Influencer Marketing 101: A Mock Campaign so You Can Double your Sales & Increase your Traffic | Luna Vega | Skillshare

Influencer Marketing 101: A Mock Campaign so You Can Double your Sales & Increase your Traffic

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

Influencer Marketing 101: A Mock Campaign so You Can Double your Sales & Increase your Traffic

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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8 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Not All Influencer Marketing is Created Equal

    • 3. Let's Set-Up Your Campaign

    • 4. Research Influencers

    • 5. Create an Influencer Funnel

    • 6. Launch Checklist

    • 7. Fb Retargeting & Abandonment Cart Emails

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Wondering how you can double your sales and website traffic? Look no further, Influencer Marketing can help radically grow your business at the fraction of the cost of FB Advertising. However, Influencer Marketing can be a little tricky as it requires certain processes to be in place to help you increase your chances of working with Influencers.

In this class, we will create a MOCK Campaign which you can easily follow for your business. I will walk you through tactics that have worked for my clients and how to pitch your business so you can get better results. Most importantly, we will discuss what can be done so you can leverage the power of traffic that is coming to your site and stop waisting marketing dollars.

Overall, my goal is to provide you with an easy to follow Influencer Marketing Campaign which you can put in place in just a few hours.

Meet Your Teacher

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Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: let me ask you, how long have you had your online business? Whether it's your online store, your freelance business or a software that you're trying to bring to the public, how much traffic are you currently getting? Do you wish you could double the traffic and you also wish you could get more cells? Were part of the solution comes with influencer marketing and my already I know that obviously influenced remarketing is extremely powerful. You've heard it over and over again. However, there's specifics tactics you need to put in place in order to get the tops of results that you want. So part of the problem is that not all influencer marketing is created equal. Obviously, trying to reach out to influencer who's more of a blogger is going to be more challenging because they're going to want more money up front, then an account that's more based on a niche. And it's more of a passion account if you will. A lot of individuals I've hurt are paying as little as $25 a post. Now, Michael, in this class is to provide you with the exact strategies you need to put in place in order to double your traffic and get more cell. So I'm gonna walk you through specifically a campaign How you want to set it up. Some things you want to keep into consideration, whether it's having in place an affiliate system or, if you want to have these individuals review your product and what not so some of the things that you need to think about when you're setting up your campaign, and, most importantly, how to get the results you want. Because obviously reaching out to one blogger is not going to get you as much result as reaching out to 50. Blogger now and my seem super overwhelming, especially if you're one man or one woman show. But you can automate a lot of these things. You can also walk you through some of the software's or waste that I automated to make it a lot easier to manage. Alright guys, well, I really hope to see you in this class. We're going to talk about everything you need to put in place in order to have a successful influencer marketing campaign. But who am I exactly? Well, my name is Luna Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant, co founder of E Commerce Academy. Youtuber and podcaster have quite a bit of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses, helping them with their influencer marketing campaign and with their lead generation overall growth hacking. So I'm gonna provide you with up to date tactics. I know I have a clause that I published about a year and 1/2 ago, but these are all the latest tactics that were currently using in order to get great results and also some of the things that you want to keep into consideration when reaching out to influencers. Because, obviously, like I mentioned before, when you're reaching out to fashion influencers, it's going to be more intricate. So I'll walk you through all the following. Well, I hope to see you guys in class by 2. Not All Influencer Marketing is Created Equal: hi, guys. And welcome to this influencer marketing Wanna one class. So my goal here is to walk you through exactly the tactics you need to put in place in order to double your cell and increase your traffic. So your goal here is to drive traffic from these influencers, which you're going to be reaching out to so set up the campaign. I'm gonna tell you exactly the type of e mails and process you need to put in place in order to get as much results as possible in order to get more cells. So, first of all, let's talk about all different kinds of influencer marketing. Not all influencer marketing is created equal reaching out to an individual. So what I mean by that is like an actual bull augur is going to be a lot more expensive then perhaps reaching out to on each fend page. So what is the difference? Well, individual is like what I mentioned Blogger. So whether it's a travel blogger of fashion blogger, beauty blogger, etcetera, these individuals make a living being bloggers, so obviously they're gonna want to get renew Marais tid for whatever efforts are putting out there now offend pages are a little bit different from pages a lot of time are. Individuals were passionate about a specific topic. Let's say perhaps like they have often page about lions on instagram or they have offend page about traveling and what not? Perhaps they're a block, but they're just specific. It's not about them. It's specific on a on a topic. So these types of influencers are usually, ah, lot easier to reach out to. There are a lot more open to collaborating with brands, and you can pay them as little US $25 a post. Yes, I assure you, it sounds a little incredible, but yes, so that's why it's really important for you to really understand who you're niches and understand up, and they're sending really opportunities. So most brands make these mistakes, one reaching out to influencers. First of all, they don't properly research market opportunities. What I mean by that is they don't really understand who their niche, who their demographic is. It's something that I can't. I mean, you really have to spend the time and really understand who you're going after. A lot of times brands airway to general, and they don't really have an understanding of their demographic. So this is the problem Number one. And this is why they're not able to really reach out to the right influencers because you're like, Oh, well, um, in fashion, let me reach out to all these different influencers in fashion. What kind of fashion are you? Are you minimalistic? Are you, um, more sort of hippy chic, etcetera? There's all these different, subcategory within fashion, for instance. That's really important for