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Indonesian for Beginners (A1) - Part 3 (Vocabularies 116 - 211)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Day and Date

    • 3. 2. Time

    • 4. 3. Directions

    • 5. 4. Daily Life

    • 6. 5. Scheduling

    • 7. 6. Adjectives and Adverbs

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the Indonesian language for Beginners Class: Level 1 (A1). This is the part three of the class.

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: highs for one. Welcome to the new nation for beginners. Level one, A one in this class, we're going to lend religion language from scratch. This is the park tree class. My name is our God and our teacher. In this class in this class, we're going to let me landed by lots of places. The first of two seconds off collector will be faced by vocabulary list, then follow it by lots off prices on a brand new materials inside electorate. The body file of this class is about understanding the grammar materials on. I put it as a fortified last at the end of the class on four. 2. 1. Day and Date: day and date part one Harrison In days off the week in Indonesian the days off the week are expressed using the pattern hurry, plus the name off the day. For example. Monday is Harry Sinden. First day is Harry Solossa. Sunday is Harry Mingo. Examples. Harry. Sinning Monday. Hurry, commis Thursday, Harry Mingle Sunday. Celia Berg, Ikea. Cantor Fonda, Hari Solossa. Time Words and word Order the order off time words Such us Yesterday. Next week. Etcetera in Indonesian is ADA before the subject or at the end of a sentence, saying in English the structure is subject plus verb plus object plus time or time plus subject. Blast verb glass object, for example. Sawaya Burdick Carey Store on base. I go to the restaurant tomorrow. Bass took Celia Borghi care store on I go to the restaurant tomorrow. Sentence examples. Sawaya, Birgit Pensacola. Barda Harrison In I go to school on Monday. Celia, deduct Borghi Kato Co founder. Harry comes. I don't go to the shop on Thursday. Come on, a comma. Borghi Matahari Mingo. What do you go on Sunday? Celia Berg Ik toman Hurry. Celia Burdick, A bank Bada Hari Commies. Hari Sending Harry. Do hurry sub to game on a under Fergie Tahari Mingo Bada Sawaya Birgitta Sekula Barda Harrison in Celia Borghi Care Store on Bada Hari Mingo How did you Sawaya Guica Toko Part Tahari Commies Game on a under Borghi Matahari Rabou Celia Perdita Cantor Tahari Rabu Sawaya Birgitta Toko Matahari Commies Harry Solossa. How did you? A pack under Burdick account or by the heart isn't in Celia Radhika Cantor by the Harrison in Sawaya Borghi K Supermarket. Bada Hari Mingo Harry Subdue Sawaya Burdick A supermarket. Tahari Mingo Celia Birgit Pensacola by Tahari Solossa Part two Hurry! Any adalah? Harrison in hurry! Any adala hardening. Go! Hurry! Any a Marine Ferrari Solossa A Marine Adala Haris! Up to Bassuk. Adela Hari Commies. Basil, Hurry! Any Adela Harris up to Hari? A Marine Kalahari Rabu A marine Basil, Kalahari Mingo Harry. Any Harry Apa? The Marine. Harry Upper Bassuk. Hurry up. Er Bassuk. Kalahari Rabu. A marine. Hurry up! A marine! Harrison, Hurry! Any bassuk? Hurry up. Er, Baysox Kalahari. Commies. Harry, Any Harry upper. Hurry. Any Adela? Harry. Harry. Any Harry APA? Part three. Bolan. John Worry. Expression off months in Indonesian. The months are expressed using the pattern. Bolan plus the name off the months. For example, January is Bolan. John Worry. February is Golan Plus February Examples. Bolan, John Worry January Bolan, October October Woolen December December Hurry Any adala, Fungal Satu Dan Worry The four months off, A date in in Donation The former off Our date is a date for months or year, for example, June 15 but often and 15 is Bungle Lima below us. Bolan, Julie Star Who do a reboot Lima Vallas