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Indonesian for Beginners (A1) - Part 4 (Vocabularies 212 - 279)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Clothing

    • 3. 2. Appearance

    • 4. 3. Colors

    • 5. 4. The Attributive

    • 6. 5. Shopping

    • 7. 6. Flavor

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the Indonesian language for Beginners Class: Level 1 (A1). This is the partĀ four of the class.

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Arga Wally

Skype lesson at


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the new nation for beginners level one. Anyone in this class you are going to let minutes and language from scratch. This is the part for the class. My name is our one on our your picture in this class in this class, we're going to let me 100 by repeating lots off prices. The first of two seconds off selector will be faced by vocabulary list. Then follow it by lots of places on grandma materials inside. What is file of this class is about understanding gamma materials on. I put it as a fortified glass at the end of the class. I hope you get your I look forward to 2. 1. Clothing: clothing part one Okay and Tito. Some authentic Bakaye under their Lalu 20 back, a young Celia back I and any doctor Barca and any somewhat Chantix Akali jacket jacket via the doctor jacket. Any song up beside Seikaly, Bakaye under 20 Barca And any song that little Seikaly jacket. Tito Darla, 20 a and e to some jacket. Any song that, besides physically Celia jacket Bakaye Ito the doctor Till jacket Any Lupus are Part two Giuliana Gone Go to San Chantix Akali Any one young Ben Dick gone any sun at London? Elena. Any Lupin? Young one young Gone any song Appendix. Bend it gown. Any son opinion gown. Apopka Giuliana under young Apopka plus subject plus addictive. When asked a question such us that can't be in the nation. The structure is a pack of plus subject, plus addictive again. No work such as Adela. It's used in this sentence pattern. For example, alpaca. Putting it to bazaar is the cat meat sentence. Examples. A pack of Tirana under bungee Are your pants loam? A pack, a gown? Titantic. It's not dressed. Beautiful alpaca. Any pending is this payoff pants sort a parka down authentic SIA una Donna a pack of UNIP, Indyk, Elena Any a pack of Elena in eternity A pack of Helena Independent Paca Paca and any bazaar Bakaye Any a parka jacket? Unica till part three by you A pack a sip or two under my sepatu by juice Arya Sangha, Mora Sepatu under Sung at Mahal Seikaly My whole sepatu. Any sang at Mora by do any song that Morrissey Cali by do Surya Sun up Mora by juice Arya Sangha Maha Al Alpaca jacket anymore Jacket Any sang at Mora? A pack of toe in it. Fatto Any sunlike? Chantix, Akali, Apopka. But you any bazaar by doing any Lupus Are a pack a gun? Any pungent? Gone any sun at one young sepatu Celia sung at Mahakali A pack of Dylan under Mahal Dylan Asada sung at model Alpaca Sepatu under Mahal Sepatu Celia Lalu Mahal 3. 2. Appearance: a parents part one. My, uh I'm well Cambodia Sung Appendix. My idea. Somewhat bizarre. My Mark Idea song at the bazaar from Bolivia. Son had been dick. My idea, son, Not to kill my idea Somewhat beside he doom got key More look. Mouloudia sang at Bazaar Hey, Doom Got media San a condom. Cocky He India somewhat Patil from the Cambodia sang in Yemen Moral putting Ito San Patil He doom Matt Idea Somewhat bizarre Copy DEA Sung Won Yang I got the funding. Ito Son Appendix A pack of Mouloudia Bazaar Mouloudia Samet beside Cambodia Sung Appendix Part two Give me Guru Dia Sang Game book Are you lucky? Lucky Ito Santa Cruz gurus fundings Arya Sangha Schools addict Arab one Ito sang on the movie The Man's Alya Santa Cruz Dia sang on the movie I didn t bend it Dia Saleh thingy Didn't g Dia Song appendix Are you lucky? Lucky SIA Some have been dick A pack of lucky Lucky under thingy Got that lucky Lucky Celia Sang a thingy addict Parent wants Arya Sangha thingy Gotta Barham Saleh idea Sunup Tinggi got lucky Lucky SIA song thingy A pack of putting under the move quoting Sire. Son had removed Fendick bark tree Are you Celia Sang a thingy? Are you under a to go thingy? The exclamatory sentence with some boo. The exclamatory sentence is a sentence expressing price. Surprise, disgust, etcetera with an exclamatory tone in Indonesia adverb often used in these kinds off sentence, it is placed before an objective. For example, hardly any some off being in today is really cold sentence examples. Are you under some go thinking your father is really tall. Cambodia. Her higher. It's really long, Matt Idea. Some of 20 her eyes are really beautiful. Cambodia Soon Cockeyed idea. Soon Group. Indyk Son Se Colony Hey, don't under soon go 20 Mark idea. Soon Go, John Under Single Tanti Single Cockeyed Idea Soon Group under single Tanti Move. Boom. Ito Soon docket. Any single authentic. Quoting under some good moves back I and Ito soon quoting under some good moves going. Ito soon authentic 4. 