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Influencer Marketing Like a Boss I Create with Katrina Julia

teacher avatar Katrina Julia, Creator - Wellness - Online - Media

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. 5 Steps Influencer 1080p

    • 2. Influencer Intro

    • 3. Influencer Test

    • 4. Inspire Influence

    • 5. Ideal Influencers

    • 6. Phenomenal Platforms Act

    • 7. Metric Matters

    • 8. Create Campaigns

    • 9. Grow Campaigns

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About This Class

The 411 to Building and Scaling Influencer Marketing for Brands and Influencers

You'll learn:

  • 411 in Influencer Marketing

  • How to Find Influencers

  • Phenomenal Platforms

  • Create + Grow Campaigns

  • Metric Matters

  • Media Kit Creation

  • Action Plan and MUCH more!

With over 9 Sections and multiple lessons and resources to jump start you to inspire with influence as an influencer and as a brand.

What to Expect:

This course includes everything from the initial insight into influencer marketing to how to find them, platforms, campaigns, metrics, media kits, actions plans and more!

This includes a Inspire with Influence Intro, Influencer Marketing Bundle of: How to Find Influencers, Phenomenal Platforms, Creating Campaigns, Growing Campaigns, Metric Matters, Media Kit and more!

The course is loaded with tips + tools to help you on your transformation journey. Katrina's course is self-paced and completely digital, which means you can go as slow or as fast as you like. The most important component here is to create the transformation that feels right for you.

Katrina will continue to add more helpful information to this course over time - of which you'll have lifetime access to.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrina Julia

Creator - Wellness - Online - Media



Hello & Welcome!

Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Athlete, Creator, Online Educator, Influencer Marketing, Global Traveler (>27 Countries!) & Retreat Host, Author, Speaker, Videographer & Podcaster based in Atlanta, GA.


I love connecting & creating a community for entrepreneurs and brands & helping you create a life and business you love.


I've served in >7 industries shifting from Corporate to Calling. My experiences have include strategy, operations, and finance. I've worked with entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies including Victoria's Secret, NBC Apprentice TV Show, ConocoPhillips, WeWork, Airbnb; as well as consulting with Big 4. I have a MBA, CPA, CFE,... See full profile

