentioned about.
Loved the way you taught your class down to earth, fun, honest ....exquisite pdf's academic and professional! Thank you!





Kevin Kawa

Screenwriter and web designer

Hello! I'm Kevin Kawa, a screenwriter, blogger, web designer and graphic artist from Syracuse, NY.

I earned a BA in Film and Media from Georgia State University, a MA in Cinema Studies from Emory University and a MEd in Secondary Education from Salem State University.

Before starting my career as a web designer 12 years ago, I taught film studies, filmmaking and photography to high school students in Boston and New York.

I am currently finishing my fourth feature-length s...

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