3. Colors: colors part one who are not heat, um, who are not booty seppuku Soliah who are not putting Warner plus the color name in Indonesia when you want to describe the color off something you can simply use the following sentence structure subject Plus Warner plus color, for example. Ducat Ito, Warner Hitem The court is black sentence examples. Celia who are not. My shoes are white from Messiah who are not hitem. My hair is black. Go on any warm Amira. This dress is red. From what? Celia Warner Hitem warn Amira, who are not. He go going any Guantanamera warn America, but do any harm. Lot of not from but Celia. Warm hitem Warm Amira Sepatu under war Napa Question phrase. What Napa What in the upper literally means what color. Simply ask the question by using the tractor subject. Plus what a Napa, for example, Going Ito Warm APA What color is the dress sentence? Examples. Sepatu under war Napa. What color are your shoes? Elena. Any water in the upper? What color is this? Pair off pence My idea. War Napa. What color are his eyes? Alana, Any warm up my idea. Water Napa mark idea who are now he go My idea warm apa Bakaye under warm Napa, Barca and Celia Warner Hitem from Boudia War Napa said. But Messiah who are not putting but you eat toe war Napa but Ito war Napa. But Ito warn America, Cambodia who are not hitem Part two. You are not beautiful who are not going my idea who are not beautiful, who are not beautiful, said about messiah who are not Kooning. You are not Amos. We're not a plaque Cambodia who are not booty. What not a must jacket Celia who are not took luck mark idea who are not true under Sukha or not Cooney who are not Hedo. I know for question at the is equivalent to or in English when required a choice between two options. It is only used as or in a question subject, glass plus object. A plus how plus object me not. This A parka shouldn't be used in this structure, for example, and Asuka Warmer Amos After warning system. Do you like gold or black sentence examples? And Asuka Warnaco earning Do you like yellow or green? And that's what warmer Amos Warner hit him. Do you like Gold or black and Asuka Barnaby Rue at a Warner Hedo Do you like blue or green under Sukha or my Amos at the War? Now hit him! And Asuka wannabe you were young at I'm just took a warmer Amos at war. Not a plaque. Sawaya, Warner, Amos and Asuka or Nab You were not a plaque Salyer who warn a beautiful I'm Dasuki or not Kooning Award in America, Celia who are not beautiful, who are not going under Sukha Warner A Mass as the war, not a plaque. And that's OK or not. Takla Award in America. 5. 4. The Attributive: the attribute if part one How big enough the laugh Santo us or not Pretty stuff in the medulla Sato happy you are not a must Some of us who are not putting SIA una said Douglas Guantanamera Surya Puna Satu who are Yakunin Comey una Do what Elena you it to other last start to give us warm Surya Puna Sato Pakaya Wannabe room via Poona Do a happy we're not hitem any Nadella Satya Gila Swarm under Sukha Happy one apa Celje Sukha Happy? We're not hitem. I'm just a capital An award in the Upper Celia Catalana. What matter, Block? Sorry, Asuka. Happy warm! Amos SIA una satu Happy who are not Amos Dia Union You were happy or not? Part two Celje took a feeling young buggles now plus young plus addictive young can be used to modify a noun as in the sentence pattern Now plus young plus addictive for example se or on a young new to a cute kid Sentence examples it You are the left cool young inner that is a delicious cake Saya a core putting young luchu. I have acute cap SIA una Sarto bill A social young cigar. I have a cup of fresh milk. You are the left, William. Enough. Celia Munoz A recruiting young blue too dia on the last day. Or are not young new to any young blue, too. SIA una accord ending young dia Adalah Or are not young blue too? It do at the last second. Putting young Pinter being better dia on lfc or are not young new to any on the last bottom Roti young cigar Celia Bouna, Satu Young Segarra Any adalah satu young cigar se Gotta any young you too dia are the left or are not young Pinter ini Adalah Duggan Sappy Young cigar Celia Bouna Sato Bella so so young Segarra three. But you Dia said, I'm back. I back