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Influencer Marketing on Famebit with Branded Content for YouTube, Twitter, Vine, and Tumblr!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction to Influencer Marketing with Famebit

    • 2. Class project for Influencer Marketing with Famebit

    • 3. What is an influencer? Minimum subscribers to use Famebit?

    • 4. Famebit basics and pricing

    • 5. Inside using Famebit as an influencer including what is most annoying

    • 6. Sponsorship opportunities and maximizing ROI

    • 7. Influencer pricing expectations and brand proposal negotiation

    • 8. Famebit for brands overview

    • 9. Creating a proposal and types of YouTube videos

    • 10. Campaign creation in detail as a brand on Famebit

    • 11. Finishing campaign setup and choosing audience as a brand

    • 12. A lifetime journey together?

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About This Class

Where do we find brands interested in funding sponsored content on YouTube, Twitter, Vine, and Tumblr?  How can we pay influencers to help us with our marketing by creating videos, tweets, and posts dedicated to promoting our products and services?  Famebit is the Influencer Marketplace where creators connect with advertisers to produce branded commercials, reviews, testimonials, product launch videos, app demos, vlogs, and blogs.  What opportunity do we have for success as a creator or brand on  Which proposals are worth considering?  When do we get a good return for our time on Famebit as a brand and creator?  We answer each of these questions and more together in our class based on my experience as a creator and a brand on Famebit including skills for negotiating the best deals!