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1. 5 Steps Influencer 1080p: 2. Influencer Intro: It's so you guys. I've been personally working with influencers now since 2016 personally reaching out over 3 to 5000 influencers. Whether that's been directly whether that's been via platforms like Hype Market, like Rab like ninja, numerous different types of platforms and whether that's been them applying to campaigns. And in a some of my experiences, you're gonna hear where through a vet integrations and through experience integrations. I've had over 70% response rates, and in January of 2018 alone, just on one platform had over 300 applications through through and two campaigns that we actually listed so here and inspire with influence. I'll be sharing you kind of the groundwork and the framework and the foundation of inspired influence create and cultivate. So whether you are an influencer or an entrepreneur, that's growing your base and you're following to be an influencer your over and wants to grow and inspire with influencers, this is gonna help you all around 3. Influencer Test: we have the chance to actually build our own businesses as influences, you'll have the chance to build health. Well, this is workshops on circuit. Build your own portal and whatnot. Incredible experience. On top of that, then you have the opportunity to have exposure and expansion through photography. We had our own photographer all year, which was crazy. He was incredible photographer. And then we have the option now, going back home toe have collapsed. I mean, we've become best friends over this trip, and that's something you're gonna get it like. 4. Inspire Influence: welcome Teoh inspire influence. So here, I'm gonna be slicing and dicing this from two different angles. So I'll be giving you guys influence or perspectives on those of you that are influencers. You know, feel free to comment from an influencers perspective, but I'll be also cheering both perspectives so that whether you're an influencer, you gain inside from your own perspective. But you also get more insight into what the brands are thinking about the set up, the campaign, the return on investment and all of that. So you understand the business standpoint. And if you are an influencer and perhaps do you want to grow your brand from a blob to a brand and actually build your tribe with influencers? So there's a number of angles there, and for brand starting off this will massively help you whether you never started a campaign with influencers, whether you're thinking about it, whether it's time to refine it, whatever it is, this is gonna massively help you with that as well. So this is all about inspiring influence and including, and so we're gonna get into that from an inspire aspect, influence and create and cultivate. So there is a way for you to inspire influence, to connect, to create, to cultivate whether you are a brand, whether you are influencer. What if you could grow your tribe with influence or marketing bursts is add, spends and Or use this as your primary mechanism and perhaps dedicate a smaller percentage to add, spends and or grow that once you have ongoing cash flow. Save time. An increase results because you guys there are proven results in key studies that with time , consistency and effort influencer investment, whether whatever type of model that is, and for those of you that are in the club or the academy, I share that in one of the upcoming episodes in creating campaigns as well as platforms. And for those of you listening on a podcast or YouTube or whatnot, stay tuned because that's something that may come up so keeping that in mind and how you congrats so through inspiring through influence through creating and cultivating a number of different ways of models and campaigns. So just to kind of give you guys brief inside, you know there's product models that brand simply send products for a review for a testimonial for a post. There's hybrid product and paid campaigns. They're strictly paid campaigns for a brand as well. And then you've got your affiliate type or your bonus type compensation, which is going to increasingly drive results as well. And you're then you have your experienced had collaborations, your press trips, your travel events and then, for those of you that perhaps have checked out our influence, your platform or you may want Teoh, we actually integrate all the above plus digital experiences, plus helping influencers grow with health, money and business, plus integrating complementary brands to feature plus, giving them opportunities to grow with an analyst collapse platform, which is very similar to liken entrepreneurial or an accelerator type model for those that are familiar with that. So let's get into it. So Step one inspired get people inspired. That's what truly, truly, truly drives action. You guys, it's, I mean, some brands that may already be there like your Nikes or you're under armour. But if you go back, you guys in a phenomenal book. If you have not read it is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike. He started the brand with inspiration. He started worth working with athletes and inspired him, and you can see how that's carried on throughout the iconic brand itself. But it started with that, and they stayed true to that and grew at a number of different directions. Whether it was a peril, you know, sponsored athletes, you know, so many different components. Michael Jordan. So it's super super important to think about whatever that is for you leg for us, you know, in evaluating the brand, the project or the campaign. Some of the questions I asked in the beginning was, You know what's gonna inspire people to want to collaborate with us? You know, we don't We didn't And we currently don't have a huge influence your budget. And I know a lot of brands or startups are in that, you know, in that arena. And so I thought, OK, yes, I can offer product experiences at events like with, you know, herbal Life, and we did some of that with fitness fuses with fashion. I'll talk more about that later, but I was like, I want to do war. I want to inspire more. I want to attract more high vibes. So I thought about okay, where a lifestyle platform. It's health, money and business all in one. It also functions as a fundraiser platform. And then I thought, Wait a minute. If we're utilizing experiences, retreats and academies in order to help people transform health money in business and fundraisers, why not do the same on the influence or platform and coming on an accelerator platform to help people grow their, you know, brands to help people transform their health money in business? And I thought, Oh my God, what better way to do within to invite them into an experience. But more importantly, inspire them from the start because they can immediately visually see what is possible for them through the sheer fact of showing inspiration throughout the brand throughout the project throughout the campaign. So ask yourself if you're running campaigns currently, is it something that transforms and inspires? If it's not, and even if it is, how could you enhance it or position it for that feeling? How would an experience inspire others? How could influence or marketing share love? So, for example, another of another dimension. Another aspect you could think about this is from an influence or perspective. So from an influencer perspective thinking about the brands that you align to. Are you inspired by them? Do you absolutely love them? Have you read about what they stand for? You know, Have you looked at their legalities? Have you looked at their management team? Are they full of ethics and integrity? You guys look at this stuff because I can't tell you how many times I've seen people just off face value get excited about something and then be caught in situations that are not ideal in any way, shape or form. You know those air, the Enrons, the WorldCom's, the Tyco's and that will lead to issues with choices that leaders made. So, you know, hold yourself to that same standard and question the brands that you align with and don't simply look at, you know, free product, our money, cause realize it a could be costing you. By not collaborating with another brand, they will actually help you more. Two. It could also be costing you from a standpoint of growing your health, money and business, and or it could cost you in the long term. Like what? If you align with a brand that something happens, You're not gonna want to include that on your media kit or you're going to say like I worked with them. But I didn't really research or realize this was going on, so keep that in mind. So influence, right? Fit. So from a brand standpoint, what do your demographics, what interests your clients have, What type of influencer could help? What campaigns do you want to do? What macro influencers and engagements do you want? What micro influence your engagement do you want? How may you find influencers and what platforms air out there So couple things so get really clear on your demographics and your hashtags and positioning and then thinking about what interests may appeal. So like if you are setting up in a vet or something later on. But initially, what type of influencer couldn't line so like, for us, it's health, money and business. So obviously that gives us a very wide range because we may collaborate with an influencer that's a very focused on health. But she or he's also interested in money or business. We may collaborate with a travel influencer, and we have several. In fact, light travels comes to mind, but they're also interested in growing their brand and or their money and or their health so and then thinking about campaigns. So I'll share more on this. But you guys are campaigns and grew organically. So in the beginning, one of the first things I did was host a launch of it. It was fitness fuses with fashion. So some of you may have seen the video, and it's listed in the club and in the academy. If not, look on our website as well, or on my YouTube and I collaborated with local vendors got them to donate stuff positioned as a charity event to give back, and still we we priced tickets as well, and we had a deejay. We had a videographer. We had photographers. We had models from the Art Institute modeling the clothing from Athleta from Nike from under Armour, which those clothes we got donated for the fashion show. So thinking about innovative ways that you could run a campaign or you can run in a vet and who would be a right fit, and then how can you find influencers? So in that example, we found them from through contacts through the local Art Institute But if you're looking at them digitally, you can look at platforms like Rep eight. Like I'm sorry. Collaborate like rep. Like, um, ninja outreach, like grapevine, like fame bit. And if you're an influencer that you should be looking at listing yourself on those platforms as well as tap influence height market because you guys 99% if not 100% of the platforms I've seen influencers list for free because the whole thing is brands want to find influencers and you know they're going to a platform for the access that influences are on their influence or by newswire is another one and then influencers. So brands recognize not every influencers on every platform because they don't know about them and where they just haven't taken the time yet toe list and then influencers. You recognize that not every brand is on every platform because they often have to pay a subscription to subscribe and or they re stick toe one or 22 from their strategy standpoint . So the more you exponentially expose yourselves back to our social media module in the club in the academy, the more that you're going to be seen by different people as well. So list yourself on different platforms create, create collectively, so I cannot under stress the importance of this enough. So from a brand standpoint as well as from a influence your standpoint, this is very mutual. What value may you offer to help others So going above and beyond? What do people ask you for all the time? What is your brand and are your blogger or your social media show? How could you collaborate with people? How could you grow with influencers, even influence your side by side? So as our clubs and our academy's grow, I'm introducing more and more and mawr influencers to each other. And actually, recently, I've even started from our prior collapse, whether it's been events, whether it's been retreats, whether it's been the seven a challenge, so like mutual alignments and or ones that can help them in other areas. So this has been coming up more and more recently. Could this be interview features for post? So could you feature another blogger or influence her collaborator on your brand or on your blog's? That's a great way toe spotlight people. How about video collaborations via YouTube channels? I've seen a lot of YouTubers do this, and this is something that I'm looking to do in the future as well as with are aligned tripe. Could this be short term and long term collapse? So could you start short term tests, say, with a product type model or a small paid type post, and then expose them to more? And that's going to show you guys the people that were really want to be part of your tribe for the long term. Ah, perfect example of this comes to mind as the tone it up girls. So if you don't follow, tone it up or you haven't looked at their brand Karena and Katrina. Her name's Katrina, too. They started with doing YouTube videos on the beach. She flies, sharing workouts, just pure love on the beach. There brand grew from one thing to another two guides to events to retreats. It's a very similar to a lifestyle platform, in essence, a lot of differences, but also similar. They created their own supplement line with tone it up versus I chose to stick with ah brand herbal life that's in 95 countries and already distributed. I wanted to make my life easier and simpler in that avenue. And I fell in love with the product and the brand from the beginning. And I knew creating a supplement line was a whole nother endeavor. And I simply chose, you know, that I rather just along with them and keep and do, you know, brand specific things with other areas, but also integrate tips, tools and technology. So it all depends on how you want to grow your brand, your platform. You know, everything is a choice, and so you know, how could. But there are a great example back to tone it up. There are a great example of humble beginnings to staying consistent to growing to recently doing stuff with Jillian Michaels being listed on self on shape. So that's a great example of an influencer that went from influencers to a blawg to a full blown brand and running tone it up challenges and all these different things that create value basically so cultivate. So the last point in this section are in this episode is cultivate and patients because you guys the truth is there is no overnight quote unquote success. People think it's overnight because all the sudden the person's visible everywhere or they just learned about them. But the truth is, is there is years behind that of breakthroughs and leveling up and, you know, working through the struggle and the suffer and growing to be the person that you see. You know whether it's the Brendon Buchard, whether it's the Shay Ling Johnson, whether it was Oprah, you know, every no one escapes, quote unquote alive, and everyone goes through major major growth eso without in mind. How may you increase value mutually like Be clear, You guys, when you create exponential value, the value back may not come directly back from that person or that brand, or it may not come right away. Say, you're part of our club or our mastermind. It may take you a