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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (2h 32m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Influencer Marketing HB

    • 2. Lesson 2 Lets talk Influencers

    • 3. Lesson 3 Some Pitfalls & Issues 1

    • 4. Lesson 4 Control and Copyright

    • 5. Lesson 5 Finding Influencers

    • 6. Lesson 6 Which Influencers

    • 7. Lesson 7 Brand Alignment & Value

    • 8. Lesson 8 Case Study Exercise

    • 9. Lesson 9 Media Game Plan

    • 10. Lesson 10 Contacting Influencers

    • 11. Lesson 11 The Offer To Influencers

    • 12. Lesson 13 Influencer Contracts

    • 13. Lesson 14 Rewarding Influencers

    • 14. Lesson 15 Outsourcing Influencer Management

    • 15. Lesson 16 The Power Of Instagram

    • 16. Lesson 17 Which Ig Influencer ?

    • 17. Lesson 18 Content Is King

    • 18. Lession 19 Gopro Case Study

    • 19. Lesson 20 What Gets Measured?

    • 20. Lesson 21 The Sales Funnel

    • 21. Lesson 22 Right People Right Message

    • 22. Session 23 Keys To Success

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About This Class

Welcome to this truly amazing course!

My name is Rob and I am about to share with you some of the knowledge I use day-to-day to help businesses owners , corporates and individuals across the World.

Irrespective of your business, public, private or voluntary  sector or business model you need to take advantage of Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing.

On average, businesses are making over $6 in revenue for each $1 spent on influencer marketing. Over 70% are earning $2 or more, and the top ones earn $20 or more.

However, 30% are either breaking even or failing to generate a return on their investment.

Learning how to overcome the obstacles when rolling out an influencer marketing strategy, and how to succeed in this area,   significantly boosts your return on marketing investment.

So whether standing for political office, wanting to build your own brand, become an Influencer, promote your availability for job offers - you can all get a huge boost through good social media and Influencer Marketing.

Our strapline is 'Putting Theory Into Practice'  - We make the complex simple and therefore fast and easy to understand and immediately use.

This is the most straighforward, easy to access, relevant and actionable course for individuals and organisations of all sizes and shapes.

Using the understanding you get from your amazing course lets you -

  • Accelerate your growth

  • Truly grasp what¬†Influencer Marketing is about

  • Target infuencers offering the best¬†Value for¬†Money

  • Why you dont need to use Agencies when you know these issues yourself

  • Save on getting agencies to manage Influencers for you

  • Show bosses, friends, customers that you are 'on trend' and keep up with latest thinking

Influencer Marketing is understandable when it is taught to you in a straighforward manner.

This is a truly value-packed, value for money course that is 'hot'.

Make the best decision you have in a long-time and join us now - see you soon!

Remember you will soon be hashtagging away!

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This is the fantastic  course about Influencer Marketing-An Instragram Strategy for growth, management and business models from all business sectors.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robert Sullivan

International Coach, Educator and Entrepreneur


Robert Sullivan has in excess of 30 peer-reviewed publication in the Business and Management field and has taught e-learning and distance learning globally since 1995.

He has worked with the UK Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and very Senior Officials globally.

He is an international educator, coach and entrepreneur with many years of experience of 'Putting Theory Into Practice'.

The feedback from his teaching is exceptional and he is well networked and respected being in the top 1% of members of LinkedIn, with over 52,000 Twitter Followers and a massive Facebook following.

His career is both diverse and highly successful having worked in Business, Academia, Entrepreneurship, Social Care and having a successful career in the Civil Service.

