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Indonesian for Beginners (A2) - Part 2 (Vocabularies 68 - 123)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Past Tense

    • 3. 2. Future Tense

    • 4. 3. Measure Words II

    • 5. 4. Household

    • 6. 5. Comparisons

    • 7. 6. Transportation

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the Indonesian language for Beginners Class: Level 2 (A2). This is the part two of the class.

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: highs for one. Welcome to the new nation. For between us level to a to in this class, we're going to learn and understand language at basic A two level. This is the part two. My name is our God and our feature in this class we're going to let names and 100 by the first of two seconds off its collector will be faced by Cameron List, then follow it by lots of places on a brand new materials inside electorates. 45 of this class is about understanding government aerials. And I put it as a fortified this glass at the end of the class. I hope I look forward. 2. 1. Past Tense: past tense Part one. Celia Back Sawaya $1,000,000 Cepeda Marin Sawaya Bir Mine Bola Basket beckon Lalu That Gun Dia Book Up in tow Sawyer Sudha Mending Arkan Mustique I've up Sudha Suda It's used to express already in Indonesian. It is put before the vote Destructor is subject plus Sudha plus verb plus object or complement for example Saya Sudha Borghi, Indonesia I have already been to intonation sentences, Examples Celia Sudha Mending our come music I have already listen to music Surya Sudha Member Angolan telephone I have already made a phone call America Souda Harbour Mine Sepak Bola A Marine They had already played football yesterday Suda the Apocalypse Casto Credit Sire Celia Sudan Remember what? England Dia Book up in tow Sawaya Sudha Biryani Sawaya Sudha Back our happy Sawaya Mending Arkan Musik Musik Sawaya Belladonna Bahasa Indonesia become Lalu Dia Messiah America Sudha Berman Sepak Bola de Marine Surya Sudha Member What Gangland Taliban under Sudha, Burma in Burma China Part two Sawaya Deduct Pakal Credit the Marron Sawaya Diduck member What Bangla Taliban Camerin, Baggy Saya Diduck Birthday move India Sawaya borrow Saga Diduck Birth them under the advert Bahru saga by Rosada a similar to just know it issues ada before the subject. Oh, after the subject, the structure is subject blessed by Rosada plus verb plus object for example Sawaya Bar Asada toe Been to I close the door. Just know. And that example Sawaya Bar Asada Deduct bromine I didn't play games just now. Sentences, Examples Sawaya Bahru Saga Birth under I didn't run into you just now. Sonya Bar Osada. Diduck, Hermine Bola. Fully Sawaya. But my bola basket. I didn't play for labor. Yes. Now I played basketball. Sawaya Bar Osada did Akman, Judea Matic and shampoo. I didn't help him turn off the lamp just now. Sawaya Bar Asada, Diduck, Berman, Bola Fully Sawaya. But my in Bhola basket. Bayrou said Yeah. Celia Barbosa. Deduct Dodea Matic A lump. Sawaya Diduck, Berta McCallion Sawaya Diduck Birthday Mahmoudiyah! Alpaca Under back! Are you happy? Sawaya! Diduck back! Are you happy? Sawaya! Diduck! Back! Are you happy? Kami Rosada! Back to nine. By who said Yeah! Alpaca under borrow saga Took Pinto, Celia Barbosa toe into Sawaya Deduct Birthday The Messiah! A month America Bahru Saga Sawaya. But Posada de Duckman in that I cepeda Celia deduct Bartomeu the Messiah Sawaya Bahru saga did a member Angolan telephone It's Ah yeah by Rosada Diduck biryani 3. 2. Future Tense: future tense Part one Soraya a con Men go under future tense with Afghan means something will happen. The structure is subject plus Afghan plus ever plus object The negative form is Diduck happen for example Sawyer Akron member Bang Guillain, Telephone Bassuk I will make a phone call tomorrow. Another example. Soraya de Duck biryani. I won't sing songs tomorrow Sending this examples Celia Manu under. I will wait for you up a young Afghan under Lecoq in Baabda. A kid become What will you do during the weekend? Sawaya Diduck Back on Monday. Bada Mahlum. Hurry! I won't take a shower in the evening. Saya a can take credit. Mess up Upton Celia John Berman