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Influencer Marketing Techniques 2020

teacher avatar Fahad Iqbal, Grow With Trends

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction Class

    • 2. What we Need to Achieve

    • 3. Influencer Market Overview (Social Platforms)

    • 4. Network Platforms in Detail

    • 5. Service Platforms & Content Method

    • 6. Finding & Negotiating With Influencer

    • 7. Influencer Platform Deep Dive (Shoutcart)

    • 8. Indepth Analysi of Influencer ( Point A Z)

    • 9. Checkout Process of Campaign ( Important factors)

    • 10. Content Creation for Influencers

    • 11. PlaceIt Design Creation & Editing of Content

    • 12. 360 Degree strategy Negotiation Techniques

    • 13. Post Promotion Rules & Square One Technique

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About This Class


In 21st Century where data mining | artificial intelligence | Analytics holds the key , the attempt to play the "Top Spot" game is a Rollercoaster ride.


By 2021 there will be more than 2 billion people buying goods and services through e-commerce shops , global eCommerce companies’ revenue is predicted to reach more than $6 trillion by 2022 , By 2023 90.8% of all purchases will be conducted on retail websites ,today there are more than 24 million eCommerce websites in 2020 . Same goes with service Industry or any kind of Program or digital products

Why Influencer Marketing!?

The most important benchmark for any business or portal to be at the top of the niche is Traffic | Conversions | Leads | Brand Awareness , and there are so many methods out there on the web that let us generate the traffic and in turn leads. Influencer marketing provides the optimization in traffic generation model and also it can take the brand to skyrocket the sales within hours. That's actually a Power of trust | recommendation | authority.

What you will learn in this Class?

This class is curated by looking into the needs of brands , Startups and individuals  who are the prospects of future technologies and enterprise brands. We will learn about all the key methods that actually help us reduce our marketing cost and increase our ROI . We will learn about strategies that would be important while doing influencer marketing 'split tests' , we will be covering in detail how to create content for Influencer Marketing. We will also go deep into the methods of influencer marketing ,we will select influencer and learn how the whole process works. I would be disclosing all the platforms that essentially can be used to setup a campaign automatically and how we can optimize the results. We will learn about Instagram Influencer Marketing , how Instagram Shoutout method works? We will talk about Youtube Review methods as well along with one of the best Service Platform that is trending in Influencer Marketing. Content always considered to be the KING of campaign , we will crack the code of Content creation by learning a tool that let us design that we visualize in our head in such a brisk pace , We will be covering the ways to negotiate with influencer , Some of the techniques would help us understand the negotiation skill , communication methods and tools and techniques that help us in optimization of whole process.