week, a month, three months, a year before you start seeing the results that you were envisioning, You know, once you went through certain episodes or content or, you know, whether you want to lose weight, you want to change your money. You want to change your business. I'm definitely, you know, I I always tell people I'm not just the creator on my best client because I have completely transformed my health, my money, my business. And it's still transforming, you know, training for my third show right now. And as far as with the National Physique Committee, I'm in Atlanta. I'm a complete life, transformed my money in so many different ways, and my next thing is to build stability and growth all the time instead of having highs and lows like I used to. And the other component is paying off all my dad. And then a bigger component, which drives me is different things to give back to my family my future family legacy as first giving billions to help and homelessness, military vets, battered women and in cancer. So you guys, those things pull me every single day. Yes, I may have an off moment or an off day where I feel you know the fear and do it anyway or reframe my mindset to faith or to joy or toe love. So I'm human just like you. So don't think depending on where you are and what you're doing or not doing. When you're listening to this, I go through and grow through All the same struggle is that you go through your mind like everything. So back to like another example I have recently I list literally. You guys just submitted This is crazy. So I submitted a pitch to Founder magazine. So if you haven't heard of Founder, I would highly recommend you go follow them. So speaking of someone that, like catapulted, they really got on the scene about 2 to 3 years ago. And they got super serious about content creation, about collaboration. And they've grown their instagram following alone to over a 1,000,000. And they featured people like Richard Branson like Barbara Cochran. Like Robert her shevach. I mean, amazing, amazing entrepreneurs in the space that they have been able to feature and collaborate with , so that someone obviously I'm learning from next and just ordered my article about scaling . So funny thing I teach scaling smart. And so an article about scaling with Richard Branson. So of course I want to learn from Richard. Uh, sir, Sir Richard Branson. And anyway, I digress. So I submitted an article to them you guys about influencer marketing because I'm clear that you know, I'm not at the official start, start like we've already filtered through thousands of influence or applications. When we started doing travel Collab, I had over a 70% response, Serie on, every single influence here I reached out to. Now I've integrated the digital experiences and across the entire platform, So I've personally interacted with easily and or sourced across over five platforms easily over 3 to 5000 influencers over the last year and 1/2 and tow, have the platform where it is and now being focused on a press army like I'm nowhere near where I want our influence or platform to be. Yet with influencers with a solid tribe with no growth. From you know, the 70 challenge to the club, to the events, to the academies, to the press trips to the course creation to the cross collaboration with influencers to do joint courses, features and some of our stuff, you know, in our clubs and our academies like it's nowhere near. I want it to be like, be clear, like I wanna actively have over 502,000 influencers in the platform we've directly worked with over like over, I would say 25. However, I am super grateful and super proud of how far we've come. And I know it's a year and 1/2 if not mawr worth of work. And I know that others can massively gain from it and, you know, shorten their learning curves and shorten their pain. So I share that to stay, like, be clear things that you have to offer, like you may not realize. But someone else is thinking about it, and your knowledge this far could massively helped them. So, on a leap of faith, I submitted, you know, the partner from Mutual Growth to Founder magazine. Basically influence or articles. They submitted both of them. Um, sorry, they accepted both of them. So how toe, you know, build your brand and then how to grow your brand. So it's kind of like a part one part two. But what's crazy, you guys? As I was writing the article earlier this week and typing it and literally when I got done , she told me, like 5000 words when I got done between you know the words between the videos between the GIF ease between the examples the case studies, everything the steps, the insight, the how twos. Um, it was 7200 words. And so I told her like, Hey, I'm open to splitting this up to, like, a two or four part series. I'm open toe having a super long article and then even like I'm sitting here looking at it was like, Oh my God, this is like legit an e book like legitimate books. So immediately I was like, Okay, let me see what she does, how she formulates it and then let me time a freebie for an influencer marketing guide at the same time. So when people visit the site, they see that at the Let Me Time a paid guide that includes all that content but even more right? So because I'm angling towards brand and I'm helping them set him up as well as influencers , as well as integrating brands to help increase monetary possibilities not only for our business but also for influencers. So like, say, you collaborate with us in Brazil coming up or in Atlanta coming up or next year we're looking at Bali and Nicaragua. Still, I would have say two or three additional brands, in addition to whatever I already integrate like with her belives, Expect bags or whatever that would be paying to feature with influencers, and the influencers will get a part of that just like with an agency. So anyway, I share the example back to founder. I assure the example that I'm creating all this value for them and you guys, I'm not paid for the article full disclaimer or the next article. However, I was clear when I was writing it. I was pouring my heart and soul into it because Number one I want to give my best foot forward. And that's just like with anything else I do, even if I'm creating it initially out of thin air. Initially no one signed up. So have that same mindset of creating value, increasing value. Then the other thing is, is I thought about Oh my God, they have a reach of a 1,000,000 just on Instagram. That's not counting their website visits. That's not counting their Twitter. That's not counting their YouTube. So Oh my God, I really need to do a good job like a I need to do a good job, period. But be I need to do a good job because all the eyeballs and I don't know where this could lead because a 1,000,000 plus eyeballs, you know, however many times they share is a lot of possibility. You guys like it's a lot of possibility, not just from founder, but from anyone else that reads that article. So be clear on that. And that actually drove me to set up a retainer model for brands. Because I'm, like, wait. Okay. Of influence reaches out and they want help. They want help growing their brand. Okay, great. Either their client or they're a collaborator, right? Depending on the type, depending on what they want to do, what to a brand will reach out and say they want to integrate in our platform. OK, great. Then we know set up the structure. We set up the compensation. What are they gonna pay as a whole? What's their budget? And then how much do we been? You know, out of that, 80% paid two or 90% to influencers, then the last component is Well, wait a minute. What if a brand asked me to help them build this or help create this? So I was, like, right away, like, oh, well, this is what I would have to do took me back to my consulting days. I've worked with over seven different consulting firms. You guys like this is what I would have to do. I don't want an hourly rate. I want to be on retainer for, you know, at least 363 months, six months or a year and giving them different options with that because I know it's not gonna be built in a month, you know what I mean? And I don't want to work with brands necessarily. They're gonna nickel and dime me. So those were mainly for the bigger brands or the brands that are willing to invest in that . So, you know, being aware of that and being aware of, like what your actions make lied to and preparing for that you guys because, like what? It always one thing people always say is, you know, overnight success is simply somebody that was prepared met opportunity. So be prepared to meet that opportunity head on. So how many? You offer additional incentives? How about strategy calls? How about bonuses? How about launches? How about trips? How may you listen and leverage whether you're interacting with a brand? Their insight to grow or you're you're leveraging influencers, listen to them and grow. And then a How may you track reach and results so through links through affiliate codes through, you know, actual social media. Reach all of that so that you know how your campaigns air going. And so to recap from inspire to influence so transforming, inspiring, sharing and giving influence goes to vision mission. Energy type, focused, creating value. Interview. Integrate, collaborate So you're collectively creating and then cultivate Cultivate has to do with partnership. You know, it's It's like from a metaphor from a metaphorical standpoint, you can think about the difference. You guys between dating versus getting married. So you know, you go on your first day, there's butterflies. Everyone's excited. Everything's awesome, etcetera right? That's kind of like inspire, right? Oh, that's a type of transform. Uh, sorry. So inspire then and last, you move to influence. Now you're like, quote unquote like exclusive, right? Like you're not dating anyone else. You're, like, solely exclusive, You know, that's the only person you're dating. That's it. Like you're dating with a purpose. Or like how, like, you know, dating with a purpose, or I don't know if you guys have read the book called The Weight With Megan Good and Devaughn Franklin. I absolutely love it and side note. So you're dating with a purpose. And then from influence into create is like you're engaged like you're going through the value process. You're going through more interviews. You're integrating your lives together so you can think about that from a brand and influence or standpoint. You care about what's mutually important to each other, you're collaborating. So this is kind of like the premarital counseling, like you're engaged or about to be engaged, depending on how you both want to approach it. But it's that integration process of having those tough conversations facing what's really there, who you truly are. The good, the bad, the ugly. I mean, it's always we're always all amazing humans. We just don't make the best of choices sometimes, Um, so it's just it's shining a light on everything and, you know, and being clear because a lot of times you guys, I see so many people. This is totally off topic, but it's kind of the same with influencer and brands. I see so many people put so much energy on the wedding. The wedding is like a day, and I don't I see way lower of a percentage of people. Couples put influence or put focus on the integration. You know, What do you love? What do you don't love? What's non negotiable for you? What's not non negotiable? What can I compromise on? What can't I compromise on? You know all those hard questions, and that's the exact same thing you guys between influencers and brands. Especially like if you're doing a short term club, you know you're inspired. You loved it. You posted about it, great. Or maybe you did a second collab, and now you know, in your influence that's great. But if you're getting into a middle toe, long term collab and you're going to be working with this brand or this person for two months, three months, six months a year, then you gotta be. You know, it's not all about you. It's not all about the brand. It's not all about you as the influencer. There's different objectives on both ends, and it's about honor, and it's about respect. And it's about love. And it's about, you know, high vibes and great energy, like when you look at my influence or platform, that's the first thing I list is high vibes because I don't care if an influencer and listen to me closely influencers as well as brands. I don't care if a person has 10,000,020 million, 30 million followers. If they're going to be a diva in a complete pain to work with and super negative or super low vibe or super nickel and dime me, then that's not someone I wanted my life, you know that's not someone I want part of my tribe and, you know, and I see a lot of brands think they have to put up with certain things. And no, you don't. You know that in fact, the ones that show you more gratitude or give 10 times more, you know, like as soon as you free up space from others that don't necessarily appreciate you're going to recognize the ones that truly do and sometimes realize it's also about tiny like someone may work with you. Someone may leave, someone may come back. That's what happens when you create like an endless platform collab, which leads to cultivate. You know that's partnering. That's incentives that's growth. That's results. So, for example, you know, we've had several influencers work with us, you know, two years ago with the launch of that that you know, I still keep in contact with some of them, but, like they haven't collaborated again. But then I realized, like, wait a minute, they don't know all the new opportunities. Then last year, the year before, we had several integrate with events and with experiences and the digital platform didn't exist. It So I was like, Oh, I should reach out to them again And just, you know, softly say, because they like we're in contact anyway. Say, via social media like, Hey, a lot of our platform has changed. Why don't you explore some of the opportunities? And if you want to chat more, let me know. So it's more on a relational, our friend basis, and just to inform them of, like, what's there and trusting that Hey, wait a minute. You know, they may or may not want to, you know, collaborate now they may later, but just keep those channels of communication open and you're gonna know who you're avid like. Tribe er's are, you know, they're gonna tell you once they interact with you or your brand, they're going to say like, Oh, I want to do this next. And by that same vein, influencers like recognize If you do a collaboration with us or you have, you know, I have the platform always published and I kind of like Once you collaborate, I leave it open to you guys because I honor the fact that you're an entrepreneur just like I am. And I don't ever want anyone to feel like they're being begged or Forrester chased. And if you see the value in the next step, whatever that is, whether it's, you know, a 70 challenge, whether it's a our monthly mastermind, whether it's our full blown academy intensive, whether that's our lifestyle academies coming up, whether that's course creation, whether that's live events, retreats. And you guys, I'm still always growing and creating stuff because to me, it's all about the tribe I wanna attract and their steps, like, depending on where you are and where an influencer is and how you interact. You know there's different opportunities that we start you off with, and then there steps just like you know, their steps in getting promoted at work or steps in making more money as you build your brand, their steps in between each thing that you've got to reach certain points before you get to the next level. So and then results results are driven even more like they're driven