Berman In bad ass Young Harry Celia A commentary under Alpaca under a can member Gangland Telephone Sawaya, Look back and remember what England Telephone Alpaca under actor Manu Gasana said Ella Celia Diduck, Haakon Mandiri under Celia a conman! Go under. Hurry up! A young a can under lock kuchen Bada acute picked on Sawaya John Berman in for my union. But that after they become alpaca under back on Monday by the Mahlum. Hurry! Celia did that back on Monday. Bottom alum Hurry, Soraya a Converse l enter the Internet Bada Mahlum Harry Alpaca Under a commentary Zarya by the at Your pecan Apa Yang Akan under lock Coogan Bada young Hurry, Sawaya A Converse I'll enter the Internet, bade us young Hurry, Sawaya Diduck can remember. What England telephone. Soraya, I can remember. What England telephone Bada baggy Hari Apopka under a convert to Celia Celia did a bunch to under alpaca under a commentary Zarya. But a cure Bacon under the DACA Can birthday move DEA Hurry any part two Sawaya Segarra Toe Pinto About two Segura Segarra means about to happen Simply put Segarra before the vote The structure is subject plus siga plus verb plus object for example Sawaya Segura He took an lum poop I'm about to turn on the lamp sentences Examples Sawaya Segura The lumber I'm about to be late Filling cigarette Mullah, The movie is about to start. They can any segura But a cure this weekend is about to end Feeling Segarra Mullah Most Indian Segarra Bacon Any Segura. But back here Muslim Google Segura back here more like But I care Fill him Segura back here . But can any Segura Mullah filling Segarra Mullah Sonya Segura The lumber Soraya Segura The lumber A pack a phylum Segura Phelim Segura Mullah Muslim Parness Segura Back here Epoca under siga the lumber Celia Segura The Lumber Soraya Segura Back a computer Phylum Cigarette back Your Celia Segura The lumber Acura Pecan Segarra Mullah Alpaca Muslim Dinging Segura A pack a Honda Segura the lumber 4. 3. Measure Words II: Miss Awards, too. Part one. Ramos Surya Saddam Back I sat Obua Celia can really do Obua Boo boo Bua Go Skokie Dia Billy dig a possum cow Skokie soluble e satu Possum Karaiskaki Satya boa Thomas Celia I can barely do a person Cows Cocky Lua Sawyer Billy Possum House Cocky SIA una de gaudiness camera But Papa Bynum Dennis Com Una Dennis Celia I can Billy Doctor than Impact Person House. Cocky Satya genius Cows. Cocky Bearup about Dennis McCann, An American Salyan mark in Readiness Mechanic. Wow. Big Obua, Thomas Sayama Billy the Gaudiness Cows Cocky Celia Segura Remind me the barista Do a possum Cows Cocky Big Obua Thomas Sawyer sedan Pakal Almost any Celia Billy Wordiness Campus Part two Saya Back to NY Satya Kali, Miss. A ward full of up Indonesian Miss Awards are not only pronounce, they can also be used when modifying works to missile frequency. Destructor is subject plus work plus number plus Miss Award plus object. Conley. It's common meat awards cover ups, for example. Dia Belly Strawberry Dua, Cali. He bought strawberries twice. Sentences Examples. Celia Pakal, Tony Satya Kali I used cast once. Sawyer Mao Men Ambon, Phylum Ito. Satya Kali. I want to watch that movie once. Celia. A camper G supermarket. Satya Kali her any. I will go to the supermarket once today. The book up into Satya Kali. Carly the ability Strawberry do a collie. Sorry a moment. Satya Kali Sawaya. Macho men opened Phylum Ito Satya Kali Celia Butter Boco. Any Satya Kali, Kali Dia Biryani, Lago. Any do locally? Celia? Particle Indonesia. Satya Kali. Celia can predict a supermarket. Hardly any Satya Kali Gholam, that Antero Messiah. Satya Kali. Kali. Celia! Mope. Forget to Cantor Satya Kali Dia Mending our candle ago Ito Satya Kali Borghi Casey Cola Satya Kali Sawaya Pocket card Credit. Dig a collie Siamo Borghi The counter. Satya Kali Dia. But Mitterrand Bahasa Indonesia Dua Cali. Sorry, A minimum Phylum. Any broccoli? Sawaya Back. I computer Satya Kali, Part three. You mean Tom Akali Sayad Data Indonesia. Orginal number in endless there are different forms for orginal number one. First to a second three Put four Force Indonesian Onley, Satu Better Mama and other numbers. There's only one perfect system. Good, for example But