With an M... See full profile

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1. Lesson 1 Influencer Marketing HB: you'll have realised by no that. Of course, online presence is critically important to almost every single product or service we have. But you also know realize I believe, that you really need to engage with your audience. The days of simply having a brochure website have a long pass going. The world of social media is massive, and of course, there are so many different part for institutional. Not only that, but many of them appear one day on disappear the next. Also, different platforms are used by different demographics. Some quite firms are used by younger people on some by order, of course, as young people become older, the stick around the platforms that they have used when they were young people. In other words, there are so many day mentions and things to think about. But the Terram influencer marketing is really, really important today. You hear almost everyone in social media talk about the importance off social media influencers. In this course, we understand that influencing on having social market influencers, it's simply but exercising word of moves. What did Mirth has always been important in this amazing course, We look at the world off influencer marketing Onda. Although we touched on it in generality, we focusing predominantly on the wonders of Instagram. I would vote you wearing more in this course on Welcome aboard. So what do we mean when we talk about influencer marketing? Put simply, influencer marketing is using the influence off key people on businesses Children would your brand, but not only to promote the brand, but to spread the word of a your products, services and brand for their own social media channels. So I just reflectiveness to make sure we properly understand what influencer marketing is. It is about identifying key people for house people with lots of influence that are important, or perhaps people with many forwards. And of course, both of those things can be true is about identifying those key people and businesses on using them to talk about your brand, your product and services off course. You want them to talk positively about your brand productive services on then that we use some of the credibility with the people who follow them, who listen to them and to trust them. In doing so, you actively promote your brand products and services in a way that you couldn't otherwise access It is what base up to have one of most advertising, then simply to put your brand products or service of front of someone on the advertising screen. So building on that concept of thought, if you look at the diagram there in front of us in this short video, you will see we have a nice barrack. Part of the iceberg or the tip of the iceberg is above the water. I'm It's what we can see, but we all know that being part of the iceberg on the most dangerous part is the part you can see if you think about traditional marketing and advertising and in particular on for changing. We talked people about our products and services and hoped they would come to us. But of course, we also understood always that the best advertising was word of mouth, and by that I mean someone who has bought our products or service on their pseudo waited by its results that to tell other people, of course, in all these we may have told five or 10 people on those five or 10 people would tell five others on very, very quickly. Many people would know about our results on, but we thought that the product it didn't taste people to buy the product. But of course, if you complain, if the seam but negative effect in other words, people mean north buying the product or service because someone had a bad experience on talk five or 10 others. You can imagine that today we don't tell 5 10 others we tell five or $10,000 or if it's someone off influence, such as a media star of pop star, football star or whoever in your infants for a toll. The in vegetarian contains hundreds of thousands of people or millions of people. But what's even more important, of course, as it each of those 1,000,000 people tell 5 10 or 20,000 people Very soon you can have a really positive or indeed negative impact on your business and sent. So really influences are about work off month. There is nothing new to this concept. People are social animals, and they talk to each other now that talk, maybe fees to fees. But in a modern world, that's able to be something that we see you on Facebook or Instagram or even on ST such as Chip It Fazer. More memorial to review sites on We take cognizance of what other people say. I hope a simple diagram shows that word of mouth is so much more powerful than advertising , and it always has been. It is just today that the numbers that each person has in contact with are absolutely massive compared to the oldies when we worked and lift and spoke in much smaller family communities. The idea, of course, off using influencers or people that are important to actually promote your brand of service is not new. In fact, it probably can be taken back to the beginning of time. But in a more structure business, we we probably could go back to 1924 in 1924 the president off the in 80 states, Calvin Coolidge used silent movie styles from the silent movies and the golden era off movies to come to the White House on to endorse the presidency in the 19 eighties. Perhaps more spectacularly, Michael Jordan received a lot of money to promote the brand neikie. This is probably seen as if you're beginning off, so a pretty endorsement off brands and products. This, of course, is everywhere today. And of course, in 2019 2020 we have influencer marketing, which is the whole reason off this course today. In other words, influencer marketing isn't drilling you. We have always understood that some people on the your views hold much more wheat than others. Ondas A business It makes sense to have them on board and talking about our products and services and a very positive way. 2. Lesson 2 Lets talk Influencers: So let's talk influencers in this section. So who is an influencer? And then for is simply a popular social media figure who's some? We is cohesive with your brand. Now follow up what we mean by cohesive with your brand in the next section. So at this stage we're trying to keep cohesiveness as simple as possible, and it may come back to that later in the course. So cohesiveness means does this year fact. But what do we mean by the US to shift that infants are marketing director your brands, resources on injustice, people to do something for that brand? In other words, we may be paying people or giving them something like a gift, to influence them to do something for the brand. But ideally, the person must have a ship. It they must be the tape of person that is relevant to your brand in terms of age. Entrance products services were of use, culture and ethos. Perhaps, of course, you may be trying to enter in your market or an American statement on then that we humans choose different infants. Quite simply, if you are purchasing a sports Isa 20 drink for athletes, it is highly unlikely. You would pick on a piece over, read 60 rules on why she would, perhaps looking at getting fit for someone who was not in great shape. If, however, you were working, too. When she diet product, you may pick someone but that seem attribute. In order to demonstrate that been using your product, they have achieved success. Obviously. Oh, influences carry some risk, and you consider that later. In the course off course, you may pick an influencer at that point fits with your brand, but you have to keep it under review. F for example, the influence of does something that is socially Rome or morally unacceptable that may actually damage your brand, but most of all, trying political cohesiveness. What kingdom values does that person have? What are their entrance? And what did it do with in a way, and how does that fit with those values in attributes off your brand? That's what we mean by we talk about the influence of has cohesion with your brand, those two shoe fit. So why bother with social media? Infant sesh, simplistic indices influences should get you off your falling stop. They should get you off to a flying start better than other meanings off promoting your product or brand or service. Of course, very often social influencer marketing shit on kid complement your marketing and advertising efforts. It should not be one table marketing or advertising over another for a portfolio off different types of marketing and advertising. But in this she influences. Dig it. You off to flying start F. You pick the right 1.5 the rate message that is cohesive with your brand. After all, they wouldn't be called influencers ethic didn't influence people. These people often have very many fours. Trust them, they believe in what they see on, well, perhaps mimic their purchases. If an infant or promotion effectively, it should be a much better start than not using influences at all. But remember is not old just a bait numbers of fours, as I mentioned a moment ago, it is not simply about the number off forwards or friends that a social media influence of ours that is important. It is the words of the sea, and it is well, those words have credibility. Do therefore trust him. Do they have a credible view of the world on does their world view on the tributes RV cohesive off the brand or service that you're trying to promote? I guess when we're looking at this might be someone who is a well known world weight fraudster. Make very many fours and Twitter or instagram or even Facebook. Simply sometimes, fraudsters on people who do bad things are actually very attractive to people. People were to fall to find out more about them and what has made them act in this week, However, I suggest that our fraudster with a large number of for Moore's is probably not the person you want to promote your financial service. So think about it. The person must have credibility with your type of customer or perspective customer. 3. Lesson 3 Some Pitfalls & Issues 1: Of course, we believe that using social influencers or instagram influencers is very important to most businesses today. I'm the general people you found to be a good thing. However, like everything in life, there are also some disadvantages possible risks on some pitfalls. So we will look in this course and some of those pet photos that will stop you having damaged into your brand or your service. But last thing just a little bit about some of the pitfalls. And indeed, some of them may be against years accompany a brand but can also damage the in from self themselves. So let's look at those in a little detail. So once kids say they're just some of those pet folks, Firstly, of course, like most marketing or indeed, advertising results are simply not guaranteed. No one can guarantee that if you resort someone like an infant, sir P then give them products or more on If they did a fantastic job, even in terms of promoting the brand or service off that your fasting too, no one can guarantee results. Firstly, they can't guarantee necessarily that X amount of thousands of people will look at that particular episode off the podcast or that particular photo or video on, for example, instagram or Facebook. And secondly, they can't actually make people convert to sales. In other words, they can put that in front of their audience and his best away. Easy. But we possible. But they cannot guarantee that people in Click through or go to your website or go to a retail store and purchase your brand or service. Another thing to consider, of course, is who wins the message, which is the third point on this site who doesn't want a message on quarterly going to deal with it. And that, of course, can be a pitfall. You're really relying on that person, putting across the correct message off course. You would have really in depth discussions with them to tell them about your brand product . The brand values on what the product does. You may even tell them what you think of the post of things, a boat that your product or service. However, as we saw she later in this course, it is not really a good idea to script something for them. Firstly, it would appear, is what is in their voice. Secondly, because of that, people will see through it as simply an advertisement. And after all, what you're wanting from a social media influencer is for their fours to believe that trust in that person because it is in credibility. There's like what you conveyed a message 100 people to buy your product or service, so it is not a good idea to script what you want them to see. However, that does leave the rest that not doing that they obviously something that is not cohesive with your breath. So it is important to keep some tape of monitoring or review process. And please another thing to think about is not always to go for the number one social media influence, even in your category. And why is that? But we still see again with her. Why, that is. But of course, the number one is, firstly, might still be very expensive and secondly is likely to be very busy. So it may be the case. You have to pee over the awards to get that influencer to talk about your brand or service to their fours, and secondly, you may have to wit Father don't know any to endear seals paid way. If you're trying to get amazes across at a certain time, because perhaps off the prudent or service launch, that may not be ideal for you. Remember also that if your product or service has well, margins at may also be the case that you simply cannot afford the cost off that number one person. So what you have to do is take lots of issues into consideration in choosing the social media influencer that is best for your brand. I look over that later in the course, so for the moment we all know it at the site. Some of the issues to think about when cooking at a social influencer remember that your brand cancel be damaged by a social in front of perhaps the inadvertently sees something negative on a podcast or on Twitter or Facebook or even international years that, of course, complete to brand damage. If you see something off the record, that is perhaps in as morally not acceptable or socially not acceptable, that could undoubtedly damage off the brands that are associated with them. There are many examples of this on if you look up the Internet simply, Google brand damaged by celebrity on, I'm sure you will see many good examples of what can happen. Of course it can. What the other were ain't too. The influencer is taking a risk because they can suffer from the product or service. That is why some influence us, particularly the most famous, successful and, of course, wealthy ones will actually do some Judge Elgin's on YouTube. The last thing they want is their image to be damaged. The F taken many years to establish themselves as a brand influencer ondas, a social one from secretary. They don't want their career damage by picking the wrong product or service that there's damage to their followers on. Therefore, there was much credibility at indeed, perhaps the whole business off Correa. Remember, If things aren't working over you, perhaps the results are not happening. Or perhaps you just run uneasy fuel. Perhaps the relationship is not a cohesive one. Between that. Protect your influencer, your brand service or, indeed, your staff and no situations. Think about it. But don't be afraid to move on, to move away from an infant, sir, and perhaps to another world, of course, later in the course will talk a little about things such as contracts. And that, of course, may come into play in your decision making process. So what I would like you to do know is to grab a piece of paper and pain are perhaps open some? No, its functionality in your mobile. The vase. If you're working on that or indeed on your PC to open something like work, simply think about the issues we have to scrape in this section. Thank you. Write those pet forms. But what I want you to do this city, one of your products or services on? Think about her. They could be imparted by the pitfalls we have to scrape. So, for example, if you really shoe manufacturer, perhaps off training shoes, think about how if you chose Eastern Shore influencer in, say, a soccer team on that person was then charged with drug abuse or alcoholism or made some recessed remark on field of play. Think about the impact that could have on your training ship brand, Of course. Take an example that is cause for two year pick something from your own workplace or business. If you're not currently in work or in any business pick a branded, you know. Well, think of something like a soft drink that, you know, on diphtheria to choose a particular social influence up, perhaps a pope Stone thinkable. What could go Rome? What could it pitfalls be in that relationship? It's important to do these little exercises, but because it helps you consult with the learning, simply go back a few. Those little slides are rewatched the video on that You're doing so right there. And how you think the pitfalls could impact on the real wave situation? All this theoretical one that you have just made up. Keep those notes handy with you should go it through it the course, as it does help us aware on helps things stick, get about with the exercise and take something to do it. 4. Lesson 4 Control and Copyright: so some more things you have to think about when contracting with and thinking about using social marketing influencer. Firstly, who's going to control the message that goes out about your brand throwed up or service on ? Secondly, you will probably