Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with Bloggers and Increase Your Brand Awareness

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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13 Videos (56m)
    • Intro

    • Project: Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign

    • What is Influencer Marketing?

    • Setting Up Goals

    • Audience Analysis

    • Who / What / Where / How

    • Start Your Influencer List

    • Level of Influence

    • Setting up a Campaign

    • Packaging your Offerings

    • Craft a Compelling Pitch

    • Connecting the Dots

    • Make Friends

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About This Class

Knowing which influencer / blogger to work can be a frustrating trial and error process. The more influential the blogger, the less likely they will respond. Do not get discouraged, you can change your luck by simply refining your search and being methodical. In this 1-hour class, you will learn steps needed to turn NO’s into Yes’. This class is perfect for business owners, freelancers, marketers in the making looking to increase their reach. By the end of this class you will have all the tools needed to craft winning influencer marketing campaigns.

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I often find it hard to find enough information about how to work with influencers and what influencer marketing is. There simply isn't enough people and courses out there on this topic. Luna Vega does a great job of presenting the steps and issues related to this new and emerging area. I still have a lot to learn as I get ready to attend a conference and meet influencers in my field. But this helps.
Good Introduction to Influencer Marketing, but not a deep dive. There were lots of things missing for me, that go beyond the "finding the right influencer" like analysis of a campaign
awesome class, very packed with information and i love how you suggest you can add more with feedback.





Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of ...

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