Meet Your Teacher

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Fahad Iqbal

Grow With Trends


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1. Introduction Class: Hello, my name is periodic by L. And welcome to my course on influencer marketing. In this course, we will learn about the tools and techniques and the programs that helps us achieve our goal using influencer marketing. Just to give you a brief of myself. I've been doing digital marketing past several years. I've been doing digital marketing using Facebook, ads, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google. By professional, I'm an engineer, a designer, and project management professional. And by the end of this course, you'll be able to learn how to find quality influencers, how influencer marketing works, and how to optimize your results by using split test project. We will be i, two inferences from Shout and creating a content you can place it got bad. So stay tuned. 2. What we Need to Achieve: Hello guys, welcome to our introduction lecture on influencer marketing. Now, influencer marketing is considered to be five times more productive than the traditional marketing methods. Now in this method, there is a sense of trust among customers because someone they follow someone they actually look into, have recommended a product or a service for their audience. So a trust factor would be there. Unlike other traditional marketing matters, where directly you are promoting your stuff. And the end consumer and customer doesn't know about the product or the service until unless they got it reviewed by themselves or by someone didn't know. So now, the second most important part is the customers have that thing in their mind. That review process has been done by the influencer before marketing it to their audience. So they have the both things at the back of their mind before they take the product. Influencer marketing has actually in a trend in all three marketing. Tears. Now the T01 that actually consumes $1000 to $10 thousand on their marketing. 19% of the marketers will look into influencer marketing in 2020. Whereas these 19% was a very low number in previous years, because the main method of marketing was always treated to be the traditional marketing methods. But since than the brand awareness as very huge 18% of player two, that is considered to be the marketers who spend around 1000, $100,000 to $500,000 per year for influencer marketing. And this year. And similarly, a 7% of companies plans to invest over a million dollars in influencer marketing in 2020. So these are the statistics basically gives you an idea how trend is evolving as a marketer or as an agency or a brand. Now, what we need to achieve, basically doing influencer marketing. So there are two mean criterias that a brand or a service have in their mind before they go into influencer marketing. So one thing is brand awareness, and the other thing is call-to-action. So brand awareness basically gives you an intangible return or an intangible ROI. Whereas the call-to-action gives you a direct impact, a direct sales or review. So now in the brand awareness, need to create a niche-specific online presence. They might have their blog or their website where they need to fetch the traffic to so that they can get the revenue through AdSense and the other matters, affiliate marketing, or the need to create an email list where they can read yogurt those customers with their different other offers to evolve as a brand or to optimize your stats. You need to have a customer feedback, quality customer feedback that you can utilize to improve your product and service. Whereas call to action, on the other hand, it's a tangible gain that a brand or a service is getting by doing influencer marketing, you could have your sales boost. You could get your reviews. And those reviews can give you another major sales. If you are running an affiliate program onto your website or your blog, it will give you an affiliate revenue growth. You will have your lead generations. And this is a tangible outcome that you are looking into. And plus spec database about each iterations it's on a micro level and prospect database in a macro level. So basically call to action and the brand of Venus are the two major key areas, key concepts that why people go into influencer marketing. So in our next lecture, we will discuss about influenza market overview. Will go into the market and we'll see what's going on there and how to hunt and influence how the whole process works. Until then, goodbye, have a nice day. 3. Influencer Market Overview (Social Platforms): Hello guys and welcome back to another lecture. In this lecture, we'll have an overview on the influence of market. Just to give you a brief. Influencer, marketing is on pace to become an $8 billion industry. And when it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is by far the best-performing platform for brands to reach new audiences quickly. So we'll see some of the methods. For example, the social platform, the shout-out method. So that method is primarily based on Instagram. It also the best channel for social action given average engagement of 3.21% compared to 1.5% across all social networks, Instagram users are most likely to convert Like and share the content they consumed. So I have summarized some of the examples in order to show you how shoutout method on Instagram works. And primarily, we will focus on the brand awareness model that we have discussed in our previous lectures. So first of all, we need to understand what meets influencer marketing so effective? Well, part of it has to do with trust. Instagram influencer marketing removes the barriers of traditional advertisements because customers are introduced to your brand. Someone with a trusted source that is influencer, because they feel that source is authentic. And the casual platform to promote that sources, Instagram. And then influencer recommends a product or a service on their Instagram feed or a post or a story, it can come across as trusted recommendation. This is obviously a huge advantage to brands. It gives them direct access to target markets for just a fraction of what they have to pay for traditional ad. So now in these examples, I just summarized to off take samples on Instagram. So for example, there is one account named tatooinkspiration. She has 4.4 million followers. And he already advertised on her account that if you want a shout-out, she would be doing it for some financial gains. So in the second image, if you can see there is an account name notsick3. So tatooinkspiration. has given a shout-out to not sick three account in the post that shown in the second picture. So now this is how the model