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Influencer Success: How To Partner With Brands & Win Deals

teacher avatar Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Influencer Business: How To Parter With Brands

    • 2. How To Create An Influencer Pitch Deck

    • 3. How To Create Relationships With Brands

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About This Class

There are a lot of influencers but so many of them have failed to turn their followers into a full time business. In this influencer course you'll learn how to create brand deals and partner with brands as an influencer. You'll learn how to create one crucial documents for success when it comes to pitching your personal brand to companies & businesses and how to negotiate retainers for your content. 

The lessons taught in this course are helpful no matter what social media platform your following is on. Whether you are a YouTuber or on Instagram knowing how to partner with brands is a crucial skill set that is mandatory for scaling your business.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrian Brambila

Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur


- Made $1M in a Year From Internet Side Hustles

- Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, AGT, Step Up 3) 🕺

- Over 100K subscribers and 15 million views on my YouTube channel.

Catch my interview on the the official Shopify Masters Podcast for scaling a store from $0 to $18k selling pink beanies.

Hey SkillShare :) 

My favorite thing in life is teaching someone something I know, watching them grow, and then applying it in their life. 

I first became a teacher about 8 years ago when I uploaded my very first dance tutorial. I didn't know it at the time but 300 tutorials later I would have taught over 15 million people how to dance. 

I used to be a professional hip hop dancer for T-Pain but something incredible happened t... See full profile