you to really understand who you need to go after. So that's a problem. Number one, not really understanding your niche not are really understanding who your customer is then , obviously contacting extremely popular influencers. If you don't have budgets in place, it's not realistic. Unless you know these influencers personally reaching somebody you has over 100,000 followers and our blogger chances are they're gonna ask anywhere between 500 to up to 1000 proposed. That's those are ongoing rates. Um, and the other problem is, well, you might reach out to influences were really green. So now there's nothing wrong with green influencers. Actually, Ah, lot of micro influencers have really good reach. What you want to look for is individuals who have good engagement. So I mean, even though they only have 1000 are under a song as they have good engagement. People meeting people are commenting and they're having a decent amount of likes. You're gonna get decent results, right? But you need to make sure it's somebody who has experience working with brands. And if they don't, obviously you need to go to negotiate with, um so that you get the results you want. So I think there's like the two. The two extremes, right? So one, the extreme is like, obviously going after individuals who were really overly popular because you're thinking, Well, I'm gonna get from most from my book. Yes, you are. But at the Sea Marie A. It's really important to scale your business upright, so it's like anything you need to start small and refined your process. And from there, sir, reaching out individuals who are more and more influential. Now, the final thing is, most brands don't have a process in place, so they'll send an email telling influencer that they're interested in working with them without giving them much detail. The influence Little right back and then they might get pretty frustrated because, you know, first of all, the brand is assuming that the bloggers going to do it for free as a favor as a barter and they don't really respect our time. What is that doing? Well, that's, um, sort of No. I mean, it's not helping your brand because bloggers of really and the influencers in general, like they have a really sort of tight knit, and they talk to one another. So if your brand has about a reputation, chances are they're not gonna wanna work with you. So you really have to think as to what's in it for them. Put yourself in your in their shoes and really understand, um, how it can be beneficial for the both of you. So for influence their marketing to be effective first and foremost, you need tohave a specific promotional campaign. We're going to talk about the following our goal. My goal specifically in this class is to show you how you can double yourselves with influencer marketing. And to do that, you need to have a specific product that you're touting and you're having these influencers promoted for you. So that's what we're gonna focus on specifically in this class, you need to have a process in place. Meaning you need to have all your emails set up. We're gonna talk about emails, funnels that you need to send to influencers, obviously having all the links ready and image assets. So Link says if you are looking to do affiliate marketing, which I really recommend that you top into the following. Um, it's a practice that's been used more and more especially. I mean, we'll talk a little bit more in the next chapter about the following, but make sure that you have all the different image assets as well. If you want them to post specific images that and photography that you already have in place. And then you need toe. Also be really ah specific with your influencer selection process. So, like I mentioned, really understanding which niche you're going after and spending quite a bit of time. I mean, you want to have anywhere between 50 to mean up to 1000. Your goal is to try to reach out at least 50 influencers a day with the ideal. But I've here, you know, one. Then show her one woman show done tried to try to reached 50 influencers a week and make sure to try to reach as many influencers as possible and finally, the most important that you need to make sure you're tracking your results. So you need to have specific Curiel's for each of these for influencers and really get an understanding of how much traffic these individuals air bringing you and what not. And a lot of this can be done again with Jesu affiliate links. All right, so the next chapter we're going to talk about what exactly you need in order to set up your campaign. 3. Let's Set-Up Your Campaign: let's walk through what you need in order to set up your campaign. So first, it's important for you to define your specific goal for this class. We're going to focus and getting you more cells and higher referral traffic. So how can you do the following? You really need to focus on one specific product that you have available in your online store or, ah, I mean, if you're a freelancer, I mean it really depends. But trying toe Instead of having driving people to your website, you need to drive them to a specific product and to a specific page. So your goal is to get Lee captures. What I mean by that is either grabbing people's email addresses. We're having them specifically go on your site. So then later you can retarget them through Facebook ads, for instance. It's really important for you to have all these things in place because otherwise you're just throwing money out the window. So you're a goal when working with influencers is to tout a specific product. Let's say that, and I'm gonna give you an example on the next line. Not to worry, but let's see again that you're a watch company. You have the latest watch that you just came out with, and you've been getting quite a bit of positive feedback because that's the other thing. You really need to test that the specific product that you're touting is getting traction. I'm gonna give you a little hack that you can use in order to get an understanding as to whether or not your product is hot. Well, you can do is create a Facebook ad, a PPE So Pappu Spar Engagement ad. With that specific product just $5 a day, you need to make sure that you understand specifically which demographic to target. You want a demographic to be lessened without a 1,000,000. Sorry. And once you get the results, depending on how much post likes and comments you get, you'll have a good understanding of whether or not that product is hot. You might think something's hot, but it might not be. You would really important for you to test it with your audience. So we're going to do is pick a specific product in your store. Okay, then the second step is for you to essentially test it using Facebook PPE, ATS post per engagement. Make sure that you're getting traction just just such for a day. If it's a hot product, you're gonna get lots of people engaging. Now, Step three is essentially, you're going to use that product that specific campaign and have influencers help you promote it. Well, you want to get from them is testimonials. So product testimonials. So there's two ways of doing that. Product testimonials will require you to essentially send them a product so they can go ahead and test it. Someone that does a really good job with this is a skinny coffee so skinny coffee sends out to influence her there 28 week program and they encourage individuals to get them testimonials. And based on the