Obama first qedwa second Fotyga. Good. It's a draw. If you want to say second time you said at Carly s Edouard Cali. Any party? McAleese, Alia Belgica, Indonesia. It is the first time that I have to come to Indonesia. Send it is examples any Indonesia? It is the first time that I have come. Tunisia. Any Adela? Did you, uh, Assuncao's? This is my second payoff. Socks Saleh Sukha Strawberry Dennis. I like the second kind off Strawberry. Any stomach Alizadeh back early. Got credit. But Obama, did you, uh Fotyga the impact that Sandra the Messiah Any on the last sort of person? Cow. Scotty Celia. Awesome. Sorry. Asuka Strawberry Dennis Car tow Credit Guinness Obama Any bottom Akali soluble Batara on behalf of Indonesia Hardly any any party McAleese Arya that Indonesia sire in minimum Dennis Fotyga Apple Dennis Qadoura Any time A collie Celje Belladonna Bahasa Indonesia Bakaye in Gaza saya Pakal broke for Obama Saya picker Chillan, aka Tyga Deduct chanted siamo belly como's mama Any Adela handing do a SIA Salomao? Billy Apple Dennis. So, yes, we got nasty going Guinness per comma 5. 4. Household: - household , part one godmother. The border Honda Saturday 10 Patio de Comer To express their Is there are with On That Arda is used to express. There is or there are destructor is Onda plus something plus place. For example. Onda. Big Akama diorama dia. There are three bedrooms in his house. Sentences, examples and Asato petito become er there is a bet in the bathroom. Onda sat. Two. Major did occur. There's a table in the kitchen. Adah Do a lamp de comer. There are two lambs in the bedroom and ASAT omega, The chapel Ruma Add a dual am Pu de Comer that matter. Come on Monday through one. Add Asato. Tell a fizzy beer one at the Satu Telephone de Comer Monday. No. One. Add a satu, Tell a fizzy tell a fizzy no matter and Assad to computer deronta. Other do a pinto de comer that poor on that big a media did Apple media Onda Sato impacted O de comer Cada satu Lampoon de Comer Monday Come on Monday, The Monday Part two. We'll see at the impact. Corsi, Derong, Lucas, Li, Mari, Add Asato, Lamari. Disobey Allah anymore. We'll see, and that's how to cook us Disable Ahelbarra We'll see Leymarie Sibila Gary Sibila cannon Add a satu Lamari Disobey Allah Kily Lucas Theory Adults are Accorsi Disable a cannon. Lamari on them. Gone then on a Saturday Lamari disability. Very cool Cas Other sat Accorsi Isabella Theory Made up Adah Sato Cool cast Bursa Branding on media Adah Certainly marry but say branding on Lucas SIA una satu Lucas Arda Satu Lamari but said branding on Lucas Adah, Satel, Emery, the Sevilla Theory Lucas are that Satya Kammer said branding in Normandy Part three The Fun Melaka Lucas the Depend Major That book DiBella Gum Butter, then book Monday The Black Book Gambar did the one major gum Butter Kamar Mandy Di Bella 10 Book The pun number. The something Leymarie Major the something then book course, Cecilia. The Something cool Cuss. We'll see Lamari the depend them book Kamer. That poor DiBella gone wrong. Come on. Monday, the something that poor Maiga. The something then book Gamber did upon Major Tom. Our Mandy, the blacken them book 6. 5. Comparisons: - comparisons part one. Better See court order. Cows Cockeyed idea. Leiby, Qatar. Harry Potter Cow Skokie SIA Comparison sentence with Libby Dari Bader Leiby, Harry Potter The key word off comparison sentence in Indonesian The structure is subject. Want plus Libby Last addictive bluster. Dari Partner Plus Subject to which means subject one. It's more addictive than something to notice. Nothing such a son that should be added before the inductive. For example, De Rock Leiby, Assam, Dari, Bada apple The oryx is small. So then, in April, sentences examples cause Scotty DEA maybe Cooper Dari Panda cars Capitalia. His socks are dirtier. Then my socks Kamerman the any. Leiby Bersih Baripada Come on Monday to this past June is cleaner than that bathroom. So much. Leiby Mahal, Dari, Prada men, Timon the Tomato. It's more expensive than the cucumber Kamerman. The any labour Bersih, Dari, bada Kamerman, the to Libby Qamar, Celia Maybe Bersih Dari Panda Cam are under Kawasaki DEA. Leiby, Qatar. Dari Panda House. Cocky SIA