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Indonesian for Beginners (A2) - Part 1 (Vocabularies 1 - 67)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Sports

    • 3. 2. Hobbies

    • 4. 3. Complement

    • 5. 4. Weather

    • 6. 5. Permission

    • 7. 6. Present Tense

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the Indonesian language for Beginners Class: Level 2 (A2). This is the part one of the class.

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: Hi, Super one. Welcome to the donation for beginners level two A to in this class, we're going to London. Intend language at basic A two level. This is the part one. Plus my name is R one and R. Your picture in this class in this class, we're going to let minutes and landed by lots off prices. The first of two seconds off Elektra will be faced by cavalry list. Then follow it by lot off prices on grandma materials Inside electorate. The project file of this class is about understanding the grammar materials. I put it as a party fight this class at the end of the class. I hope you can improve your I look forward. 2. 1. Sports: - Sports Part one. Boleh Basket Celia Berman Bola Basket Boleh Fully Dia Mao Burma in Bhola Fully Bola Bennis Mega Dennis Saya Visa Burr Mine Dennis Media Extra Reverb Bisa When visa issues as an absolutely work, it expresses ability and the ability should be learned that just sports language cooking skills The structure is subject plus visa plus verb plus object, for example. Saya Bisa but my In Bhola Basket Sen. Dentists Examples Saya Mischa Berman Tennis Major I now How to play Ping Pong Celia Diduck Visa, Burma In tennis Major, I don't know how to play Ping Pong. Alpaca under Visa Burr Mine Dennis Do you know how to play Tennis America Bisa My Tennis Bisa Celia Visa Burma in Bhola Basket Celia Visa Berman Bola Fully Then you Sawaya Deduct Visa Berman Dennis Miller Alpaca under Visa, but Mine. Dennis Tommy Deduct Visa Berman Bola Basket, Celia Visa, Burma in Bhola Fully Burma in Salyer Visa but mine. Dennis Alpaca under Visa Berman Tennis Major Sawaya Deduct Visa, Burma in the news media Celia Visa Berman in Bhola Fully part two, Sepak Bola Saya Visa Berman, Sepak Bola Ming in Dharavi Cepeda, Celia Bisa Ming in Daraya Cepeda. But Lari bury none. Celia Burglary Said the up Hurry, Sawaya Sitting Berry Nung Better None. Sawaya Berman in sepak bola ding on the Messiah $1,000,000 ie Cepeda Soraya Burglary said the Apari burglary. They're mine. Sarria Barre Nung d c Cola Celia Deduct Visa Berman Sepak bola. Celia Setting Burglary Soraya Visa Berman Sepak bola. Alpaca under visa. Meaning that I use Cepeda. Sorry, Asuka. Melinda Cepeda. Celia Searing. Very young. Soraya Visa. Very none. 3. 2. Hobbies: hope this part one but nanny saya Bisa biryani biryani mending our gun saya sitting mending our can mending our can Sawaya biryani said the up Hari I am under souca bada a cure become Sawaya Sukha biryani Honda Acura pick Gun Lago Sawaya mending Arkan Music Bada accurate become Sawaya but nanny Honda Acura Pecan up a young under Sukha Lecoq in Baabda a cure bacon Salyer Sukha berman in sepak bola Bada accurate become up I am under lock Cookin become depend Sayah Sukha Monday Narcan Music said Ella gotta get up I am sitting under lock Kuchen Banda Accurate bacon Sawaya Cering Manana del a fizzy bada accurate pecan saya Searing belly pack Alien bada a cure Pecan Sawaya setting Mending Arkan Lucy Bada Accurate begun Sawaya Sukha Biryani Bada akira Pecan Sawaya Sukha Bir Mine Sepak bola Bada accurate Picked on Sawaya Sukha Men on Montella Fizzy Honda Acura become Sawaya setting mending Arkan Music Bada A cure become part two Sawaya Sukha Burr Mine Dennis Sawaya Sukha Berman in tennis Sawaya Sukha Monday Narcan Morsi Cittadella Soraya Setting minimum Sabah Loom Borghi setting saya be asana Sukha mending Arkan Music Express usually be a Sonya be a Sonya. It's similar to normally. Usually it can be used at the beginning. Off the sentence or right after the subject. Destructor is subject plus B a Sonya plus book plus object. Oh, the asana plus subject plus verb plus object. For example. Up a young via Sonya under souca What do you usually like to do? Sawaya be a Sonya Souca billy. I usually like to buy clothes sending this examples Sawaya via Sonya Soukup mending Arkan Musik. I usually like to listen to music Upper Young via Sonya