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Jerry Banfield

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1. Introduction to Influencer Marketing with Famebit: welcome to influence our marketing with fame bit the influence or marketplace, where creators on Facebook, YouTube, instagram, Twitter, Vine and Tumblr can connect directly with brands in order to make sponsored content sponsored videos, sponsored posts and sponsored pictures on Instagram and Twitter and sponsor Block post on Tumblr. The idea of this marketplace is to make it easy for advertisers to go locate influencers, to make content and for influencers to sign up and find brands to partner with. The reality is, as with everything, it seems, it's kind of awkward. The pricing and negotiating can be difficult, and in order to put your add up to influencers, you have to get it approved and go through a very set off terms and conditions pretty much the same experiences you get anywhere else. Thus, there are some great opportunities if you've got 5000 plus subscribers on YouTube or ah, following on Twitter vine and Tumbler. Currently, you cannot start out with just Facebook and Instagram, and you cannot currently connect Facebook and Instagram to fame bit. If your brand, however, you can work with creators who already have any of these six connective, there may be a great opportunity on both sides for some brands and some influences, while other brands and influencers may not find anything worthwhile unfamous. Thus, I'm great for the chance to teach you about this as my experience, both using fame but as an influencer and as a brand. We will get some strategies in here I hope will make it easier for you to use fame bit. And just to see that there are lots of opportunities online to advertise and to create content in ways that you might not have heard off that give you the opportunity toe work directly together as an influencer and O. R. A publisher with an advertiser instead of having to use 1/3 party platform to get in the middle of it. Thank you for getting started with this course. I'm so excited to film this course with you because I'm huge in tow. Online advertising, digital marketing, influencer marketing seems to be the way to go for me going forward, and that's why I am doing my newest ad campaign myself as a brand on fame bit 2. Class project for Influencer Marketing with Famebit: for the class project on skill share. Will you please share an example of where you've worked with a brand or an influence are on fame bit and link whatever was produced out of that Because you will love having each of us in the class discover what you've done, and this gives you the chance to teach the class yourself. What better way to make this an awesome class than to put up a project saying, Hey, I did this YouTube video with a brand on fame bit or as a brand. I had these five youtubers make videos for me, that is the class project where we can discover you and where you can showcase what you've done. That way we can look at it and see how you did it. We'd love to know the exact details. Also. For example, if you're an influencer, how much you got paid to do the video? If your brand how much you paid each person to do the videos for you, any the more details you can share, the more you'll help us out in the class project 3. What is an influencer? Minimum subscribers to use Famebit?: what is an influencer in the broad sense and influencers anyone with an engaged audience on social media that means to be an influencer. You could have ah few moms following you on your Facebook page. You really could just have your friends actively interacting with your post in terms of fame, BET fame bids Definition of an influencer is at least 5000 subscribers on YouTube. That's the minimum you need to be able to connect as an influencer in this marketplace. You also may be able to connect if you have less than that on YouTube, you might be able to connect with Twitter, Tumblr or Vine, depending on how many followers you have there. Currently, you can't connect with Facebook or Instagram as an influencer. Meanwhile, if you're a brand unf aim bit. Anyone can sign up to be a brand on fame, but the only condition is your project must be approved by fame bit in order to go through . Therefore, if you've got 5000 subscribers on YouTube, you can use fame bit and you are an influencer according to their definition of the minimum threshold, to be an influencer 4. Famebit basics and pricing: Let's introduce you now to fame bit dot com in this part of our video course together. This is famous dot com by YouTube. It's YouTube's branded content. Pratt platform branded content means where you've been paid by an advertiser to produce whatever it is. Videos, tweets, blawg posts. You've been paid by the advertiser in some way. You've been sponsored by a brand in order to produce that. Therefore, it's is not something just done because you like it, although it can be, it's you've got some money in exchange for doing it. And YouTube requires you to tag videos created like this with a paid partnership. You can see that Cannon, Activision, Adidas, Sony Con Air seriously, and I imagine lots of other brands are on this as a creator. It says there's over 620 active sponsorship opportunities right now. I've looked through most of them, and some of them seem good. A lot of them seemed like crap. That is what makes using this interesting. There are lots of creators on here that you can work with as well, and if you join as a brand, this might be worth doing, even if you haven't considered signing up to actually pay people to do anything for you. You conjoined as a brand, and you can look through the other