be paying for the person toe actually deliver the message. But who owns the content off the message and even a deliberate, interesting and important questions off course. We'll see later in the course that these can be part off any contract between you as entrepreneur, business or company on the social media influencer. But for now, let's consider in just a little more detail who does control the message and who doesn't want to cooperate. You will see in this slight that we have too little logo's, one that says rejected on one that says Approved or we're really trying to see here is they keep you situation where you script or indeed the influence of scripts, a message and then you as a person buying the service, approves or rejects it. That is one possibility, but no one that we suggest would be very helpful over the bark. Firstly, most influences are very by their very nature created on Benefited. And secondly, you want the message to be authentic, as if it comes from their mouth, as if it fits with the rest of their being. If you were, for example, on older executive, any state corporate and you were trying to get a young hip on perhaps social influencer to tell their supporters and fours a message about your brand, it is highly unlikely that you would use the tape of language or I for the same values as that person. If you force them to read your message, it would seem rather think it would seem not to be a frantic on. This value would be very limited. More importantly, perhaps, for that influence, our is that their whole career is a nine. People only follow influencers because they like them normally because they have something in common with them. If the message stops to be one that is constructed by an advertising or PR agency, it will show through their forwards will move away on their hope. Business will be damaged. More popular and successful influences, therefore, are very unlikely. Teller used to give them a script to follow. Remember, this isn't advertising this is you trying to get someone almost independent already is independent apart from anything, appear in to see something about your Brandt or put her. Many companies wouldn't even see where delicious is something good or bad about the product , but simply perhaps get them a product or something to try and see what they think about it . Yes, it can be risky, but it really is that all movie and social influences can really make a difference. The authenticity matters. Do not trying to direct was control the content delivered by the influence up. It must be assenting. What, of course you can do is ask to see perhaps a pilot off what they're about to see what they have said. But more importantly, perhaps give them something that says What you didn't know it wanted to see. If there is a particular reason that you do not want them to mention something, let them know before they start filming. That may be helpful to put them on to you, but importantly, it is not advertising, and it's not about giving them a script is we're giving them some information on your businesses values that brand and the product that you want them to tell people about it is perhaps, but giving them that proved up to try out on two years. And this way you hope to get their authentic comments and review, and that will come across to their followers as being authentic. You. Then, of course, hope that, therefore, was make purchases on door. Tell many others about how successful get your product or service. I'm not meaning to take the shine off the thought of using a social media influencer not at all they are important on. Most of them are just fantastic to work with. But one issued to think about also is cooperate. Cooperate is, of course, who owns the material. So who does win the stuff on? What I mean by that is if the person the social influencer, comes up with us, talk about your product or service. It may go. Indeed, we hope it course exceptionally well. Many social influences are very creative people, so they mate, even come up with something like a catch freeze, even if accidentally saw. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, during the social influence of talk on, say, Facebook or Instagram or even in Twitter he said something funny, and it was perhaps really caught on, perhaps a trained either across social media. But if you don't or in that material, you won't automatically be able to use that countries or whatever they say you're do again . Perhaps he do something funny on screen. Perhaps it is something gimmicky only should've saying over that the cooperate of what they see and do in relation to the brand or what the content of that particular podcasters. Unless you're saying over to see that you and the cooperate, you perhaps have to purchase the rate to use that material again. And what sense? Strange what we do have to think. What are we paying infants of four? Is it simply for their time and their performance? Or is it for all that pasta content off what they're talking about seeing or doing? It's something to think about when you're formulating the contract, but you may find that your social influence of friends do not want to give a re copyright. Remember, like all creatives, that is how they make their living. It's simply seem, instance, as someone who authors a big they want a royalty every time that that particular book is purchased. The person who sings a song that becomes well known receives so much money every time that is pleasing radio off Someone buy something from CMP four. So is it that much different? The social influences probably what something to think about and something we will touch on again later and discussing the contract. 5. Lesson 5 Finding Influencers : So obviously by no, you understand the importance of getting an infant er, and of course, we are very supportive off the power off influencers. But where do you find them? On a more importantly, for this section, watch influences. Do you want to faint? Not, oh, influences are equal. And as we said before, you want to find an influencer or influencers who worked with your brand, your product under you service. So I was like at some of the ways that you might want to reflect on were to fate influencers that work for you National by no, we have fantastic supporters off using social influencers. But as I said earlier, you need to a coat the possible influences that may be of use to you. This little schematic Dagenham, perhaps, is a little bit of fun, but it gives you some ideas of the things that you've got to take into consideration. Remember, too, that the more successful social influencers are not sitting around waiting for work. Often you're very busy people after projects and brands in the papal ain't already Andi to have to consider if you're the right fit for them. It's good, of course, that they do that because the last thing that you want is someone who does not want to be promoting your service or product, but also someone who's promoting it to the wrong demographic. Perhaps if, for example, you were to get a social media influencer, he was really into displaying a progress at the retest computer game. It is very clear a demographic is probably slightly younger than others. In this case, if your product was selling continents products, particularly for older people, it is unlikely they would be a good fact. But why Simply put the people who would be watching the airport chance or listening to the podcast on watching some off their wife shows, perhaps, are unlikely to be great users of continents products. So if your money that you spend on that social influencer is unlikely to Pete evidence, fortunately that social influencer for Nor that too they will also know that if someone is coming to their life casting their reichelt people looking for hints and tips and know it s games to be played, it is unlikely them talking about reviewing you continents product what we have much interest to them. Social influences are normally have a particular leash that this air. In other words, if someone believes that someone is a neck spirit or an influencer in gaming on the turn up on there talking of it continents products, they're probably unlikely to come back to the next life show social media influence on you know that it is a business they're running. They often know exactly what they're finds, and Foles went from them on. It makes good business sense to stay with that. So remember that some social influences will be rates for here. Others will be wrong for you. Some simply would be interested in your product or service or a teacher company for a variety of reasons, and some just want your product or service. So it's not always going to be as easy as going to the biggest social influencer on asking them to promote your brand or service. But, as I said, that is probably in your best interest anyway. Pick and influencer whose cohesive her something in common with your brand, who has to seem demographic, who has the same values and attributes that is by totally too much better value for money and profitable relationship here I am simple suggesting some sources off finding influencers. You might want to think of these as agencies for influence sauce. Brokers for influencers are just somewhere using Google to find information about the tapes of influences that around the A region that has a following and, of course, how to get in touch of them or what their REITs. Maybe I suggest you also Google how to faint social media influencers because this industry is so fast changing that brokerages and must. So I could change, too. Particulars of these names in particular ashamed. No, these are invaluable ways off finding note. Sources are finding out where you may trained the rate influencer for your brand or service . So up friends, hype auditor track her Pixley on brand for which are some of those are being arraigned. Farrell is away. As I said, however, social media influencing is such a dynamic on new topic on one that your right to be worried about Andre to be interested in. So in order for you to be a leader in this field, I was consistent. I will get these types of websites to see what social influences are really making it back Our friends. Hype auditor tracker Pixley Brand torch on, as I said, give you some more find out. And with a raid. Of course, there are other ways of finding influencers, some of which are simply by Googling going on to your chip and finding out perhaps who is doing it big in your field. Or indeed, asking around people that, like the product or service that Europe promoting or a boat to promote another be offending influences. Of course, for you yourself to become agreed for. Always be looking out for people to fall in any of the social media platforms, whether that be instagram Twitter pin chest a speak, whatever. So why didn't you? For people that you think may be the tape of person who would promote Gibran's of service already photos, you're promoting a competitor that will give you an idea of the tapes of works that it could be done for your company and be a great networker in general, going to other saints and ask people about social influences. Of course, don't forget Diego Or indeed, some of the TV programs are radio programs that are always covering the latest in influencers. You think those yourself start to produce content and messages that can vitiate with others , perhaps tell people about your brand about your new prudent, perhaps hint that you're looking for social media and share influencers on, perhaps looking for people with boats. It may be interesting in talking about Joe. It is product or service. So, yes, why don't you become a super networker on the for more of people? 6. Lesson 6 Which Influencers : high time for the little reiteration because it is just so important in this sort of section we can set up, which influences you should go after. Remember, not ol. Photos are equal are not. Oh, influentials are right for year. Your company your throat out on Joe Brant Before working at influencers, you need to work at yourself. Think about what it is you're trying to influence Hurtis you're trying to influence. Think about. Are you trying to influence people to like off or business with your fill company or organization? If it's not a private company, what product or service is it that you're trying to promote it on? More importantly, what is a typical user or consumer off that product likely to be? So again, one of the key issues, maybe about the demographic. For example, what gender is only customer like to be where the label to be? Perhaps that is a local product that is only available from a walkover retail store. If that is the keys, it may be better not to p a number one global influencer, because firstly they will want too much money. And secondly, if someone in Boston, once a product, but you're actually beast in New York. They mean no travel to get that product, assuming it is from a retail store. I'm not available online. So remember that when you're thinking about it, what influencer we pick it for a year. So ever example. You're a small retail shop or caffee, with no online presence on your BC and one then in the United Kingdom, there is little point in spending harbor and cash to get a Korbel influencer who may influence somewhere in India. You can't easily visit your little Cathy or retail shop in London. It may be better, as I say, toe look for vocal influences. So what is absolutely critical here and step, clear and specific Target audience sees either for your complete company, if that is what you're trying to do, or for a protect your prudence of service that you're one thing infants are to talk about it or review. This point is just so important. It's worth reiterating yet again. You're over shit fit with the fan on DFO er needs off your potential infants. You need to look at that influencer in some detail to look at their reach. How many forwards to the half where those followers of the local, national or international, are they compatible with. Yet, in other words, is their attitude. Their we have being on detective forwards compatible with you. You prove that the service on forces of relevance off the influence of so you really need to understand that person the niche that they're supplying Teoh and heard that fits with your products of service. I know I'm going on over our boat this, but it is fundamental to the very beginning of this process. If you do not know what proved out or service you're trying to promote on, do you do not understand the influencer, Therefore, words and their audience. You are likely to meet a very bad decision. The two must much or at least be caused to that much. Okay, folks, it's times to grab that piece of paper on that pain or your digital debates or whatever shape or form it is on the bottle program to jot down the answer to this question. What I'm asking you to do here is to simply think about what is the demographic off your business on any particular product or service that you may want promoted by an influencer. So just just think about that for a moment. If you're not working or you don't have your own business at the moment, pick up food up there sitting around in your day score or lying in front of you Right now there may be a soft drink. Well, for one Ah, sort of whatever that is, just just pick it and remained and think about is it a typical demographic for that product ? So what I mean by that is ISAT one gender isn't like due to be a meal or female. What? Each group with the B. Perhaps we were the live. You might also want to think about their income. Hey, what what tape of income with that person need? We're getting into some grains here. They recover in some other courses which are obeyed customer personas. Another. Once you really get into who your customer is, so think about that. Think about perhaps, you know what, host with the 11 would they have a family? What kind of carol with the drink? Whatever of newspaper with the Rete are the Internet users. Andi, General, just think about your customer demographic with each other. But generally what disposable income did have on even a guess of the union Internet, Unlike quick to be year listeningto instagram video or or Facebook video or even your chip . So take a moment to think about that. Andi, when you have them, that what you then, just in keeping tapes off influences that may be useful. So again, perhaps if it or you're going. Teoh orange. An energy drink perhaps. But when not for sports people want for the general population you may think about isn't likely to be a meal or female or as it like to be unisex with anyone. Drink this drink, and I guess that the pains to some extent, the way image of formulated your own product So have you formulate either put up. That's for snazzy people involved in sport. Is it for people sitting around that their offices? Is it for tired moms, perhaps, And that in itself, made then help you identify the type of influence of you would want to be promoting a product again. For example, if it was an energy drink that you have devised and we're going to market to you moms to get them that much lead enter deeper stood in the day that made influence to Taper Person. You may look at people who are moms themselves or people who talk about jail care or a really fat learning, for example. Just some ideas. Anyway. I will know we've you, and we will move on to the next section. But please do take some time no to joint down some rough ideas. What is a demographic if you put up or service look like on what tape of influence of do you think you would be looking for? What would them, their audience, perhaps be like what tapes of things with