Kamerman The any Leiby Bersih, Baripada Kamerman. The Veto Quarter. Kawasaki DEA Libby Cotto Dairy products, Cows. Capitalia will cost under Maybe Quarter. Dari, Fonda, Messiah, GOP, DEA, Leiby Bazaar, Dari Bada boom Messiah, then Partido Celia, Maybe Bersih Bona DEA dente and Warner Hitem Leiby More Dari Bada young Warner Amos Bouna Wanna Mira Les Beast Antic Baripada Young Warnaco Earning but India. Libby Bersih, Dari Baabda Under quoting Libby filter Dari Bada ending. Dump it one Hitem Leiby Bazaar Dari Bada young booty Cambodia Leiby Plunge! Um, Harry Potter. What India? Leiby, Bersih Barry Bada una under sepatu Celia Libby Bersih una under part two Bayrou Dawa Separate Messiah Libby borrow Baripada una under Bayrou Cool cast DEA Libby Store Dari bada una under celery than work sama Model to express same US with sama sama Plus addictive is another way to express comparison meaning the same us The pattern is subject Want plus done plus subject to plus summer plus addictive. Not this nothing such a son that should be added before the addictive. For example, be some than apple sama Monies, The banana is a switch as the April sentences Examples celery, then water sama. The salary is as expensive as the current Leymarie Zarya Ben Lee Meridia sama. My cabinet is as old as his cabinet through anti messiah than una under sama beside her, My living room is this big s yours? Lee Marisa Manley Meridia sama. Longtime messiah. Then una under some a bazaar. Happy idea than putting a Sonya Sama Bahru Putin any than ending it toe sama Dimock celery than water sama Mahal Corsi's idea then Poona India sama Mercy be some than apple Some ominous Kawasaki under than an idea scarf any then scarf Mito sama, Hawa McCann And any then McCann and Tito some up with us Strawberry then Dirac sama a some separate Aceralia then una under Sama Baru Do uh Strawberry, then Dirac sama Assam Leymarie Warner hitem than young Warner Pootie Some of the center party Cool Getting took a lot o clock may be a knock Barry Father roti who were getting than chocolate The duck Some are in luck Negative form off comparison The negative form off comparison sentence is to use the duck Destructor is subject one plus done plus subject to plus Diduck plus Osama plus addictive. This structure means not as addictive us, for example, Dia than under the Duck sama Pinter It's not a smart issue. Sensitise examples we're getting. Then chocolate did Osama. The cooker is not as delicious as the chocolate strawberry, then took Look the ducks. Ammerman is the strawberry. It's not a sweet as the chocolate happy Celia, then Poona under deducts Sama Baru. My cell phone is not as new as yours. Strawberry then talk like deduct some honest happy Aceralia than Fiona Under did Osama Baru Celia than under course Carl Stock Idea. Then junior under Who were getting than chocolate Deduct sama Enoch Joe Platt Brocchi. Then co occurring deducts a Mama Musonda than pulling idea. Diduck sama Bahru chocolate than copy. Deduct some up ahead the Messiah than pulling idea. Deduct some embassy will cassata, then pony idea. Deduct Sama bazaar Leymarie Celia, then Poon idea. Osama Baru we're getting than chocolate Deduct salmon is who were getting than chocolate. Deduct some Armanis who were getting than apple deduct summer part for who were getting some monies. Talkalakh Leiby Monies to express even more with Libby in Indonesian Leiby ISS used to express even more simply place Libby before an addictive. For example. We're getting some monies talk Black living monies. The cookie is very sweet. The chocolate is sweeter, sending this examples quick curing Sanit monies talk like Leiby monies the cookie is very sweet. The chocolate is sweeter. Hamer. Sandy Goto, Come our Mandy. Maybe the bedroom is very dirty. The bathroom is there. Here, that Procida. Libby Bersih. My kitchen is cleaner. Hamer. Sandy Goto. Tomorrow, Mandy Leiby Water. That poor Celia Leiby Bersih Libby Kulka Sworn Amira Leiby to, uh, separate idea. Libby Bahru. Leymarie Any Leiby Mora, Beaumont Libby, Assam back I and any Leiby Pantic. Cecilia Libby to, uh, that poor Aceralia Libby Bersih quoting sang at the bazaar. I'm doing Leiby Bazaar soppy following basada. The