in intonation Sentence examples. Bungle the lap and Julie Dooley Age. A Marine angle. Margaret Yesterday Waas March 4th Harry in Anambra Today is operable 6 2015 Harry Mingo Adala Tangle Do a February A Marine Adala Tangle Tango Bolan up Real Sawaya Burdick Indonesia By the fungal and non May Boland Married Bolan Huang, Junie Bolan Julie Bangle Toe You are Gusteau's Celia Birgitta Counter part a tangle The lap on Bella September Bolan, October Bolan, November. Bolan, December. Hurry. Any adala? Fungal and non operable? Calhoun Do are a bully. Marble ous Hari Ini adalah Tangle Dua! Lulu October Who you are Bolan. Ah Hoon. Hurry. Any adala tangled? Remember last march, bangle dig a pool. February June Do worry boudoir. Ebola's basil Adala tangle Do are up. Really know who you are. Tango Lima Jamari tangle Big you are Dangle Simbolon Blast Julie. Part four Missile Adela angle but December Dangle Barack Buhari Any hurry any adala tangle ? Symbol on May tangle. Baraka Long under Yolanda Who in Celje Tangle Burrup, Basil Tangle Bapa, Poland The whole under Yolanda Who? Antalya Adala Angle. Sabella's Julie Long Tangle. Baraka. Yolanda who? Under long horns. Alia Kalahari Rabou Any Harry Mingo Any adala tangle symbol on October tangle. Burrup a Harrison in the fun. How do you match the pun? India Harry, you might Lalu Adela Tangles are 2 February. Have you got any bangle? Bapa along the who under Yolanda Whom? Celia Adela Angles are to me the fun Harris Solossa Lalu Harissa LaSalle Ahlu Adela along India 3. 2. Time: volume Part one. Jump Dell'Apa, Jum Sembilan said Polo Minute Celia Burdick A camp Or do My minute jam Tyga do a polo minute? Many Ciccarone John Lima and packed full of minutes. Ciccarone Yang Lua said Karen Johnson, Polo Lima Bean. Last minute, Young said Karan Jam Dellape Young Verapaz Ciccarone Question. Would you ask time? Jamba Rapa means what time in English. Jamba Rapa Plus subject. It's used to ask what time the subjects in the structure are some words that indicate rough time. Such sick autumn. No Mahlum evening. The proper response is subject plus jam, Class number, number plus minutes. I mean it. For example Jamba Rapacity. Kara What time is it now? Said Caron jammed a lap on support minutes. Now it is 8 10 Example. Jamba Rapacity Karen What time is it now? Jamba Rapacity Sharon Sekera on Jan Douwe Jamboree Pasok Arun Jam Comeback Dig a pool a minute. Gambira Pass Ciccarone, Saqqara Dump Todo Tyga, Polo Lima Minute Young Verapaz, Ciccarone, Saqqara James A Polo duopoly Minute young Vera Pasa Karen said Karen Johnson, Villain, popularly Mom In it, Jamba Rapacity, Part two Baggie Celia Burdick Bandara Bada Baggy Hari Baggie Hari Mahlum Celia Berg, Ickarus Store on Bada Jam Delaplane Mahlum Order off time Words The structure Time plus baggy or see young Oh, sorry. Oh, Mahlum can be used to indicate time plus am or PM The time words need to be put after specific time. For example jump CEPAL baggy Then I am Jum do us young 2 p.m. sentence examples Sawaya Fergie care Restore on But the jam Dellape Mahlum I go to the restaurant at 8 p.m. Celia Burdick A supermarket but a jam doable us Mahlum I go to the supermarket at 12 pm Young seppuku Mahlum then pm My lum Celia Burdick, restore on board Asiana Hurry! Jump to you Maggie, My lung Baggie Damn Sapelo Mahlum Sawaya Barre Carry Store on Bada See Young Harry Celia Berg Ikea Bang by the baggy Hari jumps a polo baggy jumpy Got sorry. Additional afternoon in the nation There's an additional afternoon or upper afternoon. We called it Sorry. The time is from three PM to six pm The importance off This is equal with all the time words baggie this morning from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. See Young is afternoon from then party am to 2:30 p.m. Story is up afternoon from three PM to six PM Mahlum is evening after 6 p.m. to midnight. Sentence examples Jump, ***. Sorry. 