testimonials, day will renew Berate influencers accordingly. So again, this really depends on your product war. A testimonial so useful. Well, because if blogger speaking highly of your products pretty much advertising, right, so it's gonna help drive more people. So the thing with testimonials a little more time consuming, your first goal is essentially to oops. Sorry about that is to get sales. So you're gonna post one specific post. Um, you want to also tell influencers that you're open to doing affiliate links. Now, this is tricky. Some bloggers, like affiliate, some others don't. I mean, it really depends on who you're dealing with, but I really highly recommend that you try to set up affiliate links without specific product in order for these and the visuals feel excited. So I'm gonna give you a specific example sunny clothing, which is a pretty pretty brand new clothing company. So they started out their demographic are college girls who are, I mean, I think it's it started out as like to leader girls, but essentially like college girls. They started out with, ah, selling cheerleading skirts, and they transition for the summer into having this bathing suit. I can say so. Essentially, they touted it where they were going to provide the bathing suit for free, having individuals for shipping and, ah, the following essentially went viral. So they also had the help of different influencers who essentially had access to this asset , and they asked him to post the following and so through word of mouth. This following post went viral. So in your case, how does it work? Let's say that you also have a bathing suit that you're wanting to tout. You're gonna have assets available for your influencer. You're going to email them. I'm gonna walk you through the funnel you want to put in place. You're going to email them in order for them to repost it. You're not. Ask him to just reposted for 12 hours, and if they do the following, then you can go ahead and email them the actual product. The reason I like to do the following is because it's a great way to see whether or not the influence or you're working with is serious for sending the product. And then you never hear back from them because there's a lot of fix out there. So you want to test out this method? This method is only not only just gonna help you drive people directly to the rear product page, so either they're gonna purchase, or then you can retarget dumb through Facebook Retargeting. Now it's important for you to have your Facebook pixel in place within your website. Um, Google that if you don't know how, it's pretty easy to set up, especially with Shopify. Ah, but make sure you have your pixel in place, and then you need to make sure that you have the specific hero of your product page as an audience within your Facebook. In order for you to retarget that in the future, right? Another thing you can do is having individuals give you their email address before they purchase this week and sent out, um, a Benmont cart email and try toe recuperate some of those cells. So these are sort of D tactics that happen after the influencer marketing campaign. Not to worry Allah, I'll walk you through some of that in the next in the last chapter. The goal is for you to pick one specific goals for your campaigns are easier to track and also so that your influences you're working with find it easier to follow through. So which is why if you're trying to get more referral traffic and get more cells, your goal is to really just focus on one specific product. Drive to that landing page where you want people to purchase or drive to an opt in capture where you're gonna capture email addresses. Okay, so make it super super simple for I mean, first of all, because then you're gonna get better results versus having driving people to your website and then they don't know what to do it next. Let's important for people to know exactly. Would subculture action what you want them to do? Etcetera. OK, so finding your campaign's focus, let's talk about different focuses. So what I just showed you was a give away free plus shipping, which is a method a lot of e commerce burns are starting to use. All right, so there's a little bit of a trick and a little bit of a hack and sew, known within a lot of e commerce on guessing let you in in it. But essentially free Plus shipping is when you tout a product as a giveaway, it's free. And what you're asked your in your community to do is to essentially pay for shipping. Now you're essentially doing is that you're giving them the item. Ah, wholesale, right. And then you're asking them to pay for the shipping. So let's say your item wholesale is 99. You're gonna ask them to pay 99 for shipping. So includes shipping post landing. So then, um, you can promoted as a giveaway, and it enables you to sort of break even, and it's a great way to essentially get word of mouth going and, um, create a campaign for people to start trying your products without spending a lot of money . Another thing you can do is affiliate program. So affiliate program again, you would tout a specific item. Let's say it's cells on your website for 13 99. Whatever it is, you're gonna give influencers of percentage of those cells. So, depending on how many cell they bring in, you're gonna give him a percentage. Shopify has a great tool that enables you to do the following it's called. It's called FC Lyari a Filiaggi. Look for it on Shopify so affiliate program, where you provide anywhere between 20 to 40%. Yeah, it sounds pretty high, but the more influential and influence there is you want to provide them with higher percentages. You can also do paid collaborations. So like I mentioned earlier, if it's a knish page $25 it's pretty standard. But again, if it's a blogger, Durga no want a little bit more, and the prices can vary anywhere between 100 to 1000 toe up 10,000 on you see, 10,000 for big, big, big guns influencers. You have a 1,000,000 plus, so keep that in to consideration. Right? So your focus, really? So you obviously you're gonna have to negotiate with Bloggers are different influencers, but your focus is first of all, understanding which product you want to promote. Just focus on one specific product, try to get emails out of it, or drive them specific to that product page. So then you can retarget them. And at least it helps use for his brand awareness. Um, which I would pick out of the stray. Just pick one specific focus versus trying to do it all here. I'm giving you different tactics. And then what you want to do is essentially negotiate with bloggers in order to, um I mean, essentially just I mean, first of all, they have to be excited to promote your product. They have to feel excited about the product. And then, um, just kind of go from there. So really, what's important here is keep it focused, keep it focused. Its gonna make all the difference versus and also make sure that you know exactly what your goal is, which is in this case is like I mentioned is lead capture. All right, so here I wanted to show you guys some pricing matrix to kind of give you an idea of where things are. So give away. I mean, like, I mentioned anywhere to 25 200 posts for 12 hours. These are all BC for micro influencers. Anybody who has. Ah, listen. 