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Indonesian for Beginners (A2) - Part 4 (Vocabularies 193 - 258)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. In the Office

    • 3. 2. Doing Business

    • 4. 3. "Additional" Structures

    • 5. 4. Travel II

    • 6. 5. Feelings

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the Indonesian language for Beginners Class: Level 2 (A2). This is the partĀ four of the class.

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: highs. Everyone working to the munition for dinners level to a In this class, we're going to learn munition language as basic level. This is the park for the class. My name is our one and all of your twitter in this class. In this class, we're going to Langlands and language by repeating lots off prices. The first of two seconds off a collector will be faced by vocabulary. Then follow it by loss off prices on grammar materials. Inside electorate 45 of this class is about understanding gamma materials. I put it as a fortified class at the end of the class. High hopes you get your I look forward to meeting you. 2. 1. In the Office: in the office. Part one e mail siamo Solicit butter email Any result off the books Sell, assign sell Asadi means the action is completed when it issues before book. For example, sell aside butter means to finish reading. If the action completion marker Sudha it's needed in the sentence. It should go before Sally Sally and after the subject. For example, Suda Celeste Men on film I have finished watching the movie sentences. Examples. Siamo Saleh. Sorry, Butter email any I want to finish reading this email. Celia Cell aside, but contract I finished reading the contract Saya Salazar Minorities Document. I finished writing and document email. Good track, Celia Celia Sigh but contract Stella Sorry. Document. Celje Sudha Salus I batta Document Doku Men Celia Celia Sigh Bacha email Sawaya Celeste Minimalists De Bois Document the Suda Salazar Minimalist IGA contract Saya A consul aside. Minimalist Email Any Celia Selous I bacha Document saya Sudha. Cell aside, Minimalist contract Any dia Sudha Cell aside. Manolis email it to saya. Did Axl aside? But a contract Celia aka Selous I. But your email saya Salazar Minimalist contract. Any dia Salazar Minimalist document. Any part two member. What? Celia, I can remember. Wadia Document member What Dia Akin Member wasa contract to based on Dicks. It's a Miss Celia. Come here. Him under with antics. Dia did bacterium sire Based on text. Get him Dia A can member wasa contract saya aca member were under document Any under deduct here in Celje? Email. Epoca Under Visa member Was I a computer saya a can tear India email getting SIA v Securing under Based on text Dia remember what? Celia Document the a Mao getting SIA email Sawyer Back and Member were under contract to Sire. I can kill him under the sun picks Celia, remember what? Dia document to part three Bullpen Celia Many Moken Bullpens area our business Celia Minimum Local doctor Business DIA Got to dia Minima can contract It'll dia minimo con Bullpen Celia Diduck Minima Can Bullpen Ito Saya Minimum Agan Car Business Seba Bullpen Celia Minima CA Seba Bullpen Celia Arema Email Saya arema After business Rima Salyut Arema With context Under Sire Many Moken Carter Business too Arema Celje Very my email Saya Diduck Minima Can bullpen Ebola Bullpen Saya Arema Carter Business D a mini mecum dwork arto business dia Arema Carter Business Any 3. 2. Doing Business: doing business? Part one clien Atticus. I forget Indonesia, Celia, but the client Gatica plus the moment or event Gatica is used to express doing something at a certain moment. It's similar to win in sentences like When I waas young. Simply place the moment or event after Gatica. The structure is Atika plus the moment or event coma subject plus verb plus object, for example, that because I about your email dia that when I was reading the email, he came sentences. Examples because I forget Indonesia. Celia Burton, Italian. When I go Tunisia, I meet the client Katica boast the counter Sayah in Badia contract. When the boss is in the office, I bring him in the contract. Titicaca McCune a part time one. Celia. Did that happen? I mean, what gangland Taliban When we are having meeting, I can't make a phone call. Glad Ian. Both they take a most the country Celje in Badia contract. Both Bouna birth them one that take a commie Poona. But the moon SIA pack member Angolan Taliban Because I upon a person wanting and client Celje deducts Alizai Bacha contract. That's because I forget to Indonesia SIA birthday McCleon Milan Kucan Burridge Alan in Business The Messiah Milan Kucan Business Celia Arema email Both Getty Cassata, Melaku Can Gallon on business Celia Birthday McCleon The T cassava, juniper, time Wounding and client Celia Very Muppets Antics ditty Castalia, Melancon