the influence are likely to be talking about? That would be a nice much for your product or service, whatever lattice See you on the next part of the course 7. Lesson 7 Brand Alignment & Value : So what is brand arraignment? Andi, Part of what we do, whether we're teaching people across the what older face to be species in international business skills, or indeed are via video, such as this one as part of wrong course if to debunk what we see as unnecessary jargon, however. So what does brand arraignment actually mean? So we'll talk about that in this little segment in some ways that summarizing what we have already spoken about and earlier statements in this course but may be useful just to be ready. Teoh Don's off the points that I'm talking about in the next few minutes. As I said, it's a very useful summary on Brandon Lehman again is one of the critical factors in ensuring that your venture into social influencing is one that is successful on profitable . So what's with one? So yes, we have mentioned before that it's important to understand. To the target audience of our campaign is eyes that older people, younger people, people interested in pic care and what gender are They also want so importantly, having understood that, I think with any total can't what success with quick In other words, what target are we aiming for? And by that I mean we are looking simply to build awareness off our company, our awareness of a new product or service. Andi. If it's just awareness, do we have a fuel for how much people at a were off the product or service already? So have you done any sort of market research toe? Understand what market penetration rate south, or how many people know off our product service on then port, as are likely target and the reasonable target. And we'll talk about smart targets that later in this course, but thinking just no vote where we are and where we want to go to in temps. Off awareness, of course. We could also say other targets, such as the number off people that listen Teoh particular podcast or on instagram video or a YouTube video or, indeed, Facebook wife. Another was. We could see that we want X thousands or tens of thousands of people that to watch a particular shore on that would then make them aware of her poor service could be as simple as that. Some people cost me, want a more direct bottom line impact, so people may see that this part of the influencer campaign they weren't sales to increase spying 234 10%. And of course, we would want them to say in what period of time is at an a D a week, a year, two years, five years or whatever against that's more difficult on terms off. Is it reasonable to expect our social influencer? You have such a direct impact on sales. There are, of course, some examples of where that has happened. If you think about it, for example, in the cosmetics industry, skincare or makeup, for example, if e social influencer with a large rich and following which they use a product on it would fantastic on them on the sport very highly off it, it is possible that that could have a very instant effect by people simply jumping on lane on ordering and purchasing that product in the them are going down to their local beauty store or pharmacy on buying that product. That's a lot to do with the availability of the product, to some extent, the praise on the disposable income off those people that the influencer is in touch with. So what's a factors should come into play there, so there is important to think about. What would success would quite at the end of successful campaign with the social influencers forward that look like And how will we measure substance Onda? What are we hoping to achieve from those influencers that is inextricably linked, of course, with what success would look like, but it may have other are component parts to to. So what are we hoping from the influencer themselves? So be creating a target because if you're not clear on the target, it becomes difficult then to talk, to negotiate and even choose an influencer whose lately to do what you want them to do. In other words, if you don't know where you're going any route, it will take you there. So, having thought of itself, dishes you have already touched on again before going to us will speak to an influencer. Andi. Consider working with um remember who are other significant people or influences in the target area on? We touched there briefly on how you might find out by using some of those brok saints or West sites or simply giggle, giggling at social influences. Any particular industry or looking yourself buying by simply going on and networking on looking around, such as YouTube and stick around Facebook. And so one. Andi I think it is important are spoke a lot of it understanding your customer. But it is also a really important to understand the customer off their audience. So it's a good thing. Toe look at the influencer before you speak with them on. Get a fuel for the tapes of people that engaging with them and thinking to yourself isn't likely that that tape of person and with purchase or consider the purchase off your product or service. Assuming its purchase. Your wanting, of course, it may simply be awareness, Andi, on some things we want to influence people. He would not be purchasers as such, but worth influence other people to make a purchase. An example, of course, is Children's toys, where young people may be watching, for example, you chip or instagram and perhaps are to do with cartoons are or something similar. But they themselves don't make the purchasing decision, then the less is anyone with Children or anyone who has been a jailed, which I guess is all of us will no Children are fantastic sales people. If you can convince the child that something is a really important thing tohave, it is very likely they will do a fantastic sales job on the parents or carers andan that will convince to sail. So, yes is. It is important to understand the theme, the people that we want to buy the pro adopt, but equally understand. Once we identify some influencers, have a look at their audience and see how they would benefit from a relationship with them on again, it is a bit benefit. So, you know, are we offering our discount with the social media influence will be showing them how to get better. Yes, ever put out off service I am and what with the value add be to their audience on, but also to suggest. And it's up to think about how they could use you to get the message that you're trying to get across as part off the ashore if you like, and they harm seeing again. It's not good practice to script or to tell the social influence or what to dio, but nonetheless, it may be a a nice thing. T go on to them and to see we believe you arrogant fat on. You may be able to think about using a product or service. What your audience will get from that is they will see how to use it and a more easier way , then, perhaps using Emmanuel Ondo. Importantly, show them how that your brand, if you like, fits with ears on Holy, could easily integrate on that a picture of you like into the world. So again to recap here, the influencers in your target area. And we spoke a lot about that before. What we with the an audience benefit? What put value could you have to to their audience? Because, after all, they are spending their time listening to whatever the inference or has to say on importantly, suggest, but do not tell the infants are wholly may integrate. And your message. A brand and two there were rolled into the podcast or YouTube videos instagram video on so on. So take a little bit of time Teoh. Telework those and again, maybe get a piece of people wrote, or get that face onto something that you can tape into or written there on and think about who, after significant influences in your area, if you know that at this point. But importantly thinking about an audience, seize and hold the would benefit from the relationship on day. Have you any idea toll off how you think your message that we've been anything useful into the world. So some really important things to think about at this early stage in this course. So a very quick summary doing script. What informs our must see how did but do have discussions within about reason which me and agree to your message into their brand. This is actually a very important message here on that does very depending on where you live in the world. So in 18 states, for example, the FTE happy Gaitan's on this. So I suggest that you are perhaps giggle when he Gaitan's on what you must see in social media if you're promoting a brand. So, as I said, the FTC FTC in America on have actually picked gates on this on. Essentially, you have to tell people if a brand is involved in the social media pools or video. Now, many regulators, Eisen said, do in sister nets so that it was Is there some form kickback? Are you being paid to do e testimonial? So that was Is it effectively enough? Heinzmann? So if someone is reviewing a motor vehicle, so a social in from So perhaps is reviewing on with the vehicle that a could, of course be influenced of the passion is haibo to keep the motor vehicle at the end or if they're being paid to do it rather land. Perhaps it's a Vico. Their purchase for their own use and P from their own money on all the regulators are trying to do is to give people information. Well, they can make up their own mind whether they feel that the review has been influenced by the fact that someone is making some thought off personal gain or not so important everybody too much about that at the moment. But whatever it it at the time, when you're negotiating and with the influencer, any of the influences, how do of auto work will, of course, be aware off any statutory obligations or it should be. But of course, in the end, at me will be up to yourself to check out with your your team. So just something to keep in mind. Do you need effectively a disclaimer or something that tells the customer they disappeared for promotion? Anything. So finally, for this segment, our recap again. We spoke area at the beginning about Brenda Wayment and I remain. Did you that everything we do, we trained to simplifying things and remove jargon. So what again did you mean by ointment? Firstly, s a to be true sense. It's not just the vote. Deserve brand fit with the years inspectors Thiers whatever's andan shooting that it's a good fact. So what is our message, Brandon? Reputation like on what are the four words on the brand and reputation off the social media ? Influencer on what we're looking for is as good if it as possible, get out to have your rain for the statement takes on North Son here that may consolidate. You're wearing a little bit more and see you on the next segment games. Thanks for that 8. Lesson 8 Case Study Exercise: Okay, so it's time to put this into action. I want you to think about it. If you were just launching a brand new engine drink order teacher had an existing energy drink under are going to sell this product, turn your target grip, perhaps have identified the new mothers of the very people who could be doing some extra energy to complete all the extra tasks. You know how so That's the grand a piece of paper and pen or pencil your tablet mobile device or whatever and be ready to take their some notes. Importantly, put yourself in the police of the person who has to do this task. How would you launch and sell junior moms on? What would you be thinking about in terms of the tapes of influencers you would want to be in touch with? Let's be watching slight. Remember, grab a piece of paper. Sam put a phone because it's a better work that you've no got to dio to show how you could use some of the Norge of gin and put it into practice. So start breaking down some of the fallen point. Of course, you would have to identify influences her followers in the new mother for minimum demographic. So perhaps not thinking about people that would youse blokes or get shipped videos perhaps a bit hard to change diapers or nappies, perhaps how to get Children to sleep? I had to help Children who have teething with their new teeth. Or perhaps people by not city toys, perhaps a blogger or the year chipper, for example, or someone an instagram is working things that your mom's ability at, What toys would you use her to distill water for babies? How to dress in your Born has to do with premature Children, etcetera. So warehouse by doing some research of identifying influencers who have forwards in that human demographic, of course, is then up to you to contact them with a mutually beneficial agreement on To take that forward, of course, about watching a contracts and so on. And that's something that we will deal with in the course. And you can, of course, or cup elsewhere And, of course, maybe importantly, in terms of approved up, such as an energy drink, you could send samples. I'm off approaches to them and hope that they will enjoy the food up tell others on use what may have, perhaps even by talking about food up on your block Webcast, YouTube video Or, indeed, Instagram Video or Poor Stamp? So it didn't spray some of the influence here for words. Are you giving your hints and tips as to which Teoh identifying with again You may not go for the number one because that may be exceptionally expensive. You may also want to take into things like geography in terms of them demographic that you are targeting on Dr White meticulous thing to the particular influences. I would then contact them with a mutually beneficial agreement on. But one of the points you might want to do before her after is to send samples off your product. And because of that influence our enjoys upload up, they're likely to tell others. Of course, there is a slight riskier that if they did not enjoy the product of the equally could tell people that, too. But what else would you want to think about? So I'm just know, going Teoh, move onto the next them a lesson, but I want you to take some time out, maybe five minutes now, thinking about how you would go a boat identifying was in front touch thinking about is it a legitimate to send sample through them? But also anything else you can think off, but about how you would identify influence on on how you would go about marketing on using the power of influence to market to the new moms demographic. So save some time out and think about that. Raid it down on that will be part off the important learning process off this course. 9. Lesson 9 Media Game Plan: in this lesson, we can set up the overall media game point and then it. We're trying to see that informs of strategies and infants or marketing. I'm not the only thing. You must concern yourself with it. Just simply be part of your bigger media are marketing point. Let's look, it's on other issues you might want to think about when working a marketing you put up brand or service. Essentially, there are three types of media that you should consider, and you're not getting our media plan. The first is paid media, the second owned media on deserved Aaron Media. We shouldn't talk about each of these in some detail. Pig media. It's simply the more traditional form of media as well. So of the more recent Internet media, television adverts, radio adverts, newspaper or magazine advertisements, even gigawatts Facebook cats are bana rots that may be seen across the top of white pages. Sometimes you will p any agency to advertise your products of service. Another was Pete Media is simply media that you have peed for added in a tutorial on the newspaper or magazine. What, as you have said area direct advertisement, our product placement today just said that these are sometimes less effective as customers were hit with so much information. How did you meet your at that standard? Trim off the rest. Heard you substantiate claims that you put up this good or bad. I hope you can see that where was paid media, of course, or achieve something in all EC ahead. It is quite difficult to ensure that the message gets across to the people you want it to off course. You can't argue that through, such as Facebook cats or by pitting rabbit on television. That's a particular time of day when you believe your demographic that you're trying to sell to will be watching TV. So peel advertising is not necessarily wistful, but it may be a waste I raped. I have waste of an impact than, for example, in front or marketing such as Instagram marketing bloggers. And so what? So owned media is simply, as it says, media that we, the organization, the company, are you ever actually win. What are our intellectual arcense? So things like your website, the domain name on for the content or video attention that you have a new website involves your Twitter account and the conversation jump me instagram, your photographs, videos, Facebook's content and video. There's little cost to distribute this. Information or entitle are set into these world, but it can be seen as biased. After all, what is your PR machine? It is your media. If a company advertises on Twitter and tell someone how wonderful their motor vehicles, of course it is likely to be biased. People may be more attention to review of the motor Vico candidate by a motor vehicle blogger. Someone who on instagram test trains, vehicles and so well on media is very important. Of course, it is important that you put your best foot forward and everything you did. So what's his aired media? As it said, That's media or information or publicity that be event. It's often mentions by your customers of that Hook it or her band. Your product or service has bean. This is, of course, increasingly important, as we can see from the large number of of your states, about just