creators on there. You can also do collaborations through fame bit, which is nice meeting. You can connect with another YouTuber and make a video. The pricing unfamous is also fairly simple. There's no sign of fear listing fee, which makes it awesome. However, you do have to have your listing approved. There's a 10% service fee on both ends, meaning let's say I take a deal that for as an influence or for $1000 to make a video about a brand. The brand pays $1100 from the 10% service fee. Then on the other side, I take 10% off as an influence their meaning. I only actually get 900 if you do the math, then the brand pays 1100. I get 900. That's how the fee structure works, so we've given you the very basics of getting started. I'm fame bit and I'll show you the inside of the interface next 5. Inside using Famebit as an influencer including what is most annoying: Welcome to the inside of the account. I use four frame bit. This is where you can see my length. Social media accounts in here. Note that you must have 5000 followers or subscribers in orderto link your account with fame, but I'm imagining that is per account not collectively. I've got 251,000 on YouTube, 96,000 on Twitter. Therefore have linked both of these to fame bit and these air ones I can use if we go over to the and you can also get a sense of the fields you need to put in your address your payment info you need to have an email of Obviously now, if you go over here, you can see where if you have any in production proposals or in production deals. What I've done so far is I've sent one proposal over here. I've sent one proposal to a brand, and this gave was an annoying experience for me as a creator. I looked today on the brand side, and it says that creators are with 250,000 subscribers are expected to apply to have $1000 or so for the price this brand. I was really excited to work with them. I sent in an offer for $500. They came back with the all while We've already spent our budget, which may be true or may just be negotiating. And they then said All for $200 will do it I said, Fine. My original offer was Facebook, where I have 2.2 million followers on Facebook. I removed Facebook off of my proposal and said, Sure, I'll do it for 200. I'll just upload it to my YouTube Twitter podcast in Blawg. They never responded. This to me is something you want to know up front working with this because I imagine this is a very common experience. I'm fame bit. Advertisers sign up, have a limited budget, get more proposals than they know what to do with Ah, lot of the you may waste potentially ah, lot of time going back and forth, looking through all these sponsorships and applying. So I like to get you get you on the bottom line of what can potentially be annoying upfront . I put probably 10 or 20 minutes at least into this proposal, writing out my proposal description right here, looking, figuring out what brand to submit to. And then more time and effort checking the messages for this, making a reply, considering all this and at this point, it looks like I'm going to get nothing out of it. There was, from my point of view on Lee, $200 to start with, which in my opinion, makes this a total waste of my time because I average I did. The day I did the numbers. I average 57 plus dollars an hour just doing anything at all. Therefore, if you look at the time it would have taken me to create this I would. And then to share this with my audience, I would have slid in probably significantly under my average time per hour and therefore this you want to know to begin with and understand if you're considering being a brand that dealing with the messaging and setting up a proposal to consider creators applying to you, you want to consider how you're going to do this entire negotiation process from the beginning and not end up in the position where you're lamely trying to negotiate down money and squeak out the very best deal on wasting people's time. So there you go. That's that's how I really feel about it. 6. Sponsorship opportunities and maximizing ROI: Now that I've had my little rant on want to waste the time? It was for me to apply to that one sponsorship. Let me give something that you might call a little more positive if you are willing to look through the brands that are on here. I think there's some great opportunities toe work with brands you're already using or you're interested in trying. I did that. I looked through all the different brands file one thing I was really excited about and applied to it. The nice thing is, with these proposals, they kind of come and go. So this is something you could check every few weeks or every month or two. All you need is to find something you really like and are excited about and pretty much would share with your audience for free anyway and then get paid for. To me, that's the real good opportunity here is to share something you would love to do for free anyway. And then why not get paid for it and collaborate with the brand? The ideal scenario that I see is an ongoing working relationship with the brand. Just doing these for $100 or a couple $100 is not necessarily going to even be worth your time when if you've already got 5000 plus subscribers or followers, there's probably lots of things you could be doing anyway. You probably have lots of opportunities. It's, ah, a matter off, effectively managing the opportunities you already have. The opportunity here to meet that seems to be great is if you could find a brand you liked working with and repeatedly make videos for them over and over again, or if they had an affiliate program you could participate in and repeatedly cell that over and over again. These are the sponsorships. If you