Purge Ellen and business Both a concurring Celia Syntex Bouna Birth them one Titicaca Me pulling apart in one Celia, Selous, I but your email Atticus Alia Malek Acampora, Jelen and business So yet the remark contract They take a bust The counter Siam in Badia contract Part two Celia Salus I bacha Document Levy The Who? The moody in Kami Poona that them one express sequencing events That would be the who means do something at first Oh, firstly and that the moody in means then after that So the structure is used to express to events happen in sequence. There is normally a coma before the moody in two separate two events to send or different subjects can be used in this structure. In the first half, off the wall sentence the phrase is placed before that levee The who in the second half off the wall sentence the fresh ISS placed after a moody in for example Celia Melaku can Dylan and missed Mr Levy The Who? The Moody and SIA birthday move Alien. I go on a business trip first, then I meet the client sentences. Examples Celia Salus I bought a documentary. Let me know who the moon dia una them one. I finished reading the document first. Then we have a meeting Sonya Malala who can per gallon. And this Mr Levy Who? The movie and Celia. But they moved in. I'll go on a business trip first. Then I meet the canyon. Celia Melaku can per gallon and miss Mr Lameda. Who? The Moody and SIA Birthday. My client. They're living in the who Saya care India email Karlovy the Who The Moody And so I remember were under document Saya ticktock Document There'll be the who the movie and SIA move Bush Salomao Minimum you can contractor Let me the whole Ooh, the movie and SIA back Document Jetpack Sayah in Badia bullpen Let me the who The Moody and Sire contract Saya Chetta contractor Levy the who? The Moody and Comey una worked them One saya Quetta document led the whole Ooh the moody in SIA Salin contract Salin Document Salin Celia Salin documentary Libyan The Who. The Movie and Celia Birthday McCleon Mahmoudiyah Saya Birthday move Boster Living Who? The Moody and SIA Melaku Dallan and Business SIA Una Burke Tim Want Led the Who, The Movie and Birth Document Celia Documentary Libido. Who? The movie and Sire Salin. Document. Saya Minbar Boss, Contractor, Lady Who? The movie and SIA Una one boss. Sawaya Bachmann There'll be no who The moody and sullen contract Sawaya Melaku can put Dylan on business Lobby The Who, the Moody and SIA Birthday My client. 4. 3. "Additional" Structures: additional structures. Part one on the Peru Happy the media Dia Taro, Document the at sea Boss Ero Contact the computer The tarot card business DEA D c me Sayako ! Taro Bullpen the something computer Carol! Sonya Taro Document Di Sana Clarion Taro Contract Destiny! Di Sana arou d Sana Sarria Peru Document Di Sana The tarot Major League upon Corsi Boast are happy to see me. The Atar bullpen The Sana! I'm that battle computer! The last major Sorry! A taro document The contract under Taro Happy the defendant's computer. Dia Taro Happy the Seaney Italian contract Deborah Cumplir part two Sawaya. Remember what one father being moody Subject verb object plus Cape Arda plus somebody Kapadia could be used in this structure. Kapadia issues is a proposition, meaning to and somebody is the shape of the object. In this case, we all floating the ob detain GIs from one place to another. The structure is subject plus the plus object plus get bada plus somebody, for example, Dia Member, our Lokman Celia. He brings the document to me. Cendant is examples, Celia Member one Bada bang and Moody. I bring the money to the driver Sawaya. Very hadiya cabana. I give the gift to my girl for Sonya. Very bullpen. Fonda Woo. I'll give the pen to the teacher. The ah, remember, What are your guru, Sire? Member were contract boss Hadiya. Celia. Very hadiya Fonda Ataxia dia. Mary Muna. Boss. Contract contact. Sorry. A very pull pin compatible guru. Sonya. Very Haniya. Padania, Sawaya member were happy. They Prada Bush, the Mattera member. What business? Khalfallah. Doctor. Dr. Member Over. Capanna. Celia. Leah. Very computer Bada in sin. Your Salyer Berry Hadiya had a guru Sayako Taro Hadiya Destiny Sawaya member Walk upto business. Kapadia Italian. Look there, member. Oh, but yeah, sire. Very Haniya. DePina actor. Part three Sarria de duck. The hell on a separate. The acted A long and happy. Did he London Young on Rustaq. Dump it. The essential differences between affixes books and without the world. Bauer is a base work off to bring and also from member. What both mean to bring? What's the difference? The difference is the based world is usually used for daily conversation. Informal, but just Celia Guardia, Basil Sarria convert a boob, a stock dieteman and only used in simple graham a sentence with this subject plus a book plus Object Compliment. On the other hand, wipes that has Bean even