Influencer Marketing For Creatives: Goals, Audience & Campaigns | Carmel Wilson | Skillshare

Influencer Marketing For Creatives: Goals, Audience & Campaigns

Carmel Wilson, Lettering & Illustration At Bricky House Co.

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7 Videos (31m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Influencer Marketing For You

    • Preferred Platforms For Creatives

    • Setting Up Goals & Understanding Audience

    • Finding Right Influencers

    • Campaign, Content and Measurement

    • What Works & What Doesn't + Class Project


About This Class


Welcome to my class entitled "Influencer Marketing for Creatives: Goals, Audience and Campaigns"

Influencer Marketing saw real explosive growth in last one year. In 2017, almost every user online had a taste of it. Either by launching a campaign for their businesses and brands or by witnessing a brand's campaign as audience.

Marketers either used it for creating authentic content about their brands, to drive engagement around their brands and almost half them used it to drive traffic to their websites or product pages. Some of them used it to drive online sales and generate cost-effective content for their brands.

Question is, why so much love for Influencer Marketing, when there are many successful marketing channels available and proven already? We will find out all of that in this class.

This class is for all types of designers and creatives. So, we are not here to talk about Influencer Marketing in general, but how creatives can learn and apply it to take their creations get infront of as many eyeballs.

If you own a creative business, whether it be a creative brand, offering creative services, own a line of creative products or even freelancing your expertise, then this class is for you.

I will try to help you understand why influencer marketing is valuable for you, how to understand which platforms are right ones for you, how to think about a campaign, how to setup campaigns and finding influencers that are best for you.

The goal is to make sure that you understand key things to look for before starting any campaign and what to expect from it. Whether it be through Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube or Any Next Big What.

You will learn about how to define your target audience. How to measure and define success for each and every campaigns you launch. Finally we will look into what are the key things you should do that works and what doesn't.

This class is ideal for those who want to try their hands on Influencer Marketing and to gain immense value from it. This class will help you exercise what it takes to increase digital interaction with yout community and scale it too.

Overall it's all about being able to share your story to the world, with a great compelling content and bringing influencers on the same page, so that it all feels natural. The most important tip I can give you rightnow, for Influencer Marketing is that, "the overall process should never feel like advertising, at any point of time".

At the end, I would love to see you create a project and share some content around the story that you want to tell online to this world, using Influencer Marketing as the driving tool.





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Carmel Wilson

Lettering & Illustration At Bricky House Co.

Lettering, creative illustration and late night blogging is what is fueled at Bricky House Co. It's nice to inspire creative people, glad to be here!

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