3 p.m. Um Hum, but sorry. 4 p.m. Jump. And I'm sorry. 6 p.m. Celia Burdick. A supermarket, but a junkie Gas. Sorry. Sorry. See young John Sapolu. Dig a pool minutes. Young John, do us young baggie saya like a supermarket. Celia Burdick, A counter. But a jump to you, Maggie. 4. 3. Directions: directions Part one Ruma Suck it Celje The room a socket Celje di Roma Ruma Soraya the Bandara de the Man under Celje The Umesaki de Manha under Matahari Rabou Lalu Sarria This a cola but that young to do a g de manha under Ciccarone Soraya the room A socket de manha under a pack under the rear Umesaki Sembilan Mahlum Celia de Toman But Adam do us young de Manha Under Camerin Sawaya Deduct Celia Debunk the Marine A pack a Honda We can't Ciccarone Celia. Deduct the Roma Harry Any Celia Umesaki but the Jungle Lima Julie Celia Deduct the restaurant Part two Major The impact. Putting it to the test them but expression off specific location. The structure subject plus me plus direction plus object place is used to show the specific location and object is in relation to another object. The structure is subject plus V plus at us Obara owned Alum plus Object Place, etcetera, for example, Celia, the attesting Partido. I am on the bet sentence examples putting it to the artist impacted or the cat is on the bed and in it to devour Major. The dog is under the table. Celia did. Alum Coco I'm in the shop. Some pit the media at us ending Ito devour Major Send up. Dibaba impacted! Coaching it toe the last major Bawa ending. It'll devour. Major Celia did a lot. Guard Book Di Dalam Restaurant addict Parent Want Tito? The Are Testing Patino Dallam Demand Where De Borah Major Soraya de Thomann Send Deborah Impacted Coaching Ito They are custom Partido Celia di Dalam, Cantor de Manha under Ciccarone Celia did a Lambeau Costa Karen Something. The last major Part three. Celia This Ebola team Orban Salmon Disability Bar up Supermarket said Cola. This is a lot more. Be more Sibila Umesaki Isabella Barra Bandara de Sevilla Utara Restaurant You Are Ghazaliyah This Ebola Tara Toko Data Celia Isabella Room A Socket Disability Bar up Bandara Celje You gotta bung disability More salmon Demand a major media This Ebola Tara Sibila Barra Latin Restore on Disability Tara Supermarket Bandara, Isabella Barrett, Sekula Room Aceralia Disobey Allah. Be more restaurant room a socket disability barrack Obama 5. 4. Daily Life: - daily life Part one LF Easy Fillem Celia Men Anton Seibu Fill him the left. You see Luc? Ooh, idea but boo boo the Sekula subject plus verb plus object plus d blast Place Indonesian. If you want to express, do something at some place unit de aza proposition The structure is subject plus verb plus object plus ni plus place Note The work should be put after the subject Singing this for example. Celia Marcon Nasi goreng The restaurant I eat fried rice in the restaurant sentences examples idea about as a boo Boo boo D Sekula Here It's a book in the school Saya Men on Bonsib wa fil m d Bandara I watch a movie in the airport idea Deduct Mark and me the restaurant he doesn't eat noodles in the restaurant may not own Badia Celia Men on Constable Phylum de Bandara Celje Manana Montella Fizzy the room a socket dia but said boo boo this Akula Boo boo Dia de Doc, Mac and me The restaurant Lucky, lucky, But you could eat salmon. Lucky, lucky The man idea my concept Fillem demand idea Manana Montella Fizzy idea, man Anton, Tell FTC di Toko demon idea man on Pondel. FCC dia my non Bonsib or phylum di Roma Celia, but just a boo boo Cody Thomann Men on bond LF Easy Got lucky Lucky Sawaya Men on Bonsib or phylum D C Cola Part two Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa in Greece Comey, Bahasa Indonesia. America, Bellagio, Bahasa in Greece Bella Sawaya, Belhadj Are Bahasa Indonesia, India Together