click on the sponsorship tabs, this is how you find brands. You can also find them by channel. For example, if you just want Twitter, you can just look through here for Twitter. And then, in theory, things should be pretty easy for Twitter. You should be able to just tweet something out, and I might test this out on myself to just try tweeting one of these out here. But again, you have to go through the entire proposal process for this, and I think the minimum might be $100 to pay out. Therefore, if I can get $100 to tweet something, Yeah, I will certainly tweet that. So, like this one, a power mirrors an app I already used. Then if you click on it, it pulls up this interface to the right. You can get up to $500. You can see about the product and service over here. It tells you what it is, tells you what they're looking to do with the campaign goal. Then if you go down here on the lower right, you click. Send proposal. This is where you can make your proposal and I can go over here and put in. Now it looks like you can take Twitter off, but you cannot take YouTube off, so keep that in mind. If you have secondary channels on this like tumblr or vine, I think you have to put in a YouTube video. Then you can put in additional for, say, twitter or other accounts. But it looks like you can't take off YouTube on this. So you are not going to essentially get away with just doing a tweet. You will need to do a video and then do an additional tweet to it. It looks like as well. It might depend on whatever the advertiser set up, though, if the advertiser just has something like this is a just a tumbler one. So I actually can't send a proposal because I don't have a tumbler block. So if the advertiser is not selected YouTube on it, that's the only way you'll be able to do it. But it looks, since this is a marketplace by YouTube, almost all the advertisers have YouTube on here and therefore view click to make a proposal for almost any of them. It looks like you some of these you can't take off any of your accounts. You can't choose to not use them. All the ones we've seen so far, you cannot take YouTube off, so you pretty much need to make a you tube video for almost all of these. What you can do also is go up here. You can put all on over here. You can filter by category, for example. I do gaming and APS. I can just look through here. This one is potentially interesting. I get a lot of people asking about where my what gaming headset do I use? So if I click send proposal on this one, it might be worth me trying to new gaming headset. The downside is, I pretty much need to buy this in order to do it, and that is calculated in my feet. You can see on here what kind of influencers they want as well, and then you have to consider the opportunity cost of not having these proposals go through . Realistically, there will be a bunch of proposals that aren't accepted. Therefore, if you're thinking and be nice to get $1000 a video, which for me is the rate that is fame, bits suggests that that's the rate I should be working from. I'll show you that in the brand side of fame. But in a minute, if I consider $1000 to get a video, how many times that will I go through and submit proposals that get rejected before someone actually pays me 1000 10 times? How many? How much time does it take to make each one of those proposals how much time and mental energy to negotiate with every single one of those brands? Thus this seems to be the best opportunity for high, big following advertisers now. I just said that because there you could get a higher return essentially on your time. That said, since this is probably a better deal for the bigger advert influencers, you might. If you've got a small niche following, might be able to do really well and get a consistent high approval rate and do good and make ongoing relationships with advertisers. Therefore, since well, even with my following, I met kind of an awkward amount where advertisers want to negotiate me down to a lower rate , and I expect that could happen at any level. The nice thing is, if you've got a small following, you can't get negotiated. I don't think it goes blow $100 so this might be a good opportunity. If you've got 5000 subscribers, get on here. You might be able to find some awesome opportunities in the sponsorship. You can also filter bride price, for example, if you just want to see the big ones. These are the biggest campaigns now. Keep in mind as an advertiser, you can set these up front, so as an advertiser, as a brand. I can say I'll pay up to 10-K but that doesn't mean I'm actually going to pay up to 10-K That's my own self definition off what I'll pay. Meaning that I could say up to 10 K's an advertiser, but really trying negotiate everyone way down from there. Thus, whatever. I don't know if it's even worth sorting on these, and And I think one of the best ways to sort is to sort newest to oldest because you can always scroll down and see what's new. And then, if you've already scrolled through the ones before, you might not be worth looking at them again. This, I imagine, has a strong 80 22 it that there's a very small amount of these that are worthwhile work with, and there's a lot of them that are almost a complete waste of time. The trick is to figure out which ones are really useful for you to work with and which ones are useful as a brand, which advertised which influencers are worth working with. Some of that you might only be able to figure out with trial and error. I've realized for me personally that I am going to just do my influence, their marketing directly to my existing audience with a fiver gig that I can't be bothered to go through and apply for sponsorships on here. Although I will still check this from time to time. Because if I happen, Teoh already use something that gets added on here or there is something I could easily order. Then there's no reason for me not to just give it a shot and essentially make money producing something or potentially make money. See, I might not actually get any money out of applying for and sending a proposal in. So thank you very much. This has been a a look at the sponsorship side. Next thing we'll do, we'll talk about setting a price. 