under Sukha Logan what do you usually like to do? Salyer be asana Sukha Berman Bola Fully Sawaya via Sonya Super belly Fuck I young be Asa. Be a Sonya Salyer via Sonya Sukha. Biryani up a young via Sonya under so called Sawaya Be a Sonya Sukha LF you see Sawaya via Sonya Sukha. But Abu, be a Sonya Sawaya Sukha Berman! Sepak bola! Get it? Yeah! Sorry, Asuka Burr Mine Bola basket Bada accurate! Begun up. I m b A Sonya Understood like you can Sawaya be a Sonya Sukha biryani dumb up by answering under lock Coogan Honda Acura become Sawaya setting Berman in tennis major bada accurate become APA, MBIA, Sonya and Asuka Coogan Sawaya be a Sonya Sukha Manana del a busy Sayah Sukha mentioned Arise Cepeda Bada A cure become Sawaya via Sonya Sukha. But taboo Part three Beletski Sawaya Visa Brzeski Men Gum butter Sawaya be a Sonya Sukha Men Gumbo Men Gum butter! Saw you sitting men Gamber! Sadullah Area better Dion! Well done, sir Surya Setting But again, Celia in Bonanza Burn ANSA Sorry, Asuka Pepper Saya Solal! Asuka Barsky The other Cellou Salah Lou is used to express the constantly or continually do something. It sounds more natural when translated as always it is Putin, right after the subject. The structure is subject plus Salah Lou plus verb plus object, for example. Saya Salalah in jeopardy! I have always wanted to travel Sending this examples. Saya Solal! Asuka! But ski! I have always liked to ski. Sawaya! Salalah! In better! I have always wanted to travel! Saya Solal! Asuka! Mango Number! I've always liked to draw Sawaya! Salalah in Bird ansa, Bird ANSA Sawaya! Salalah! In but a ski! Salah Lou Sawaya! Salalah! In jeopardy! Saya Solal, Asuka Mingo! Number Sawaya Callaloo Soup! Mingo Number Celia! Asuka! But a ski 4. 3. Complement: - compliment Part one. Chip up Dia Men in Daraya Cepeda Santa Chip up Lum But Celia Belladonna, Bahasa Indonesia sang lumber, Lumber Dia Viterra, Bahasa Indonesia Sunlit Departs Sawaya Barre Viterra Bahasa English Son Got lumber Dia but Viterra Bahasa Indonesia Santa Under but Viterra Bahasa English Son Got lumber Dia Burma Ebola Basket Sandbag Bush under biryani sang that book Dia Bird Viterra, Bahasa Indonesia Sand Bags Dia Bernie Ebola Son That Bush Under Bird Viterra, Bahasa English Sana Dia Belladonna, Bahasa Indonesia Sunday Celia Bird Mattera, Bahasa Indonesia Sang at Bush Dia Viterra, Bahasa English San That book Part two, Sawaya But Viterra, Bahasa Indonesia Sandra Bullock Alpaca Bondable Batara, Bahasa Indonesia Dia Very Batara, Bahasa English in the Mob Better Me, Tara Alpaca on Doberman Tennis Book Sawaya But My Tennis Deduct Book Epoca Under Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Sarria Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia The Duck, Bahasa Celia But Viterra, Bahasa Indonesia Dia Berman Bola Fully deduct Book Dia biryani dia biryani Celia Viterra, Bahasa Indonesia sang at Bush epoca de Oberman Tennis Made a book Dia Burr Mine Dennis Major Deduct Book Book Underberg, Bahasa Indonesia, Sawaya Barre Batara Bahasa English Diduck Acadia Biryani Alpaca Kalyan Berman Sepak Bola Bush Comey Berman Sepak Bola Sand bags Alpaca DEA, Burma in Bhola Basket Babeu's Part three by the Amana Underberg Terra Rossa in Greece Celia Barbie Terra, Bahasa English Diduck In Greece Dia, Borghi The Counter Some that I will Sawaya but a geek Sekula Diduck, Alpaca and upper geeky Bandara Harlem. But under the tongue Cubans Son at the lumber That time Sayad Atom, Indonesia sang howl that, um Sawaya Melodia Bahasa Indonesia san at the Bluhm. But dia that donkey canter son, that how well but the man under Viterra Bahasa Indonesia Saya Burbey Terra Bahasa Indonesia Sandra Bullock by the Amana Undermine sepak bola bogeymen under Berman Bola Basket Sawaya Berman in Bhola Basket somewhat Bush They're lumber under that on the Kola Diduck Lumber Dia that Gaibandha sang that Ah well, Dia that Duncan Hunter son at all dia but the Amana Underberg, Viterra, Bahasa Indonesia. But the manna underbelly Viterra English Celia. But Viterra Bahasa English, Santa Bush. But a man under but Viterra Bahasa English 5. 