5000 I would say, um, four peters that are mourn itched. I mean, you can pay somebody who has 100,000 followers and paid them 25 again. You're gonna have to Not everyone's going to agree to this, right? So you have to negotiate, and ah, you have to respect. If people are not willing to do this, it's fine. There's plenty of other influences you can work with, which is why it's important for you to reach out to at least 50 plus influencers, whether a day or a week. Um, make sure you keep your options broad enough. So what I would do is well, was there participating? Make sure to send them a gift toe. Welcome gift for participating, and you can figure out a funnel in which you know, First of all, you ask them to post and if they post, you will give him whatever you agreed on, Tuffey. And then you can also send them a thank you gift and ah, ask them to kindly repost the following common practice. So something to keep in mind. Affiliate like I mentioned 20 to 40% until you commission, you can set it up with affiliate. If you have six Shopify, there's other tools available out there. Just look up affiliate program. And, um, like I said, many influencers don't nestle like pushing products to their followers. You don't like making cells, but again, it's on a case by case. So if you make the offer irresistible enough, I would be surprised to see the amount of influence resume. I be on board to doing affiliates, and I mean, they have to understand that affiliate game I actually might make more than you paying them a flat feet. That's something you have to make them realize is, well, rain p collaboration. This is when you really want them to take a deeper dive like give you a specific product review. You can incentivize it anywhere. 50 to 20,000 Embassy for big shots. So I gave you a breakdown. A sort of what the paying scale is like. This depends on industries, right? Like fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers there are very sought after, So they're gonna ask for more versus other Nisha's or other individuals who are a little bit more upon mine It. So I just wanted to put this together to give you an idea of all the different scenarios and for you to have a different ideas as well as to how much should be playing these influencers. So what kind of budget should you set aside again? Um, you really need to do this calculation less influence. So somebody who has lessened 5000 means that you're gonna have to reach out to mawr influencers. Right? So you're between 20 to 50 per month, for example, in order to really get the type of results were looking for. If they have more influence more than 10,000 then you don't need to reach out to as many people. So you know, you can do a rough calculation by simply looking at the slides, decide before and kind of figuring out based on what you want to do, whether it's collaboration affiliate went not like how that's gonna work out for you. I mean, if anything, I really recommend. If you're starting out, set aside $100 per month. Um, and do you know, just, like play around? You can do that with affiliate marketing used into a mix and just kind of figure out what works for you, but make sure that you at least have some budgets in place in order to do your marketing. I mean, there's a lot. There's a lot of companies out there who just don't want to put any advertising dollars, but, you know, realizing they're not our marketing dollars, but they're not realizing that's actually hurting their business. So, you know, in order to play an inner to, like scale your business, you do need to spend money and in marketing and advertising. So whether it's Facebook ads, even influencer marketing, so you know, you really need to get out of this mindset of like, No, I don't want to spend a diamond marketing. You do need to spend money. I mean, if anything, it's time as well. So it was just really keep that in consideration when you're scaling your business. And, like I mentioned individual pages. So we're fashion bloggers. Beauty blogger. Is there gonna be more expensive Dan fan pages? So again, look at different opportunities. You know, if your loss selling a watch, maybe you can reach out to travel pages. And again, you really have to see whether or not there's a correlation and how you can position it within the market. But try to be creative here, and you really need to think outside the box. So that's what's gonna really set you apart from the competition. All right, so the next chapter we're gonna reason we're gonna discuss how you can research influencers to work with. 4. Research Influencers: So let's talk about what you can do in order to research influencers to work with. You need to pick one niche at the time, so a research is extremely important looking at opportunities. So whether it's Google trends looking at specific keywords, you can also look at Buzz Sumo. But Sumer, What I love about it is that essentially, by picking at the specific keyword, you can have an idea of what people have been sharing. You can also look at um, some of the individuals who've been commenting. It just kind of helps you give you an idea of like potential opportunities within different seven issues as well, right? So really, being in really immersed in your in what you're doing and really understanding your customer. So, for example, if you're in fashion like I mentioned, what type of fashion is Vintage is a minimalistic, etcetera and within even vintage. You know there's wick odd. There is, Ah, I mean, there's so many different sub categories, so really understanding who you're reaching out to. So some examples of knish dad potentially could apply to your business, whether it's minimalism, Nordic design, if you're, um, to furniture selling furniture Nordic furniture, Obviously vegan, um, having it again if your health type company or I mean obviously need to be a specific specific within, um, and used to be very specific within the vegan community. So yoga. What specific type of yoga Lion lovers, if you're selling items that are for lion lovers, travel junkies except her out so well you're gonna want to do is ah, you know, do a research of all the different instagram hashtag So there's probably a list of instagram hashtag that you're currently using within your campaign. And, ah, you know, within these hashtag see who are the top influencers and see who's using them and start putting a list together. Of all these different influencers who apply for the specific Nishat talks, another thing you can do is, ah, using Facebook audience. So Facebook audience. The following is within the ad platform of Facebook. By putting a specific magazine, for instance, you can get on idea of different audiences you might want to reach out to, and this could give you a swell different ideas of potential influencers that you might never have never have thought off. So playing with the two really helps. Okay, so pretty self explanatory, right? So about just pretty much mining instagram, including different hash dogs looking at first of all how much the hashtag is used and then going through one by one, Getting a sense as to who these influences are. You can also look through the commenting because a lot of smaller influencers like to comment in, um, pictures of bigger influencers in order to get them start getting traffic to make sure you look at comments as well to, ah, to really find sort of your gems, if you will, cause some micro influencers are really, really powerful asset. And, um, often brands dismissed Teoh to look at them because, I mean, I guess they don't realize how much traffic that could intentionally bring