Influencer Marketing 101 | Kristen Matthews | Skillshare
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6 Videos (36m)
    • Intro

    • What Is Influencer Marketing?

    • How To Find Influencers

    • Influencer Engagement

    • Tracking and ROI

    • Wrap Up


About This Class

If you want to incorporate influencer marketing into your strategy but don't know where to start, Influencer Marketing 101 is for you! In 2018, 84% of brands plan to incorporate influencer marketing into their brand’s strategy. Become one of those brands who witness the success of this strategy by taking this class to learn all you need to know about getting started with influencer marketing!

We will explore why influencer marketing is such a crucial strategy and will provide actionable strategies and resources for you to identify the right next steps to take and where to find influencers who can earn valuable media for your brand.

I will be providing personal feedback and tactics as they apply to your specific needs.





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Kristen Matthews

Influencer marketing thought leader

Hello, I'm Kristen and I bring 6 years of digital marketing experience to the table to teach crucial and cutting edge marketing strategies like influencer marketing, content marketing and social media strategy.

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