with somebody, The gun together in the nation Is the gun a subject? A plus verb plus object blasting on plus subject. Be, for example, Celia McCann Asi Goran being India I eat fried rice with him Sentences Examples. Sawaya Abu Sada I read books with my friend Celia Balladur Bahasa Indonesia, India I learned in the nation with her Messiah Melayu Bahasa in glistening and Celia My Motherland's Anguish With me a month Celia But taboo then Anti messiah Damon Dia Biology are Bahasa Indonesia, India The Gun Celia Balladeer Bahasa Indonesia India Dia Back Abu Conteh Mandia Basada Melayu Bahasa Interesting and Celia The Month Celia Paladar, Bahasa Indonesia, India Sawaya but Taboo Denon, Monza, America, My non Montella Feces Ding and Tim America Part three de Dora Bangemann happen on the bone question would happen top on simply means when the structure is happen plus subject plus work plus object All interrogative pronounce are used in place of the enquired information off the sentence. Just place the interrogative pronoun in place of the information you want to ask about. There is no need to rearrange the sentence. For example, up on under Bangemann When do you get up? Celia Bang one Goddamn you! I get up at seven. Sentence examples happen on the Bangemann. When do you get up happen? Ending on that door. When does your dog go to sleep? Happen on Dominican fillem one. Do you watch movies? Bang one Sawyer banging jump to do carbon ending on that door Funding Sawaya Tedo, Bada Johnson Polo the Door The Man Celia Paladar, Bahasa Indonesia Johnsonville and Maggie Celia Bangemann Happen Kalyan. Men don't feel him. Call me my number. Unfeeling by the jump Gas or cap India. But Taboo Dia But taboo Bada Harris. And in happen on the banyan Sawaya Bangemann. But that jumped You happen on the bone. Sawaya Biology are Bahasa Indonesia this a cola but the hardening go subject plus verb plus object plus city plus place plus time in the nation to express Do something at someplace sometime if both of time and place phrases after the object times should go after the place , as in English. So the sentence order is subject plus verb plus object plus de plus place. Last time. For example. Sawaya, Mark and Me The restaurant Bada Hari Mingo I Eat noodles in the restaurant on Sunday. Sentence examples. Soraya by larger Bahasa Indonesia this a cola but Buhari Mingo I learned in the nation in the school on Sunday Celje my non 20 v d Bandara but hardly do much. I watched TV in the airport on Friday. Tim Antalya leader Bada jumps a Polo Mahlum decanter. My friends slip at 10 p.m. In the office. Sawaya Men Andante L f e c d Bandara, Matahari Sawaya Melayu, Bahasa Inglis. But a Jam Dellape, Aunt Aggie de Thomann Soraya Belladonna Bahasa Indonesia. Disa Cola. Matahari Mingo The Messiah leader. But the jumps Apoula, Mahlum, decanter Celia did order room a socket Bada Harrison in 6. 5. Scheduling: - scheduling part one. Get it? Yeah, happen on deck area. Palangkaraya happen under Palangkaraya? God, yeah, Celia Guardia, Bada Johnson villain, said the Apari Celia Palangkaraya, Bad Adam and am sorry, said the Apari said the up hottie. Celia Corretja, Bada Johnson, Bill and Maggie said the Apari Celia Corretja, Bada Johnson Dillon said the apari happen under Palangkaraya Celje, Palangkaraya, Lima Cop on on Dr Yes, it be a party. Sawaya Guardia Bada Johnson belongs at the apari cap on conductor. Yes, A t A party. Celia Guardia, Bada Johnson, Dillon said the apari up a young under lock. Who can Harry, Any question worked up? A young lad who can up a young Lecoq in literally means to do what it is. A question. Would all integrative pronounce are used in place off the inquiry? Information off the sentence. Just place the interrogative pronoun in place off the information you want to ask about. There is no need to rearrange the sentence. Not