to them, especially they have on audience that's quite engaged. Now, you also my wanna look at Facebook by just putting the key word. You can find different groups confined different communities. You can look as to who are the individuals who are, uh, participating in communities and ah, and do a little bit more research and understand whether or not these in thes air influencers that you might wanna collaborate with. Right, So the key here is due planning of research. So, Dad, I mining Esther Graham data mining Twitter as well confined quite a bit of influencers through Twitter. So doing the following strictly through hash dogs and really understanding all the different hash dogs that specific niece you're interested in would potentially be using another tool I really like is key holdout CEO. Um, you can get a free trial for, I think for 14 days nothing. They change your policy, but that can also help you quite a bit and finding influencers around a specific hashtag. And also like I mentioned, do a little bit of research on Facebook audience. So with these specific tools, you can you can find a decent amount of influencers. You might also want to do little queries where essentially you'd put a location. So let's say I don't know, l a plus, um, minimalist fashion blogger plus instagram. And by doing Google queries, you can essentially find different influences that way as well. So research, research, research, research. OK, so what are you gonna identify when you're looking for a different influencers? Well, like we mentioned what sir, niche are they targeting the audience? That could be your potential customer. Do they have experience? Yes, if they worked with brands in the past. Better for you, because they know exactly how to work a brand. And you'll have an idea as to, um Well, they're gonna have a better idea was to what they can give us for his results. And yeah, I mean, look at their creative sensibility as well. If you're if you're looking for them to do a testimonial whatnot, it's doing something that's a little bit more involved. Who is our audience? So does their audience qualify? Qualifies potential customer eyes. Their engagement so likes is one thing. But are people actually engaging? You need to, um, he didn't make sure that people are actually looking at the picture, and they're they're actually really engaged because, I mean, there's quite a bit of fig cancer M accounts Tuesday. So, uh, do you spend the extra time to, ah to make sure that they their audience is a true audience and, you know, by just reading the comments and making sure that the comments are not spend comment that's going to tell and give you good ideas to the table of influence. Or they are how many real flowers don't like I mentioned? You know, you just make sure that Ah, that you mean somebody can have 10,000 plus and they're only getting 100 likes than something's a little fishy, right? I mean, somebody who has 10,000 should be getting anywhere between 200 to 3002. Sorry, 300 likes, Okay, so make sure to look at the following. Um, how engaged are they? Like I mentioned are the commenting are the Commons that are relevant to what they posted? If it's just like, hey, all some rad, then usually those robots. So bots that are just commenting based on hashtag that they're finding and, yeah, do they have experience working with brands? I mean, you know, you can work with somebody who is pretty green. And even though they haven't worked with brands, you can give him a try. I mean, obviously you would negotiate. Um, you negotiate how much you're paying them back, but, you know, could be also a good opportunity for them for you to test them out. Especially if you like their content. And you think they're creative. So don't completely out rule people. But obviously, you know, if they're really, really fresh and they're very, very green like to waste your time, perhaps working with somebody else. So, you know, first key is research, So trying to be a specific as you can be, that's gonna make all the difference. And then once you've done sort of your first draft and have, ah, a list of potential influences to work with and refined that list and start highlighting individuals that you think might be a good fit for you, Right? So make sure that you ah, work with people the right match for suspend emailing everyone. Um, it's only gonna cause your frustration and ah, and it's gonna you're not gonna get the type of results you were hoping for, so make sure that you take the time to really refine those results. All right, so the equation to find qualified influencers, So yeah, obviously finding relevant influencers is time consuming, Which is why you definitely want to try perhaps to hire a V a to help you the following. But make sure that the profiles were mixed. You need to have Lou influence, moderate influence high influence. Um, so I mean, essentially, you know, low influence, high quality content. I mean, you want to make sure that these individuals have had quality content for the most part, right, and that they have engagement. But, you know, or you can start with just low influence influencer. And you're if you're doing your first since once for marketing campaign, See how that girls, and based on how ghost I know, you know, get him get individuals are between 5000 and 10,000. So, like moderate influence and just kind of work your way up. And it's gonna help you refine your process and get understanding award. Ever send what doesn't work. So keep that in mind. I guess So in the next chapter, we're gonna talk about it once for funnels why they're so important and how you can put that in place. Okay, so see, in the next chapter, 5. Create an Influencer Funnel : All right. So now you want to create an influencer funnel, you have an idea of the campaign. So you've set your objective. You also have a list of influence where you wanna work with now you need to create an influence or funnel. So what do I mean by that? And why do you need a funnel? Well, first and foremost, let's be honest. Influencers get bombarded with requests on a daily basis, so it's going to take for you. Couple follow up until you hear back from them and they also you need to familiarize them as well it with your brand. So overall it avoids all the back and forth, you know, so they can have a good understanding what you're looking to do. Um, what's your main objective? How they can work with you, how much you're gonna compensate them exactly. And it shows professionalism versus someone's like, Hey, I'd like to work with you, and then you're like, Oh, cool. Oh, yeah, This in that Ah, we're looking for someone to, like, help us out. It just doesn't show any form of professionalism. It shows that you're an amateur. If you're really but up, they'll making influencers more likely to work of you because it shows you've done it before and that you know exactly what you're doing. It also provides with influences of specific framework, like we mentioned. Your goal for this campaign will be to promote one specific post. So a product that you're trying to tout toe whether it's, ah special sell or give away or if you're trying to do affiliate with damn ex cetera out. So make sure that you're really specifically mentioning the following. So let's go through the funnel and what that looks like. So the first email you want to send isn't in true where you essentially tell them that you're interested in working with