7. Influencer pricing expectations and brand proposal negotiation: How much do we want to set our price for as influencers? Here is the data that YouTube is giving brands on fame bit in terms of what to expect. So this is where this is on one of the final parts of creating your campaign. It says If you put $100 you should expect to get creator subs and followers between 5000 and 25,000. If you put $250 it has a similar range there. 400 to $250 is reasonable between 5000 and 25,000. If you go your magic Mads Mass. The mome best imam budget up to 500 it goes up to, ah 100,000 with the maximum that it believes you're going to get applications from based on , I guess, their previous data if you go up to $1000. Therefore, if you're at where I'm at, it says maximum budget per content. You should expect in tow work with up to 250 1000 followers for $1000. Therefore, you can get an idea from this what to expect and I say Don't negotiator take things the less I made my proposal for $500 which was very reasonable. And then the brand I worked with tries to lay me down to $200. And instead of saying Just know or not responding, then I accepted. And I've learned from that. No, you set your budget. You such what you're willing to be able to do a video on and don't budge from it. Don't negotiate. Used. You have probably heard that negotiations good. It not. It makes it complicated and everyone wants you. Negotiate. I've got a new no negotiation policy. I set my price. And if you don't want it to freaking bad once my prices said, I'm not interested in working with you. If it's less than that and it's not open, it's not up for negotiation. Negotiation ruined things because if you set a price and someone negotiates it toe less, do you feel happy about that? No, There's a little resentment like this Mother. After I shouldn't have worked with him to start with. I shouldn't have allowed this. Lower price you don't do is go to work. You want ongoing, successful long term relationships, set a price, make a proposal. Don't budge. Don't budge. If you are willing to work for last, just submit for less to begin with. So I think based on this, it's telling you if you are, you conduce up to $250. You can do higher if you want to, but if you've got up to 25,000 subscribers or anywhere near you can definitely do $250. And if you've got 10 times that, you then you can do 1000. And if you put it up to 2.5 K this says you can get up to a 1,000,000 with a maximum of 2.5 K than if you go to five K. That says it's enough to get the entire range to get the full range of creators on here. Thus, this, I hope, will give you an idea of where to set the price based on your gig, and I encourage you do not negotiate with these brands. Do not budge. If they don't accept your initial proposal and they try and fool with you on price, do not budge. Just simply say no. I submitted this the price I felt good about and it's not negotiable. You either do it for this or don't do it at all. And this way you can just focus on getting Yes, I'm not interested. Is an influencer and ever again working with ah branded that wants to negotiate and squeeze the most money out of me. I know what I'm worth, and I'm not accepting less than that. So I encourage you be ruthless about your own value if you let people take advantage of you . And by take advantage, I mean make you work for less than you're excited to work for. You're only hurting. You're hurting yourself, and you're giving them less value than you're capable of. No one wins when you submit a proposal for 500 then they blame out and say $200 back and you try and work with it Anyway, submit something awesome and stick with it. Well, this is just a course jury about how bar her you are. They didn't applaud, approved your proposal. The only reason I am is not them. It's me that I was willing that easily to compromise my value. Now that I've seen that this thing expects you should be on par to get $1000 a video at the level of subscribers I've got. And here I am fooling around for 200. 8. Famebit for brands overview: Let's take a look inside the brand side of fame bit, because when you understand what brands are working with, this may help a lot as an influencer and might even inspire you to try your luck as a brand to end. Advertise whatever your products are. Two influencers first, the one thing you want to do right away is go over here toe. FAA QUEUES This is something I wish I'd done from the very beginning and see what is and is not allowed. If you are a brand, what you can do, you can click on campaign Decline, and you can go click on this page and these air the restricted types of campaigns and countries, campaigns that are never allowed. Our adult explicit content cannabis products, alcohol, tobacco, competing platforms. Grow your social media following promotions. Here's an interesting one. You can't promote your own social media channels as the creator. Why, I don't know. That's it's their website. Political religion related products replicate dupes. You must have permission of a brand to sell it. You can't do gambling casino, weap lick, Unz crypto or anything similar to crypto Children, focused market supplements affiliate