this. When answering the question, there is no need to repeat the world like you can. For example, Upper young can under lock Okun vessel. What will you do tomorrow? Sawaya McConville ajar. Bahasa Indonesian vessel I will learn in the nation tomorrow. Sentence examples up a young African under lock and basil What will you do tomorrow? A young Mandela kuchen But John Sapolu Mahlum What do you do at 10 p.m. Apa Young Mandela who consider the apari What do you do after day up? A young can handle a cook and Basil Locke, who can up a young under lock. You can be so Celia. I can Celia Guardia Bada Johnson, Dillon said. The apari up a young under lock. Coogan Bada Johnson, Dillon said. The Apari Sawaya, Guardia Bada Johnson, Dillon said the party Upadhaya under lock You can. But I jam support Mahlum up a young under lock who consider the apari a young man happen under Palangkaraya, Celia, Palangkaraya, Badam and, um Sawaya Palangkaraya Bada dumb and numb, said the Apari part two Makan bagh e mark can see Young Makan, Malam, Soraya, Mark and Maggie said balloon jungle happen Sawaya. Deduct Mackenzie a balloon said Balloon Sawaya. Deduct Makan Malam said the jungle upon Mahlum. A balloon or settle a plus time. Several, um, and settler literally mean before and after they can be used to express something which happens before will after a time or in action. The structure is a balloon or set a lot, plus time or in action. This structure can be put before or immediately after the subject in a sentence, for example. Sawaya, Mark and Maggie said. Bloom Jam Dell'Apa. I have breakfast before eight. Soraya, Mark and Maggie. I have breakfast. After eight sentence examples, Sawyer, Mark and Maggie said Bloom Jam Dell'Apa. I get breakfast before eight Sawaya deduct McCann. I did not eat breakfast before work. Celia Deduct Makan Malam said Gemdale upon Mahlum. I did not eat supper after eight PM soluble ajar, Bahasa Indonesia said Said. Balloon, said the laugh Sawaya deduct. Mark and Maggie said, Balloon, are you under lock? Kucan said. Sawaya, Mark and Marlon said up a young gondola, Kucan said. The lacquer Sawaya, Mark and Maggie said Bloom Jam Dell'Apa, Sawyer Cering. But Abu, Said Ballou Makan malam, the often setting setting is similar too often it issues before the verb, as in English. The structure is subject plus serving plus work plus object. For example, Sorry asserting my number on TV. I often watch TV sentence examples Saya Cering, But Obukhov said. I often read books before going to sleep. Celia staring Menem Bonfield said. The locker I often watch movies after work. Upper Young serving under lock Kucan said. Valentino. What do you often do before going to sleep? Upper Young staring under lock who consider Surya Sehring minimum copious balloon up a young serving under Lecoq cancer balloon T door up A young serving under lock who consider law Makan Malam Salyer setting said Setting Celia Cering men on bond. Fillon said. The locker Celia setting McCann Maggie said Telebanc artery seacat Gigi your tea Celje setting seacat Gigi said. Telebanc Sawaya Duty Wahda Saada said. Elastica. Gigi Sawaya, Long song T. Waj Aceralia said Teleseker Gigi the right away long some Lanson means right away or immediately. It is usually used before of up. The structure is subject plus Lanson plus plus object. For example, Sawaya Can Langston, do you watch? I will wash my face right away. Sentence examples. Soraya along some t Wat Aceralia said Elastica. Gigi, I watched my first right away after brushing my teeth. Sawaya, Langston, Mark and Maggie. I ate breakfast right away after washing my face, sire, I cook right away after getting off from work. Sarria, Langston Mark and Maggie Cittadella, Sawaya. Langston Corretja said Mark and Maggie Do It. Wadia, My Suck Celia Langston Massa Settle Celia Langston Makan Malam said Celia Langston, Mark and Maggie La Coogan, Celia Langston t Watch Yaya said Gigi Sorry, a long song. Cicotte Gigi Salyer Setting Cicotte Gigi said Valentino Sawaya long some duty. Who? Adesanya said Sawaya Long some duty. Wahda Saada said. Classical Gigi Sarria, Long Some Master Teoh, Celia Long song Sarria Long Suma Success. 