them. Tell him a little bit about your company and, ah, you know, you'd love to hear back from them to see whether or not they're interested in working with you. So this is keep it short, you know, and, um, see whether whether or not they're interested in, like the opportunity Dalam just a little bit, but not enough to kind of pick their curiosity. You're definitely gonna want to follow up, so you know your follow up emails need to be anywhere between three days toe one week apart . And, um, you tryto have anywhere between 1 to 3 emails. So three emails actually is most recommended. And, um, you can set that up using Mel Chin or other platforms pitch boxes, a great platform you can use to set the following is a little on the pricey side, but you might want to look into it. But anyway, so you want to make sure that you have the follow up in place so you can message these individuals either through instagram I personally like emailing them directly to your email because on Instagram, if they're not following you, is going to go on their mess, a message request and a lot of influencers get so many requests that, you know, check. That was so it's pretty much going into their spam folder and instagram around. So once you've done the following, then you, um and they say that they replied, Doctor, you and they say that they're interested. This is where you're gonna have a larger format. Email when you spell up is specifically the program. So if you're looking to do a post, tell them hey! Ah, awesome. left would love to work with you. We have, ah, giveaway that we're doing in a week. Um, here is the links of the speaking tour post. We'd love for you to post following on this day for 12 hours. Oh, we'll pay you x amount. So 25 or 100 whatever you decide based on their level of insolence. Or you can dio Well, you can do affiliate. So tell them and we'll give you affiliate based on how many individuals actually purchased this product and you told the deadlines. So make sure that they have all the information and done Tell him. Okay, if you're interested in working with us, just replied yes to this email, and we'll send you all the assets accordingly. So you know the response race is really going to depend on whether or not you're offers resistance double to them and whether or not they're interested in working with you. I mean, you can also talk that you're gonna provide them with the free product once, Dave, um, let's they've done this sort of first initial stage. Then make sure that they deliver, you know? So you definitely want to have a campaign last a little bit more than 24 hours. And, um, yes, it will make sure you follow up. Send anywhere again between, um 123 emails to make sure that they delivered the work. And, you know, it's just a matter of like, going through each of their specific accounts. And the king you have done the work and you have so keeping a relationship with them, so you might want to work with them again in the future. So this is what you need to keep in mind. You can also do bloggers. Kids have done that in the past. Ah, blogger skits essentially is when you have all the information repository of like, uh, a fake use, which you can have a link to a pdf that has all that if he cues us to when they're gonna get renew, berated and all that, so you can simply cool little link within your email. So this way again shows professionalism, shows that you worked of influencers, and ah keeps a pretty straightforward so but you want to make sure that you have a funnel in place because it's important for these influences to rally back to you and show that they're excited to work with you in order for you to, um, to get, I mean, essentially 22 for the work to get delivered. So we talked a bit about this already. But what's inside your email? So you need to make sure that they have an idea of what your overall brand value proposition is. What's your mission? Ah, what's the Brendel about? So they means for them to decide whether or not it's a good fit with your audience. The terms of the collaboration with specific feel you're expecting from them, whether it's affiliate or you're giving them specific gift or you're asking them to repost for you, etcetera. How much you're gonna pay them your of all campaign expectations. You want them to post within 72 hours within 24 hours, etcetera, and make sure you follow up. So, um, you know human terms as well, when are they gonna get paid? That's very important, because, uh, I'm sure you know that there's plenty of brands. You don't pay them accordingly, so make them feel comfortable, like make them show them that you're professional and, ah, you are gonna pay them and ask them for their PayPal or us and for the shipping address. If you're shipping them something, so it shows that you're serious and you're actually gonna you know, do what you said. And then I think you so I think you, like I mentioned earlier, is just a link with all sort of frequently asked questions and your answers so they can have an idea of how you work with influencers. So the key years to craft a compelling pitch, something that's going to get them a site excited to work with you. So put yourself in the influence for shoes. Why would they want to work with you? What's exciting about your brand? Um, think through the different collaboration options we talked about earlier. Affiliates versus Giveaway um vs collaboration. Keep it short and sweet. Why is your products so sexy? Why's your brunch looks sexy? Why would I want to work with you? And oh, yes, Oh no. Which product gets people excited and make sure that you're touting the following in order to get more cells and more traffic, focus on one product at a time. Don't try to do it all. Don't don't even try to just promote your product, do your website and getting people to your euro. Because then you're not gonna get to type of conversion you're looking for, so keep it super, Super straightforward. Only one products, OK? And I can't help too. I mean, yeah, that's so important. I just can't help to emphasize the following. All right, So keep in mind, don't expect bloggers to write back to you right away. Obviously, if you've sent three emails and you haven't heard back from them, holder Too busy, they're not interested. But, I mean, you know, try at least three times and give him a chance to reply back to you. Um, influences were bombarded with requests daily. So, you know, also keep that in mind if somebody hasn't replied back to its Not you in the world. Like, don't take it personally. And, um, you know, the offers irresistible from to them. They're gonna definitely reach back at some point. So, you know, this is business. Don't take it personally. And if you haven't heard back from them a big deal to strike again and, uh, you'll see what happened. Are you guys so in the next chapter, we're gonna go through a checklist of everything you need. I mean, at this point, you already have your emails in place. I mean, or just start working on your emails and all the different, um, different emails finals. We're just gonna go through a checklist of everything you need, and then the final chapter, we'll talk a little bit about retargeting because this is a very, very important Are you putting together a campaign? You know, you have all this fresh traffic that's coming to your side. They're getting clean it with your business. So a lot of people don't purchase the first time around. There's