in warm Amira sit down plus book Sudan is used before a vote toe Indicate that an action or a status is continuing and happening. It is similar to up in in anguish the structure obvious subject plus sit down plus the plus object, for example back I means to where to put on said on park. I means we're ing sentence examples, Dia said On back I back in warm Amira. It's wearing a piece of rep Clotting, Celia said. I'm back. I'm hearing a payer off green pants, Dia said. Unpack. Sepatu are not cooling. He is wearing a payoff. Yellow shoes, Celia said. On Elena, Dia said, You are not running back to you, Dia said. Unpack I back in warm Amira, don't be Martha, Dia said On cattle Mata Dia said Catamarca. Warmack, Sawaya said, unpacking, dopey. We're not putting addict parent one, Ito said. Unpack. I gotta Mata who are not Hitem, Dia said On GOP warmer Amos sit down addict Parent one, Ito said. I'm back. I upper addict parent one. Ito said that Park I sepatu were not oclock, Dia said on TNT Addict Lucky, lucky, Ito said, I'm back. I upper Are you lucky? Lucky, Ito said on cattle Mata, who are not booty, Sawyer said. On back to one of you, Dia said, Unpacking Katima toward Hitem, Celia said, I'm back. I said to warm a bugle 6. 5. Shopping: shopping part one jumped on him by the manna jump on any question would. But Humana by the manner is a question world toe. Ask how status the structure is, but Humana plus subject all interrogated, pronounced are used in place off the in careers. Information off the sentence. Just place the interrogative pronoun in place off the information you want to ask about. There is no need to rearrange the sentence. For example Baga Humana Cassini How is this back? Destiny? The doctor. This bag is not beautiful Sentence examples, but I'm on a jump on any. How is this watch? But the man I don't have any. How is this wallet but the man A scarf guinea How is this car? Don't bet about a man. I don't have any. Dump it. Ito Somewhat bizarre. Seikaly jumping on any song attempting Baga Humana Baga Mana Don't get any Scott off Lam poo Baga Humana Scarf Any bag? Humana lamp. Oh, any saya picker lamp? Oh, any sang? Attend Mexicali. The Tink speaker Bigger is quite similar as English World Toe. Think you can use it as a subject plus speaker plus a sentence? For example, Saya pickar D Osama attempting? I think she is very pretty. Send That's examples. Saya picker lamp. We need a lot of TNT. I think this lamp is extremely pretty. Saya picker jumped on Tito sung up. Mahakali I think that what is too expensive. Surya. Picker scarf, Skinny Santa. I think this car is very long, sire. Pekar Scarf skinny. Some young, big here but a man. A lump of any saya picker lamp. Oh, any bazaar? Celia Pekar jumped on Ito Sangha, Maha Cali. But a man of any saya Pekar. Dump it. Any Sangha? Maha Scott Saya picker jumping on Tito. But the man jumped on it too. Dumped on Tito Somewhat killed sick Ali. But the manner don't any part two Billy Saya mouth Billy said we're happy to express. Want to do something with mouth? The Mau means you want to do something. The structure is subject plus mouth plus work plus object both now and the Indian mean toe want the difference is evening can be followed by Ada And now for a vote. But now can be on Lee. Follow it by a book And it is also less formal. For example, SIA ma belle equipe I want to buy a cat sentence Examples Siamo Billy said. We're happy. I want to buy a cell phone under Mobili Upper. What do you want to buy? Under Mobility? Bouna Barnum era Bouna Warn a bureau Celia Mahboob Ali said Saboura my Bouna computer dia mouth Billy Bouna addict Lucky, Lucky Tito Mao, Billy said You are Computer Billy Dia Mao Belly Bouna under Mobili Upper Celia Mouth Billy , who now are in America under Mao Billy Upper Celia Mobili said Watch computer under Mobili Upper Saya Mobili Computer Warner Amos under Mao Billy Upper Sawaya Now believe Guantanamera under Mao Billy Upper, Celia Mao, Billy So Sazegara Celia Mao Bailey said Part three mentee Moon No, my saya mouth Billy meant immune, but I'm unending and under particle phrase but human adding on. But the man had a gun is always used after a topic both subject to ask a question. It means how about, or what about the meaning always depends on the context. The structure is but a man adding on plus topic or subject. For example, siamo minimum higher about humanity going under. I want to drink water. What about you? Sentence examples Saya Mao believe in demon. But the man had a gun under. I want to buy cucumbers. What about you, Celia? Mobili Sato? Kilograms, celery. But I'm on a bacon under. I want to