all throughout. But in the cultivation model, like those air, are influencers even more that are driving results for themselves that are driving results for us. You know, in orderto collectively course, create and invest in an influence sort, of course, create, You know, either way they're reach has to be over a certain amount, which is, I can easily tell you over 200 or 300 K and or they have already produced results for us in several different. They got people to come on a tree. It's join academies, whatever it ISS. So here's a couple of additional just notes to summarize for you guys on Inspire 5. Ideal Influencers: who? Ideal influencers. So here we're getting into different focus points to think about whether you're sourcing for an ideal influencer or whether you want to be an ideal influencer. So here I talk about three different points energy, excellence and engagement. So there is a way for you to inspire influence. And this is all about how you align with the energy excellence and engagement you want in your tribe. So number one are step one And again, these air suggested steps. You can explore various ways, but your energy and your vibe truly attracts your tribe. How do you outreach to people? Do you connect, create and cultivate? Do you take time to learn about them? Do you share opportunity? Your options? How did they respond? How quickly, how positively, How professionally do you feel you want them on your team and you guys, this goes both ways. If you're interacting, if you're a brand and you're interacting with an influencer, how how are you out reaching? How is the influence of responding and then vice versa? Influencer of your reaching out to brands to tourism boards for guest post, whatever it is, what is the energy exchange like, you know? And what are they asking you for? How are they asking you? How flexible are they? Um, you're just so many different factors. Excellence, quality over quantity. So from a brand standpoint, how is the work that the influencers do? Is it clear that there is quality? Do you see evidence of growth? Are there clear signs of consistency across the blogger, the brand channels and the quality. And so from an influence or aspect, you know, how is the work you're doing? Do you go above and beyond, you know, to share value? Like the example I talked about founder recently? Is it clear that there's quality that their substance? And are you seeing evidence of your growth and is their consistency You again? We're never perfect. You guys. This is something I had to learn. And I'm still learning like we're never, ever perfect. However, are you getting better every single day in multiple areas of your life, you know, and across, You know, here specifically for influence and social and press and belong your blawg. Do you see a clear difference? Like where you are now versus where you were three months ago versus where you were six months ago or a year ago, like even if you're not yet where you would love to be, like acknowledge your progress and celebrate like the breakthroughs that you've had and the value that you've generated, you know. So, for another example for me is I realized in So our first challenged I launched last think of May, April or May was a 70 challenge. So this is just to give you guys again, like hope and a vision for like, how fast you can get things done and how new our lifestyle platform is, too. So literally. Last May, after attending High Performance Academy with Brennan, Bechard and I. One of the reasons why I said no, I got inspired to do campaigns or set ups or different things at our live or on site events or retreat was because I literally was like chomping at the bit at that event till I just do my you know, challenge. So as soon as I got back within the next couple weeks, I got the seven day challenge, done the first version and started doing outreach on you know, Facebook on social media, connecting with people creating, cultivating that connection. And then I realized very quickly I was like, Wait a minute like this is great But this is an intro offer of $35 once they get it like they're done and their only option right now is to get into a retreat or an academy, which a lot of people are going to do immediately from $35 to 2500 or 3000 plus, you know so immediately, I was like, OK, Katrina. Your next step is you get to create a free 14 day challenge, which gives people a sneak peek into the monthly mastermind. So literally you guys Creation Club was launched last October, and that was also around the time that we started ramping up and amping up our influencer campaigns because I realized, Wait a minute, I are We can do campaigns across our seven day across our club, and then our future courses are guides. Guys, I'll probably just leave on the platform and not do campaigns because they're like a flow through and up sell from the Inter offer, um, or they're there on the platform for people to see your I bundle them like things like that . Like, actually just bundled one this weekend that I said, Hey, get in the club and you'll get smart social, you know, included as a bundle this weekend only, um, so you know, then I realized, Wait a minute, then the same, like we did with our retreats. And then I thought, Wait, like, literally. This is a thought. In November, December, we can start doing this with our academies. So I literally started creating all of that content, all that stuff, like between October until now and then figuring out how to slice and dice it across courses across free stuff, across guides across all of it. You guys. So I share that to say, like, that's clear in my mind. That's clear evidence of growth like that's a massive compared to where I was. Um, not October of 2017 But October of 2016 there was a lot of fear I was still doing ah, public speaking with one organization that you may have heard me talk about before that was steadily decreasing. A revenue was not aligning. There was multiple concerns or issues all the time with money. Despite the fact that they're one of the top financial organizations, especially for education in the country. And I realized, like again 100% responsibility. I attracted this in my life and or allowed it to state. They refused to grow. They refused to change. I allowed it to stay. So again, point it back to yourself. And so, you know, I looked at okay, like, Wow, that's massive growth compared to a year ago. And then I also realized in October, November and December especially, I was like, Wait a minute, like what I'm doing is great. But if a lot of people don't know about it, besides on my platform or besides, on my own channels, which is great. But the average conversion you guys is anywhere from 1 to 10% depending on the platform and depending on, you know, so many different factors, right? And so I realized, Oh my God! And to get out there more So that's when I started getting really focused, like in December, out reaching toe like business plans, out reaching to founder and all these different channels that already use all the time. But realizing wait a minute, I can offer value And then I can also get my message out there MAWR so that it helps me monetize my message. So I share that to stay like where else can you get more focused and drive more results and drive more action? And that's part of what I share in a five step process, an exponential exposure in our smart, smart social modules in the club and in the academy as well. Step three Engagement. So relationship over also from a brand standpoint. So reach versus relationship so reaches great if you're going to collaborate with an influence with as great reach, However, how do they respond to people? How is their connection ability? How is their communication? What percent engagement, which you can quickly see off their percent off of like, say, on instagram. The comments versus the followers so typically the larger and larger it gets especially over 200 K the percentages drop. But if you see someone with, like a 5% or a 10% engagement, that's phenomenal, because that tells you they're very engaged with their audience and it's gonna help them drive results for you and influencers. If depending on where you are with your engagement. That's also something that you might want to drive. Create groups, you know, boost groups on instagram, things like that. Uh, Christina ball bottle I know hasn't influence, of course. And she talks about that as well. Like different groups, you can create our pods or different things like that. They've seen on different posts. And so what can you do to drive, you know, high versus low engagement? And then what's from a brand standpoint? What's your objective? So, for example, I recently it wasn't an event with SunTrust, and they hosted ah, campaign at Super Bowl. Not I don't think it was this year, because the year before, and they showed us that showed us the creatives, they were amazing. Well, their goal was obviously conversion also, but their main goal was a massive reach. I mean, you have millions of eyeballs on the Super Bowl, right? And they got because their main campaign was to help create, you know, financial, like health, financial weirdness. And they got a lot of conversions. It wasn't necessarily to a product that was people coming into their platform, right? That was their goal. Vs is your is your gold may be smaller. You're not going to invest in the Super Bowl right now, Right? Which that was I can tell you. I used to work in credit unions and banking that was super out of the box. And growth indicated for a bank to do, like, super awesome. Uh, so, yeah, I would encourage you. If you're not in the club or the academy, I would encourage you to google their Super Bowl ads. If you are in the club or the academy, I'll include it as an extra, like, just direct link for you guys as well. Um, and just couple of things. I want you guys to be aware of that. I've learned that really helped me set my expectation. Kurt, Like, aligned. So yes. Sometimes people may buy from you right away. You know where they made contact? You off of the first contact or the second contact like this is not in any way shape reform . To say that that's not possible. That's absolutely possible. However, based on a lot of marketing, statistics and research, and this actually came from Salesforce. So they have a lot of marketing research because they're freakin platform. If you haven't heard of them. You guys there a platform to track bids and track sales. It takes an average 6 to 8 times to connect, meaning to actually get a qualified lead out of someone or they buy. Or they opt in like they take some sort of action. Because keep in mind nowadays were so inundated with so much noise. Podcast, you know, and again it's your on one side. You're trying to stand out from the noise right and be consistent and be there. But you've also got to recognize there's other people doing the same exact thing. And there's a period of you being super consistent until you finally break through. Um, because you're so consistent, like Amanda Bucci. If you don't follow her, she's got close to 600,000 followers on Instagram alone. Some of her YouTube videos have, like 30,000 views, if not more. Um, another one is Savanna La Brant. She they've got, I think, two million on Instagram, and some of her YouTube videos have, like 15 million views. You guys like keep in mind the level of effort or work that goes into that. Like I can tell you from one of Amanda's podcast I heard recently. She uploaded five videos a week on YouTube for a year before her channel, like Really like she said, exploded like she was consistent five times a week. And so, like I realized like, Oh, wow, I'm consistent twice a week. So I've got to amp it up like that something. I've got it jump up. So I just created a list of playlists that I'm going to start taking more action on next week and the week after, especially once I finish recording of the first round of the three month Academy. So, like, what is it that you could do to get out there more across YouTube across podcast across bloggers, you know, across you know just anything to expand the relationship people, and then we'll r A. Y results. So the average influencer across multiple case studies marketing campaigns will generate 7 11 times the return on Investment or R A. Y results over a traditional ad campaign. Because you guys, it goes back to again. If you're connecting, you've got the ideal influencer with the energy with the excellence, then people are automatically more apt to buy from them It's like buying from your friend. Your friend told you to go buy something cause it's awesome. You're gonna listen. And you guys also from a media kit standpoint, For those of you that are influencers, I would highly recommend when you start doing collaborations from now on, you track the reach of the campaign first asked the brand like, Hey, if I do this collaboration with you, will you give this to me and or do I need to track this? Um, and actually Jennifer, the social girl traveller, which we've worked with in the past, That was something she mentioned that she gives to brands which I loved. So as an added value standpoint, you could actually give that to brands because not all of them, not all the influencers we find or via platform that's tracking their results. So we actually have to go and do it manually. So, you know, what's the results you generated for their campaign? What was the overall reach, you know? So what was the overall reach? What was the overall engagement on the campaigns, You know, so you could do this on an average say across Instagram post. You know what was the click through on a blawg, You know, whatever that is you know, once again, and so listing that value in the media kit. And then also, if you get a link in a code than tracking that on the Bentley and saying, Hey, how many click throughs actually happened on the Billy and or how many times was where the coat was the code actually used. And how much sales did you generate? Because that is extremely valuable for you to present that to other brand two guys. So again, all about energy excellence, engagement, and then learning through that in learning like Okay, great. This is a brand I want to continue to work with. Or, you know, are that I would work with again or No, this is not an influencer that I would work with, you know, are not a brand that I worked with So having that time after or during to really think about how you feel the lessons learned, like all of that. And so you can take notes here and then, just to recap as you're looking for ideal influencers, regardless of the platform that you're finding them, whether it's directly via Hashtags. Whether it's via tools like great line like influence here by newswire like fame, bit like hype market, whatever it is, then what's their energy like, you know, what's their excellence like? Was there engagement like And then what did you learn? So what are you gonna take action on? What's next for you? Schedule it and get it done. 6. Phenomenal Platforms Act: So let's get into some phenomenal platforms and I'll show you guys insert of. So let's get into phenomenal platforms and the platforms that exist. And for those of you that are in the club and the academy, I also insert a bonus activity video with some behind the scenes on some of the platforms. So several of the platforms are free, even for brands. And actually, I think all of them are free for influencers. So if you want a list as an influencer and you want to start possibly collaborating with brands now, keep in mind. Most brands won't look at you if you don't have at least 10,000 unless you have a brand and or you have something else of value to offer, meaning you're a speaker. You're creating value, your coach and different ways. Then