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    • 1. Information product design training program


About This Class

This video is for designers, publishers, writers, business owner and digital entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of content creation and management.

Information Product Design is a lesson designed to help you manage, craft and admin your information products. This class shows you tips, techniques, step by step instructions and more. A program that will result in productivity and outcomes you can measure and quantify. This program has been designed based in agile management and rapid content production. IPD is a powerful actionable system for creating e books and other sellable multimedia content.





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David Echeverri

Designer, Developer, Publisher and Instructor

David Echeverri has been in the digital publishing and multimedia industry for over 15 years, as an editor, product developer and designer, he displays a passion for crafting rich, educational, actionable content. In Skillsshare, David works around the topics of specialized design products for profitable niche markets.

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