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Indoor Air Pollution - Sources and preventive measures to improve indoor air quality

teacher avatar Roohi Bansal, Entrepreneur & PhD

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Indoor Pollution Agent 1: Carpets

    • 3. Indoor Pollution Agent 2: Dry Cleaning

    • 4. Indoor Pollution Agent 3: Furniture

    • 5. Indoor Pollution Agent 4: Air Fresheners

    • 6. Indoor Pollution Agent 5: Incense Sticks

    • 7. Indoor Pollution Agent 6: Moisture and Pesticides

    • 8. Indoor Pollution Agent 7: Construction Material, Paints, Flooring, House Cleaning Products

    • 9. Indoor Pollution Agent 8: Candles

    • 10. Indoor Pollution Agent 9: Fireplaces and Furnace

    • 11. Indoor Pollution Agent 10: Radon Leak

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About This Class

Indoor air at your homes, offices, schools etc is 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoors. And on an average, we spend 90% of our time indoors. Therefore, you can imagine how much critical it is to combat this menace for our health and wellbeing. You will learn how and what are those common household items that are responsible for degrading the indoor air quality of our house. The course also includes suggestions on how to ward off indoor pollution by using some of the simple, inexpensive and natural preventive measures.

This course is designed to provide you a thorough knowledge about the ways to combat the increasing indoor air pollution.


Meet Your Teacher

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Roohi Bansal

Entrepreneur & PhD


I graduated in Biotechnology and later obtained PhD in Molecular Biology.

During my academics, I gained good knowledge in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology and cell biology.  

I am an entrepreneur and believe in life-long learning. 

With my passion for teaching and wealth of knowledge, I am confident each of my courses will help you in understanding the concepts of this wonderful field of science. I look forward to sharing my experience with you. 

Happy Learning! 