about everything you can buy. If you're buying on Amazon, most people will. Could the reviews of that product to see what other people who are purchased think of it. If you're going on holiday, we most often will get sites such as Booking dot Cobb off trip Advisor on part of that process will not only be looking at prices, but watching at the reviews of that tail or resort or restaurant. Even the individuals help it on the website. White wines was such as Airbnb people looking for accommodation off course we could the location, the signs of the accommodation Onda, of course, the praise. But importantly, they were working with other people who have used that Airbnb facility. Think of it. We like information, you know, like it to be seen as independently as possible. Likewise, Aaron Media will also include information that independent bloggers have told other people about your product or service. Whether you're an author with the latest big confection are your selling a vehicle independent bloggers will no doubt of something to see about what your prude up or services like social media mentions getting bad at all and media Air media is crucially important today on really is what influencing people is all about. Influencer marketing, of course, falls into all three of those categories paid on on errant video 10. Lesson 10 Contacting Influencers: so one shot understood her the influences. Maybe you have to get in contact with them, I suggest have ever give you some preparation and pre planning before rafting the phone. Saving the email are making message contact. In this next few site, we will get some of the issues I believe you should look at before even attempting to make contact. In this way, you stand the best chance of getting the best deal, the best contract and getting your relationship with the influencer off to the best possible start. I am speaking here remorse of experience in contacting social media and other influencers. This is a very different contact. Normally will be contact someone that we wish to supply us with goods or service. We have the power, in other words, that most people would welcome our contact because we're offer them income or business. However, with most off the very professional influencers and those that were able to want to deal with their affairs, maybe chair, it is likely that they have many more customers or perspective customers. Then you have the time or ability to deal with, so bear that in mind when negotiating. It's your important that your research their needs as well. Journey. It's thinking about their audience on what their audiences interested then as well as what it is you're you're trying to promote or market Onley. In this we will you develop a good, long term and sustainable relationship. Remember also to make it personal, nor cutting pace that you sent to millions of possible influencers. You should have married there in the number of influencers you're considering by no, it is therefore good to mention them by name. Talk a little about their witches, YouTube video, Instagram postings exception and make it clear you have an understanding off where they're going or direction off the taking their influence or business. There's a lot to think about here. You also must consider their style and direction of travel so moving on from that, it is important that we treat in front of us as partners and not newspaper hacks. What I mean by that is this is no newspaper that wants to get editorial from you on for a lot of money or write positive things. Most influences want to genuinely review your product or service and give their users a feeling mutual andan buying strip here. Remember that when you're negotiating with them critically, then these people, these influencers are often not waiting for you to for them but a far more business than they can cope with. It is likely that they can choose who they want to represent, what kind of person they want to influence their users or their customers or fan bees toe. Actually engage with, Remember if they select the wrong product or service or brand on DSI good things about it. When their customers are finds, use it. They're disappointed this will have a huge negative impact on their oil following, and this is following. That is their business. So, in essence, when dealing with in contacting your infants are, think about what's in it for them. Why should the engage and be in a relationship with you, your brand product or service? Is it that you're giving them some free gifts? Something to try out, perhaps a character Dr Brendan Bobby, a brand ambassador. Perhaps they will get some status from actually being involved in your brand. That, of course, the pains on how well your brand is. No. One is reputation and credibility and importantly, of course, if it is credible with their customer or user grip, there was also in it for them. More than likely, maybe some income, some revenue. You, maybe them Teoh. Talk about your product or service to their following, but also creative freedom. It is very important that you did not attempt to tell any infants are what exactly they should see or do. After all, most people involved in the infants or game are creatives. The Adam have watch for wings because of music because they add entertainment value or there are wise. Important is unlikely. That tape of person would like to be told exactly what you do or be given a script. Remember all of these things, but most of all, before contacting any influencer, prepare. 11. Lesson 11 The Offer To Influencers : So in the short lesson, we consider what s in it for them. Why should any social media, or indeed, any infants, er work for you? Why should they promote your brand? Your product or service on attempt to influence people to purchase are otherwise, Use it. So one of the main reasons, Maybe that you give that influencer if he gift or gets this is particularly the keys in a number of market segments. For example, in skin care, a skin care company, me singer supply of this skin care if you use it and then rate the pork forced about it even better some or trick cosmetics. Maybe if you actually apply the skin care or cosmetics on your YouTube video, our instagram video or fish require me, for example, and then let people work at the brilliant results should get from using that true adopt. Likewise, companies such as alcohol companies make what you use their alcohol and tell people have wonderful a taste. It sports cows, for example, or cars in general often have brand ambassadors. Then we have a brand ambassador. It will drive around in the latest model. For a while, they made great to review about the vehicle or simply be seen in it when taking photographs or videos on posting to social media or indeed attending at high profile events. There are many ways you can use the gifts of products that you have together, we two influencers and hope that they will spare positive messages if you rock enough to own or what for it. Press these grant, perhaps a major champagne company, a top level whiskey company or perhaps a press. These brand of motor vehicle brand ambassador is a very officiate to go. It is a very common roll. Two D on you get an influencer to promote your brand for a given time period. I know off at least one major influencer has given a new car every single year. It has actually changed company year after year. This infant, sir, has a high status, is often seen at physical events and reports of video and Comey on almost every social media platform. And this week, the SUV that the drive, which is a very high value SUV, is seen almost every single day by tens of not hundreds of thousands off voltage people aspiring to be such a superstar but also see advantages and using the same equipment as they are are driving the same vehicle. Many of us want to aspire to the levels of influencers and having the products and services that they use. And when we have doing that, if you have a relatively high status product, brand or service. Certainly brand ambassador is one week off, considering her two years influences as part of your marketing at media strategy. Of course, one me of motivating most of us to do something in terms off a job is, of course, to people of them. Influences are no different. Inferences also have to eat, and therefore it is important that they have income and revenue to run their businesses. Inferences, after all, are running a business. It is important, as well as paying the correct amount of money in order to half the influencer, represent or influence their people. You should let influencer integrate your brand into their story, I've said before, and they want to reiterate that in this table world it is critical there is cohesion. There's a fed between your product brand or service on the story or style off that particular infant, sir, did not give them a script. They're not insist that they have to see a particular line, words or review in order to for them to have your business. This absolutely needs to be authentic. The influencer needs to say things in their own way, and they're in your own style. Otherwise, it will stick out to their forwards there, listening Westerners, all their viewers, that this is not a frantic make sure you give them the creative freedom, many on the correct amount of money, and also that the influence their forwards in ways that are positive towards your brand product or Sarah's. 12. Lesson 13 Influencer Contracts : there needs to be nothing to complicate it about your contract with infants a simple contract but simply outplayed the service to be supplied. So, for example, have often off a hell on a period. The influence. Make mention or use your brand or product, or perhaps have it on display during your YouTube video. Facebook life, etcetera. I also think detailing the results expected from this, so it may be about number of sales percentage of seals. What, me, as a said, be about the number of times that the influencer mentions you put up off service. And, of course, a contract may also talked about the amount on nature off rewards that will be given to the person doing the influencing. Some things to think about when working with the contract for your infant up is importantly , that you should not incest on positive reviews as part of the contract First way that would really put in way in the person's integrity, and there s likely to become involved in working with you. Second, let me also reached some other Galen's, such as always by the FTC in America, for example. But what you should do is a your expectations of that influencer on, then he standards that they have to meet. So, for example, some brand see that when they're promoting of that particular brand, the influencer should not have alcohol or should not use for language. This is to protect their brand. And I was. The contract should try and be a simple Kansai eyes and clear as possible because one of the main reasons for having a contract it's too early in the roles and responsibilities off those parties in the contract. So in the case of an influencer, it is problem it influencer and you as a person buying that service. The contract, therefore, should help develop but clear, ideally long, terrible working relationship on for that to be established with a common understanding off , what is required and forth will be delivered. And, of course, little wars that will be forthcoming from you to help ensure that you have the right things in the contract. You might want to think about the fall in content. Who is a contract actually, with is it if you're influencer as an individual as a sole treater that is a business but represented by individual or by for example, a legal entity. I can incorporate a company or company what you are ill or weather Jace Social media, Tracy's platforms, for example, Facebook, instagram, Twitter, etcetera that the postings will take place in. Of course, you have to define this because if you don't give me actually not be getting the number of heads, the attention or the target audience that you're wanting, you may wish to consider the timings and detail off the deliverables, as you said before. Is it about how often the product is mentioned? Is it the vote Product placement orders that with a proactive approach, such as the person doing, influencing, using and displaying the product, When will it happen? Sometimes will be peak times on others will not. What for the payment that might be. What is it for and when would be paint? Importantly, Who owns the content? You may think that if you ask an influencer to talk about your product, for example, to conduct a case study of review that your company or you with on the content, and to cooperate on be able to use it time and again, perhaps even letting other people use the same content or recording the show, for example, and using it again, you will probably find out that is not the case. In most contract, you'll find that the influence of actuality is the cooperate off what is said and done any contract again, you might wish to consider about accuracy, standards of language and so on. Of course, you want to give the influence of maximum flexibility, and there are always empty years, their authentic violence. But you may also want to protect your brand. Some brand, for example, may have particular issues around the use of particular language. Or indeed, according that someone Weir's worst from watching the brand. A good thing to have in the contract would be to talk about communication methods over example. You have dealing weekly monthly quarterly. Everything's well, the airport swim backwards and forwards and fought with the information being Luger pools. In other words, how you communicate on what will the frequency. This isn't not exclusively about everything. That should be any contract, but it will give you some things to think about on the cup in more detail before defining what the fatal contract, if you're influencer, will involve 13. Lesson 14 Rewarding Influencers: so far, so get but her much to be actually to revolt influences. Of course, that is a bit like seeing how long is a piece of shape. It varies depending on were when, how and of course through the infants rests on the influence at any particular time this convenient enormously. Remember that Wells We an era businesses want to promote our product Branson service on to meet maximum profit that made with us. Don't know street off saying that we should pierce. But it was possible for oh, advertising on marketing, including the use of influencers. Well, start, maybe nice. We do, of course, have to recognize that influencers have to eat, have to pee the range on have devoid debt if possible. It is indeed the influence of business that you're talking about here is important if you have to keep an established relationship on prosper alongside influencer that we have to follow with your skills and work. Another was, we have to pee a fear amount in order to maximize trust and loyalty. Anything. The best town and no model boats. Puritans doesn't come cheaply for the very best influences you have to pay the very top door. But also remember that you may not need the number one worldwide influencer, so be careful when you choose. Remember, however, that influences do have a business to run. They do have families to feed. Be fair on develop along oil and trusting relationship is the best advice that I can get. I don't intend to see too much on this side. After all, you can read. And of course, these are much Wolfie, depending on the time, the place on whatever happened in that influences what all the sphere and their last few days or weeks. Bloggers, of course, can challenge $250 for 20,000 months. Lippy trees instagram between five and 10,000 fours. Often people challenge between $105,000 pair image. Facebook. These quite a lot, depending on a number of followers and what it is you want. The Facebook person are influencer to post. Likewise, the Twitter it is completely depending on a number of four hours on. Of course, that particular person, you may pay something to someone walking in a metropolitan city as an influencer, but have to appear significantly more for a global icon I can't such as Pop Stones. And so, Chris, down structures run algal make ridiculous amounts of money for single postings. It is up to you to decide for you and your business need at this particular point in the business of Alicia. 