works. The influencer with having higher followers recommends or gives a shout-out to influencer with same niche. Gives a shout out to someone who is pretty much knew they want to make themselves from brand as well to promote their stuff. So in the end the picture, if you can see the Notsick3 has a 101 k followers. The niche is the same. It's a tattoo niche. So if you can see in the second image as well, she has been displaying her tattoos. Probably. She's not actually recommending any product or if she's not promoting any product. But the idea behind this kind of shout out is to gain the momentum gained the followers of the, of the one account that has two larger audience who is following. The other method we normally use is social platform. That is review method. The examples that I have selective for you is from the YouTube. Now in this example, there is a person who is promoting a man skin care product. So he has 611000 views and the like dislike ratios vary on the higher side of the likes. Now he's promoting a single product. He has given the review of a three minutes. And actually in his description, if you can see, there are three different products. He has offered a discount gold in Man skincare products as well. On the other three corners is his affiliation with the other grants, which is similar to his his review niche. You can see on the highlighted part, there are three different products with three different brands. And he actually promoted all of them with a single review. Now in these two examples, I want to show you it's related to travel industry, related to a length. So in our first example, the luxury travel expert, basically, they're recommending Singapore Airlines, it's creating first-class suit. So actually they have summarise the whole journey with Singapore Airlines, H-E-A-D. And they have given a review and more than 15 million views has been submitted on this video. Just in a span of one or two years. This is how lethal the influencer marketing is. For one single review, they are getting more than 15 million views and 811000 people have like the review. So basically the conversion rate or the conversion ratio in these sort of reviews is too high, Unlike the other traditional marketing methods. So Casey, who's a very good YouTuber because of his reviews and all these factors. He has recommending 21 $1000 first-class airplane seat of Emirates. Now, in this specific review, if you can see properly, there are 73 million views. 1 million likes this review, got So you can imagine the amount of ROI generated from a single review that gives he has given. So this is our social platforms. So in our next lecture we will talk about network platforms in detail. Have a nice day, goodbye. 4. Network Platforms in Detail: Hello guys, welcome back to another lecture. In the previous lecture, we have learned about how social platform folks and we discussed in detail Instagram and YouTube as our basic examples. Now, today we will talk about the network platforms. So I have summarized few Direct Action Network platforms and three statistical analysis platforms for influencer marketing. We will talk about Shout cart in detail in our next few slides. But just to give you an overview, shout car is basically a marketplace for influencer marketing. So you can go into shout cart, you can browse inferencers. You can get those packages. They have actually club all the related influencers in one package. And you can again get toward that package. And how you need to do that. We will talk about in detail in our next lecture. I have also summarize influencer cart for you. Now these are the two platforms. as a marketplace for influencers, can go target those inferences and learn about their statistics and hire them for, for a shout-out, for a story post or anything you want them to do in a specific niche. Influencercart is also based on their overall insights. They have segregated the influencers like they have classified by top country rotations of the audience, age range, gender, number, effective followers, and Niche, specifically, in order to make sure that the buyers find the right influencers for their brands on a specific niche. They also have a very secure transaction like shoutcart. Influencercart will handle the payment and keep your money safe, hold them like an escrow service. And your campaign has, once your campaign has been completed, then they will release based on, based on the agreements that you have initially done with then influencer. Now, i have summarized three marketplaces as well where you can find real inferences. So Heepsy is one of the websites where you can go and find out that influences this. Seven million Instagram and YouTube influences at that. In this specific website. You can go there, you, they can give you an analysis of the influences that they will give you a real demographics. Will varies the audience from and all the statistics that is required to know about before hiring an influencer. And this is a very important part where we will discuss in our next lecture that once you are hiring an influencer for your campaign or for your like promotion or a shout out. Getting to know the niche, getting to know the demographics, and getting the authenticity of the subscribers is very important because there are, in this day and age, there are so many influences, so many accounts with the high number of followers. They have followers from Bots. So it's very hard to judge whether an influencer has a legit, audience legit following or not. So there are 3 ways to check whether they are legit or not. Number one is their engagement on the previous posts. If you can go there in their profiles, you can see how engaging their posts are like if, for example, just to give you an example, if someone have a 300 K subscribers or followers, and once he puts a post and gets around 50 likes or 60 likes. It doesn't do it justice with what he have originally as a followers. So this is a very important part whether the, whether the account has a legit audience or not. This is why these tools are in place in the market. So Heppsy influence and tubebuddy. Tubebuddy is related to YouTube. It actually gives you an in-depth of how to find a proper keywords. It's actually optimize your YouTube channels. So this is not a direct, what you call an influencer marketing technique, but this is basically the basics of influencer marketing. So before you do an influencer marketing for your channel, through YouTube, you should have a Tube Buddy Kind of platform gives you that actually optimize your YouTube channel. Because so many YouTubers doesn't know how to find the key words, proper keywords with lesser keep keyword difficulty. To promote their videos. That actually