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1. Influencer Business: How To Parter With Brands: what's upscale share? This is Adrian Brambilla, and this course you're gonna learn how to monetize as an influencer. So on top of being influenced or also worked at a marketing firm. And they're working with some really large companies. I've seen hundreds of different presentations, pitch decks and all the budget that goes to influence or marketing. What's crazy is all that experience. I've learned what works and what doesn't. And so in this sculpture class, you're gonna learn basically super important documents and how to present yourself as an influence or two brands to score brand deals on a retainer aren't a one time basis. 2. How To Create An Influencer Pitch Deck: What's of everybody's super excited because this stockmen were about to review, is a six figure, if not seven figure template. The amount of businesses that have given me feedback and brands are like This is awesome. That's exactly what we're looking for. Your stood out versus everyone else's. It is like a record player. I don't mean that to be if he cocky I'm saying that cause it's damn good. I want you to have the template I want, you know, behind the scenes. Why it says what it says, the placement of it, the structure of it. And again, how I know of these things is because I'm not just an influencer. I also run a 15 person marketing agency, and I work with 100 million and even $1,000,000,000 brands. And so I've seen other influencers When they when they dish out there, you know, half a $1,000,000 budget on influencer marketing What the influencers stuff looks like. I know what the positive feedback, the negative feedback. So this is basically all that experience at all that behind the scenes into an awesome um basically slide deck, uh, that you can use, you can copy this exact thing. So without further ado, you're six and seven. Figure slide deck that basic be pitches USC influence or to work for the brand. So title page, Uh, nothing too fancy, I would put. Call this your tagline. Couple bull points who you are if you can do that, I know you're unique and special, but if you had to be categorized, what would what with those three things be so mine right here. So to kick off you want to start with a big bang. You may not have this right now, but you should get one should get it. Maybe even do some work for free. Just you have one. And what you want is a kick ass testimonial to really set the tone that you are the rial deal. I'm not going to read this to you. Definitely read on your own groups, but you wanna have a awesome testimonial from a big brand? This is a brand that, um they had a product called Lou Mask, which actually sold, um, and was in target and Wal Mart all these places. So it's a massive brand in the space, but put a big brand on their again. Relevancy. If you are going after an athletic company, put an athletic quote testimony. I won again. You don't wanna be. Um if you don't have one, you're just starting out. That's fine. Just use the template and work towards filling its information. And so, after you have your intro testimonial, then you go into case studies and already this page separates from the pack. I guarantee you other influencers, they they're not even talking about case studies. Or maybe you don't know what they are. They just want to get paid to post. You don't care about what happens afterwards. If what they post actually creates results, they don't care. But we dio because if we care about it, then the level of detail that we put into our content into relationships are going to the long term sustainable. And guess what? When you do that, you can charge a heck of a lot more. Even if someone has five times the audience size that you dio, um, actually just posted on tic tac brand deal that I scored with this company in the middle and they paid me $5000 for a month. It's a great content, and they paid me before even created any content. And, uh, I had There's multiple people that have comfort on this tic tac post, and and they all have these fancy blue check marks. I don't and they have literally three million views or excuse me, followers. One has one million. When is 700,000? I only have 100,000. Like How you doing this? How do you get this event? I'm doing brand deals, and I've never gotten, um, a brand deal that big. And what they don't even know is this is a retainer, such as a one time deal again. All these details come to fruition when you know the behind the scenes of the company. And one of the first things you gotta think about is you don't just want to be someone who gets paid to post. That's lazy. You want to be someone who gets paid because they value relationship, your partnership. And, um, you know, the continent create actually, work brings value. Sorry if you heard that. Get changed. My sail from a shop five. Okay. So quickly. I have three different case studies. Um, and they all kind of attribute different things because these aerial three things that companies care about they care about money. So I have money oriented case study. They care about leads or customers. So I have a Leeds case study, and then they care about reach, visibility, eyeballs. So have a reach visibility. What you should look into for these three companies again is you want to go for the bigger the better, more reputable. Or if you're going with an industry pick, pick the, uh campaigns or case studies that you have that are relevant to the person that you're trying toe work with. This is all over the place. It's my general slide deck not geared towards any specific business. So the next page here, we're talking about top and niches and these air niches that potentially you create content for. Or maybe you don't great content for but a relevant to you, and it would make sense for you to create content or team up with. So again, ma, this is true reality of I have not just my personal brand has my face on it, but I have multiple media blog's in these different niches. The health niche, fitness, niche and I personally in the face of the business and the travel. And so I have some stats on each one of these. In my top niches, I've 20,000 emails. In my business, it's five million reach. That's per month 50,000 emails on my fitness niche. 