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1. Welcome to the class: very you think off air pollution. You probably think of things like emissions from big factories, power plants, cars, bikes and smooth. But do you know that Aaron does can be polluted to. In fact, here in your home school office is 2 to 5 times worse than the photos. I don't know. Hold that most of us spend 90% of the time in tools. You will be amazed and shocked to know about the indoor agents, which are degrading our enduring quality. The list includes and is not limited to your elegant carpets, furniture, pains, candles, house cleaning agents, construction material on good fireplaces, hand discourse. We will discuss how this household items are polluting the endure era on what can be done to reduce these emissions on need a handy life. 2. Indoor Pollution Agent 1: Carpets: carpets, New carpets. Doesn't that sound interesting? It should be. And why not? After all, new carpets give a new life on vibrancy to our homes on apartments. But you may need to be very cautious about their insulation cleaning on maintenance because of the health hazards on the indoor pollution that to bring along. But you may be wondering, How can carpet be reason for indoor air pollution? Then a new carpet is installed off casing happens. Ville chemicals are released from its denial, backing I from the glue that is used to hold the carpet to the floor. These chemicals have been found to have adverse effects on a health on Milito business. Her digs nausea, shortness of breath and asked, My like conditions. Carpets also actors reserve oil for Poland. Dark dust, more sports. Pesticides on other pollutants which may originate, endures or may be brought into the enduring moment from outside. Undoubtedly, this can be removed with effective and regular vacuuming. However, improper care on maintenance is a storehouse of diseases. In addition, the Children playing on these dirty carpets can come in contact with the contaminants on develop allergies. Moisture can get drub below the carpet that leads to the growth off molds and further the release off more sports in the endure ears. More skin caused respiratory problems and triggered as Tamar tax. Why should take the following precautions vile by on getting a carpet installed? Go for a green carpet or the carpet that has lower emission levels off volatile organic compounds or views? Is she was a carpet that is easy to maintain and clean. You should ask for a carpet that doesn't allow liquids to penetrate the backing layer, as in the majority of the cases, more stood happens in the moist area under the carpets. Before installation, ask the contractor toe, unroll on gear up the carpets outside, all in a velvet integrated place. Do not install carpets near places like fountains, pools all in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can be easily trapped below the carpets . That's providing a perfect heaven for the growth off more roads. Properly vented the space for at least 72. Asked with the new carpet is installed. Opened the windows and turn on the fans for 2 to 3 days after the installation to circulate the air. Politicians and chemicals out off your home 3. Indoor Pollution Agent 2: Dry Cleaning: dry cleaning. Dry cleaning setups are very common in cities and urban settings, and so is the pollution caused by these kind of activities. Dough. You may not be fully aware of this. These follow tents become a great hazard for your health and well being, owing to the nature on their resilience to natural degradation. Most dry cleaners rely on a compound called Parque Loro, Italy. All PC for dry cleaning your clothes. PC is an air toxin that has been identified as human carcinogen, a cancer causing agent. Exposure OPC can cause skin irritation, dizziness, headache, liver and kidney problems. Chronic exposure can lead to novo system. Damage on can result even in debt. Here are some of the precautions that you can take to combat the health hazards caused by dry cleaning. The solvent used to dry clean your clothes continue to off gas for more than two weeks from the day the clothes were dry cleaned. One of the biggest blunder that we do is to put them directly in her bedroom closers without a second thought. So imagine yourself spending nice quality time in your bedroom, along with this invisible clout off the dry cleaner solvent for more than two weeks and that two foot 7 to 8 hours every single day. To avoid this dry cleaning meanness, put your dry, clean clothes in a place where you and your family don't spend much time, and the place has access to a good ventilation. This will ensure that off guessing doesn't create any health, has it? Ideally, these clothes should be used after two weeks of dry cleaning. 4. Indoor Pollution Agent 3: Furniture: whole funny, too. Yes, your new furniture could be certainly poisoning you on your family by releasing chemicals on integrating the endure air quality and his ifs and presents using making pressed wood products amid toxic chemical called formaldehyde. Some examples off pressed wood products that we interact with in a daily life can be hardwood plywood paneling used for making decorative, all covering on cabinets or a particleboard using self flooring shells on Funny, too. Or it can be medium density fibreboard used for making George Prince and furniture tops exposure. So this has our desk for melody. Height can pose serious health concerns for your dear ones. It can cause breathing problems. Irritation of skin, eyes, nose and throat. Exposure to higher levels of formaldehyde can even cause cancer off nose and troop release . Our formal de hide decreases with time. Therefore, a newly constructed or a renovated house has higher level of formaldehyde during summers. The emission of formally hide is comparatively more than any other time off the U. You should always keep certain point does in your mind while buying any new furniture for your home. Pray for solid wood for need to over the press. Would products ventilate the room properly so as to air out any hazardous