superlative falling balling used before an objective is often used to represent the superlative, for example, quoting Celia Falling Lou too. My cat is the cutest. Sending this examples quit any following cigar. This cake is the freshest putting Sarah Palin Lou too. My cat is the cutest apple Santa. Awesome Strawberry Leiby are some general following a some The April is very so the strawberry iss More for the orange is the most so up till sunup a some strawberry leiby Assam de rock. Following are some who were any falling cigar quoting Sualua piling Lou too Camarda Palin, Qatar Downtown and Lorna Hitem Falling Baru scarf worn a bill calling Sepatu any pollen bazaar Sawaya, Sana under Leiby thinking Dia Beilin thingy Wana Wana Mira Libby Santic Putting Celia Falling blue Too cool cause we're not booty following Bersih. 7. 6. Transportation: - transportation part one Based on what? Durbin, Saiyan, Nike. Without there being a Marine better among Apple loud. Get that puppy Sawyer A can Nike. Happy Sawaya. Nike Couple out Camerin night on a lucky, lucky Celje Sukha. Nike Correct. Happy Saiyan, Nike. Couple out a Marine Dia, aka Nike Passauer, Terrebonne Bay Stock. Dia A Can Nike s a water bomb base? The Select Urban Leiby Bazaar Dairy products. Cepeda. Happy labor, Harry Potter. Couple out sunlit lum. But Cepeda Leiby lumber up a young sedan under lock. You can, Sawaya said on Nike, without what they're among night. Get happy up A young freedom under local Sawyer said. Like what? Happy labor. Step a couple. So what did? Among following Part two. Yellen. Cocky $1,000,000 I Mobile. Celia Galan. Cocky Borghi Cola. Two accidents in service in Indonesia, two or more burps or former constructions can be used in modifying the same subject. Endless contains a similar pattern. He did. I will go to the Carta and visit my friend. The only difference is in ammunition. You don't need any additional words such as and between the two books. Destructor is subject plus one plus object. One plus wept, too. Plus I get to, for example, Sayad Alan Cocky Borghi Cola. I walked to school sentences. Examples. Celia Galan. Cocky Borghi Cola. I walked to school Sawaya, meaning that I Mobile gay supermarket I drive to the supermarket Celia Night Beside What? Their bunk. Borghi. America's Erica. I'll Go to America by airplane. Saleh. Mention that Mobile supermarket mobile. Sawyer Nike. Beside what? Turban Burdick, America's Erica. Taxi. Get it about Hannah Sawaya Night Taxi Borghi Ghirga Salyan, Nike Charitable Wattana, Berg Ikaria Enough Sarria Nike. Get it about Wattana. Forget Celia Night Taxi, Borghi Aroma. Sarria, Dahlan. Cocky The Salmon. Sonya, Nike Garrett Happy Burgee in Tunisia Dia Men in that mobile came on Sawyer night about Donna Sawaya Dahlan. Cocky Common Comey. Night Taxi, Borghi Get stolen, Celia Galan. Cocky Karuma Socket. Part three. Both Sawaya, like Bush bradycardia by the Amana under particular area. Question would buy the Humana. The question would bag Humana. It's used to ask how to do something in Indonesia. The structure is bugger Humana plus subject plus work class object, for example. But the man under Fergie Pensacola, How do you go to the school? Sonya Dahlan. Cocky cola I walked to the school sentences examples, but I'm on under particular area. How do you go to work? Backgammon and the upper geek Indonesia. How does he go to Indonesia? By the manner under Predict a camper. How do you go to the office by the man and the A Predict Indonesia Dia night. Beside what? Turban. Borghi, Indonesia By the money under particular area. Celia Night, Bush area. But Amanda under Borghi Decanter Boogeyman under Borghi, Indonesia. But Amanda under Fergie Corretja, Where am I? Boost their Lalu Ram. I taxi sang at Newman Taxi Label in Yemen. Garrett about Donna. They're Lalu. Yeah, Month by the manner in that particular area. Saya Nike Bush. But yeah, boosts Sana, Yemen Saya night boost Borghi the counter. But the man on the upper gi Thomann dia Dahlan. Cocky the common Get about Wattana Darla! Laura! My boost. Diduck Rama 8. Conclusion: Congrats, Legends. My students. I hope by now you make a lot of protein. It's your thank you for your and do next classes somebody.