or any commission systems or anything violating FDC are asking for unethical work if you fall and there you can't use it now. Also, if you're reviewed on a case by case basis, this means Web services, including marketing tools, investment finances, etcetera. What I've choosing to submit for mine. It falls into this category, most likely and therefore minor. Reviewed on a case by case basis, we will see a rather they approve it or not. I. You also can't need to get an extra review for supplements Kickstarter Indiegogo products that available for purchase later, meaning not immediately and then campaigns promoting social media pages, not companies or products. Then, if you're in these countries, you can't use it. So I recommend check this marketplace first for even considering using it as a brand, then that you have the option to go create a campaign. You can also look directly at creators. You can go that by default. It's sourced by most hired, so you can go straight through and find creators based on a minimum reach of 10,000. It's showing in here, and you can just scroll through. You can view profiles of creators, for example, if you hit profile. It'll bring up their entire fame bit profile. You'll be able to see their reaches in subscribers. Then you've got the average views. You've got the total views, and then you've got the response time. The response time, I imagine, is how long they reply to messages. So if you just click on a couple of creators, you can see some different stats that looks like the response time is not working on either of those. Or maybe they haven't been very responsive. Now, if you're a brand, this means that you have to me. One of the things that looks annoying as a brand is it looks like there's a lot of creators who are inactive or don't pay much attention to it. Also, it says, there's 43,000 creators. You can invite people specifically, but then you can also pick your country. Therefore, there's a lot of focus from the brand's point of view on what country you're in. Thus, if your influence, if your followers are primarily not in the country's advertisers air looking toe work with , you may have a hard time getting hired. That said, you might be able to work a niche where, if your followers there, in a country where there's not a lot of other creators, you might be able to just get all, you might be able to get all of the brands toe work with you that want that particular country. You can also sort by best cost per follower. Over here, you can look through some other creator profiles and see what kind of other people are advertising or interested in working with advertisers. You can click on discover, and then, if you've hired anyone, you can hire and look at your creators you've hired over there. There's also feature creators. You can pick audience age creators, country. You can do the channel category as well. Then over here, the main thing you've got are your campaigns, and this, ah, campaign is where us put a project up that influencers can submit to, and that's where all the action happens. Therefore, the action that you're looking for is just as a creator is to submit a proposal to a campaign. I think it'd be really helpful for you to watch a full walk through of the campaign creation because you can see exactly what brands air doing on the other side of the creative process and give you an idea what to expect as a creator. So that's what we're going to do next is walk straight through. They create a campaign process, doing the same thing I already did earlier to create a campaign and test this out for you. 9. Creating a proposal and types of YouTube videos: to start a campaign. You just go into your brain interface. You click on, create a campaign Now, unfortunately, you have to go through each of these one of the time before you can get to the next one, However, you can see what you need to do. This took me about 30 minutes to an hour to complete in real time, meaning it's pretty straightforward. You can currently work on these supplemental channels, although they allow you to connect vine, which I'm. That is interesting so you can click on YouTube over here, and then what you want to pay attention to are these YouTube video types? What kind of video do you want the creator to make? Do you want a review each of these as a little help marker by it with different text. A review is a dedicated video where YouTubers provided review of their experience with your products or service, or talk about your features. You've got a look book gameplay, a mention videos where you basically just get a shout Out in the video, you've got favorites, a comedic sketch and unboxing tutorial or a hall video so each of these you pick one I am pic review on mine. If you do supplemental channels, you can kind of just throw these unlike that as well, and then hit next. The next thing you need a product photo on here, so I will go put a product photo on here. We'll just throw throw whatever on it. It doesn't matter, because this is just a quick demo for the photo, though. You want something that looks good on the campaign creation page. And keep in mind if you cancel over here, you cannot just go back and put it in. There's no I had a draft here, but you'll notice it got cancelled. So if you click cancel, it will end your whole campaign. Soviet Review. Over here you have next, and it doesn't look like I don't see a way to save right here. So you need to be prepared as a brand to go through and do all of this stuff at once and then review and submit because there doesn't look like a way currently to save in progress . And if you hit cancel, you will lose everything. I don't want. You lose everything, so keep that in mind before you get started. 