they may have very well look at you for an event for collaboration, whatever it ISS. But understand, like some kind of value, will have to offset that reach, at least for most brands. And if you are a brand that's thinking about collaborations, um, at least typically what I see is typically at least a number of 5000 warrants product collapse again. Although there are exceptions, 10,000 and up are typically for press or travel collapse. Although I could tell you I have some in the works and I've got less. Not on Instagram and other platforms. However. I have been, you know, a public speaker. I've got a brand, you know. So again there's offset value components there. So it's all about positioning. Um, and from a brand standpoint, the platforms again, some are free summer paid or some take a percentage off the campaign that you're doing with influencers, depending on the type of campaign. Obviously, in that avenue that assumes of paid campaign like you're paying the influencers X proposed . So you know that could be you say, you know, whatever dollar about proposed on instagram, You know, for a blogger on YouTube, Influence or Hub and Social Media book, are great platforms to at least start to kind of get a gauge of what each post is worth. But again way that out with the brand and their leverage and their recognition and door what they're offering you for the collaboration. So like when we collaborate with our monthly mastermind or when we collaborate with our academy. You know, we're clear that there's tons of value to help people transform their life. So we have several influencers, you know that again are just like our target market. They're interested in something like that. And so they agree to it happily because they're like, Oh, like I, you know, would love to invest in something like this for myself, but, like, I don't have the money, but I have the value that I can offer content. Or like, I'm kind of scared to invest that I'm on amount of money right now, but I have the value that I can offer my press, So it's always thinking about that. So again, free platforms paid and those that take percentages. So this is about the platforms toe list campaigns and or to look for tribes to collaborate with and or at the bottom. The tip is for the creators that, you know, I recommend you should be on all these, you know, Collab with those that inspire you. But list yourself on the platforms and don't do you know all of them all at once because she might start getting overwhelmed at the request. Um and that could send you to overwhelm our panic mode. So I would recommend you kind of space it out over the next three months. Six months a year, depending on like everything else you have going on, you know? So that's my little, like tip. So first free exposed. So as a brand, what platforms are you on? And then same thing as an influencer. Are you testing any out and then have you looked at a hypermarket rep and collaborate? So all three of these platforms Air Freak, you guys, they're free, obviously from a creator standpoint, but also recognises a creator these air free from a brand standpoint. So you're gonna have more brands on these, including start ups, because they can list refree. Are you from a paid aspect? Are you extending your reach? Do you have region analytics? Have you looked at Ninja? So ninja is a multi dimensional platform. You can outreach to influencers to podcast for speaker engagements, to brands, which is great. But there's no analytics or information beyond, like the basic reach for the influencer. And it's a paid subscription model. Ah, great vine And I rank these actually, So you guys are aware from both a brand standpoint and an influencer, or if you want to build your influence, your brand or blawg to a brand. I rank these from, like the least expensive to the most out of like these that I have so far. So ninja, depending on the subscription you get, I think starts at 29 or 39. Grave Fine, I believe, starts of either 200 or 300 then tap influence, I think, is about seven or $800 as per month. You guys so per month. So recognize again like what's happening here, like some start ups or some bloggers or some influencers, depending on their positioning their brand on any of these as a startup, they may not be on tap yet. You know what I mean? Like we're looking at Grapevine next. I just had a demo with them. Eso that's one of my next ones and then paid plus percentage. So this could be either paid plus percentage and or it could be like an experience plus percentage. So actually going back to hear real quick to the free ones. So like, for example, and a lot of our collaboration so far, we exchanged a retreat or an event or an academy, and the academy, you know, was basically the time in the co job. The subscription that we have right on baby video edits or course loading our money that I paid for. We paid for for that, the retreats or the events? Well, there was some money invested in that, you know, depending. So even though there wasn't direct payment to the influencer um, free plus you know, some paid or behind the scenes costs. But what we do offer is that bonuses for actual results. So that's where we get, you know, incentives to drive them to get results, whether it's on a challenge or a tree academy, whatever it is, an offer, their followers a 10% discount and something I'm actually testing now is running like a campaign at the end of every collab that gives, like an exclusive discount on certain things like events like academies like Not on like, say, the 70 Challenge. Because that's $35 regardless. So that's a great intro offer for a 20 plus online course. So it's getting clear on where it makes sense to do different things. So back to pay, plus percentage, so fame bit. What they do is you. It's mainly on YouTube, although they list other social platforms you list like a brief and campaign brief. Like What about What's the product or what The experience or the tree? Or the academy and influencers pitch you the same way on the free ones, like they're gonna outreach to you based on the campaign brief that you list, and then you can filter through them so people are like self selecting on collaborate. I'm sorry on rep and on a hype market you can list on collaborate. You have to reach out 1 to 1 and then send them like a campaign mini brief, like a screenshot or like copy and paste from your notes, etcetera. So pay plus percentage back to that. So fame bit you list the brief, they outreach to you. Then you filter same thing with tribe and you guys what I love about tribe and, like love, love, love. This is a brand perspective. You list the budget, they take a percentage of whatever the campaign ends up being that you actually paid. However, the influence or so influencers. If you get on here, you have to actually submit an example of your content or your actual content. So a that forces you to put the effort of front B and take the initiative. Be from a brand standpoint, you can weed out the people that don't exactly fit, you know, so it may not be a quality issue per se, like it may still be great work, but it may not be an exact fit for what you're looking for, like what's in your head but at the same time be flexible because I've learned some of the most powerful things from, like just watching what people actually create and being free versus actually controlling everything. Because keep in mind, you're dealing with a creative and they want to create, and they have a vision of their head like definitely give them input and show them examples . But let them also do what they do because it's authentic. Another one that you may want to look at is influence here by newswire. I really don't have a lot of experience with them. I just simply looked at them recently and their new on the field and they also do like a percent of campaigns. So again, this is typically you pay the influencer, plus the percent of the total campaign goes to the platform, so they may. Some of these may or may not have a subscription. In addition to the payment, the percent and some may be be a percent as a whole. It's simply it depends on their business models. So most of the ones that do a percent there's no actual fetal list because they're leveraging the percent of the total. But some of them may or do so. Just be mindful on checking all the details, so Justus highlights. Platforms will typically be free again. They're all typically always free for creators, but for brands free, paid, paid and or paid plus a percentage. And then it's looking at whether you're looking at this from a lens of a brand or an influencer. What did you learn about the platform? Is that the right fit? Do you maybe still need to test it a couple times, um, as an influence or what did you learn? Or what are you learning? And one thing I always say, You guys give things like at least 3 to 6 months, depending on what it is and depending on the investment, depending on what you can do, like recognize people will not see you right away. And then what did you learn about the influencer from an energy excellence and engagement standpoint, And then what were the results? And so it may not be something specific to the influence or the platform, but you may realize like, Oh, I should have asked for more content during this experience. Are oh, you know, whatever it is type thing. So, um, common down below on what you got from here. And then I added a couple of added summary pages. So common dumbbell on what you got on the free, the paid paid percentage alert, what you learned and then what's next and when you're scheduling it. 7. Metric Matters: metric matters. So this is one of my favorite things to talk about those of you maybe that only know me through health, lifestyle, social media may or may not know that actually a big part of my background until 2011 was actually or is actually in finances, big data fraud investigations, compliance tracking results, creating all kinds of different things and so metric matters is near and dear to my heart, for number of reasons, you know, amazing projects. I've got to work on you guys with big brands on setting up dashboards, setting up internal like, basically gauges to track their results in every single location, every single area. So again, this is something near and dear to my heart. And so now it's looking at it from a lens specifically in this episode on influencer marketing and what metrics matter, you know where to focus your campaigns attention and to be mindful of the time and to be mindful of conversion and transition to actual dollars in the bank. So getting into first, let's focus on metric matters start to finish, and for the creators and for the bloggers and for the influencers you guys also take note because the more you list this information on your media kit, and the more you even ask brands for this upfront to say, Are they tracking this? You're gonna help shift the wave to basically not only getting exposure for brands but also getting actual actionable results. Whether that's an opt in, whether that's a freebie, whether that's, you know, a product, whether that's a resort, a retreat experience and you're gonna stand out exponentially from others. If you could sit there and articulate what your actual return on investment is, yes, and reach yes and engagement. That's great. But as a business, I can tell you what they're interested in. And what I'm interested in as a business owner is, if I'm gonna work with you, what kind of results are going to get, and are you apt to stay around for the long term because that keeps us from having to source mawr influencers over time. And the thing is, the more you stay with brands over time, the more you develop know like and trust with them, as well as with your following, which inevitably leads to results you guys. So step one start so whether you might be looking at this as a brand because that's your focus. But be mindful of the influence or aspect of this. And if you're an influencer, no, from your and what the brand is looking for. But also think about what you can add to your own media kit with this information because I can tell you, um, you're gonna be speaking the brands language. You're gonna be speaking marketing, language, finance, language and the decision makers when it comes to them looking at the influence, your budgets, you're going to stand out because you have the info and or you produce results beyond reach and beyond media cost. So from a brand standpoint, what target reached do you want with the numbers? So I can tell you were focused on a 1,000,000 plus between March through June and literally you guys, as part of doing this presentation this forced me to get crystal clear on next quarter. So I realized my own blind spot that I said, Oh, we've been reaching out influencers. We've been getting great traction, But wait a minute. What's my actual target? So 1,000,000 between March in June? Um, so that's for the Porter, and obviously what I want to do is actually double that every quarter. So march through June would be a 1,000,000 then July through September would be two million , and the end of the year would be three million and reach. So I want to double it every quarter and then the year and results. What I'm focusing on is 300,000 plus, just from influence. Your campaign results across our 70 challenges across our clubs, across our retreats across our academies, quarter over quarter, that I first want to stabilize to that within every quarter again, just off the campaigns. The next thing is, you guys is tracking the reach with each campaign. So what actually happened month over month, year over year? What was the actual engagement? Now certain software's like great fine will actually do that for you and they'll track the R A Y. But you can see for those of you that are in our club or in our academy, on our courses, you can see where we're sourcing now influences on so many platforms that we don't have, like there's no one platform that I have been able to find that you can actually import influence or data from multiple platforms. So I'm speaking that into existence. Hell, maybe we're gonna have to be the ones to create it because I want to track the Arli from multiple campaigns. And from I t standpoint, so tech wise, it would require, like a plug in which Salesforce does stuff like that. There's a lot of platforms already do it. It would just be simply a plug in. But the challenges is some platforms don't even list that information on like, basically, it's data points like what they're reaches, what their engagement is, what you paid them, what equivalent in value gave them whatever it ISS. So anyway, tracking the reach. So a lot of it is manual setting up goals per campaign month, two years. So is it awareness? Is it results? It should be. Both engage with influencers that get results. So start asking them the question to like, Hey, are you tracking your results or have brands giving you links or codes for different campaigns? And did you go back and ask them what the actual sales work? I don't care if it was some glasses. I don't care if it was a towel. I don't care if it's, you know, experience like ours, because it gives you gauge like a gauge into their past successes or past trajectory and where they're headed. So again, take note for the influencers tracking activity. If you aren't influence, or even if a brand doesn't give you a particular link or code, you can set up your own Billy and track it in your own Billy within Ah, your block pose whatever it is for the same exact campaign like used the same Billy throughout the All the Blond Post. And this is something. Actually, I realized I was like, Wait a minute. I need to do that for all of ours because we do it as a group, like to the freebies or to Creation Club or to