you do have an algorithm that actually defines a specific niche. Specific keywords should be there. So Tubebuddy helps in getting and it's an optimization kind of program. This is it for network platforms. So in our next lecture, we will learn about service platforms. Until then, goodbye, have a nice day. 5. Service Platforms & Content Method: Hello guys. Welcome back to another lecture. My name is Fahad and we will be covering service platforms today. And the platform that we have chosen as fiverr. Now Fiverr is considered to be the marketplace for freelancers where people come in, they depict their services and they showcase their talents or skills. And they performed the gigs on the fiverr, and that's how they get paid. Now most of the influences are fiverr as well, or most of the managers of the influences are on fiverr. So basically what they do is they showcase their gigs on Fiverr. People come there, they will purchase the gig. If you can see I have summarize a few of the examples in front of you for influencer marketing. Most of these gigs are primarily related to shoutouts on managing your social media influencer market campaign. Like in the first example, the person is recommending that I'll make a list of influence for influencer marketing. Finding. I write influencer for your campaign part. So basically they are actually getting those influences. Some of those people get those influencers. Some of them will market your niche. And some of them basically gives you a 360 degrees service. So fiverr is considered to be the most trusted, secure platform to do any kind of advertisement. Now, why fiverr is recommended? Because fiverr algorithms works on the rating a person gain after providing a service. So you can see the people who are having a five rating has 193 reviews basically. So 100 T3 means reviews, means that he must have completed probably three times or four times of the orders that he has as a review from. So probably he will be having around 600 orders for the same gig. So just imagine someone who's having a five out of five rating for 600 gates. This shows the credibility and the authority of a gig. So you can just simply take his gig that we'll actually, and he's a level one cell at level one and level two sellers are the actually passed the basic criteria of fiverr to be on an intermediate or a pro level. So you can see over here. So this guy, you have 60 ratings and 4.8 ,4.8 is fine. Like might be one or two guys out of 60, they might have rated him four or three or to five. So that's why his rating end up to 4.8. You can see in this part, this guy is having five, so pretty much on the good side. Now, you can see 1-2-3. Some of, some of the gigs doesn't have rate. You can take a chance with those because these people are desperate to get the rating. And these people will put twice the amount of effort for these people do because they are having ten or 15 orders in the queue. But these people are having lesser orders due to the ratings. That doesn't have the ratings. And the nutshell, service platforms like Fiverr is a go to method apart from network and the social platforms that we have discussed. We will move to our final method, that is content method. And then we will go into the practical scenarios in the next slides where we will discuss deeply the shout cart method. So in the content method, SEO blogging and the web, web designing comes into consideration. So now in this example, this is a website named The two things what he's doing, actually, he's blogging for those kinds of articles. And then he's promoting the stuff on his website. So content method is another method that lies within influencer marketing, where you can market your product or a service. Because blogs already have traffic on their websites. So more traffic means more gains, so more visitors will come and they have the tendency to click on your content that you are promoting better for the content matter. In our next lecture, we will talk about finding and, negotiating with inferencers till that time. Have a nice day ! 6. Finding & Negotiating With Influencer: Hello guys, welcome back to another lecture. So in today's lecture we will talk about finding and negotiating with the influenza. We will discuss about direct approach method, an indirect approach matter. We have four categories or four ways to reach out to influenza. Once the influencer has been selected or you have listed down the influencer, you need to reach out through email from the bio section of the Influencer, The normally influenzas or Instagram, who they email for professional inquiries on their bio. So you need to reach out to them directly. You can create your landing page or you can create like a sales pitch funnel. So for instance, you have a product from clothing niche, interests that you have listed down is from the fashion niche as well, that you can reach out to the influencer in a well-organized rate. Now the second option is that we normally uses is to ground direct message. So direct message your greetings and just show you a willingness. You wanted to do some collaboration. In the third technique, normally the influences with their managers or their social media account handlers. Email ids are customers supporting or someone who is attending the curious on the Facebook and put forward your preposition to them. Now the last and the final method could directly approaching an influencer is YouTube. The most of the influenza strike their business, ladies. In the About section of YouTube channel. So you can directly go into the YouTube about section of influenza and directly approached him and pitch your idea or a club preposition to your influencer. Now deader certain communication techniques that we need to understand. So we don't need to show any paste in our approach to an influencer. So there are particular timings that we should always have Dorian subconscious that we need to adhere to those timings before reaching twice or thrice plus same influenza. So once, for example, you have which are professional message from your organization domain and most of the professional brands or most of the pressure of professional services actually have their domain name or they have their email ids district on their commands. So don't centered from email, from Gmail or Yahoo. Intrinsic built-in like it's a random person or a random print. Sending an email to organization do mean actually who was a professional value to that. So once you have send your email, so after 72 hours east, the same influenza on the other platform that he has mentioned. For example, he might have a YouTube channel, or he might have his Facebook page, their state or a customer service associated to that page. You need to