14. Lesson 15 Outsourcing Influencer Management: You can, of course, go about identifying, assessing, contacting, contracting, monitoring, reviewing, on rewarding your influencer or influentials, or by yourself on many day this question, or is whether you should dono y do it yourself, or whether there are significant benefits and, of course, disadvantages of outsourcing the contacting on managing off influencers as always, to clue to understanding the question. I'm coming up with solution, rise and preparation and good thinking again. If you want, you can take your notes in your notebook, or perhaps on your mobile device, but thinking about your own brand product or service off thinking about a fictitious one. For the purposes of this, exercise her fight again. And who your intended audience Is it, for example, the young mom for the energy drink. The evidence found it. If so, they are your intended audience. But where would you find that tape of audience? Is it more wiggle to be Twitter, Facebook? Snapchat, instagram, etcetera? On what message do you and the influences want to share with them? So here are the audience. Where would you find them? And what message do you on? The influencer won't share with that audience and thinking about these, you will be better able to establish if this is something you could arrange monitor at, manage yourself or if you would get better, more efficient results. But using an outsourcing agency some things to think about when making this distinction on making the decision. Even if you go to the border of developing an influencer or even a few influence of it is unlikely. They will want to repeatedly chatty your message, and therefore you have to find others. But why is this? Well, obviously, if you had an influencer and you have a channel, for example, in you chip or you have a good sold instagram a cape, it is unlikely that your audience will want you to continue to talk about the same product or service if you're on a channel, for example, or in water vehicle reviews. If you continue spoke about Jack, yours, for example, they would soon get fed out and people would stop visiting the channel. This would be detrimental to both the person doing the influencing on the company paying for the influencing. Therefore, few influencers will want to repeatedly carry your message. This means that if you want your message to be on chin on the cross channels at all times. You probably do need a suite of influence. Such having various influences is get. It means that you will get better coverage and perhaps had different parts of your market segment. It also means the business, your restaurant on one or two influencers, just in case something goes wrong with the influencer, You can still make sure that your business is high profile on benefiting from the indemnity benefits off social media influencers. I am not necessarily advocating that you use agencies to contact and manage your influencers. But what I am saying is that can be distinct advantages. Infants or agency networks often have contact with many different infant owners. Aunt have starts things a standard contracts that you may be able to use. More importantly, though, is that you can borrow all of those influences your agency has taken time to connect with to reach it. Two more on the way the range of customers that, of course, involved in using an agency agencies are businesses after all, and that such me charging top off the influence of rate or indeed charge commissions, you have to think about those on. Compare that at the time and effort on effectiveness, off effort you would spend yourself. It's not a one size fits all solution, and you have to do what's right for you, your brand, your service and product at this particular point in your business evolution. 15. Lesson 16 The Power Of Instagram : in this short life sent delicate instagram and consider just white is crucially important to consider Instagram as a means of promoting your product or service. Put simply, Instagram is undoubtedly on present the number one social foretell streaming platform. Imagine per off fourth questioning together with video streaming. Imagine how the U Millennium on Generation Zed consumer is using instagram and other part forums. Imagine the potential shipped from what, your product or service the potential that is available to you. Jeff Remote your brand products or service is absolutely massive. TechCrunch in 2018. Establishing over one billion monthly active users exist on instagram on a woman on it is growing massively. Not only does it give you the potential to reach all of those prospective customers, but remember, it also gives your competition that if you don't own it's the ground on not making good job performing your service approved up, then perhaps they are. So whether you're doing it for a positive reason, what are perhaps more negative one because you're being forced to do so by your competitors ? Oh, I can see is get onto Instagram on do it properly. Remember, these things change, but rape. No, Instagram is the second most engaged network, with Facebook being the first engagement. We're talking here about people having conversations, of course, changes all the time. As definite platforms evolve in different ways. It is just incredible the power of social media and having your cost of engaging with each other to create fan BC's and to promote your products or services. I need to say no more, just like your work and take in this graphic on. Don't get the absolute power and potential that social media platforms and your what with influence us gives to you in the promotion and sail off you prude, apps and services. Remember, you're fundamentally doing marketing here and in marketing. You have to understand who your customers are. You need to understand as much about them as possible. We call this customer in ST talking not just about your current customers, but also your future or perspective. With so thinking about the demographic of your customer, you may want to think about the disposable income where the left their entrance exceptions , but unfortunately, each is one of the key demographics. If you look at the graphic on the screen right known you will see that the most popular user grip while instagram is that 18 to 24 year old trip. However, we know that 70% of Instagram museums are all under 35. So if you understand that you're targeting a product or service to people under 35 over that, your customers are already in that demographic and you want to hold conversation with them . Instagram is definitely one of the key places to be. Make sure you understand your customers that is fundamental to everything and really important to understand. Before you go off trying to establish a connection or it contract with influencers, you need to make sure you're getting influence and the places that you need to contact that people are actually using or you're hopeful. Use your poor apps or services. Yes, folks, that's rate on winner Pertti spent on Instagram on average, which is very similar to Facebook. But just think about that water off someone's precious time. Every single D is spent on Instagram. What you have to do is to work at her. You will be part of that one hour came spend on did really a trying and retain their attention, the opportunity for you and your business and in your your environment. D is absolutely phenomenal. Ticket No. So whether you're a consumer or an end customer working to faint note for the weakest on existing products or services from business your way, what defined or boat them on? Be able to contact them on INSTAGRAM. Over 71% of businesses in the United States for America in 2018 I had the presence on instant. But what's also really exciting about that is that if you're one of the many organisations or companies that they're selling to another business or trying to influence other businesses, Instagram is really important for you to the days of Instagram on living, used by consumer companies aiming to make contact with potential existing customers are over. It's about both those tapes organizations we call those business to consumer organisations , but equally it's about business to business. So whatever business you're in, almost any sector are increasingly, almost any demographic at Provo limits good sense to have a very effective presence on instinct. So guys, we have just seen that once and increasingly large numbers off people are using Instagram where on your consumers looking to find that. What about approved up or the company trying to engage in existing or perspective new customs? Or where that it's a business trying to contact other businesses for more than sale, Therefore, services the potential is enormous and growing by the hour around 80% around eight and tail off. Instagram users discover new products and services. Organ INSTAGRAM platform That is not simply an amazing opportunity. It is an amazing opportunity. I'm glad you're using this course to develop your understanding off all social media platforms instagram but more importantly, thinking about how you can use influencers to make sure that your information it is your product or service that is getting in front of the many, many Instagram users that are using that part for him right now today. 16. Lesson 17 Which Ig Influencer ?: so hopefully by now you understand the absolute power of social media and social media influence off what particularly, I hope you understand the real power off instagram on, obviously, the ability to connect with an influencer on instagram kill, promote your product or service to the point that very many customers or perspective customers see them. And this lesson. You'll give some consideration and to thinking about put influencer, you may want to choose poor considerations such as amount of money you have available you may want to consider, and also consider each in such a shooter of one to arm or influencers rather than pit all your aches in the one basket. So what are the pros and coins of different approaches off instagram influencers? The main way of categorizing the types of influence social half on any social media platform on in this case on instagram is probably the number of followers you have forwards with normally equal influence. Of course, we might want to consider other issues, and we will do wait up about how realistic kisser influence all those people that are following an infant. Sir, the takes us No, we want for our brand our product are the rate each demographic do they have in the right place of the type of person who would buy approved of the Sara's? Do they have the disposable income that with oil then did is so and so what? But let's just consider the deficit between what we may want to consider be less than from sun up to the more premium or Premier League type of influenza. In general terms, most people would consider their less important influencers as those people with less than 1004. Of course, that's a relatively small number. A. When you consider the whole population of instagram but nonetheless Timmy stories for two years, the chances are that that tape of influence are will not really want much of a reward for considering your brand brewed up the service. But then again, they may not be the type of person that you want to be promoting. You put up the service since they have such a wide number of influencers, but also consider 1000 throwaways, key and front when things and people who are ready to make a purchase off your product or service will be a lot more valuable than 100,000 people with only a passing and chest on who don't have the income to buy a product or service. What I'm really saying is, don't know why. Born in numbers, we were greater at the fact that infants are after four words were important here. The Haftar Falls were able to demand on. Then the purchase. Your product for serious. I'm talking in general terms here. Of course, you may have other staying, such as campaigns were launched. Organizations trying to sell a political or environmental message where disposable income may not be important. Moving on from B list inform sends. You may want to consider what cold premium influencers and those are people with around 99,000 followers so much, much more followers than be listed on, therefore, in a wake of it more important to organizations working to promote their product or service . The downside of that, of course, is that they are likely to want more rewards. They may also be more fussy about, really from what two, of course, we always get these dearest influencers with 100,000 plus forwards and against there he passed, and he plus post said it was passports and position people such as the sports icon Randall . They're simply many millions of folks, of course. Again, probably more forward these people off. The more costly it would be toe have them from with our product brand or service to remember. No, all influences are equal. So some of the issues we have to consider but identifying Instagram or indeed, any other influenza is how much can we spent? What budget to be half. As you say, the earlier perhaps the number of four wars will get direct correlation with amount of money that on Instagram or other infants are, well, one trip from what you put out. So services yours. What you said up there he would one or more influencers. Is it better to have several influencers, perhaps talking about your product or service that same or a different time? After all, anyone influencer cannot really talk about Europe showed up persistently and constantly. Firstly, the availability of other brands that they want to promote it and secondly therefore, so I would become bored listening to the same old story about the same products and services. Perhaps more importantly, however, is the Congress off that particular infant, sir, with your brand product or service. So, for example, if you're selling a score suggestion drink, it is unlikely that someone who is overweight, perhaps obese, would be a good ambassador for such a prude up. There are, of course, many ways in which we can go about identifying which influence our influencers we wish to make contact with on 23. What to consider doing business. Math. Have some easier ways of doing this? It's a firstly look at anyone who has time to you in Instagram. So what is their influence? Perhaps have time you because they know that you sail up, promote the product or service you do, and therefore, that their name is easy. Warm introduction. Satchel on hash. Time to see who is talking about you. You brought in the product. And of course, you can do also searching yourself, simply filtering what? So there, perhaps out shooting the place Name of perhaps your beast in a particular tone or city self choosing your over our business name. But I also think about checking really detached tanks, as example says here, if you're transit more of your own products here for example, dog fit. You can also set for people talking about other related products. Perhaps someone talking about they were paid, causing dog training, whatever, perhaps a related prudent. But if someone is talking about that, your brand product or service would fit nicely into the conversation that they may be having with their own forwards him. I will be interested in that for table thing. In this case, it may be interested that we're looking after pets, so not that you conclude this lesson. I think it's easy to summarize some of the points we have made, but thinking about what influences the contact or which ones may be off interesting year you might want to think about. Therefore, one. What is the science of the forward? Is it 11,400 thousands or millions? But not only the signs of that phone, but through the alley? You may recall, we spoke area about 1000 heart leads ready to purchase. That screwed up the service that you want to promote. Maybe much better than one million people were simply naval Gizzi, perhaps window shopping, or don't have the income required to buy your particular for the service. It's done all over the signs of the phone. It's about who may be more relevant to you, depending on whether you're turned yourself. Theoden, them promoter will the cause, or perhaps a political campaign that was back to understanding what it is you want from your campaign? What is it you want? What is the objective? Off the campaign is really important. You may also want to look at a pit from that instagram or other influencer. So how could this defeat that they have as a regulated is it Related is it will create it. Remember the quality of what the prodigious will reflect on your brand product or service. Therefore, if you're trying to promote our, ah, high quality high specifications or actually brand, you may not want to have an influencer. There's a completely different image. And what about the four walls of behalf? Do literally engage in dialogue on have a relationship with their forwards again? 1004 wars, are deeply engaged with trust and have credibility with that influence are probably worth much more than 100,000 fours is simply turn up and listen to see a podcast. But doing, actually engage with that person or trust them in any meaningful way. You might also want to consider if you're going to approach that in front. So with a view to having them support for promoting of Randall service, you may want to consider if the actual are doing business with other brands at the moment. Firstly, someone who's not doing business that any Brian's may not be interested in the relationship with yourselves. Whoever it may be an ideal opportunity because perhaps that person hasn't thought abated. But perhaps no one has approached him. That could be ideal possession for good negotiation. On the other hand, it may also be the keys that they're already promoting existing brands, perhaps competitors. You then have to think about that situation. Do you want to go in a long Saja? Competitors on directly compete within, perhaps for that influence as tame? Or do you want to move on to another influence off? Or I suppose you could take another tactic and trying to find your way into an exclusive interview pro with It is unlikely that a key influencer with do not, but it may be worth asking. I hope you find this interesting. Obviously, there's more detail to this discussion, but please read off these lines again. This is a critical lesson and setting up that influence of relationship. We have spoke predominant over here about Instagram, but much of we have spoken about is equally relevant toe off the other platforms. 