the Academy. But I was like, Wait. Like I should give every influence your their own Billy, because then I can see what their traffic wise with their driving. So that's something I'm implementing that's new to so do again. You guys don't think by any way shape reform that, you know, I'm teaching this from a space of Oh, I know it all. No, I've learned to Todd, I'm always learning. And every time I put together speaking engagements, courses, online, things I realize my own blind spots to and then I take action on them. So be clear, um set up dollar goals for campaign per month per year. So my first goal is getting to 10-K consistently per month. And then I want to take that 10 times to 100 K and then my third goal is 300 so 300 k per three months and then doubling it. So it's stair stepping it consistently over time, tracking the number of posts. And then this is another big one, you guys, the average time. According to Salesforce, which tracks a lot of different sales campaigns across multiple industries across the entire world. Global, national, all kinds of brands. They've proven that it takes about 6 to 8 touches before someone actually takes action, whether they opt in, whether they buy something, whether they book something, whatever it ISS because we're so inundated with stuff, so consistency and stability becomes even more important for people to know like and trust you. So one of my goals to save time and money is to actually decrease that average of 6 to 8 times down to like 3 to 5. Because that's gonna ramp up results That's gonna prove like our trajectory to brands. That's gonna also excite influencers because they're going to see, you know, within our clubs, academies and just all the free content on our sites and platforms that they can do the same thing to and they can drive results to off of launches, you know, and I urge people to take action so as influencer if you're doing a campaign, I would also track how many posts you do for a campaign, like in a month and then, you know, looking at so you're tracking your link with the reach and then seeing if people are actually taking action on the opt in or if they're taking action on whatever it is. And so with that, that will help you collaborate with the brand to say, Hey, maybe we should do ah, launch. Maybe we should do a 7 to 10 day campaign at the end because that's gonna show them you guys that you're really like building a business and you're a partner and you're a strategic partner. You're not just looking at this for the, you know, a couple of 100 are a couple 1000 or 100,000 or whatever the number is depending on where you are in the space that you can get per post that you really care about driving value. So step two is refined. So from a campaign you're going to get information from working with, You know, influencers are working with brands. You're gonna gain insight. So what is that insight? Like, I can tell you, we gain tons of insight and lessons learned and fitness fuses with fashion. Our launch of that gained tons of inside information from, like my first outreach to influencers for travel with over a 70% response, Serie into our Costa Rica retreats. Then tons of insight in Costa Rica, tons more inside in Cuba and from the influencers in the process there the platforms I've learned about now tracking the R y and the results more and more so you're gonna always learn and grow. And there's going to be different platforms and ways to track, you know, attract influencers, attract brands, track results. And so, based on what you want or don't want, you know, looking at Did you refine your approach with the campaign on the platform? I can tell you recently, I let go of one of the platforms because it really wasn't generating the results I wanted, Um, and or the influencers on that platform weren't really aligned. And I tried it for, I think, five or six months. So I knew it was time for me to expand into different arena. So it's always growing and expanding you guys. What did you learn with the influence on the content so recently? I also realize with like, um, our club in our academy, that is super important toe, have stories per week and is super important toe have, like opposed every week or every like week and 1/2 because that helps the audience stay engaged, and it doesn't have to be like a super direct post, but it could be like an indirect post, but it's just important to keep it consistent, because a month to month, three month collab is a long time, and most people are used to seeing someone just post about something one time and then keeping in mind the 6 to 8 time metric. Um, what amount of time and story like, What was the story like? And what amount of time did it take toe on board the influencer? And then what is the team like? And the float. So whether this is the influence or whether this is the platform or whether this is the brand, so from an influence or standpoint Also think about what it's like to work with that brand , you know? Are they giving new creative freedom? Yes. Are they telling you like you know, we tell people you are colors or people of green? Um, you know, look at our aesthetic. We like lifestyle, you know, innit? Integrate the products, but don't make it all about the products. You know, if you do a smoothie bowl, that's great. But again, like make it more about the art of the smoothie bowl, the health of this movie bowl and with like a soft mentioned herbal life and, you know, fit life creation. So again, being softer and more relational and more lifestyle and authentic versus more sales E. So what's you know, again looking at that from the brand standpoint, when you look at their content. What is it like? And then do they give you flexibility as the influencer? Step three Elevate, So focus. So this is again. Once you get the lessons learned, then you tweak it and then you re evaluate what target reached. Did you want our do you want? What's your next targets? What's your next reach? What's your goals? What influencers? How are you tweaking your influencer campaigns? How you tweaking the platform's What's the activity per campaigns per influence? Your link. So that's again, something I'm implementing now, um, set up the goals per campaign per month, two year track, the post and the time from the first post to the sale. So, you know, like, oh, on average, this person with this much, you know, on instagram with this engagement, it's going to take them five times, oppose before someone actually doesn't often nor whatever the case is so step for. And this is the highlight for influencers to track in your media kit. It's really, really helpful to see, like what your average social channel growth has been and your engagement. So that way we don't have to figure it out ourselves. So say like. Okay, my instagram's growing 20% since last year or 30% and literally take that. It's the it's ah, the formulas new, minus old, divided by old times 100 that will give you the percent. So, like, say, you had we do this my calculator real quick, while I'm describing it. So I know the exact number. Say you had 100,000 on Instagram say, last year you had 70,000 so 100 minus 70 and then last year at seventies you get 30 divided by 70,000 so and then times 100 it's 42.8% growth. So that tells me if we do a long term collaboration with you if you're growing on average 42% over the year. If I divide that by four, that tells me you're growing an average of 10% per every three months, which will probably b'more because the higher you grow, the easier it is for the algorithm and all that stuff. To find you right. Like everyone always says, the 1st 10 K is like the hardest, which I could definitely see. Um, so share your growth share what your engagement is So even if your engagement isn't, um, you know 5% plus like, let's say, last year it was 0.5 and let's say now it's 1.5. We'll say like I've grown my engagement by 1% You so you can see how the positioning is super important. Um, what's the negotiated content you're providing, like on average? Like, let's say, on average, you negotiate. You know, I'm just making stuff up, but this gives you a gauge. Say, on average, you're negotiating like three instagram pose like, say, with one of our collapse before during a liquid states a 70 Challenge and then after three . So let's say the negotiated contract was nine instagram posts, plus a block before and after, plus a video lock. So that's nine instagram pieces, uh, to blog's. And if you look right so 12 things And let's say the person action provided, um, o plus stories, let's say the person actually provided everything that was required. We actually had a great collaborator in the space recently Mandy Melon, and like did extra post an extra step. So say on average, you like you do your negotiated content. Plus, you provide an additional, like $600 worth of value. You know that that's your average. And you could literally figure that out on influence or marketing Hup. So on influence or marketing hub, you could use their calculator. Then let's say your average Instagram posed further calculators says that you know you would charge. I don't know. I'm making up a number right? $500. So say on average, every collab do that you produce at least two extra post. Well, that's added media value of $1000. You guys, that's huge. So I would definitely put that on your media kit that you, you know, 100% complete negotiated content plus typically provide an additional $1000 worth of value . So again, that's gonna make you stand out. That's gonna make a brand want to work with you over someone else, and it shows that you're running a business, not just simply a blogger or social media. Um asked for brands to give you a linker code or asked them like, Hey, can I create one? If you know, at least a bit, Lee set up dollars per campaign per month to year. So the same way I coach brands to do this. I coach bloggers and influencers to do this. So whatever collaborations you're doing, like set a target. So let's say you want one press trip for your month, right? I'm again making up numbers because it depends on what you want. But say, in addition to that, you want compensated like let's say you want one media collaboration per one press collaboration per month and let's say you want one that you're willing to do a treat and, like the value is up in the air because it depends on what the trade issue right, whether it's an experience mastermind like what we do, whatever it ISS and then beyond that that you want like you're you want collaborations. You want to focus on brands that are willing to do collapse with you, say, at least for media worth a minimum of 2000 for the month like lose again. I'm making up numbers and then let's say the next month you double that. So again you might still work with that other brand because you love working with them. But now you're looking for maybe another two small brands like that, or a brand to put you on retainer for the year. Or maybe you have the conversation with them to say, Hey, I would love to work with you for the rest of the year. How about if we set up a one year contract and I would actually give you a month's free of contact so immediately? You guys, the brands are going to love you. And put that in your media kit. Put willing to set up one year exclusive agreement with one month free content and put on there that's equivalent media value of again based on that same 500 or example say the equivalent of what you put together for that one month is like based on that $500 per item . Let's say the equivalent value of that is $3000 but you just negotiated a one year contract of cash flow. So let's say in that same example, that brand was Let's take it back, the same brand I gave you that. I said, Hey, you had a goal of $2000 to hit with the brand. Let's say you landed that you did a phenomenal job that year. Are that month with that brand, and then they're like, Hey, we want to talk to you about next month. That's a perfect opportunity for you and or you can start the conversation and say, Hey, are you running a campaign next month or the month after? I would love to talk to you and I would love to talk about, like, a yearlong type arrangement, and I would be willing to throw in of huge bonus for you guys of free content. You have their attention, you guys. Then you say Okay, how about like, this is back to your audience? Grows an estimated 10% per like, you know, for every three months back to the example I gave earlier so that your let's say you're followership is estimated to go from 200 K tau like 300 k by the end of the year. So in your proposal, you say I'm currently a tuner K. This is my current media value. This is estimated to go to about 300,000 on X platform. Plus, I have these platforms. By the end of the year, I would love I proposed to you a one year agreement of I'm gonna get to that second plus one month free. So let's say based on what your content and your reach is gonna grow to, let's say that 2000 they paid you per month would actually go toe like 3000 right? So and but you're still like you're currently at two grand. So you've got to realize like you're currently at two grand, right? So you what you could do is basically taken average and say, OK, 2000 versus 3000 is 2500 right? So let me do 2500 times 12. That's a $30,000 contract. Um, Then let me immediately give them one month free. That's 27,500 and basically let them know. Hey, at the six month mark, I'm actually gonna be already at 3000 media value. So that's actually 18,000 for six months, 2000 for six months. So that contract value 2000 for six months is 12 and 3000 for six months is 18. So that's actually worth $30,000. And I'm actually going to give, like, actually, by working with me, you're gonna know, establish a long term relationship. We're gonna work well together. It's gonna be consistent. It's gonna be a consistent theme, and I'm gonna give you a month free. But you just negotiated a $27,500 contract that you guaranteed cash flow until the end of the year. You guys, that's one of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs have is stabilising cash flow. So think about it from a business and think about what's helpful to them. So, um, and it also track your dog your number of posts, your dollars for campaign per month. Three year track within that in any campaign. You do how Maney pose in time from the first post to the sale and asked them, I really want to generate results for you. I want to track, like, how long is this collaboration gonna be? So in that vein, you guys, you now are empowered, and you know the statistics that it takes 6 to 8 times where someone pays attention. So if a brand on Lee wants you to do one post well, you're typically not like in the collective, the brand is gonna probably generate results like Lord and Taylor is a perfect example. They had several influencers post on the same day about the dress. Okay, however, you with your own like sharing and code, many regenerate results. But more than likely, you may be part of the collective, but they probably are possibly won't be giving you a code, so you can't necessarily track your results. So ask them, Do I get a code? Can I set up a link? Do you have an affiliate? Li like something to where I know what results I generated for you because from a brand stand What, you guys don't just run a collective campaign track individually. Cause then, you know, like what influencers are actually working way more effectively than the other one because it could be that one is massively carrying the weight of the whole team. Offer annual packages. So ex bonus pool oppose one month bonus, whatever that ISS. And then here's a quick overview for you guys to, you know, think on put together outline for your action plans. Focus. So what's the strategy? Was