30,000 emails in my health niche. 10,000 evils of my travel. Next I you know, I'm a mad scientist. Eso I have dozens of brands and blog's that basically go under each one of these a t beginning. I mean, sure, you If you want the mad scientist to you, you can do it. I'm nothing special, but at the beginning, you might. This you might just have one personal brain. So just put down your categories and then just put one marker here. You know how many emails and on how much reach you have. And so now this next slide is a super important slide. A brand knows their target market who their product or brand appeals to who they're trying to go after. And so one of the biggest things is, you know, businesses are getting smarter about who they endorse, who they give money to for influencers because it's not about followers they want to know. Is the followers that you have Is that the same followers and customers that they want? And so you need to know this data. It's actually pretty easy. You can goto each social media platform and go analytics. You can pull this information, but so these are my again, my three niches. You may only have one, and you should just load up your data. Um, so I think the four top bullet points that most people want to know off the get go some some brands. We wanted a deeper dive, and that's fine. This is again just to get you in in the running of a conversation toe land a deal. You may have to actually work harder, but this is just this presentation. Just these. That last line in this slide completely different cause you actually are knowledgeable about your data, your persona that we talked about your analytics, so generally they want to know is there is the majority of people fall, you male or female? How old are they? Where do they live? And then this is financial data on the annual income. Um, so It's pretty. Uh, that stat I pokes. I do some data research. You can actually use Google. It's kind of technical, but you can use Google Analytics toe. Try to figure that out for you. Um, on your website and some other other places to using Google tools. They make it pretty easy. Facebook insights also on your on your page potentially has income levels to, um but super like by you having this again. You're standing. This is another way that you could just out they actually know your data. You're not just a pretty face, you know your data. So lastly, this is a now explanation. Kind of like the two page, simple pdf media kit. Um, you have a page, Basically, that is your little brag paid. So after they've gotten the deep dive on your demographics and your data, your case studies your testimonial. Then you know, just end on a warm touch of feeling of who you are and that you're the real deal with a brag bar. And then lastly, you can throw on a page of the contact page, some social media stats. So it's a it's actually a pretty slow, short slide deck. So this is only seven pages. But these seven pages can make seven figures, so make it presentable. I'm not a graphic designer. You guys probably make away slicker and cleaner than mine. But pay attention. You have the template here to create your own. Um you know the organization of it. Um The way the story reads this case studies is a massive page. Probably the most important page on here, Onda Second, most important page is going to be, um you're your demographics combined with your reach, because this is the proof that they should spend money with you. But definitely the case studies because that's, you know, especially if you're at the beginning. You're trying to create new relationships, and you're you're a big risk because they've never work to do before. They don't know if you're gonna be late. If you're taught contents going to be good, if you're gonna flake, they don't know if it's gonna work. So, having case that this is one way that they, uh, this one page can conquer all those doubts saying, Hey, I know I haven't worked together, but I've worked with other brands, and it's been a smashing success. And maybe, and here's my references and testimonials here you can reach out to them and they'll be happy to say, Oh, yeah, you should definitely work with their work with them. They're awesome. So these seven pages is your homework to make your slide, deck your media proposal your presentation and have it ready so that when you get that email, or maybe you're doing proactive outreach and brand deals you're already to send. Hey, here's my Here's my media kit presentation on and you can send that you look so professional, like your full on Fortune 500 in one person. All right, good luck and after work. 3. How To Create Relationships With Brands: and this video, we're gonna learn the awesome power of creating relationships with brands to the point where they were literally re willing to pay you month after month for creating content for them. Now, this strategy is, I think, something that not a lot of influencers who have a pretty face understand the power of what a little negotiation and some strategy behind your content can do for you, because what they're naively doing is they're getting paid to do one post, and it might be $500 if they're really big. Could be 10,000 you may think $10,000 1 post man. I would love that. But what if you just a little bit of negotiation, some creativity, some strategy and that same client instead of paying you $10,000 for one post you negotiated to basically get $10,000 every single month for a year? That's what we're gonna be talking about today. The art of negotiation, creating relationships and scoring brand deals. So I'm gonna show you a couple examples after we're done with this little lesson on real negotiations and also some real content that I was able to negotiate for when I was after. I got into a conversation with a brand that was wanting to just pay me a little bit of money to basically create something once or a couple times, Um, and how it developed into a long term relationship. Um, I'll show you really example. Sometimes there were the most informal things in the world. 