4. Weather: - weather part one. Get a better one. Hurry any get off, Basil, but I want to run. Who again? Deron Sal Do by the Humana to watch a basic Bassuk Doran who done Harry Amy Turan, Sal do Salad, You Turan, Sal Do by the Humana to watch a basic by the Amana to watch Camerin, a Marine get off but Humana to watch by the hurry Rabu to watch a But I won. But the manner to watch a Marine. The Marin better one. Hardly any Turan. Who young Africa mess up. Who? Jen, Basil Diduck Turan Who? Jen, Who done hardly any. Get up Mother Amanda Tahari. Any part two. Barankin Suda, Barankin Status. 10 years with Sudha. In this context, Suda used before the start of a sentence, can express the change. The structure is Fouda class and new status, for example, Suda, Bhutan, who then means it's raining, implying that it was not training before this precise moment. Sawaya Sudha Una means I have money now and implies that I did not have money before this moment. Synthesis examples. Sudha, but onion this windy the lure Sudha Turin sell you. It is snowing outside Ciccarone, the lower soda to run again. It is raining outside now. Suda Turan Who? Young I mean de leur Sudha to run Sal. You Cikarang de leur Sudha Barankin. But I mean de leur Sudha. But I won. But I managed to watch are the lower Luana but the manner toe watcher, the lower the lure Sudha. But I want mother monitor. What s the current Ciccarone? Sudha, Get a Suda Suda Turan, Salad you. But they monitor What are the lure? Detour, Sudha. But I won the lure Sudha. But I mean but the manat water the lure. But the manner toe attested Karam Cigar on Sudha era Zechariah de leur Sudha who Cikarang the lower Sudha who part three Muslim semi Muslim semi Dari Boland February somebody Bolan , May Dari plus time one plus some pike, plus time to Dari. Some pie means from to which is almost the same as anguish. The structure that is daddy plus kind one plus somebody plus time to this structure can also be used to connect to places. For example, Muslim Dominion Larry Bull in December some pie boleh on February winter is from December to February. Send insists examples Muslim semi that a bull in February. Some pie Bolan May spring is from February to my Muslim ban. US. Dari Boland Dooney sample Bolan September summer is from June to September, most in Google. Dari Full in September. Somebody. Bolan December How them is from September 2 December. Muslim Semi Muslim ban, US Muslim Panis, Harry Boland, Junie. Some Pie Boleh In September, Muslim ban US Sekera on Muslim semi most Simpanan US that Able and Junie Somebody Bull in September. Dari, Bolan, Margaret Some Pie Bolan Dooley Mohsen Google Muslim Gugger That Ebola September Some pie Bolan December Muslim Gugger Muslim ding in most Indian variable in December. Some pie Bolan February most seem ding in Muslim ban us Some not on us, but he managed to watch a father Muslim Dominion Muslim dinging setting your own Sal do Muslim Google setting bra one Muslim semi setting but onion Muslim semi that. A bull in February Somebody Bolan may mussen Google Variable in September. Some pie boleh December Muslim ding in that bowl on December. Some pie boleh In February 6. 5. Permission: - permission Part one But Celente the Internet Sawaya Visa Barceloneta The Internet Ciccarone Axillary vote Bisa Visa is an absolutely book It's used before book it means can when expressing a mission The structure is subject plus visa Last book plus object for example under visa back I don't know You can use Kess send it this examples saya visa But happy Harry any I can use the cell phone today Alpaca Celia Visa But tonight can I use kiss under deduct visa back I got to credit You can't use the credit card but a checkup check up Kami Bisa Birth checkup Check up the Mahlum Hurry! But if deck up Jack up Saya Visa Back our happy Hurry Any Celia visa back I computer Hurry Mingo the pun but still enter the internet Kami Bisa But back up Back up the Mahlum Hurry Lisa Got to credit under that visa Back I car tow credit to nine A pack of SIA Visa back tonight Under deduct Visa back I got to credit a pack of Kami Bisa Better checkup Check up under the lock Visa But Celente the Internet Hurry anything A pack a Saleh visa under Lisa back a pack of Celia Visa Barclaycard Toe credit Abarca SIA Visa Park I card to credit under the DACA Bisa back I have to credit part two Celia Not but back. I got to credit axillary book that, but that But it's an axillary book. It means skin just like Visa Its use It is quite similar as English Simply put it after on the subject. Destructor is subject plus not but blast book glass object, for example. Got me that. But But check up Jack up. We