Infographic for Beginners: I Want to Create Infographics, but Do Not Know How to Start. | Nina Dolgopolova | Skillshare

Infographic for Beginners: I Want to Create Infographics, but Do Not Know How to Start.

Nina Dolgopolova, Designer and Illustrator

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8 Videos (23m)
    • 0. Introduction

    • 1. Ways of generating income

    • 2. The types of infographics

    • 3. How do I find a topic?

    • 4. Collection of material

    • 5. Inspiration and sketch

    • 6. Final drawing

    • 7. Happy end :)

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About This Class

The whole class is built on my personal knowledge and experience in creating infographics. I'll talk about how infographics can bring you money. Conduct my simple classification of its species, and I will show the stages of creation from searching for the theme to the drawing. This class will help you create your first infographic.

If you have already thought about creating infographics but do not know where to start, this class is for you.

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P.S. You may also be interested in my next course - Infographic for Beginners: Tips & Tricks.

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Nina Dolgopolova

Designer and Illustrator

Hi, all! My name is Nina. I'm a designer and Illustrator. I live and work in Russia. And I like to create things what sets the mood, and I hope that they please people too. You can find my portfolio on Creative Market and Shutterstock.

Here I want to share my experience and knowledge. I hope it will be useful to someone. Thank you for visiting my class! :)

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