10. Campaign creation in detail as a brand on Famebit: here is a look ahead at my fully created campaign here. All the text I put on it I'll zoom in so you can see this here. I put my product category in other because that's most appropriate for my offering. I got the product. You are L for my partner program. I uploaded a photo. This is the photo I uploaded. I got it done by my graphic designer. Are re beautiful photo. That's the cover on my Facebook group, and it promotes jerry banfield dot com slash partners. So I put a professionally designed photo in there. I put the this in my about the product or service That's a mastermind for influencers and online entrepreneurs offering weekly group calls exclusive Facebook group for ideas, collaborations and support. My idea with this is to make it a guaranteed win by just reaching the influence of themselves. Because I have a mastermind group that just happens to be four influencers, not line entrepreneurs, just the influence or online entrepreneur. Seeing this offering in terms of my proposal is really useful. And then if I pay, let's say imagine, I pay an influence or $1000 to do a review off my program, they might feel inclined to join it and be a part of it and then pay back in membership fees. What with that was paid to promote it and also get a whole lot of value out of it. That said that you two might use that as a reason and say, Well, you are gonna have people join your group in order to review it. Maybe we won't allow that. I imagine if there's products you have to buy or services you need to try and other places , then that might be relevant here. So if you've got a product or service, ideally, if someone can try it out for free, then that could be good. Otherwise, some things are paid. You might need to have the influence or pay for it and give them a free membership. So I'd be willing to give someone a free membership to try it if necessary. But the same time that might not be. That might not be worth it on my campaign title, as I called it Influence or mastermind and online Entrepreneur Growth group, because I wanted to get the key thing up for front. If you can boil down into just a couple of words. Whatever it is you're offering and influence their mastermind. I put that right at the beginning. Now, according to the guide, they want you to put what can countries you're doing up front. But to me, when I'm searching through potential brands to work with, that is annoying when I even click on something so you can take the YouTube advice on that if you want to. That's what they say to do on the about your brand. I think this is really important to look at this and to do a good job. If you're Brandon as an influencer to consider this ahead of time, I put my brand on here as myself with my years online video classes, block posts, YouTube videos, etcetera. If you're doing something as yourself, this could be just highlighting all the things you've created can be a good way to stand out. Instead of saying blah, blah, blah, generic things show things with that you can go. People can put their digital hands on and say, Oh, I can read a block post. Watch a video, etcetera for the campaign goals. This is where you really describe your vision for the campaign? I started off writing, imagining a community where influencers and entrepreneurs connect to guide and support each other during weekly voice calls and a private group. How good does it feel to have a place to share new ideas? Get feedback into band on for help when challenges come up, I'm imagining how much value this group has for influence There is based on the people that are already in it and who might be interested in joining it. So I wrote this entire first paragraph all straight to the influencer. This is not some generic crap sales pitch that I see on so many of the brand pages, but this is extremely specific as to why it's useful for the influencer. Then I put in a part about me as to the story of how it got created. I say, as the founder of the group, I wanted a mastermind fronts fluent sirs in a support group that I wanted. This, for me is an entrepreneur online where I could get connected and networked with people to begin with, and then as my business grew, I'd be in a position to collaborate and help others. Therefore, that's the story of So this is what value does it offer? What's the story of out God created? And then the simple goal the campaign is help mawr influence. There's an entrepreneurs join and discover our group. So there we go. I got that very clearly down there. Then I put the listing for the maximum amount of time. 60 days, and that's that's what I did for my listings. You've got, ah, complete. Look at all the stuff I did on my listing in order in terms of the text I wrote. And now go over a few other details for you so that you can fully understand what brands air doing on the other side. If you're an influencer and as a brand, you or potential advertiser, you can get an idea of the entire process to go through 11. Finishing campaign setup and choosing audience as a brand: the final step to creating your campaign on fame Bit is going through and picking out your audience. You can pick the gender. You can pick the age, you can pick your countries. I missed this the first time through so you can set, for example, if you want advertisers or you want advertising from influences. Pra Meyer Lee. In certain countries like USA Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, you can set that here. And you can also get an idea of how Maney creators are matching based on the country's. You've said so. For example, you can see if I add India right here. My amount of