chemicals released by your new? For me, too? Buying high quality gently used furniture can be another good option as the emissions decreased with time. 5. Indoor Pollution Agent 4: Air Fresheners: here. Freshness. Have you ever considered that everyone mind parting and order masking air fresheners can emit a range of potential? Has are this air politicians? These freshness really freshen the air majorly. They work by masking the orders either by artificial fragrance, all by impeding your sense of smell by secreting a no turning agent or by covering your nasal passages with toxic chemicals. In very rare cases, they actually neutralize the offensive. Ordo. The ingredients off your freshness are largely undisclosed ingredients listed at typically general or neutral sounding ones such as fragrance, essential oils, water, organic perfume, all quality control ingredients. How do you hear freshness affected? Hint. Air fresheners are known to emit volatile organic compound benzene, xylene, Xilin and even tell. It's from health Point of view. These chemicals are known toe. Have adverse effects on your political cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive immune and endocrine systems under also known to be associated with cancel. They can also aggravate s tima and allergies Didn't various natural vase that can be used to replace these artificial air freshness for a clean and refreshing in war mint, for example, opening of windows will disip it any bad order and freshen up the environment off your home . Similarly, natural spices like cinnamon. Our clothes, along with water for half an hour can naturally make your house to smell good. Vinegar and baking soda can be placed in those places there. There's bad, Odo. They're excellent. Order. Absorb intense. Placing a bunch of fresh flowers in your room can fill it with the pleasant fractions. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray border filled with what? Oh, spring. The solution. Any time. Anywhere to freshen of the surrounding ambience, make sure that you perch your garbage on other vest on a daily basis to avoid any unwanted smell in the house. For though, you can put some Citrus peels down the garbage disposal to neutralize the Bardo. 6. Indoor Pollution Agent 5: Incense Sticks: intense sticks are other. But these if you're used incense sticks to make your home smell better off for religious purposes, then you might want to reconsider using them after knowing their side effects. The gas products released during burning off these sticks include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Incense burning is also known to produce toxic compounds like Vo Ces, benzene, xylene and Xilin. How do these compounds are? Hesitate to our health. Carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin much more readily than oxygen does, reducing the blood's capacity to transport oxygen in case off low concentrations. Inhalation of carbon monoxide can lead to headache, dizziness, weakness and nausea, while higher concentrations can even prove to be fatal. Incense sticks, metrical skin allergies s Tima respirator diseases knows I entered meditations. Chronic exposure to incense sticks me, even lead to neurological cardiovascular problems and even cancel 7. Indoor Pollution Agent 6: Moisture and Pesticides: Why shouldn't best decides more than a type of fungus that thrives in moist and warm conditions? It is a necessary evil, which is very much required in our ecosystem and yet can be a cause off serious health concern for us more than responsible for breaking down organic matter like fallen trees, leaves disposed of vegetable peels on Does are good if outside, but not then present inside their homes. Warm and moist conditions are required for the group. They can happily trade if the humidity level is above 50% in our homes. Plumbing leaks in the roofs and walls seeping off groundwater to walls and basement floors . Daily activities like shoveling, cooking and laundry when clubbed with improper on poor ventilation can lead to accumulation off moisture in your home and dust, making it a perfect breeding ground for Morse and other microorganisms like bacteria. This problem for the aggravates if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or unaddressed , Morse can grow happily below your carpet if there is much to health hazards associated with indoor mold, Goat include allergies, sneezing, running nose, red eyes, skin rashes, dizziness, headaches, s reminder tax. Moreover, immuno compromised people and people sensitive to moles can get serious lung infections when exposed towards. Let's look at the various ways to prevent more growth in our homes. Keep humidity levels in your home as low as you can. Preferably 50 was interlace. Drop of insulation should be there in your homes. Make sure your kitchen on bathrooms have exhaust fans. If you're using humidifiers, make sure to clean them according to the manufacturer's instructions on Change the water on a daily basis. Fix any leaks in roof walls. Are any plumbing to award accumulation off moisture For more stool group, Make sure your carpets are dried properly and there is no my stay below it. Do not install carpets near pools, fountains that are prone to absorbing noise too properly clean and dry. Bathrooms and kitchen regularly clean and disinfect basement. Insure that there is probably ventilation in the basement and crawl spaces. Pesticides can be another source off. Endure air pollution. Since antiquity best serve wrecked havoc by causing diseases. I'm supporting our food. Even today, we use various chemicals at our homes to control pest insects on Jordan's, while completely overlooking the fact that they're actually toxic to us as well. studies have shown that are 80 was an exposure to pesticides is from indoors than outdoors . Exposure to pesticides. Me cause I nose and throat irritation can damage center lower system and the grind system, liver and even kidney. It can also lead to an increased risk of cancer exposure, so these follow dents can prevent it by applying