this big misconception. Oh, people gonna comment purchase for me? No. It takes couple interaction with your brand for people to actually purchase from you. So when you're driving traffic, it's important to you have retargeting, and I'm actually in shock issue. How many brands don't have Facebook retargeting in place? Super easy to set up. And it really helps your opportunity of having people purchase from you at some point. So we're gonna talk about that because this is extremely important for you to be able to get the most out of your influence in campaigns, especially because you put so much work into it. Alright, guys. So, um, see in the next chapter 6. Launch Checklist: so really quickly. I want to provide you with a launch checklist, which you can use in order to make sure you have all the assets needed to send out to influence. Or so the first thing is obviously having your instagram at image. Whatever product you want these influencers to promote, you can go ahead and have the ad image for them to go ahead and post, if especially if you're doing free plus shipping and whatnot. And it can be anything you know, with a caption that that mentions the fact that you're doing a special offer or just the image of the product in order to make your life easier, and for them to be able to just post it without having to wait for the actual garment to come in. So the reason I like to do it that way lately is because it's a lot more time if effective , and instead of waiting for them to post our own pictures, you can have them start promoting as soon as you give them the assets and go from there. Obviously you want to have a caption copy option for them as well, which you can tell them. They can alter it accordingly based on their demographic. But at least it's where they have a framework as to what to work with and hashtags you'd like them to use as well based on hashtag research that you've done making sure that the hashtags air you're using our hashtag that are being used for by your specific niche and that they're using these hashtag to fund certain products. Hashtags still work. Unlike popular belief, hashtag are great way to get your content discovered now. Any other branding assets So additional images or perhaps your logo? You just want to make sure that you have a Dropbox folder or Amazon, UM, folder available for them so they can go ahead and download of the following affiliate codes. If you're using Affiliate E. If you have a shop of by store, make sure that you've hot them, filled the following out so you have their email addresses, their people information so they can start getting paid as soon as they get their first referral traffic cells or promotional code. If you're doing a special promotion, so it's important for you to have all these assets in place even before you start reaching out to influencers so things can happen pretty quickly. And within a week or two you'll have all these influences on board and you can start your campaign, so it'll just make the process a lot faster. And that's why I wanted to provide you guys with this launch list. Obviously, you also wanna have the euro to the product you're promoting so they can go ahead and promote that for you. And this way is as soon as a post, you can double check the information, make sure that everything is good to go and, um, hopefully wait and see the type of referral traffic you'll be getting from each one of them when you're doing your all's. Actually, one thing I forgot to mention is that you might want to do different greatly your l's for each of the different influencers. This is a great way to track how many how much referral traffic each of these different influencers is bringing your way, and it will be a great way for you Toe haven't idea off who you want to work with in the future. So if you do that and then you also have affiliate links. You can measure these results and have a better understanding of the type of results each of these different influences is getting for you. So one last thing is make sure that you asked these influencers for their shipping address , especially if you've negotiated to send them the actual product once they've done the post for you. And yes, so I mean delivery checklist. Make sure that you have a deadline in place. So they know exactly when they have to post the image Senate email close to the deadline to check on status and make sure that they haven't forgot about you repost a content. So this obviously is only appropriate once they've posted their original content. So once it's posted the promotional content, which be sort of phase one of the influencer marketing campaign and you've actually shipped the item and then they re post de item. So whatever it is that you offered them, you know, whether it's a bracelet or a shirt but not ones, they're worrying it. And they're actually providing you of a testimonial than it's a great opportunity to repost content because obviously is gonna help us for his, like Brent credibility make sure to give D's influence for shot outs. And once everything is done, have make sure to send him a thank you email Teoh to thank them for their time. And also to really make sure that you're keeping healthy relationship with these individuals because you're Polly, want to work with, um on an ongoing basis, especially if you're getting good results. So it's important to keep their relationship cordial so they remember you, and they obviously have a good experience working with you. So this is pretty straightforward. I just wanted to make sure that you keep following in mind. So you're better organized when you're starting out your influence, your campaign and you have all your ducks in a row so you can go ahead and launch as quickly as possible because being, um, the extremely proactive and having the ability to launch a campaign pretty quickly is really gonna help you from a momentum standpoint. So make sure that you have all the following ready one. You're reaching out to influencers 7. Fb Retargeting & Abandonment Cart Emails: for this last chapter. I want to talk about the importance of Facebook retargeting and having an abandonment cart email process in place. Why is the following important? Well, because you're going to spend quite a bit of time and money reaching out to different influencers and getting referral traffic. This is your opportunity to grab e mails or, if anything, get Bren awareness and have people know about your brand and come back to you. So one thing you have to keep into consideration is that customers need several interaction before purchasing from you individual who will purchase from you right away. Let's face it, that's in one in five customers really happens very, very rarely. Therefore, it's important to for you to have this understanding and take this opportunity of whatever referral traffic you bring to your site to make sure you're gonna be retargeting them throughout. So think of it as dating the customer journey. The first step is brand awareness. So this the first time that this year, brand that date start diving a little deeper, understanding what is that you offer? The second step is Brent consideration. They might have seen your ads couple time and there's turn to think whether or not they might want to purchase something from you. And then finally, the hell ready to purchase. They've senior brands enough time, anywhere between 35 to 8 up, up to eight times that. At this