creator matches goes up significantly. And if I take off U. S a. U K Canada Australia, I can wash the creator. Numbers go down so you can see there's a ton of creators from India. And if I just leave the country blank, I believe it should work with everyone. With the total subscriber reach. Now you can do something like put Brazil on there, and then you can see how Maney creators air just from that specific country. It looks like there's a lot from Brazil. You can put Sweden first say, and and for some reason, not sweet and they're ago put into there. You can see there's plenty of creators who are having audience now. This is based on audience. So ah, lot of YouTube channels have global audiences, meaning even if the creators based in the U. S. A. They might still have a big audience like I do, I have audience in almost every country in the world. Therefore, you've got you've got the whole world that your fingertips, you can try and preference the audience country. Then down here, you've got the budget, and the budget is one of those areas that can be really difficult for everyone because a lot of us have all these weird things with money for me. I just used their creator size subs and followers based on budget tool here. I submitted mind based on the most I'd be willing to pay a creator. So if I go cancel over here and go back to my campaign will close this one out. I put up to $1000 because I am imagining that the best results I'm likely to have are working with the creator who's got my size of an audience or smaller, where the creator might be really excited to get $1000. Let's say someone just like me. I pay them $1000 for the video. They've got a good chance on then paying that $1000 back to me to become a member of the mastermind or having someone in their audience who does the same. Now I'm imagining someone, maybe with 10 times larger audience than me and giving them $10,000 to do it. The odds of them being interested in joining the mastermind group probably much lower. Therefore, I selected based on the person that the demographic of the influence of the creator themselves and imagining that there's some great value I can get out of sharing on smaller channels. Therefore, I set up to $1000 on the budget with the understanding that with up to $1000 budget, I might be able to pay out thousands of dollars to ah, many different creators. That is, per one creator. That means I can as far as I can see, I can select 10 different creators toe work to for $1000 each. This allows me to give my budget out too many different influencers instead of just say, throwing it all at one. Assuming approvals pending. I imagine this. Now, if you're thinking about the approval for your campaign, you're not sure. Just imagine the value it will add to the creators. Imagine. Think nice thoughts about the people looking at this on fame bit. Remember, they're trying to make a marketplace that's good for everyone. I'm imagining the people on fame but will think this is cool. This is cool. This guy hasn't influence or mastermind this and Entrepreneur Growth group. This might be helpful for people. This is a cool proposal that advertisers aren't usually putting up. This is something that Influences might be really interested in and might be really exciting. That said, I can control my imagination. I can't control the outcome. And if this doesn't get approved, I can either edit it or I can promote a different part of my business. Let's I can promote my podcast. I can promote my video classes on skill share. There's lots of other things I can promote, or I can just put something like this up on my YouTube channel and say Hey, if you will promote my partner group, then I have this project. Now that I've already done this project with this format, I've got a very clear way I can go about it. So nice thing is, even if let's say it doesn't go through and get approved, it's not a waste of my time, which is really nice. I appreciate you looking through how to see both ends now from the campaign point of view for that brand and for the creators point of view, as an influencer. I imagine this is useful for you to see the whole process on each side. 12. A lifetime journey together?: thank you very much for watching this class on fame bit influence our marketing available for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine and Instagram. I'm grateful for the chance to present this to you, and I imagine when this has been helpful, you'll want to feel good by leaving our view on the class and helping other people get the same experience. I'm also imagining I've talked some about my partner program in this my influence or mastermind for entrepreneurs online seeking to connect and collaborate and learn and grow together. I trust that when you want to join us with weekly group calls in a Facebook group, along with private label rights to my videos, I imagine you'll go to jerry banfield dot com slash partners and you'll join us today. I'm grateful for the chance to teach us courts for you. I love teaching classes. I love being able to try and make things a little bit easier for you. Then they were for me and with seven years of experience, is an entrepreneur online. There are some things I think that it really easy that you might look at and go. Whoa without that looks hard. My vision is that you can watch my video courses and the videos I create and you can look at and say OK, saw how he did it. I think I can do that too, to make things easy for you as possible. So thanks for being on this journey with me. I love your awesome Thanks for giving me the chance to be an influencer Talk over a background of my own face today and I imagine I'll see you again soon.