pesticides in the recommended concentration on using them. As for the manufacturer's directions, if there is any need to make, so die new pesticides, do it outdoors. Increase and elation by using them. Keep your house dry, clean and properly ventilated toe over it. Best use natural ways. Make plants that the insects are best. Rep. Lind 8. Indoor Pollution Agent 7: Construction Material, Paints, Flooring, House Cleaning Products: construction materials, pains, flow rings and house cleaning products in building construction materials like cement floor and ceiling tiles. As first, Ross is extensively used as an insulator. Onda fire system or interest properties off thermal resistance on fiber strength, as Bastos, then inhaled, can cause lung cancer mesothelioma, that is, a cancer off 10 membranes that lines just and abdominal. It can also cause as best sources, which leads to scarring in the lungs that can, for the elite to long term breathing problems. Hair on the vase to prevent health hazards costs, whereas the stores try not to disturb the structures containing Esposito's if they are in good condition. Asbestos fibers are only released when an asbestos containing material is disturbed or damaged for your dick. Check should be done to look for any variant here in the S mistress containing material. Always seek professional help in case off remodeling and repair mint doh many countries have banned using Esposito's. Still, it is using construction materials on as an insulator in other heating equipments. The next indoor pollutant are paints Hazare, one of the major contributors of uses in our homes on the result of off gassing can happen for weeks after room has been painted. Majority off the off gassing happens during and after the painting project is complete. Being fuels Milito, dizziness, headaches, nausea, skin allergies, s tima, memory impairment, fatigue and disorientation. Long term exposure. Millie to damage off kidneys, liver and cancer as well. Follow these steps to save your dear ones from the indoor pollution caused by pains. My choosing a paint asked for a brand that has low or zero boc emissions. These things also have an added advantage off dry anger quickly than the standard boots. Adequate ventilation should be insured during and after the painting project is complete. Don't my paint in the bulk buy as much is required for the current phase of the project. Open containers off pains All maintainers should never be left indoors in case of renovation. It is advised to first paint on air of the house before installing carpets and curtains. This is done to avoid chemical fumes getting trapped inside them. Flooring are also one of the factors responsible for degraded indoor air quality. I mean, I flooring Czar opted by many off us because off their durability, versatility on economical trace. But maybe we're completely overlooking the most important aspect our health, their number of environmental concerns regarding the use of in I shooting from installation to disposal. The and history is used in the installation Contain S. Bastos and release of uses Re nine flooring. Also release tell its which are added to provide the required flexibility tell it's are known to cause reproductive and respiratory health problems. Renai flooring can last for 10 to 20 years. It is non biodegradable and can be recycled. Therefore, even after disposing, it continues to be an environmental menace. Endure air pollution caused where these drawings can be avoided by opting for non toxic and environmentally friendly options. Always make sure the space is well ventilated for several days, all preferably weeks after the installation has been done. House cleaning products are also culprit when it comes to endure air pollution. Cleaning off our homes is essential for our good health. But do you know many of the house cleaning products like the Trojans dishwashing liquids release videos is that can cause adverse health effects as a precaution? Always make it a point to read all the labels on cleaning supplies on household products before buying them. She was. Products that do not contain all have reduced amount, so Vo ces fragrances on evidence. 9. Indoor Pollution Agent 8: Candles: better off in candles and scented candles. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum based part off in Vex and when you born them, these release toxins like benzene Darlene Formaldehyde as a tell the height are Caroline and suit in the air that we breathe. In fact, Docks is released from paraffin. Vex are similar to does produced by burning diesel fuel. These are known to be causing Noten's so it is a product off incomplete combustion off carbon containing fuels, especially petroleum based. Soon particles produced by the burning off a candle can penetrate the lungs and can cause respirator diseases like S Mom frequent burning off candles can lead to stained walls and upholstery and can even lead to black deposition off suit on your home's ventilation system . Follow the GPS study states that scented candles produce more suit than the unscented. Once most of the scented candles on made off better fin vax, these candles use synthetic fragrances that m word dangerous, volatile organic compounds in ill These candles may trigger allergic reactions. The symptoms may include itchy and watery eyes, headaches, blocked nasal passages, skill meditations and Esmael like conditions. So let's look and the various alternatives available for these better off in vax candles. One alternative can be these vague scandals. These X candles burn cleaner than the paraffin candles, though some people and companies claim them to relieve the negative ions. That can help to verify the air, but there is still no scientific evidence that can prove it. But how do these negative lines work? These negative ions, if President in sufficiently high concentration can help to clear more sports. Bacteria viruses smoke Poland's dust pegged Anders and other religion particles from the ill. The negative ions attacks themselves, so these airborne particles, which are