reach out to the second channel after 72 hours. Once you didn't get a rebel response even after 72 hours of your two inquiries. Then the last thing that you can do is after one or two days, you need to communicate on a channel three. And the factors that a sprinkling of not getting a response in this kind of scenario is, might be your content is not up to the monk or intrinsic is on vacation. The third factor would be the influencer is not actually looking into some collab right now or maybe has some contracts going on. And at this point, the chances of having a successful collaboration is very low. In this scenario, you just move to another influencer. After repeating the process. I've just illustrated some of the examples in front of you. So for example, here you can see that there is a YouTube channel with 56.2 K subscribers. In his About section, he has listed his business details so far, business in queries. He has put his Gmail account there and he put his location the United States. So for example, in this account, if you can see, he has currently accepting ambassadors for a woman fashion. So they have directly mentioned the niche here. So if you are related to this nice Dm for more details, you can send them a direct message or you can go to their website and check there about a contentious election as well. Though, once you have Approach, the influencer, we need to build a relationship. Actually this relationship would be a 360 degree complete cycle. So to analyse this will process, we have segregated into four points. So we have product price from Washington market and we need to patch our product. We need to give the resources of our product, our banners, our information related to product that actually have some friends or to understand a product in a better way so that he can, it will do promoted. In second part, we need to negotiate for time-bound shoutout. So for instance, we have to our shoutout six our shoutout, or ten hours or 24 hours with a bio link, without a violin, we need to negotiate all these factors before we run a promotion. In point number three, we need to do an actual promotion agreement and execution. So once we are done with our data, because it's kind of nice selection content and everything. We need to go to the point number three and grant our promotion at a certain defined schedule. So this schedule, we can actually ask the influencer for demographics, like he must have known at which particular time a certain post works well for him. For instance, most of the influencers have their peak hours or in their analytic. So we need to have an actual promotion agreement for execution. It must not be like if you are running into our campaign than inferences slot is free from Lake. For instance, two AM to four AM. And from two AM to four AM, response for that influencer is very low. So this you need to understand or you need to make this thing down. On the fourth is trend analysis and market review that platform rates. So this is actually a boast promotion strategy. Once a promotion has been done at this stage, you need to do a trend analysis for a split desk. For instance, you have friend composed with the influencer for two hours from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM. And then after certainties, you actually run the same campaign at different timings from eight PM to ten PM. So the result would vary. So you understand that after doing the split test or multiple tests with the same influenza, you can get to know, okay, my reach or my engagement for specific needs that these kind of influenced at these particular times give me this type of engagement. So you need to do a trend analysis and market review after the post promotion of the campaign. Now this is very important point. You need to make a list of all the proportions you run. You need to take the result of the promotions into account when you are running another promotion. So this is what market analysis now and this is it for today's lecture. In the next lecture, we will be deeply going into outcomes. And step-by-step. I will show you how to book an influencer, how to run a campaign, and how to basically optimize your result. Till the next lecture. Bye, have a nice day. 7. Influencer Platform Deep Dive (Shoutcart): Guys, welcome back to another lecture. 8. Indepth Analysi of Influencer ( Point A Z): Hello guys, welcome back to another lecture. and today we will discuss about in-depth analysis of influencer. So like we have discussed in our last lecture, there was one influencer. Score of 9.9. So we have actually gather the information of that influencer and we deeply look into his account and how this account works. For us as a marketer, his name at the Instagram is typewriter voice. 753k followers and his success rate is 87%. So while going for checkout, you need to make sure that your pin for a shout-out between this period, not any other period where the audience is not predominantly active. The pricing will see the shout-out creates change from $25 to $170 for a permanent shoutout with Biolink. and you can add in your company. But basically, I would recommend that one influencer at a time do a complete 360 degree process. Thank you. 9. Checkout Process of Campaign ( Important factors): Hello, welcome back to another lecture. So until next time, goodbye. 10. Content Creation for Influencers: Hello guys. Welcome back to another lecture. My name is Fahad. And today we'll talk about how to create content for your campaign. The tool that I will discuss today for content creation is . So after reviewing several methods, doing it manually, Goodbye. 11. PlaceIt Design Creation & Editing of Content: Welcome back to another lecture. My name is Fahad, and we'll talk about how to design Have a nice day! 12. 360 Degree strategy Negotiation Techniques: Hello guys and welcome back to another lecture. In this lecture we will talk about Agreement on promotion and payment times in influencer marketing. Then Shortcut Method, we have two major criteria. One is audience optimization and the other one is checkout validation. In audience optimization, we need to see recommendation for a maximum throughput time of audience from influencer. So like we have mentioned earlier in our previous lectures, that recommendation, shoutcart also gives what an influencer active engagement timings. put on the table in front of an influencer in order to pick and choose if he's willing to create a win-win strategy that you'll be boom, that's it for today. In the next lecture, we will talk about receiving and analyzing the results l that time, goodbye, have a nice day. Okay. 13. Post Promotion Rules & Square One Technique: Hello guys, welcome back to another lecture. goodbye, have a nice day.