point, they see something they really like. And I feel encouraged to purchase from you so and then, obviously at this point, once they've purchased wants from you, then there's an opportunity for you to convert these individuals into loyal customers. So, ah, lot of time. When it comes to influencer marketing, people are obviously spending a lot of time bring a referral traffic, but then they don't think about the customer journey. And what happens is that you're just pretty much throwing money down the drain. So how can you double your sells? Well, first and foremost, I can tell you through different experiences that I've had, that you're gonna recover at least 30% of your traffic by having Facebook retargeting in place and cart abandoned e mails. So, in order for the cart abandoned emails to happen, the individual should have already entered their email addresses, the sort of first step of the checkouts so their email addresses and their name. They've press submit, but they haven't paid. So once you have their email addresses, there's plenty of obscene profit per fi that enable you to get that information and go head and send them a reminder about what they forgot in the carts. And you consent about three emails that are spaced out anywhere between eight hours to 24 hours to remind them of what they have forgotten in the cards. The other thing you want to do is Facebook retargeting, so make sure that you install your fees book pixel, especially if you have a Shopify story. Following is pretty easy. If you don't have a Shopify store, do a quick research. Your Facebook pixel is essentially the pixel that Facebook uses for your specific advertising account, and while you want to do is when you're setting up your Facebook retargeting, so this is pretty straightforward. Essentially, you'll want to take the euro of the product pages that you're touting and create a custom audience based on that. So go to your custom audience section in the Facebook ad and make sure that you do. Web visit individuals were going specifically to that. You're also what This will be the your all of your product. And this is how you're going to be able to re target these individuals. So once you have enough traffic at this point because it takes about 2000 2000 plus, um, individuals to have come on your page for Facebook to actually start acknowledging acknowledging hit sorry as an actual audience. At this point, you can retarget them with another ad or with the same Odd doesn't really matter, and the following will be following them on Facebook. Ah, and also instagram. So whether it's like the right column, the news feeds and also on instagram. So make sure that you put the time to have all the following in place in order for you to be able to get at least 30% more cells than you would just through regular traffic. Um, so, like I mentioned, make sure as well that you have carte have been man up for anyone who was on their way to purchasing but ended up not purchasing. This is also a great opportunity to get a few cells. You'd be surprised as to how many cells you can get that way, especially if you know you really have a cute little email that really plays out to the emotional to the emotional, uh, hush McAuliffe. Sorry, guys, but yet to the emotional appeal of your customers. So make sure that you have the following in place. You can also do it with Mel Champ installing Mandrill directly with Shopify, you will be able to just add a Web hook and get all that information's, um, set up. So I mean again, this is a lot more technical, and unfortunately, I just don't want to go through all of this. It's gonna be it's going to be probably another half hour if I do so. If you have any questions, make sure at them in the common section, you can find a lot of this information by simply Googling. There's plenty of YouTube videos, so look for Card amendment APS for whatever e commerce, but from your using look for how to install a Facebook pixel and you'll find plenty of information on the following. I just want you to be aware that you need to make sure that whatever ads I mean, even if you're doing Facebook as or even instagram ads influencer marketing abs. Like any sort of campaign you're doing, you need to make sure you have the following in place, just going to make such a huge difference because essentially, you're building a relationship and you're you're taking advantage of the product of the traffic that these influencers or bring your way. So you want to make sure that you really catering to that. Because even when you have email, Upton's within your sight. You know, you really have to test how to get people to sign up. And it's quite a science in itself is well, I mean, I don't know what your current email Upton rate is. I mean, if it's less than 1% obviously you need to change it accordingly. But so this is why it's important to just have all this, because then you're not just email capturing, but you're also retargeting these users, which will make it much easier for you to game or brand awareness and start getting more customers. So again, this is absolute mandatory. You want to make sure that you do not through any of your marketing dollars down the drain . You absolutely need to do this. This is essential. And it's gonna make all the difference in your ability to double your cells. Alright, guys. Well, that's it for today. Thank you again for taking the time to go through my class. I really encourage you to go ahead and post any of the projects you're currently working on . Site can provide you feedback. And most importantly, you enjoy the class. Please provide a review. It helps me better understand what your needs are. And also other students who might be interested in the cloth. I really does make a difference. I really appreciate it. If you want additional information, you can find me all new vega dot Net. I also have a YouTube channel and I'm the also co founder of E Commerce Academy, which is a course platform specifically for fashion e commerce, businesses and start ups, where we teach about leak capture and overall digital marketing techniques in order for you to double your cells. Alright, guys. Well, had a lot of phone as usual and yeah, I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you're currently working on. I always love hearing from my students so good luck. I'm sure you're going to do a tremendous job. And I know that you're going to be able to get much better results. Not that you have to sound strategy in place and you have about our understanding of how you're gonna be able to reach out to these influencers. Alright, guys, have an amazing day or have an amazing evening to care. 8. Conclusion: Alright, guys. Well, thanks for watching this class. I hope you enjoy that. If you had a really good experience, please leave me a review. It really means the world. And it really also helps me get an understanding of the type of content you guys are looking for. Most importantly, I would love to see your project. So if you're currently working on something, please share it with the rest of the classroom and with myself. I want to provide you guys with feedback and help. However I can. So good luck of everything. Make sure to test as much as possible. Don't give up. It's very important to keep on contacting influencers day in and out to get the type of results that you want to get frustrated and continue on. All right, guys, take care. See you soon. Bye.