Infinity Scarf Fabric Wreath - Gift Idea or Home Decoration | Tyson Canty | Skillshare

Infinity Scarf Fabric Wreath - Gift Idea or Home Decoration

Tyson Canty, Inspiring Innovation and Imagination

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4 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • Wreath Creation

    • Quick Ribbon Tutorial

    • Add Ribbon to Wreath


About This Class

The Holidays are upon us. Need a quick gift idea or DYI home decoration using the current fashion trend, infinity scarves? I personally created an infinity scarf fabric wreath to surprise 12 close friends and family. Because nothing screams, "Gift!" like a table filled with gift bags with tissue paper, I used a simple wreath frame to disguise my 12 gifts. You can proudly display your infinity scarf fabric wreath on a door or an interior wall. 





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Tyson Canty

Inspiring Innovation and Imagination

Tyson loves to mix technology and creativity. Although she has a creative background with bachelor's degrees in Interior Design and Creative Writing, she found herself adding web design and graphic design to her skillset. Coming from three generations of educators, Tyson told herself she would NEVER teach, but has found herself in numerous teaching situations. She enjoys the teaching process and seeing her students come to their own "AHA" moment. "You never stop learning. The only ways to ens...

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