7. 6. Adjectives and Adverbs: - objectives and other groups. Part one Basada Patil. I'm doing Surya Sun, not bazaar subject plus Sana plus addictive in endless announce can be linked toe objectives with developed Toby in Indonesian announce are linked objectives with adverbs such as very a little and so on. The structure is subject plus adverb. Very little plus addictive. Not this no over such as Adela issues in this sentence pattern while the other must be used song that is the most common used Agra in Destructor, for example, Indonesia sang at Bazaar Indonesia is very big sentence examples clicking Celia Saad Bazaar funding Celia Sung that beside my dog is very big putting, Sire. Sunlight Patil, My cat is very small. Hardly any son upon us today is very hot putting. Celia Sanjay Patil made us Arya Sangha, Basada Basada, Sempati, Nordea Sung at the till Patil putting SIA Song that Patil Come on, e two summit bazaar quoting Sire Sung at the till brown us being in hurry Any sung upon us Some that baggie Hari sang, adding in young Harry Sung at Panis Surya Sun not being in Harrison in deducting in negation off objective the negative form off subject plus objective this subject plus deduct plus addictive again, no over such as Adela issues in this sentence pattern. For example, Indonesia Deduct Bazaar Indonesia is not big sentence examples. Hardison in did up Demon It is not called on Monday. Hardly any deduct. Panis today is not hot Sekula to deduct Bazaar. The school is not big. Hardly any deduct Panis psychology to deduct Bazaar Sawaya Deduct Dean Hurry Any song upon us. Celia Deducting in part two a lot. How Celia Lula Par The extremely Lalu Just like Sunday, the loop is also an upper used to link announce and a decades. However, Lalu indicates a higher degree than somewhat sentence examples. Celia Lula Par Im Extremely hungry Dia They're Lalu House. She is extremely thirsty filling Ito Lubanga's The movie is extremely good. La part dia there Lalu House Putting, Sire Darla Lula Par Baggio's Buruk Feeling Ito Labarga's phylum Ito Lalu Buruk Boo Kuito That a lot it go Bahasa in Greece Arya Lugou Soraya There Lalu Lap Sekera Celia Comey Deduct house Bahasa Indonesian idea Boo dia There Lalu house. They're Lalu Bahasa in Greece Idea Lugou Dia There Lalu house Part three Kuito, Lalu and and not Kuito sung up in Mexicali. Some nut plus addictive plus sick Ali son. That sick Ali is always translated as so do, if paired with a positive objective, it can kalak really mean so? Sun up in Mexicali means so delicious if paired with a negative objective it expresses accessibly. Some are doing in So Cali means to cold sentence examples. Kuito sung up in Mexicali The Cake is so delicious feeling Ito sung at bag Physically the movie is so good. Hurry any song that Panna Seikaly today is too hot it to nasty Gordon Ito. Son got in Mexicali. Brought the Ito sung up in Mexicali, Son that Colavito sang it in Mexicali. Just Ito San got in Mexicali in the So So Ito sung up in Mexicali. Me, Ito sung up in Mexicali. Fillon Ito sung at bag physically Boo boo Under sandbag Bush Fillon Ito sang at bags. Seikaly Boudia sang at bags. Seikaly, Fillon, Ito Sandbags Ta'Qali GOP Ito sung it in Mexicali. Saw you Ito Sung got in Mexicali. Me, Ito sung at in Mexicali, Nazi Gordon Ito sung that in Mexicali. Hurry any song Aparna Seikaly Salyer sang at La Paz. Physically song that sick Ali 8. Conclusion: Congrats, Legends. My students. I hope by now you make a lot of protein. It's your thank you for your and do next classes somebody.