the metrics refine with the structure of the influencers, the platforms, the campaigns? What is this systems look like? How are you scaling it? How are you integrating the team. I can tell you guys right now how we're on 78 you know, platforms and growing. I can tell you like that's going to scale. Like once I figure out what the best platforms are then, where we're getting the bulk of our results like it's not just say I won't do stuff on the other ones, but that one's going to be scaled and 80% of our attention is going to put on that 12 or three platforms elevate the goals of the results, highlight and then think about from an aspect also for influencers. You know what brands you want to collaborate with? What's your targets? What's your metrics? You know that matter for you? Cash flow, financial fun Reach demonstrating results. Putting that in your media kit, articulating it for presentation to create a deeper relationship and deeper cash flow for you. So I put in a couple of pages for you to take notes and print. And then again as a summary, think about your focus refining, elevating and highlighting and what's next for you and putting it on the scale 8. Create Campaigns: welcome to create campaigns, some super excited to expose you guys to several different ways to either collaborate with an influencer as a brand or as an influencer to collaborate with the brand. And we're going to go from Producto hybrid campaigns, and you're going to see so many different ways to start from product all the way to every experience encompassed into or every type of came campaign encompassed into what I call influence or integration. And that's actually the campaigns and the platform that we run through Fit life creation, where we not only have products with herbal life, the number one nutritional brand. Yes, as well as experiences and events as well as retreats as well as full blown academies and then integrating our influencers as partners with profit sharing and so much more. So let's get into it. So there is a way for you to inspire in fluids and how you vibe the value you create will truly attract your tribe. And let's focus on create campaigns and again, going from product a hybrid guys, I really want you to focus on for those of you that are creators, take no and realize where you can also offer more value to brands and offer suggestions if they're simply wanting to do a product collaboration or asking them if they're open to it. So this is step one and and again, it depends on where you are. And that's why you know, I put these air suggested steps for those of you viewing the presentation as opposed to listening to it, is you know, typically, this is how influencers get started, and this is typically how brands get started. Because basically, you know, guys, it comes down to ease. And it also comes down to the cost and typically the Costas, simply the product cost. And especially in the beginning, when influence your marketing first came on the scene, this was, you know, the first type of things that you saw come out and it's very similar, and you think about it to athlete endorsements and other things that we've seen around and different industries for years. Just simply now, social media gave everyone the platforms to share, you know, on instagram especially, but also on Facebook also, especially on YouTube, you know, Pinterest, Snapchat. You know the list goes on. So do you love any types of brands as you know, influencers and or products. And then also, if you're a brand thinking about how you can position for influencers to love your product or your style or your mission or your vision. And this is an easy way to start for brands and influencers and really thinking about, you know, not only highlighting the product but really soft integrations. So, for example, where people really see that it's a lifestyle on its in agree? Sh It's integration as part of your life, even if it's a product, because I see you know, a lot of brands you know, focus on product, product, product or a lot of influencers you guys. But always stop and think about how that looks to the outsider, you know, Does it look super sales? He doesn't look like it's all about money, money, money or all about sell, sell, sell ours truly your lifestyle. So that's really what I focus on, and what I teach people is really be mindful of that If either you're a brand looking to a product type, integration are influenced, her campaign, and then if you're an influencer, also be mindful, you know, if That's if that's what you want to portray out in the marketplace. And you know, that's what you want to keep focusing on. You know, great. Keep doing your thing. But if that's not like who you are and not who you want to be like, realize how easy it is. If you do product collab or collab after Collab, how easy it is to appear like that and not even realize it could use to get caught up, you know, and what you love. You get caught up in the work, you know, and so on. And so some examples that included as links for you guys also is Jim Shark, skinny tea and fitness fuses with fashion. So Jim Shark, in 18 months from launching their product. And then I believe later they started to also pay. Influencers got to 1.5 million in sales as a direct result of influencer marketing, a skinny T also to several millions, and there's an article leak about the founder from Found um From Founder magazine about the founder, A Skid ET and how she did product integration and then fitness fuses was our first launch of hat with fit like creation and we had influencers. We had models with our institute, several other models from local model agencies that donated their time because we gave them photos, we gave them a video, gave them several other components of value gave them. We had their makeup done by local makeup artists that also due to the influence donated. His time in his team are actually was for a much smaller feet than what it would have been , which was super, super awesome and grateful. And we also ended up giving over $1000 to the Atlanta Children shelter. So thinking about things like that on how you compose and position something and we integrated Herbalife nutrition into the event at every turn. You know, we had shakes. We had skinny t. I'm not skinny tm reading skinny tea. We had shakes, we had our herbal hefty, and we also had beverage makes and several other snacks and different things. However, it was softly integrated as part of the event. You know, it was a fashion show. We had fitness features, you know, all these different things. So keep in mind, you know, that was part of the experience, so The second type of collaboration typically is a compensation type collab, and this can be done a number of ways so it could be product plus compensation, and especially if it is a product brand. Well, obviously, you know the person needs access to the product, and it can also mean an affiliate type relationship where there's bonuses for results. So couple of things that I want to point out here it takes 6 to 8 times for people toe opt in or qualify or buy something. So that tells you a lot of times that someone needs to see a product, whether it's ideally from the same influence or over and over to help them, you know, develop that relationship but also across multiple influencers because realizing some influencers may decide to not continue with a brand or what not. So it's slicing and dicing both angles of that strategy. So influencers asking yourself, How do you want your business to grow? Do you want to continue to work with a whole bunch of different brands, or do you want to start to become strategic about what brands you work with as well as you know, what type of arrangements as well. As do you, you know, do one or two tight, you know, agreements with them and then basically approach them. If they don't approach you for a long term collaboration. Brands, What's the focus for the campaign? You know, awareness results. In what time frame have you tracked that? How are you timing the campaigns, meaning, like when you release the content? Do you have some people doing evergreen stuff to where you're always running campaigns? And then do you also slice and dice to where you have special promo zor discounts? Say, at the end of a collaboration, you know, like let's say, ah, collaboration or in agreement with, you know, an influencer is safe for a week or a month or two months or three months. Whatever it is, let's say part of the agreement is, you know, first they do a couple posts, and it's simply, you know, their experience of the product, that they love it. They love the experience with your brand, whatever it is. And at the end of the collaboration, they actually do a launch, meaning they, you know, you mutually decide what promo you're running for the product or experience and they get a code to get bonuses. So how are you gonna track results? I just mentioned you contract through links. You contract through codes. I used a job to do that. What is the budget for the full year? If you know you're as a brand, if you're paying an influencer will, then you've got to be clear on the budget. And you realize you guys, like, don't think just because and influence or has certain numbers. They're going to require payment from a brand standpoint, because if you offer something that is hugely advantageous to them from a gross standpoint , and they recognize that value, you realize people are willing to be flexible and especially if you're doing something new and innovative and inspirational on creative, especially if you're giving back to the community and then also influencers. You know, even if you've Onley taken, say, paid collapse up till now or whatever the case is, I would urge you, you know, as someone who's help to make brands you know, 7 to 97 to nine figures in one year, you're over year across different industries, and as someone who used to make money, super super important, you know, over like, you know, like the number one thing. And honestly, I can tell you from my own story I came from a place of fear or a fear of not enough and realizing. Now you know what's truly important in the value and just so many different things and giving back that I would urge you, you know, to not be so quick when people approach you for different collaborations that if it is an in kind type arrangement, whether it's a product or experience or an event like if they're not paying to not be so quick to say no, like to do some homework or have your assistant or whoever it is, do some homework to say, Hey, who is this person? Is this a viable brand, or am I excited about their mission and vision, or am I excited about what they're offering me? And or could I see this person and or this brand take off in the next year? Two years? Three years? Because I can tell you I've seen it time and time again. You guys, people will make snap judgements or assumptions or not do their research up front and then later have egg on their face. And I have been there to again I'm human egg on their face and realize your crap. I didn't make the best decision for this situation or crap. I didn't realize this or now I feel dumb to go back and ask this person to work with them, you know? So be mindful of all those things and realized like where someone or a company is today is not where they're going to necessarily be a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. And be very, very mindful of how you treat people because I realize and understand, like, you have no idea where how you treat someone. And this goes both for brands and influencers and anyone in any situation like you have. No, I like number one like treat people how you want to be treated. But you have no idea where that person, what influence they have or what access or where they're gonna be and how that could literally shoot you in the foot six months from now or a year from now for 10 years from now, like you just never, never know and inside influence or hub and social Media Book are both great, you know, just kind of gauges. And then I've also included as I mentioned Lord and Taylor Jim Shark as great examples. So do you brainstorm her value? As for us, um, compensation type Kal Abs, do you invest in others growth. So even if your ah brand the thinking about how you can help the influencers mawr and then vice versa If you're an influencer, how can you help the brand more? How are you tracking results? Do you give or use links and codes? Do you expand with digital experiences That can be, you know, a freebie or something that you're inviting to do. You give bonuses for results, Do you gather lessons learned and then on our example is if you look at the fl C influencer link if you haven't already, it's if you go to the website under fit life creation, not calm head to ambassadors you will be able to see, and you will be able to gauge You know how we basically integrate from our challenges to our events To which include retreats to coaching two speakers and two brands and that we offer links. We offer codes for bonuses and then we offer full blown digital experiences with seven day challenges with monthly masterminds with academies. And this is growing. You guys exponentially across no number of different areas. Step three experience. So how can you create experience? Meaning, you know, how can you create events? So, like if you looked at our video, you know, if it s pieces of fashion or if you look at, like, our retreats, you know, we had Cuba last year Costa Rica the year before we're hosting Brazil this year in Atlanta . So how could you create an experience or an event with your brand? To really showcase with the brand is all about like, the mission and the vision. Do you host workshops and feature influencers? Do you outreach with tourism boards to collab? Could you create like, a local travel thing even in your city? Do you outreach with a local vendors and charities? Do you feature experience on social media? Your lives videos you as I can tell you how often I see people on multiple industry is just under utilizing the power of social media and ability toe like, provide and show people experiences online. Do you utilize target hashtags and related tax? Are you tagging all related influencers and you know, like, Are you tagging the brands and making sure that you're doing that as well and an integration? So this is analyst, you guys. When you truly truly set up an influence or integration platform, it's endless. It's like an accelerator. It's like an accelerator with investors because it's setting up a platform for influencers to integrate, just like entrepreneurs. And that's literally what we do. So it's looking at it like, Do you feel inspired with influence? Do you regularly innovate collectively? So are you offering opportunities? You with a high vibe lifestyle like, for example, we integrate things with health, money and business, you know, as an all in one lifestyle platform with fit life creation. We integrate tips, tools and technology like herbal life like meant like life plan, like all these different components. And then we integrate it on digital platforms and, you know, we offer to where it could be done turnkey and different situations, as well as speaking opportunities as well as events as well as press trips, including retreats as well as academies, as well as teaming up with influencers to help them build a course in exchange for a collab And you guys that's old in the beginning. Like literally, I keep innovating and challenging myself on different ways. Toe help us grow. But to help the community grow to help influencers grow, so do you expand experiences digitally? Do you expand regularly un collectively? Do you offer incentives and rewards? And so this gives you a quick overview that, you know just