11 deal. I just landed. Recently, I was a conversation through Facebook Messenger with the VP of marketing for ah so brand. And it's like I didn't have to show my pitch, deck or slide deck. But it's crazy that, like a really deal that now I'm gonna getting paid $1000 a month happened from Facebook Messenger. You never know who's watching your content, who reach out to you. Um, but, um, brand deals what you what you want, what your goal is, any time a brand reaches out to you, is it basically land a retainer or a month a month? Uh, contract. And I mean this is like a business fundamental wanna one. But just to say it like, if you let's see, you are creating content and a business pays you $500 for this, and that's great. Let's say you're really good and you're getting $5000 a month because you're constantly emailing. You have this. You're like selling yourself. Businesses are actually reaching out to you. An accumulation of getting paid $5000 on Brandon content. Awesome. Prosper you. However, the next month happens because it's not. None of it is a recurring or retainer. Um, what's gonna happen? You're gonna start at zero, and you have to work your way up again to get to whatever that mountain is. That's what a lot of influence is do these days because they don't know better. They don't know that. They don't know that if they, if they created more value, create a custom proposal and actually delivered more content, overwhelmed the value offer like businesses would be willing to pay you thousands of dollars a month to create content for them, even if it's not on your own page. So another thing to to mention like businesses need content. It's a dire need. Content is the way businesses communicate, and, um, now it's like high frequency, creating more content on every single platform. Then you help. And what better way to get content from them for someone who actually uses their product or is in the industry or in the niche or someone who their customers would trust. And that's you. So you could literally just be creating content for them, not even have to post in your social media. That's actually what this deal I just landed. Uh, is because I'm not a health, my personal brands, more business. It's on the health. But, um, I'm a dancer. I could make fun, cool dance content using their soap, and then they can use it in posts on the social media. So I'm creating content for them content machine for them helping them. So, um, your goals, the lander retainer. And so basically how it works, the is whatever they offer to you, whatever they want, you want to basically 10 X whatever they're asking for, um, in theory. So if they say, Hey, we're looking for one post, um, and we'll pay you, you know, Let's just call it $100. What you want of this again? This math doesn't always work out, but this is the way I want you to think is okay. Great. You do one post it might take you 20 minutes. You can have $100. That sounds awesome. But what you want to do is think how could you create 10 post for them? Charge them $1000? And how could you? And structure in a way where you could do that monthly. So then every single month, you're gonna be getting residual income of $1000 a month, and they're as basically a client for them because, right businesses, the truth is about this one post thing, And this is, you know, I'm gonna give you a template of of emailing this. This is same language I use. It's like you're gonna be cheating because you know exactly how what they want, what they think and and businesses what they're trying to get this Usually it's usually comes down to, um, awareness, which the data term is impressions, um, or they want clicks or people, which in data terms is traffic. So they want these two things, right? Well, here's the truth. When pope, when you post one time with whatever their brand is, I'll just I'll just say it Keep using the soap. Um, not all of your audience is gonna see it. It's just the way organic works. If you have a 1,000,000 followers, you post one time on any platform. It's not gonna be seen by a 1,000,000 people. That is a fact. So if they want awareness and they want traffic and you only post one time, you're basically giving them what I think is 1/2 ass effort. It's not gonna It's not gonna skyrockets, not gonna get the results they really want. And it's important to figure out what their goals are supporting. Asked that most influences don't even care, they just want the money is one of post it on get paid. But you care because you want to build a long term relationship with every single brand they come in contact with. So us does question. They say, Hey, we're trying to We have a new product, a new soap, and we want We're trying to get just as many where impressions right now, because more people are washing their hands cause krone buyers is actually I'm not making this story up. This is true. So, um, we will more impression. So then you say, Well, I could do the one post for you, but my experiences with previously previous brands that I worked with it. I get way better results, get way more impressions and actually get more people to actually drive traffic to your website and potentially by a product when I post a minimum around 10 times. So I know you're only looking for one post, but I'd be willing to post 10 times for you in the next month. Um, I know that's a lot of content, but I'd be willing to do that for $1000. Some some businesses pay me $1000 just for one post. I've been doing this a while. Kind of rolls off the tongue, but that's the cell. That's the pitch. If they're looking for one, you want to give them 10. You want to overwhelm them. If you really want to be generous and you're just starting out, I think it's at the beginning. There's there's a saying. When you start out in business is, um, at to begin at the beginning, you're hungry, right? You're hungry for success, so because you're