Infographics : The ultimate guide to mix 7 Infographics types | Ameera Mohamad | Skillshare

Infographics : The ultimate guide to mix 7 Infographics types

Ameera Mohamad, Graphic Designer and Artist

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6 Videos (19m)
    • Intro

    • Infographics Introduction

    • Types Of Infographics

    • Mixing The Types

    • Get The Content

    • Last Thought


About This Class

This class answers the most important questions, Its a guide to help to understand the difference between the 7 types of Infographics  and how we should use each one of them and how to mix them to get an attractive artwork.  

Cant wait to see your projects 






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Ameera Mohamad

Graphic Designer and Artist

Hey! My name is Ameera Mohamad, and I am a graphic designer and an artist . I do different design jobs for 5 years using different softwares . I do both traditional and digital drawing for more than 15 years . Design and Technology are my interests . I am an art lover am curious to learn everything related to art and design a variety of interests graphic design,web design,video editing .....and others.

I am ambitious and sky is my limit. Teaching is one of my biggest dream .It's a b...

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