to wrap it up. We're looking at product. You know which a product campaign or influence your collaboration. It's easy start, you know, easy to get results. Some of the challenges. Maybe that you know the person doesn't do the post. You send the product. They don't do the post, so that's a risk there. But you know, part of it is doing that homework on searching for the ideal influencers upfront, and then your compensation is you're looking at your value, your structure. How are you set up to compensate your results? Then you're looking out with experiences. Are you integrating of vets travel again results, ways to feature influencers and then as you integrate all the possibilities air truly endless. And so I inserted a couple of pages for you guys just to focus and take notes for those of you listening and through the club or the academies. And then, as a summary, we covered product, your compensation experience, an integration and really, really focus on you know what's next for you. Whether you're listening to this as a brand, you're listening to this as a blogger or as an influencer and or could be that you're actually you been an influencer or blogger, but you're ready to transition is straight utilizing a team to build your brand the same exact way with influencers. So what's your like focus point? How are you looking at it, then What's next for you? And then what are you putting on the schedule so super excited to see what you could 9. Grow Campaigns: welcome to grow campaigns so super excited to show you guys how to grow campaigns, whether that's as an influence or as a brand and start to think about with an influence, your marketing. And then also how toe leverage those profits to reinvent vest and future campaigns, as well as ads which will be getting into and future episodes and future weeks in it the club and in the academy. So we're gonna get into growing campaigns from the start to the endless and always, always, always remember and reflect on. Are you creating the world that you want to see? So there is a way for you to inspire influence. How you've I've the value you create will attract your tribe, and let's focus on grow and growing campaigns and expanding to community and a couple of things. Some of you may be looking at this from a brand insight and how you want to grow campaigns as a brand. But some of you may be listing through the lens of an influencer, and how, perhaps, do you want to grow your collaborations in your campaigns with brands and the ability to work with brands more and or an influencer that has a blogger or a business, or you already set up experiences like challenges, guides, retreats and academies like what we do and what we teach entrepreneurs to dio to set up a lifestyle platform. And perhaps you're thinking about growing your own now brand and your own lifestyle platform with influencers as well, so I'll be sharing different perspectives. And I'll specify, you know, whether it's for the brand, for the influencer or for the influencer that wants to grow their brand. And this will also give you guys vision of what's possible, depending on where you are as well is perspective to whoever you may be working with, so grow. So perhaps you have already done, Ah, highlight campaign, a product campaign, a lifestyle type campaign. You've integrated product. You featured influencers, and this is some of what we do with our influencer integration platform. However, the point that I want to make here with, you know, even if you already doing this, and even if you've experienced this, say with products, I want you to never, ever, ever get comfortable meeting just because something's working or just because something's great doesn't mean it can't get better doesn't mean you can't inspire more innovate, more influence more. Take it to a whole new level, Dominy. So ask yourself, how can you grow? Can you perhaps offer features? Can you integrate more features? Get more innovative with the content. The creatives have two or three. You know influencers do something together, hosting event and experience, expand and some of the links and different things. For those of you in the club that I've included on the academy would be Jim Shark as well, a skinny tea as well as fitness fuses with fashion, which is an event we hosted. And so, if you're not in the club or the academy yet, you can join the club with a free 14 day challenge. Um, and you'll be exposed to some of these, but this would be later on in the content. Full disclaimer. It would not be within the 1st 14 days to this level of detail, and Jim Shark Erskine et you can Google them. So Jim Shark within 18 months got to 1.5 million and revenue strictly from influence your campaigns off of products, I believe in the beginning, I think later or within that they started incorporating paid as influencer marketing group , especially for a product and then skinny t you can Google skinny t plus f o u N d e r because it's there's an article on their platform. So step two on a compensation type clap. How can you grow that? So let's say you're working with influencers already as a brand, and you're paying them. And so, thinking about how that can expand, either you're paying them directly and roared through an affiliate s a bonus. So let's slice and dice is a couple ways. So let's say you're paying them directly. How could you elevate? Well, perhaps you could work with the same influencers for three months or a year, like the ones that really get your results. Perhaps you could get better on tracking your results in your return, like what's really the metrics that you want to measure? What is truly the right success metric for the product or for the experience will. Ideally, it would be not only awareness but also sales, and the average is 6 to 8 times that. It takes people to take action on something, and usually that's even longer if it costs more. So, like for retreats, academies, things like that just depends on your market. Depends on the reach you have. So with that being said, you know what airways that you could decrease that time, Could you offer discounts? Could you do launch promotions with influencers? Could you do bonuses? Could you add in something and then, with metrics back to that, how could you incentivize influencers toe leverage, you know, or do launches or more focused content, Or maybe host them at your company or at an experience are at a retreat, regardless of your industry, because that provides an intimate relationship and perhaps have them do some workshops on your audience platforms, especially if you have a wider in or larger audience. Or perhaps some brands air, you know, partners that you partner with as an influencer. Think about how you could elevate how you could expand, how you could create more value and really, really drive results not only from a reach standpoint but also from an actual results standpoint, because nothing generates a raving testimonial like great results, you guys, and then how are you going to track your return and your results per campaign to reflect that on your media kit. You know, especially if you're doing a month to month, three month plus long collab. Zor. You've worked with brands multiple times. Then I would definitely be highlighting that on your media kit to say, Hey, you worked with Experian for a month and got this result. You work with this brand for two months for three months, you know, with us, especially on our long term collapsed or a long term influencers. You know what's the result? Because that's going to speak highly. It's no different you guys in a resume. Your media kit is your resume. And so it's the same, you know, philosophy of promotion and demonstrating results and gree insights are shown on influence or hub on social media book. Another one is founder and some great platforms that in a great compensation tribe is, ah, influence or app and or an app that brands can list on. And the influencer has to submit the creative in advance before you will pay and or an example of what they would create. So it's a great way to weed out what may not be a great fit fame bit is one that focuses mainly on YouTube but also on several other platforms. And you said, a budget, you know, per creative and then fame bit, captures a percentage or gets a percentage of whatever you pay for that campaign. In comparison, Grapevine is like a search engine for influencers. However, you can also track your return on investment per campaign on their platform on the back end . So that's one that we're looking at coming up and as a creative or as an influencer as a blogger, you can list on these for free. So these are just some examples on these couple examples on the product. If you haven't heard some of my prior information, if you're not in the club or the academy, hype market is great. Another one is a ninja outreach. Actually, no ninja outreach isn't free for brands, so I'm speaking about, however, actually take it back. You can get on into outreach, but keep in mind that it's not free for brands, so you're probably going to Seymour brands things like 413 million reach on hype market. And those were the top two that come to mind right now and then compensation. So as a brand, if you're doing with collapse with influencers, do you increase the value? Are you offering them exposure? How could you give them perhaps more shot out or swag or just different things that incentivize them to work with you? And are you investing more, you know, and them and their development And they're, you know, growth. Collaborating with other mutual brands Are you expanding? And so with us, with compensation, with us with compensation we provide not only experiences both online and offline, but we also give them a code for bonuses and as another incentive of how we're expanding, were leveraging and integrating different brands that are complementary and in completely different categories that want to do a campaign through our platform and through us, because we're the sourcing, healthy, positive, active lifestyle, influencers and several industries, and that they want a club with us because then the work's done for them and all they're basically paying us is like an agency for placement of the product, and they've seen our content is the examples of our content, and then they also get to vet. You know, the influencers in advance via immediate kid or via your showing them the separate media kids as well and on the experiences, you know, are you creating expansive experiences? So in our experiences, whether their national, whether they're international, we integrate health with, you know, healthy active lifestyle with activities with chefs with herbal life, the number one global nutritional brand with healthy concept restaurants like True Foods Kitchen. We integrate wealth, you know, teaching and coaching an oh, and also with health tools like plate Joy to create meal plans with money tools like meant on site interactive workshops like six pack a well, billions in our brains, also teaching people how to build brands and helping influencers get to the next level. And with that hosting workshops and features. So asking yourself as a brand are you doing that? Or if you're an influencer, you know, is a brand offering you that and like we're crystal clear that we've created a white space in this and were like first to market on this, that no other brand is investing in influencers like we are from a standpoint of helping them directly grow their health, money and business with content like you are 70 challenge your monthly mastermind. Our academies, like no one else, is leveraging influencers and that vein alongside coaching and masterminds. And I am clear that it's only a matter of time, and I'm clear on the results that it's going to generate. And that is generating. Do you scale opportunities with Ambassador? So, like once they've done several collaborations with you, are you offering even more perks like press trips like retreats, like helping them create? Of course. So that's some of what we're doing and then as an influence here, like being clear. That's why I urge you guys, and you probably hear me talk about this like don't make your decisions solely off money because what if, like, literally like you guys are? Academies are priced at 3 to $15,000 plus, depending on if it's three. If it's a three month or if it's a year long and you guys for the value that we have in there, like Justin one, we have 12 modules with over five mini courses or courses in every single module, so that's over. It's like getting over 60 courses. Teoh improve your health, money and business and Justin Smart, social media one of our pieces is exponential exposure, which goes into multiple ways to get to six or more figures of wealth in a year. So those air 3000 to 15,000 plus are the price points. But the value in there is exponential and again realizing Not everyone is into masterminds or is into transforming their life to that level of focus or degree. But it amazes me. The level of bloggers or influencers are entrepreneurs that don't make money our make $100 here and there or get free product but don't want Teoh invest in themselves and take on a seven day or a one month or a three month opportunity to literally improved massively. Oh, and we includes Why have with Herbalife and several other like money, business tools and that, like, don't want to necessarily better their life. And so, you know, I'm always tweaking the communication. I'm always tweaking, you know? Hey, we help you grow your health, money and business in exchange for, you know, bonuses and content. Um, so, you know, just getting it crystal crystal crystal clear. But again, being aware that you know, some people simply want the 100,000, 10,000 whatever it is for the one piece of content and just to work with that brand once or twice. But again, you guys, if you're in that space, be clear. The brands more and more and more are looking at return on investment, and they're looking at the results that are gained through their collapse and then integration. So integration is endless. It speaks to inspiration. It speaks to innovation. So not only like, you know, in talking about our platform. Not only are we helping people get healthy, make money built brands. It also serves as a fundraising platform to help causes helped fundraise through transformation of health, money and business. But to take percentage of percentages of that to give back and our focus is, are helping and homelessness helping and cancer battered women and vets. So you know in that it's truly inspirational and innovative. And not only that, but the endless possibilities of growing from one collab to the next, as well as you know, ultimately being an ambassador. And you're just areas of opportunity for speakers, for coaches, for micro influencers, for macro influencers, for brands to integrate. So it's truly a fully integrated analysts platform and also helping people, you know create courses again, retreats, academies. So what else? I share those examples to really help you start to think about. What else could you do to feature and help others grow and integrate, even on a local level? So just to give you a quick highlight, we went through product and how to grow campaigns with product compensation or pay type collaborations and experiences and how you possibly want to grow with experiences through travel bureaus, you know, nationally and internationally. And then how to integrate and jotting down your Anzai and jotting down what's next for you so and re capping you know what's next and then by when are you going to take action and schedule it so common dumb below would love to hear on how you're gonna grow campaigns and or the inside that this gave you based on depending on where you currently are