hungry, you're starving. You take whatever scraps you can get, right. So at the beginning. Let's say that the, um, you don't have any money coming in and $1000. You're worried that they might say no. Okay, Make him a heck of a deal and say, Oops, that was supposed to be 500. Make him a heck of a deal and say, I'll do it for 500 All great 10 posts. That's now 50% discount of the value for just doing it for one. That's simple math. That's a no brainer offer. They should definitely take you up on that and again. $500 for business it like they spend like 10 grand and told papers like, That's nothing, that's nothing. But, um, so at the beginning, you're hungry. You're scrapping for food until you get to a point where you do have money coming in. So that's how you know you've made it is you don't need to say yes to. Everyone comes in and and you can still do the same value offers. But let's say you you're satisfied with, you know your monthly income and you're not trying to sell your brand or spam your audience too much or creates uh, deals with brands that really aren't relevant to your audience because I've done I've done that. Still do that if the money is like big enough all I'll team up with the brand and create content for them or post. And maybe it's not a direct correlation, but I mean, there they're paying in. I overcharged my my price of my value and they paid it. So I'm going to do it. And that's how you should think to um, after you've gone through the scrapping stages, Is is now you got a good brand, you got some income and you're good. Um, and a brand reaches out to you, and they say, I I want to do one post and we'll pay you $500 for that post. And you're like, Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna run throughs formal and you say I want to do 10 posts, but because either you don't like the brand, it's not a good fit or you're just a You're like you're killing it or your questions. You're fine with not taking that client on. Then you say, um, I'll do 10 post, but I won eight grand or I want 10 grand and I'll do 10 post for 10 grand, and because it's it's, it's a potentially could be the highest bid you've ever put out there before. Or it's way bigger than what they're asking for there. The chances of them saying no could potentially be a lot higher, but you're OK with that because you, um your your you weren't dead set and you didn't need it. So it's better that it's the best time to basically ask for more money is when you don't need the money, you know? So, um, it's just one way Teoh concept to think about, and it's crazy. I've offered like I just offered by, Ah, my over over the top for higher prices on things I have like s so it kind of blends. But I'm not a big fan of it. But, um, here's my here's my price, and it's like maybe has extra zero on it or or a couple extra 1000 normally charged, and they're like, Great, we'll do it. You're like, awesome, You know, it's a win win for you. It's all about mindset. You're positioning and your strategy and you gotta be And you gotta be cool to walk away, too. So again at the beginning, you're just trying to get a land relationships because your relationships can scale to. So here's what's crazy about, um, This soap client that I just landed is back in the day when I was training dance tutorials , the same person she reached out to me to create dance products using a beauty mask. Alu mask. And it's the same person who now switched companies. And now she's the VP, marketing a different company with the soap brand, and I haven't worked for her for over 34 years. But now she's in that position and she's looking for influencers. And guess what she called me First opportunity can cause she loved working with me. And when she first reached out years years ago, she was looking for just one video, and I negotiated a relationship where I was posting four videos for them every single month I was getting paid, I think around like $1500 this was like over five years ago, and so it's it's amazing this, you know, brain deals is really creating really good relationships with the companies you worked for . I want to address something because if you are just starting out. Um, you don't have an audience. Brands aren't gonna be calling you. Um, and you really guys sell yourself the beginning. You know, building an audience is massively important, right? The more audience numbers you have gives you better bargaining chips on bond gets you access into the deal room. Right? But at the beginning, the best way to basically build your brain deals if you have none, is to basically do it for free. I say for free because, um, you could you could literally go and buy a product that let's say, you're in the makeup, Mitch. And, um, there's a you wanna you wanna eventually like Who's your dream? Expands to be sponsored by Who's that company? Maybe they make makeup brushes, and so you go and you buy a makeup brush of a competitor of theirs. When you get it, you basically do a full on review. You can post online act like it's a paid that act like you got paid to do it, even if you have 1000 farmers. But it's gonna give you practice. It's gonna also build you a portfolio because those now let's say you've been working on building your audience. You got 10,000 people following you. Now you can reach out to that dream client that that does the makeup brushes that you actually want to work for and get paid doing it. And you already have this one example. Maybe you've done a couple examples. We can reach out to them and say, Here's the brands I've worked for in the past. Here's the brands reviews I've done in the past. It's not like you really did a brain review of the product. They just don't know you didn't get paid and and you can use those that material basically to show that you're legit, even though you're not massive, the air quality is amazing. Um, and you can do all these things like today. If you have no videos at all about doing product reviews or organically or straight up unboxing. That's where your homework is, like Who's your dream client? What do they make? What's