can check sending this examples Sayad back. I got to credit. I can use the credit card Alpaca under the backbone to Celia Matic and Lump. Can you help me turn off the lamp? Celia, deduct that one toe under Matic on computer. I can't help you turn off the computer, Celia. That but 12 under subject plus bundu plus somebody plus Do something 12 means to help. The usage is quite seamless. Inglis. The structure is subject plus bun two plus somebody plus do something. For example. Celje bun to under I help you. And that example Celje bun toe under Bellagio, Bahasa Indonesia. I helped you learn in the nation. When does this examples Sa'adat but bun to under. I can help you, Celje that but want to under. But the bean too. I can help you Close the door. Alpaca. Under that ban to Celia, he took can tell a busy Can you help me turn on the TV, Celia? That portmanteau under Bahasa Indonesia. 12 bean too. DEA department to Celia. BUCA Been to Sawaya, the portmanteau under toe. Been to been to Comey that want to under BUCA Bean too. Soraya that want to under toe been to a pack of under the portmanteau Celia Martikan lamb book? Celia did not want to under Matic on computer. Celia, that bundle under book up into BUCA He do come lampoon under the portmanteau Celia he took can tell a fizzy Sawaya did a Kappa Tau under he took can tell a fizzy a pack of under the portmanteau Surya Toto Pinto Sawaya That but two under tow Pinto Sawaya Deduct Napa oneto under Matic and shampoo. Sonya, deduct that, but oneto under Matic and lung poop. I'm not there. I'm the that but Bento Celia book up into a pack of under the portmanteau Celia Matic and Lump Sawaya deduct one toe under Matic and plump alpaca under a visa. To Celia, he do can tell a busy. 7. 6. Present Tense: - present tense part one Men long ago. Salyer sedan Mongongu Under express action in progress with sit down, Sedna, then be used to express an action, is ongoing or in progress. The structure is subject plus sit down, plus work plus object. For example. Sawaya. Sit down, one on the left. You see, I'm watching TV. Another example, Sawaya said on Monday, I'm taking a shower sending this examples. Sawaya, Sida, Meinung Go under. I'm waiting for you. Come in, sit down. Men tary under We are looking for you meant Dari. Surya Saddam Men tary. Don't bet, Sire. Men tary Surya, Saddam Meinung Go under, Sawyer said. Bella Bahasa Indonesia Sekera Monday. The acid On Monday, Ciccarone Monday, Surya Saddam Mongongu Under Comey said Um Military under Sarria said on Monday. Merica Saddam in on one phylum. Sit down. Many young go de asada Meinung go under, said Caron de Loor said on Turan, who John Sawyer said documentary Damansara Monday. Sawaya said Unpack a happy Sawaya, Ciccarone Dia said. On Monday, Sawaya said documentary coating Celia got me sit down but back up, back up Ciccarone the acid. On Monday, Sekera, Part two, telephone the accident member Angolan tell upon Sarria de dockside. Um member Gangland Taliban negative form off. Verbs in progress. The negative form off Saddam is deducted. Um, the structure is subject plus d duck sadan plus verb plus object, for example. Celje deducted. Um Ber Larry, I'm not running sentences. Examples? Sawaya did accident Member. What? Gangland Taliban. I'm not making a phone call. The doc said, um, Burma In Burma, we're not playing games. Ciccarone Dealer are deducted, um, to run again. It is not raining outside now. Better. My union Tommy did accident Berman in Burma. Union Celia did accident member Angolan tell upon Segarra de leur deducted on your own. Huajun. Remember what England Taliban. But, um I in Sawaya deducted um member England Telephone. Remember what England Telephone Apple Young said I'm under Comey deducted on birth checkup check up Under Saddam Barceloneta, the Internet Sawaya, Diduck, Saddam were still entered the Internet America did accident Burma in Burma, Union up a young sedan under lock Hogan Ciccarone Sawaya sedan were still under the Internet. Ciccarone up a young said on under lock Surya Sida Member What? Bangla Telephone up a young sit down under lock a gun Ciccarone America did accident Burma in Burma, China up a young sedan under lock You can kami the doc said, Um ber mine for my union. 8. Conclusion: Congrats, Legends. My students. I hope by now you make a lot of protein. It's your thank you for your and do next classes somebody.