positively charged This makes these allergic particles too heavy to remain airborne and make them fall on the ground that can then easily be cleaned. This is how via sip from inhaling these allergic means floating in our indoor environment. High concentrations off these negative fines can be found in a variety of natural places and even like waterfalls, forests, mountains, beaches and after a thunderstorm, even though there is no scientific backing for the production of these negative vines by the bees ex candidates, but for show these can be a good alternative to the Paterson Vax scandals. The another alternative can be Himalayan salt lambs. These lambs are made by placing a lightbulb inside the large chunks off him. Alan being sold. These are also claimed to improve air quality by releasing negative ions into the environment, but similar to bees vex. There is no scientific evidence to back this assumption, but these two can be a good alternative to Paris in candles that emit toxic chemicals in the ears. 10. Indoor Pollution Agent 9: Fireplaces and Furnace: fireplaces on guest fullness is one of the biggest reason for indoor pollution. In our houses are the poorly ventilated kitchens and fireplaces. In such a set up, the toxic guesses get trapped inside the house and lead to a degraded air quality. Apart from poor ventilation in complete conversion, off fuel is another major reason for the lack of quality in your ear in complete conversion , either in fireplaces are gas furnaces, release carbon monoxide nitrogen dioxide on particles for the chimneys at a club and are working with our proper safety measures. Vent these gases into endure spaces. These guesses on emissions are a big concern for the health and well being off you on your family. Carbon monoxide, when inhaled, enters bloodstream and buying so hemoglobin to form carb oxy hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the cells and then carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin. It is unable to buy into oxygen, thus reducing the amount off oxygen to be delivered to the cells of the body, creating high poxy condition. All carbon monoxide poisoning in the body and higher concentrations. Carbon monoxide can lead to headaches, memory impairment, hearing loss, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, irritation, headaches on proves to be foetal. If the concentration is very high nitrogen dioxide, it is a very pungent smelling guess. Vigil inhalation causes irritation in eyes, nose and throat viol. Exposure to higher concentrations can lead toe shortness of breath. Respiratory infection on lung diseases. Particles are released when there is in complete conversion of the fuel. These particles, when inhaled, can cause irritation on damage to the lung tissues. There's certain things you should keep in mind to prevent endure air pollution caused by fireplaces on guest witnesses. If possible, go for a vented appliance. Proper ventilation is required to reduce the amount of politicians in the endures. Installing on using exhaust fan over the gas stove helps to replace the polluted air with the outside fresh air routine. Annual cleaning off your venting system on fire please is essential as the dirty leak. It uni on venting can result in fireplace pollution inside your home 11. Indoor Pollution Agent 10: Radon Leak: but I don't. Redon is a radioactive gas listed by E. P A. As the second leading cause off lung cancel. It is responsible for approximately 20,000 lung cancer deaths every year, on the second only to smoking. EPA even estimates that nearly one out off every 15 homes in US has elevated Radan levels. Here. The question arises. How do we get exposed to read on? They don't guest naturally occurs in the ground. Cracks in the foundation walls all basement off your home on departments may allow it to enter into your home through suction like process. The every show inside your home is comparatively low, then the air pressure below the ground. Because of this pressure difference. Your Home X like a vacuum sucking Radan out off the ground and moving it up food into the living space through these cracks and gaps. The gas is then trapped inside your home. Very it can build to dangerous levels. The quantity off Radan is much higher in our homes as compared toa outdoors. The outer level is very dilute as compared to endures to cause any serious health concerns . How does their don't effects our health inhalation? off redone doesn't show any immediate effects. Long term exposure to Redon radiations can damage Tienda does, increasing the probability off getting lung cancel. Recent studies have also suggested association offered on with other cancers like leukemia cancel do dough dont exposure may even take several years before the effects become happened. Now let's discuss the vase to get rid off this harmful guests. Since this radioactive gas can neither be seen, smelled or tasted, it requires a special test to know if your home has a Redon Lee. You can test the radar level at your home, but using the I like it, which is readily available in the market and then, well, the results to the Redon labs to get the proper and dances according to EPI. A. If the level off Radan is four PICO curies per liter or higher, immediate action should be taken to reduce that adorn levels at your home. First and foremost, you should seal all the cracks and fractures present in the foundation floors and walls, and even the water system, inlets and outlets. Because redundant, enter into your home through groundwater as well. This will prevent a dawn guests from seeping into the home on reduce the concentrations in the endure ears. Proper ventilation is also very crucial for reducing the return levels and sure that several windows are open at the ground on basement levels off your home or office because these levels are close to the ground, the source off Redon. In addition, upper levels off your home should also be ventilated so that there is airflow through all the space as increased. Their floor also reduces the concentration off redone.