buy one kilogram off celery. What about you, Celia? Mobili Satu Kilogram Wartelle. Bugger human and under I want to buy one kilogram of carrots. What about you, Sawaya? Mobility. But the amount of digging under celery Wartelle Celia Moberly Sato Kilogram celery, but demanding an under Sawaya Mowgli Satu kilogram water but a man and a gun under by the man. Are they going under Saya mobile Lehman Demon? But I'm managing under Celia Mobile Itamar. Okay, Celia Mouth Billy do a kilogram and Timon. Okay. Sawaya ma Belli. Dig a kilogram, Toma. Okay. Celia Mowgli Satya Kilogram Filigree Sawaya Mouth Billy War pill Sawaya Mobili water. But the man had a gun under Soraya, you got mobili water. Soraya Mao believed Bouna Guantanamera. But I'm honored A gun under Sawaya Mobile. E Celia Mobility Toma. Okay, Celia Mobile. If Thomas Okay. Okay. Soraya Mobili computer. Okay, Back feet under Mao, Billy Upper Celia Mobili said Wow. Happy what? Amos Barabak. Argana Happy? We're not a must any happy Warner Meskini, Tarragona, Adela Sembilan Drop to three Booby Happy Warner Masini, son at more But the Monaco Tomato Warner Hitem Sawyer Peter Cattle Matewan A donkey to Sangha. Maha Celia Mobility Bouna Wanna Mira, but human and under Under Mobili upper Celia Mobility Catamarca under Mobili Upper Celia Mobile E Sata Kilogram water Sawaya Ma Belli Tyga Kilogram Toma. Okay, but the man a scarf Any saya picker scarf Any son opinion under Mao Billy Upper Salomao Billy Scarf Salomao Belly computer. Okay, but I'm on a lamp. Weenie, Cellular Mobile, Lehman, Timon but human. And they go under Silja Mobility Toma. Okay, but a man of any Sawyer picker scarf. Any song? A condom? Saya Pekar don't get any sang at Mahal. 7. 6. Flavor: flat for part one, My Canon McCann and any sign up with us Celia Pickier McCann on any song that dust sat appearing meant a moon. Any song, that party. Satu appearing celebrity. Any song, that party. But he imagine sap. Eenie sang at us in Assassin Mark on any sign that dust Sick Ali My Canon McCann and Tito Allison by the manner McConnell. Any but the manner start appearing Salary. Any sat appearing salary. Any Santa pocket saya picker sat appearing. Duggan's happy any. Follow us in enough sat appearing man Tim on any side Surya pickier McCann on any Sunday with dust saw your picture dogging sappy song at us in Michael, and any sang at us in Enough sire. Picker celery, some hot pockets. Igali But the man in Makkah and any McCann and any sun up with us. Part two apples be some Celia Deduct McCann Apple Young Assam boa. Celia. Mama can be some young monies, you know. Throw a berry Celia mouth Billy Group, Young Assam. You know Sayah Sukha Strawberry young monies Celia Mobility Apple Young monies be some under Mao Billy Upper Celia Mobility Young Assam. Celia Suk, a strawberry Young Monies. Celia Mobili, Apple Young Money, Euro Kyung Assam Under Mao, Billy Upper Celia Mobility Some Young Money. Mommy's Celia Deduct McCann, Hiroki and Assam Celia Mama Can Strawberry Young Monies Part three Celje Sukha McCann Apple Young Monies Celje Sukha McCann Young monies Young phrase The young can be used before an addictive to modify and now preference for internal design. Destructor a phrase plus young, plus addictive. It's used as a noun in a sentence. The young phrase can be used to indicate the person or team. It acts as the subject. Oh, the object in a sentence, for example, Sawyer took up McCann and the young monies I like sweet. This is in the sentence. The noun McCann in before young can be omitted. So the sentence can also be so Yes to God. Young monies. I like sweet sentence examples. Celia Soukup, Mark and young monies I like Toe it sweet Celia Deduct Maccagnan paid us. I don't. It's pricey. Under so called young money is at a young Assam. Do you like sweet or so? Celia? Mommy! No young Assam saya mobility young with us so yes to God. Young party. Sorry, Asuka. Mark and the young dust done young money. But he Celia did not makin young with us s Um Sorry, Asuka. Young monies. Sawyer Aminu! Young monies! Celia did upmarket Young paid us. I took a handoff. McCann young person Celia Maccagnan Assassin A pack of under Billie Young Party Celia did a really young party a sin Celia Billie Young assassin understood that Young money's young Assam under McCann Young Good us, Italian Assam Sorry, Asuka Maccagnan under super young monies at a young party. Celia So young monies A pack of Honda Super young monies under Mark on young us in Assam. 8. Conclusion: Congrats, Legends. My students. I hope by now you make a lot of protein. It's your thank you for your and do next classes somebody.