17. Lesson 18 Content Is King : remember, too, that this platforms change. So, too, there's a functionality. For example, an instagram. We cannot have 62nd shot 50 years as well as photographs. Remember that, particularly the modern generation generation Z off, young people are potential a proactive in looking at and listening to video. Therefore, if your demographic is a particular interest to you, I suggest he's a video, maybe a killer. We to go about promoting you proved out or seven, but also remember that it can't be the case that photographs are easier to use. Photographs are easier to share with friends. They take out West memory space on the general just easier to walk around, not in the ways that is true to say that it is video that work certain to overtake and revolutionize the way we should communicate on the Internet on beyond. So yes, video is fantastic, particularly if you're trying to show before and after situation. So, for example, if you were promoting the Witbooi strode up a video of someone before using the product. Perhaps being overweight or unfit versus in your video off there and they're Fed state may be a very good way of demonstrating the impact off your products and service it also good for getting across things like motion unease. So, for example, if you were promoting escape board in motor vehicle or motorcycle, even failure would be so much based off on a static photograph. But on the other hand, remember that photos are quicker for customers Eisenstaedt area and could be shared much more easily than a video. So think about that. Of course, there's no need to choose one over the other. You can mix and match in some force things you could have video and then others a photograph. In fact, that may keep things interesting. If you're working was an influencer. Of course, they may have something to see about the use of video or indeed, the photographs. And, of course, you could also think about things like Effected proved a placement. Is it possible, for example, in an instagram influencers video to have brochures about your true thoughts of service lying around? Or should you be able to use your product during the actual video itself? So some things to think about. Remember, too, that captions are important strap lines. For example, one management consultants, the company I know which Prades itself in taking complex issues, on making them easy to understand and practical has a strong wave boards or go simple treated sayings. Putting theory. But the practice. That's a really interesting struggling because it gets across unique selling point of that particular service and does it very well indeed. Captions are important, but they should be short, sweet, simple and, of course, memorable. When we're talking here about disclosure, this is a very important issue indeed. We're talking here about discoursing if someone i e. An influencer is being paid or otherwise rewarded for talking about your product service or indeed, the brand in general. Let various people, including the FTC in America, have a view on the extent of this kosher. And four should be saying, Of course, this would change over territory on overtime. It is therefore, very important that you're either tickly god face on. They suggest it. A research into the list is regal situation and the territories not home over your businesses will keep it, but also where you will be training. But essentially it is really about business ethics. If our instagram influencer or indeed any inferences stops talking about her wonderful elitist cook or drink or the latest alcoholic gin cares on the funds of forwards have great trust in credibility in them. The meeting purchase that protected approved out, however eft, even aware that that influencer was being paid to meet that statement and me influence their actions, there may be more ready. Let me see Carrot Other reviews to counter bounce a positive reviews of that influence. In other words, it is important that consumers are not Miss Land s after view. One off. No bias. But the person is giving the genuine thoughts about that product service or brand, or is it influenced by them being peed to talk about that grand in a favorable way? We can't cover all of the legal situation in a short video for various reasons. One being that it will be different in all territories on some changing box, such as a European Union. We have a European wait a legal situation regarding disclosure. Wait, why is the United States of America? Organizations such as the FTC are like we have something to see about disclosure. In addition, discussions on the war and then are right quick change with experience in practice Ondas different legislators around the world forget to take north of the power of influence in marketing. Oh, I can see therefore, is that when you become involved in influencing or in between, your Russian was an influencer and surely you know we have the latest legal situation where your print for the companies formed and so one. 18. Lession 19 Gopro Case Study : Hi. So, in the short case study I'm trying to do is to begin to get you to use some of the theoretical knowledge that we have discussed earlier in this course. The case study is very simplistic study, but that's really Ligitan or something about the company. GoPro. We will explain a little in the next few sites, but if you don't know much about Corporal, I may suggest your courses for you right here. Right now. All we then need to do is to Google GoPro and you'll see lots of information about this exciting and innovative company. You have also or instead want to go to your church on Google GoPro with unusual. The reason I seen that is its products and services are really a lot of video on some really good camera action work. It may be easier to see the what the company does as products of service and indeed the grand in doing that thinking back on and look at this little case study ever, you have some familiarity with Corporal. You're perfectly able to continue profess on. They will get the case study and a little more detail. I really just want you to talk about this detail on give it some consideration. It will give you an idea of this company, founded in 2000 and two and score pro on the number of forward pours on. Also thinking about instagram on the tapes of people that uses to go compared to the force of the tapes off customers or perspective customers off hopeful, particularly severe fit your product. We know traditional on work at a link each year. If you like an influence oven teacher relationship between GoPro on the movie industry, I don't want to do too much here because I want good to think about why a company legal proof with work, the Lincoln to the very industry, and particularly of this tape of movie about pets on Duthie activities. So once he too much on, we want to pause the button here on reflect on why using have happened and if it was a good idea or not. So you should have given something that Astra any possible relationship or correlation between a GoPro on this pets movie syndicate on. Hopefully you're half begin thinking about what commonalities that are between GoPro, the company legal on the very friend shines life off pets. So again, reflect a man if you need to, you can again post this video on you can perhaps Google, Lego and wave of pets. But I think already you probably have a good notion off some of the similarities and commonalities, perhaps thinking off the customers of cocoa on the customers off going to watch the cinema production or a DVD off my co wife of pets on. That might give you some ideas. I If I were you, I would be thinking off customer weapons, the products and services both Lego way from X and GoPro on reflecting on why you think that me have a good fact, or indeed otherwise on when you come back or whether go on, we want to the next slide. We may talk about that in a little bit more detail, so we'll back if you move the William to do just a little bit of reception. And that's fantastic. I think if you reflect on the customers off the Gore pool, which effectively is an actual camera, the corporate customers conceivably beach where they are right with the have younger Children on. There was younger Children, presumably me, Iike movies, DVD or watch similar programs on television or on tablet fixem. So I think the GoPro customers may have younger Children on do Is younger Children made enjoy both. Lego underway for pets GoPro customers obviously do engage in sports. This movie, their life for Pates has actually quit that a good emphasis on score stunts. And you see in there the photograph of hue slight tickle. We saw a paid a undertaking our stunt activity. So again, the there is a correlation or cohesion between the two companies. Between that, maybe franchise, they were able further for guests and also go through the Bryant and throw it up so screwed up. No, this friend chains is a basic movie, so it gives a lot of explosion. Everyone who goes to that maybe on realizes the correlation with Gopal gets exposure to fund these and of course, vice versa that people with them understanding more faction video, get a better understanding of the fair off the video and film franchise on me actually go there as well, said Affairs. So any faith, I think the correlation is not only a very similar customer grip in terms of probably the Younger or C. It's really more active tapes of person. And, of course, the brand of being an exciting ground. A colorful brand of the action brand actually fits quite well with the innovative in creativity at a Lego as well as this may be French chains. So I hope you see the actual fact from water first appear to be quite are at different tape of company. I may have been shot going to see the relationship between even if their Children on GoPro , which is an action sports camera company in effect. But I hope that's clear now. And that's the tape of cohesion, that really what's well from working within from some something that the influence our can give to the customer on Get something back in return. SoHo, because something from the case study and I'm sure you did and what it actually, Hansen is alleged to pull together north of the wearing in this course and to have the wife activity. And, of course, why don't choose some of the companies while you know, get some off their relationships. We see and look at the correlation. So, for example, you may wish take ago. The World Nutrition Company. Terrible life. That's hair bow life, of course, their relationship with sports house sub channels Cristiano Ronaldo, but Christiano Ronaldo and have a life wanted it. Herbalife on perhaps a galaxy. And I think that perhaps one easier correlations or relationships to see, but the nice important. 19. Lesson 20 What Gets Measured?: so whether we are private sector organization business at any price on the night keys, we may be trying Teoh increase the growth of for market penetration. We may be trying to increase profitability over and eat in Keystone over, or if you're a launch organization on a mission Teoh chip from or Tucker taking on ideal the extent to which people understand the ideal you're standing for, and perhaps supporters through charitable donation. Or perhaps your government trying to get across the message, such as healthy eating or or whatever we are whatever kind of grip Bergen disease from Yeah , perhaps I political party, trying to promote our policies or trying to promote a candidate, for example, Whatever we're doing, I am suggesting here that we have to have metrics. We have to know where we're going on. We have to know what success looks like. And it worked off quoting your top of you. It was staring. Fourth gates and measured gets done naturally important that if you're not going to measure something, whether that be our wife, 10 golds or a business, or more importantly, in this context, what we're looking from from any influence of campaign be that on Twitter of Facebook and have social media instagram exception. It is important we understand what the successful like and how we measure if you believe, because get value for money for Thor's of resources, we've been turned from some marketing. So is the ticker. Understanding off what gets measured gets done once teach Father. It is important to understand that and managing anything, including any advertising or marketing campaign or in this case and infants are marketing campaign. We have to go through humanitarian Sekou on the managerial, say cause, sometimes also known as it damning cycle. Now let's take away simply kwon do check act and you'll see it. It's a cycle, so it is continuing. A good manager will continue to go through. That process continues business. It's what we're seeing here is that we have to plan what it is we're trying to achieve. We then have to do that activity with an understanding off the results that we're looking for. What measures are there. So whatever, trying to chief where they were on having checked our progress, we don't have to act or not. So if you're meeting all those milestones or targets through the project off the ready. Campy. There's no need time. But if your phone behind, perhaps you're not getting those sales that we thought we would get, you might want to act. Of course, it will be different. Actions on live action could be to do something differently, perhaps to change the influence on, perhaps to change the message you're sending. It may also be stupid. Additional resources it could be. We need greater exposure in order to achieve that. Protect your sales target one, of course. Do we have the budget, for example, to do that? What it could be that because the program is being unsuccessful, would you say to effectively cut our or sees on death row from the problem? Of course, contract permitting. So there are lots of alternatives. But the key, really is that in the pawning fees, we have to be clear on what it is we're trying to achieve, because that then determines what we do. So are we going to do advertising on television? Are we going to be for people click on Facebook or vehicle? Are we going to do that in the social influence of red and if so, have any on for platform or platforms. But then we have to say, however, we know that it any protector point in time, we are being successful, and only by setting those targets on day monitoring success by checking Comey, then take any actions required for sure we get back on target. But take remedial action. Of course, we then go back into the pointing fees, working it, her successful or otherwise, that Campion has. Bean. We start to find another campaign. Maybe you want to do something completely different, so point there check out is fundamental to you when you're deciding on how to market when you're deciding whether to go off there than informs our campaign on fortune medium two years, I want to change camped essential to everything. It is also fundamental to continue to do this throughout the campaign. Off course, there are very many metrics or measures, depending what it is you're trying to do what business you're in. But some simple ones may be to sell more of X product, so to sell more GoPro's in a season or in a year or in a particular month, Or perhaps if you had a political organization to kiss the void by Y percent in the opinion polls. And then it's quarter. So she will see. To some extent, it doesn't matter the business we're in. But I also have to be clear what it is we're trying to achieve. So in the purely enterprise context, are we looking for the markets here? Are we simply looking for customers of perspective customers to be more aware of our brand knee and what we did I even in the wheel it's or is it about profitability? Do we believe that influencer marketing is a cheaper way of accessing potential customers and therefore should out to profitability? I think it really is important to be clear on what it is we're trying to achieve. If nothing else are well in part on the infants reaches programs or indeed, the part for all be decided to go down. I'll ask. Here is simply that you could the works on this site and think about what they make mean in relation to one of your tamping gulps. For example, if you're looking at growing a sheet of the market, how would be translate that into these tapes of goals all of which political party and we're trying to get more people to Ford for us. How would we translate that ethos or vision into something ago that would fit around these particular aspects, Of course, sitting. So just think about that for a woman on death again, if you want chicken pause a video. We talked about a little more detail, but what is meant by smart in one moment. So it was not my intention to integrate detailed year, because to some extent it is reasonably obvious what is mentally I suggested. You think about some targets. You may wish to having your own organization when you're setting goals for advertising amount campaigns on infrastructure champions. So be specific in terms of what precise What is it you one thing? So to reiterate the area point we want at X percent growth in sales or we want y percent growth in turnover would be precise. Of course, we want a natural number there, such as fine for 10 15 20% or whatever, so hostile, immeasurable, which is also why I said that really has to be a number there because every simply said, we want to have growth in sales. We wouldn't know whether we were being successful. No, it's so with 0.1% B success with 10% B six cents. So we really need to have a number, usually to make it measurable. No, with all goals. It is good to have stretching goals because that meets is old. Look can be created on intimate. But some people would argue that are still to be possible. And so they have to be a terrible Now when we talk here about relevance, is that gold appropriate your business or appropriate to this? Protect your campy So there's no point in just killing a target or a standard from another organization. It really has to be meaningful to you and