their brand, where their services go and find their competitors? And if you're if you want to be really scrappy by it and do the reviews and the other thing I dio and I would say this is your last option. Because, um, because most companies really need content, you can reach out to the to accompany through outreach and outreach is basically a simple, um, you send an email, uh, you go to their contact form on their website for you hit them up on a D. M. And your language here is more like, Hey, I'm an aspiring influencer or, um, I am just I'm I'm an influencer of micro influencer. I'm just starting to get, um, brand deals. And, um, I made me think about what's the What's the company that I would love to do a product review And I love your company or love your product or service is so much like I wouldn't even you won't even have to pay me. I'll just If you send whatever products you could send me, I'd be happy to do the reviews for and that's one way again like that. Noble thought that's you love their brands so much you have ah following. It may not be massive, but even a couple of 1,005,000 um, is great, and you're willing to actually do work for free for them that they are normally paying for people, and you would create some product reviews or some photos or some videos where that products in it or mention it. And, um, it could be anything clothing, makeup, uh, software, whatever, and And you'd be willing to do it for free, like the It's a no brainer for them to say no, The only time they're gonna ever say no is, um, if, like, you have to followers or something and they're like, this guy's just trying to get free product out of us, right? So you want to make it seem like you're a legit. You're You're hustling, you're trying and you're trying to build that portfolio experience. And when you do that outreach, what happens is you get free product of your favor company. I've done it so many times. This shirt living back up these pants, This is Western rise. Um, this is missing in Maine. The shirt cost 150 bucks. These pants cost $200. Um, these are my favorite travel companies because this clothing is made out of athletic material. I reached out they were reaching out to me because I'm not a clothing brand, but I reached out to them proactively. I did outreach, and I said, Hey, I've been going Teoh all my tutorials and videos. I make all where you're all where your clothing. Um and I have Ah, you know, I sent to my pitch of my email lists and my followers and all this stuff, and then, OK, we don't normally, um, sponsor non, you know, athletic first use athletic, that's that normally sponsored non clothing brands or people or fashion influencers. But this we'd be game and they gave me, like, $5000 of store credit. I was like, Oh, my closet is like Jin Jin, Jin Jin drink. Um, it's crazy. And again, they didn't give me all that once I I think they first gave me like, um, enough to buy like, one shirt. And then they saw my content. I tagged them and show them that it was like quality. And it's all over the place like a This is awesome would keep sending you gift cards and that, I mean, I literally have gone so many boxes from them. It's been amazing, and they eventually made me an affiliate for their companies. So basically, now I When I direct traffic and someone buys, I get commission commission sales. So you know about affiliate stuff? So it's amazing all that happened from outreach because I love this. I love this. Everything I'm wearing, these likes of my favorite companies in the world. I wanted to work out, uh, work with them. So I did the outreach. I made the pitch. And you you have all the email templates for this, um, and they send me the product. And that was the beginning of a relationship that has lasted now for a couple two years. Two years? It's amazing. It's all this, Uh, these two things right here. This is all about hustle. And you don't know where it can lead to again because you're creating relationships and relationships last forever. Like they're those business relations. Like I cannot believe. Um uh, this this lady, this who's the VP of marketing, reached out to me like three years after we had worked together and on my left, an impression on her. That's what you want to do for everyone that works that you work for. So brand deals. The art of the brand deal is really about trying to get a retainer. Um, it's trying to 10 x what they want in value. Position yourself as an expert, someone who is more knowledgeable and not just a pretty face, but someone who knows the back engine. Um, and make that pitch. If you're at the beginning than price price lower because you need You want to start getting some clients? If you're more established than charge more until they say yes or until they say no. Um and then remember that businesses usually one awareness or traffic. So always asking what their goals are, to see how you can help them and if you're really starting out, or maybe if you're not starting out. But I just prompted idea. I'll reach Reach out to your favorite companies like that. You would love to get their product just refree or eventually, like get paid by them to create content and and tell them your story. Do your email pitch. You can use the templates that are here below this video and, um, threw that you Maybe it will get a bunch of free stuff, plus build a relationship, and if you're contents good and they like it, they could pay for it, and then if you if that intimidates you or you, you know you've emailed 50 people and no one's hitting you up because you know you're just starting out and you have 10 followers. Then pretend as if you landed a deal by the product yourself and create their views that that's just hustle. That's just smart to start building your portfolio. It's never too early to do that. So brand deals. This homework assignment is where you can actually start seeing some results, so use the templates, cater it to make it your own. And I challenge you to reach out to 10 different companies to try to get products for free and try to work with them. 10. Good luck.