after Axis name Bowa can be used in simple and also complex sentences. Can be as wraps and can be as object like Sorry, Asuka Member Data Boo boo! I like reading books or the example Saya bird flu tell a fizzy wouldn't took men. Anton. I need TV for watching. For simple sentences. Please use Celia non lfc Camerin. I watched TV yesterday affixes Wolf's also tend to be polite. Formal in speaking. Additionally, a vote after Yangon should use based would, for example, down on Rustaq Computer, Young and Bawa contract and so one. Sawaya Diduck, Cahill on a computer. Glusac Little Suck Italian Diduck Came along and gone back. Sarria, Diduck, Sonya Diduck Get Along Sarria Deduct Hilleman Bonding Celia German Boa Contract Kepa, Italian Celia Diduck, Marrow Suck Hadiya, John Carter Business This any Sonya Young and Rustaq Computer. John Rusnak Happy Tommy The Duck. The longer Document 5. 4. Travel II: travel to part one Now see going We're Bintan a pack of end up there Enough Not can not see going Jakarta Express experience with Berna Berna is used to express the an action has been experienced in the past. It is similar with ever in English. The structure is subject plus Berna plus vote plus get Not this It is not identical to the past tense in English. It simply indicates whether or not the action has happened before. For example, Sarria Martin Apple I ate a pills saya Sudan Martin Apple said Luna have eaten April's before sentences, Examples A pack A under Berna not cannot go in Jakarta. Have you ever eaten? Got off, right? Rice Alpaca under Berna Me number. Have you ever drunk White spirit? Sonya Balloon Berna Minimalist calligraphy. I haven't written calligraphy. Sorry. A pseudo matter. Nothing going Jakarta. But enough. A pack of under enough minimum. Been time Saya sued Amino Billington better owned l Londell Jakarta Colleague Raffi A pack of under Purna mending Arkan under under Jakarta Sorry, A Sudha Manolis Calligraphy Surya Sudha McCann. Nothing going, sire. Balloon Minimalist Calligraphy, sire. Balloon me number Meantime soluble Umar Khan. Single in Jakarta Saya balloon Purna Indonesia Saya Sued Amending Acton Bundle Bundle Jakarta Saya balloon Manolis Calligraphy Alpaca Under Berna My new lease Calligraphy Sorry , a balloon Manolis Calligraphy part two Saya Purna Indonesia Tyga Cali Saya Purna Indonesia Cali Saya Sudha McCann Nasi goring arca I saw your picture building Can Sangha honey saya peaker Barre Bintan Santa Honey Saya picker Under Under Jakarta Sang Gartman Eric Saya picker Mona's song that Minarik big here I saw your picture Been tongue sandwich, honey Saya deduct picker on the under. Jakarta on me Surya Sooner Martin Nasi goreng Jakarta Do a collie Surya sued Aparna Surabaya Satya Kali Saya Suderman Lumpen phylum. Any Satya Kali Sire. Picker Calligraphy Sangha, Chantix Seikaly Science with a minimum. Been big Akali calligraphy sang at Minarik. So you're a speaker on the under? Jakarta sang at Munich. So you did a speaker on the under Jakarta on me Part three saw yesterday Makin same Wanya d a taco. Same Wanya d a soda Berna. Good. Some want them but SIA Tata who say more or on D C cola? Yes, with the Indonesia Saya doctor who see a posse Oppa de Surabaya Bahu Celia in a Tahoe. Apapa, the Tahu Simona Dia! Did Asuka Sabathia under beside that Indonesia happen happen in the initial every first of any question words upper upper happen Happen. See a posse. APA can be used in any Blustein. Oh, plus time or plus body with additional same works following it, for example. Idea who? Upper upper. He doesn't know anything. Celia Who? The Surabaya. I don't know anybody in Sarava under the SAR that Indonesia happen. Kappen. You can come to Tunisia any time, etcetera. On the other friend. Same Wanya means everything. Same what them but means everywhere. Or if replaces someone or on means everyone. Oh, everybody! For example, Celia stood American Simona, I have eaten everything. Dia. He has been everywhere. Soraya da Who? Someone. Or on this Akula? I know everyone in the school. It's a drop I saw Young now, but I guess I want them. But the a pickle. Some wanna Manati. Celia Did. Asuka Markon, Apapa Sayah America Pseudo Berna guessing Want them? But Celia Saya, the Surabaya the attack Who? Some wanna part ful in Greece. But I'm kiss selling English, sire Duga, Burma, Indonesia to express. Besides, it's a lying you got it's used to express. Besides, the structure is Celaya Plus now now Invirase Coma Subject Plus Yoga class. Vote plus object, for example. Selling English sire Duga Bernacchi, Indonesia. Besides Britain, I have bean to Indonesia as well. Sensitise examples Saline Inglis, SIA, Duga for nothing. Indonesia. Besides Britain, I have also bean to Indonesia. Saline McConnell, Indonesia. SIA Duga, Martin McCann on English Besides ammunition cuisine, I have also eaten British cuisine. The Line Happy