tow your train. Chichi. And of course, they have to be tabled on. But and I mean, if we were seeing, we want to increase tongue over off the company. Very fine percent. Do we want that to be in a month, 1/4 a year or a ticket? So it's important a halftime bone goals and I also suggested threatened Hawaii for for campaign. You may actually want to ventricles, so you may, for example, see that the overall William in a year is to have 5% growth. But equally you tit seats that in quarter one you want one for ST Growth and quarter to 2% growth. And so, while that may be a useful we engaging how well you're doing rather than waiting till the end to establish if you met 5% goal, at which point you may have lost opportunity to change things along the way or even the ghetto campaign if it isn't actually being effective, efficient. Andi economical. So sure, it makes sense to year. But if no again process, I'd think about your specific issues. They're smart and how that may easily tickle in your business. So we think about some specific goals off targets that you ridges smartphone and the context all set up a marketing campaign. Jane Patria, the VP of marketing, is thinking of some of these issues. So what demographic is if you're trying to reach where we feigned that demographic on what message did we went to give to them on these were all inform the nature off the campaign that we want to take on, therefore, inform the goals and targets that you will say this graphic again just gives you some five years off some of the actionable points that you want that was targeted to teak. So it's not simply about getting in touch with the four. It's what do you want them to do? Is it simple to build brand awareness store that they will know if you hear the name of your brand, their products and services that it offers? Or do you actually want them to do something, such as Visit your twitter feet? You quit through into the company website? Do you want him to share the message? If you have Brandon products with friends accords, I think it is important to be clear on what it is, not only who you want to target and the influence of campaign in terms of demographics, customer beasts, except but also what it is you want to do. What is an action that you want them to take because that will really help you get them to find the best way of getting them to take action? Andi hopefully be successful and meet targets, so I have a Nokia are the smart objective off the influence of campaign. In this context, this is an organization or a company is selling changes on Let's call them around. Wind changes. So the infant search I wanted to share photos off the brand by China and with their falls or funds Andi were one thing. 50 meal influence are under the age of 25 to share photos. Now, then consider is that an attainable target in the context of this organization's budget and time skew on the availability of influence is able to do this. 50 worst ought to be possible now as a reverent now. Obviously, the goal was to increase the awareness off trainer. Why so, therefore, within consider was this goal a relevant goal? And in the context of building the brand on brought in awareness, it would seem that the 50 influencers under that potato on the edge grip, which matches the customer demographic or the perspective customer demographic. We're to share photographs off that ground, then brand awareness with increase. Of course we were. Those want another objective around help with measure brand awareness on the extent which we want you did to please over a potato on a P eight, but in terms of the actual influencing. Campion itself obviously can also be tempted and that the company me want that influencing that sharing or 40 grams, for example, to take place the potato or time of the year. And this example they are wanting it to be share just before the peak sales season. And also what the one thing to do here is to try and promote that brand over others. Tourism away and although that the sales in the peak season are even better than, perhaps kid previously assumed or expected. So of course, you could take another argument than an argue that you should have your campaign when the seals are traditionally all on, then that we even note or or increase production or seals at an important time in that particular sector. But these are just discussions that give it home, and that's why I believe the quality of the ghouls. You're important. What is your same to achieve? Why you trying to achieve that? What budget do you want to have for all success? What Monique on gives how much money and other resources are willing to dedicate to chief 20. Lesson 21 The Sales Funnel: Of course, in any business venture or indeed, any venture, you have to consider the sales final. In other words, even if you have an influencer here stains or under sufficient the forward or perhaps millions of Ford's, not all those are going to take action that we want them to take. That is, to a large extent, a numbers game. Of course, we can improve the conversion ratio. That is the number of those who see the information from the influencer. Hey, do whatever it is before them. Todo we can change that conversion ratio. We can do that by being effective and the message we're trying to get across, but also shooting that we have chosen the create influence are on they underrate demographic, for example. So in effect, the sales funnel is one about getting lots of visitors to ST or any case often instagram four or influencer getting lots off falls to see our product service or branch message. Of course, they will then get to know what we did, but then they have to wait what we do, and if they like what we do, if they like your product or service or a brand then there's a chance that it will get trust on. Actually, by the put up the service. In effect, they will become a customer. Of course, it is a funnel. We have 1000 or 10,000 visitors to the website or we have You have that many people who are following in our influence. Our who sees a prude out service, our brand message. But all of them will then have a great degree of interest. In fact, worse off want. So only a proportion of fluids, perhaps a 10% or 2% no, actually wait our products or service or brand enough to actually ticket Father The NF eight are the whole pleats on day then and even small percentage who I could become customers on Hope Boy repeat customers. This is what we call the sales funnel. Getting involved in influence on marketing is simply another seems funny. It is not the only seems final. Indeed, we would always recommend and suggest that influencer marketing is just part off the larger seals. One. So long, Stager, what of moves? Your editorial owes your advertisements whatever along ST those sets in front of marketing or if you like it is like having lots of small funnels within one launcher final. You could call overall sales final, so we've just settled for seals final on a slightly different way. We've considered it as being a large number of full words often influence on. Then we'll some of them are percentage off them. Or then people are interested in your brand products service and perhaps being touched for more information. I eat to become warm wits on a percentage of those, hopefully, take the action you want to. You get to purchase a product service, a brand we more aware of it or teach the action of working for upset your political party, for example. But another way of thinking of this is that at the very beginning, what we're trying to do is to get people or we're off the brand, the product or service. So at the beginning of actually the influence are talking about or demonstrating through, that's a brand. We're really getting awareness off it. Of course, that might be different for different products. Some products will already have market penetration, and people will be aware of that crude upfront up Mr Brown. They then trying to go from awareness to their considering that product or service Brandt, and that it was considering it probably along ST. So if you're promoting a particular and what a vehicle, for example, it is likely particularly in a comparative, expensive product, that people will not having the remain at least a few options that they are today as part of your marketing or influence of campaign. The way in which you give people information or use that influence of already have trust in credibility to influence, therefore worse. But with them to perhaps prepare your brand, you put up for your service to the others there be considering and ultimately in most organisations. We are looking for that preference, then to be turned into a process and not only one purchase but we're working then, too thrown away cycle by having that customer for additional repeat purchases. Perhaps there in friends and relatives about the product or service on getting us more customers from our initial investment with an influencer 21. Lesson 22 Right People Right Message: the Internet and social media a fundamental change. The relationship between knows supplying goods, services and Brian's on those consumers were purchasing it better. That is, any business taking silver market already business to business market. It is hardly irrelevant. We should know. See why not? Is three keys in a traditional marketing concept or in traditional times of marketing? Enough changing? It was normally would be message that was sent tact. Normally, the purchaser off Sammer would send messages to those they hoped with purchase F you like the meat it and then trying to sell that fruit up to service. So, for example, this nutrition company simply told the story that is nutrition. He offered the highest quality sports fruit available. They would send a message Oto Last number of consumers, perhaps by a newspaper, radio or television advertisements. They hope that this sales final came into play, and some of them purchase that crude out or Sarah's entities world. It is easier to give better continuous feedback from customs on. We often get that in many ways that could be from feedback from questionnaires and surveys about customer satisfaction. It could be about warranty claims on returns are holding, such as user groups, our focus groups. But equally it can't be by simple reading what people seeing on the Internet, perhaps user reviews and comparison saints. If you say we products of seven so grand there's such as Amazon, you will be able to look at what customers are seeing about that brand or indeed that individual product in quite some detail from any customer reviews that have been way for you. So in this context, that is more about to be communication. There's also big customers feeding back. Other issues are things about your product, the servers that are important to them. So in this case, the customer is not necessarily seeing that East Nutrition does not offer the highest quality of sports. With I've ever this saying, the customer group is seeing that they hate the fact that they're not using recyclable packaging, so definite things different items will become more important to consumers over 10. So what is really important in the social communities of today is that customers now active all talk to each other about your true thoughts of service. They don't even have to be asked if you think a boat say it's such as Trip Advisor. People are quite reliable, or at least they are quite at ease with giving their opinion. They can take video or photographs. They can rate about your product or service. And it's not just Trip Advisor. Saints exists. Tone your vote for tales about restaurants, about skills, about teachers, about parent companies and even a vote. Employ oils, which allows people to look at what others are seeing about that company before eating, applying for taking up employment. Customers do no talk to each other about your product, your brand or service, and you really have to manage that pro sense. But more importantly, you have to be actively listening and taken and board any lessons you're wearing. I put them into the neutral the redesign or service redesign wherever possible. So if you can put this license, there has been a transformation from the ways in which advertising and marketing for previously done to some extent to a great extent organizations built the meat production or service is on, then trying to sell the benefits and features off those to customers and noble that Arjun off number with buying that it was a profitable venture. Today, however, you as the supplier, a producer for products and services on customers, are able to talk to each other. But perhaps more important, we speech ISMs are ableto listen to. Our customers are seeing a better products and services that is absolutely invaluable in order to prevail products and services that are meaningful, different Europe competitors on their meaningful, e different. And we is that customers are willing to pee for in order to be out businesses and then surprises successful both. No on in the future. Infants are campaigning, of course, Helps is. Also, influences will get feedback from the audience, sees the overseas will trust on give credibility to that influence on our way to get them feedback about the crude up for services No told me that, but in the case of such as a brand ambassador that influence our our ambassador should be actively using your product or service on it. The TV week they will be routinely consuming. You're full up for service. I'm beginning your active fit back that you can use to continuously improve that foot up for service. 22. Session 23 Keys To Success : as someone who's talked on business to programs across the world, in the major continents of the world, and that these levels, I'd like to say, Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule two, wasn't it? And take part in this course on influencer marketing. We have piloted this course internationally, and the feedback has bean quite outstanding. What people are telling us is that this course has brought together the fundamentals of marketing. It has looked at her. Marketing has changed over the period of time. Former being a vote, marketing or advertising about telling customers on perspective customers about the features and benefits of our products and services. On hoping that they then purchase those particular products or service, it has transformed being much more off A to read a hawk. The Internet has given people borrowed weight the opportunities to talk and talk. We did the talk wrote, of course, the feigns about the social life, about politics, about the environment, but also about the products and services on Brian's that the trust that they consume and also those that it distrust Andi believe that note off of them get value for money. It is therefore important that well, we can't effective ways of no Tony telling people about our brands, that products and services but engaging with them in almost a two year relationship because that helps us develop new products and services. Importantly, it helps us develop products, services and brands that will actually be of use to that consumer. No longer is it really about developing a product or service on, then trying to actively market or sale or influence to consumers. It is much more about what we know. Cole in vain, Martha. It is with us as producers telling people about what we have to offer. It is often with giving them something free of charge, something that is interesting to them and that adds value. It is sometimes, but developing a long term relationship is giving them something that we can consider use understand on build, trust, incredibility wealth. It is only then that many symbols, though actually part testicular service. There is another way of achieving that, of course, on that is by having other individuals off thinking simmers. Help. People are very experiences with the product. Brunt service witness the number of your view saints burgeon the crossing group a better all sorts of things. As we said, the area look at things like Trip. It finds him saves that talk about not just for tales but about locations, places to eat and to this attractions to look at websites actually read. Holiday parties will cut the tails, aircraft transport, getting you from the airport to your destination that so we even have saints. That compared teachers and local high schools as it tell people what students think of the A plus and minus points. All of these reviews have great credibility. We do, of course, except that some saves have less credibility. Another, but fundamentally, marketing has moved from being about us trying to sell to developing longer, terrible relationships with prospective customers on did indeed, with current customs. I think doing so. We reward yourself through the societies that had real lessons, recapitalise when we have to any terms or first base marketing without using effective custom. It's important we have to save in a good Campion summit Kohl, and you can feel my goals that are smart. You're only toe one. It's over for over the campaign, and in fact, our just how do we have to look at the coming people? Some of those people have. We need to have a good year and consistent Mason Wholesome unit about the probation. Brian, what kind of vehicle he's in. It has hired another long enough food instead of the usual a tip from or everything naive, really very course that those two years before that, the higher ups and say the secrecy is likely to have the president and pint when see abortion that validates shares will be out in force and a beacon reacted. Changes. Getting someone custom. What's are you on the way there via tradition and