Indonesia, SIA Duga Parker, Happy America's Erica Reciting units and cell phone. I have also used American cell phone saline Berankis via Duga Berna, America Sirica Sea Lion Gettleman Tina Saline, Tina SIA Duga Berna Cape Arantes Saline German SIA Duga Mao Borghi Parentis Saline Guarantees SIA Yoga Berna, Americus Erica Saline McAllen, Indonesia. So you got Mark McKinnon in Greece. SE lying McCann on German. So you got Martin McCann in Berankis Saline McCann in Indonesia Yoga Sukha McKinnon Gina Selling Happy Indonesia SIA Duga Back I Happy America's Erica. America's America SE Lying Cocteau Credit English SIA Duga Parker Car Tow Credit German Saline Nazi Indonesia NASA Tina Duga SE lying fill in America Sirica feeling parentis Duga Santa babushka se lying my cantina. So you got Sukha McCann in Indonesia, say, like McCann and German. So I do get matter. McCann on Bernanke's se lying Tina Berankis Duga sang a frantic 6. 5. Feelings: feelings past one me Mara he many jury Soraya de Mara He boss Celia. The Last May's work for Passive Voice The plus based book is the key word used in Indonesian sentences, using the passive voice as an endless the object in a passive sentence in Indonesia is tanks to the subject. Therefore the structure is subject plus the plus base would plus bully plus other elements . The person who does the action can be amidst it. If there's an axillary bob or a drop in the sentence, it should be placed before the plus. Facebook, for example. Soraya de Mara he boss I was called it by my boss Seventies examples Soraya de Moradi Most Celje I was schooled that by my most happy Zarya Dettori My cell phone was stolen Sarria the people all buttocks area I was cheated by my boyfriend May Mara He happy Celje Deterrence Bullet Saya People hold your fire the people But our idea Many pool saya the people boleh saya Soraya de Mara He boasts many poop Soraya de Mar a holy holy See Saya Pekar under DT for all A doctor under de Manha Contact me Contract Army Mentor E Siam Mukhin The people away. Any money? Taxi. Sonya DeMaria He always Italian Celia DeMaria He contract Tommy Dettori. It's young Diane Sawyer Victory Part two. That would Sawaya Sana that would kidnapper under somewhat city Seikaly. Question. Would the Napa get not? Box means why? Usually it's used immediately before or after the subject. The structure is getting up, plus subject plus order elements. Oh, sap. Get Laska Napa plus other elements. The answer is guerena plus subject plus order elements, for example, Cannot under somewhat silly sickly. Why are you so said, Carne Asada? The people But Ophelia because I was cheated by my boyfriend Sending this examples kidnapper under some up. Steady Seikaly Why are you so said? Can apple under sang that could physically. Why are you so frightened? Can apple under sang? They must Seikaly, Why are you so worried? Kidnapper Under song that could Sick Ali got in Aceralia Demography! Bosa got in Aceralia the people back! Ophelia Got enough! Kidnapper Under San attack Would sick Ali can apple under song that they must Seikaly Saya saya Kiemas Guerena! Lucky, Lucky Zarya! Suck it! Can Apple under song A Burke taken sick. Ali! Celia Santa Perfection Capitalia Dettori Garden Aceralia Millie had funding Daddy's Arya Sangha That Could Kidnapper Under Sung That city going on ending Celje Dettori Kidnapper Under Sang Optimus Seikaly Karen and um Batalla de truly Dad is Arya Sangha Burke Taken Sonya Sonya Thomas Karina Lucky, Lucky SIA Suck it Sonya Summat City Karina Celia The People Party It's steady, said none. It's Celia. Somewhat sinner Carne asada medenica A marine Dia City idea said the Via Libby City Done city to express more and more with Libby None. Let me done this. Used to express something changes in a certain aspect. As the time goes on, it has brought the similar as more and more plus addictive in English. The structure is subject plus Leiby plus addictive plus done plus addictive. For example, via Lady City Done City to this souther and sunder sentences Examples. The, uh, Libby city done City This Southern insider I'm not any Libby Sina dance along. This kid is happier and happier. Celia Lady, they're taken done that become I'm more and more depressed on any Leiby cinnamon dancing. Libby Sawaya Maybe they're taken then taken. They're picking dia. Lady City Done steady Dia Levy cannot under Libby Salang Dancindown, Gardena SIA Bartomeu Garcia Camerin Celia Medenica Camerin Capitalia Maybe they're taken done, America. Maybe City density got in America. But no, but a Marine Dia setting Burglary Dad Idea Latest antic, antic dia Living Thomas Done, Thomas via Lady Sina dancing I'm not any lady Sinner Dance along America Photos Camerin The idea Levy City Done City. 7. Conclusion: Congrats, Legends. My students. I hope by now you make a lot of protein. It's your thank you for your and do next classes somebody.