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Indonesian for Beginners (A1) - Part 2 (Vocabularies 55 - 115)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Question + Answer

    • 3. 2. Numbers

    • 4. 3. Measure Words I

    • 5. 4. Money

    • 6. 5. Restaurants

    • 7. 6. Places

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the Indonesian language for Beginners Class: Level 1 (A1). This is the part two of the class.

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the new nation for beginners. Level one A one in this class, we're going to let nuns and language from scratch. This is the part two off the glass. My name is going on in this class. In this class, we're going to amendments and language by eating lots off prices. The first of two seconds off Collector will be faced by problems, then followers by lots off prices on grammar materials. Inside electoral file of this class is about understanding gamma materials on. I put it as a fortified class At the end of the class, I landed on four. 2. 1. Question + Answer: question plus answer Part one. Any upper question would Upper upper in general means what the structure is subject plus up plus upper in intonation. All interrogative pronounce are used in the place of the inquiry. Information off the sentence Simply place this question word in place off the thing you want to ask about For example any upper What is this? Any other last accord ending? This is a dark sentences example any upper What's this under Sukha upper What do you like it to upper it To Adalah Copy under minimum upper up Kalyan McCann Upper Comey McCanns are your in the upper de Asuka Upper Dia Soca quitting under Sukha upper See upper number under question would see upper She upper in general means who the structure is. See upper plus object All interrogative pronounce are used in place of the inquiry. Information off the sentence Just play See upper in place off the information you want to ask about. There is no need to rearrange the sentence For example See up idea Who is she? Dia Adalah e She is really additionally in Indonesian. See APA, who is commonly used for asking a person's name instead of what sentences? Examples See apple under. Who are you? See Apple do. Who is that? See Oppa number under What is your name? See Upper Ardeche? Lucky, Lucky Under Who is your younger brother now? Messiah. Adala Lee Nama. See Oppa number under now Messiah Adela, See EPA number under. See Oppa Ahmadiyah see upper number under any upper Any Adela Ola under Mark An upper part two she up under she up are the lucky lucky under See a pi toe Ito Adalah Really see apa See oppa under Celia Adala Really see app idea CFR under under but Assad Al Dhari *** Ramana question would Mana Mana means which the structure is subject plus Brossel Dari Plus Negara plus mana all interrogative pronounce are used in place off the incorrect information to the sentence Just place manner in place off the information you want to ask about For example under but a salary *** Ramana, Celia Adela or on Indonesia sentences examples under but Asadoorian *** Ramana, which country are you from? Are you under? But our solder in *** Ramana Which country is your father from? Dia. But Assad Dari *** Ramana Which country is his phone Are you under? But Rosol Daddy, *** Romana, Mana Dia Adalah Or on America's Erica Mana under But our solidarity *** Ramana, Celia Adela or on Indonesia See Apple too See APA under but a solidary *** Ramana America But Assad Dari *** Ramana Part three A pack under McCanns Are you a pack under minimum copy ? See Apple, it'll under souca under Brossel Dari *** Ramana under minimum Upper Celia Minimum Cola See apple under See app Idea A pack under kunas or on a different one SIA una or an addict one . Understood Come back and upper Sorry, Asuka Markon dogging Sappy dogging Kalyan Meaning upper I'm not lucky. Lucky under Mark An upper see up under under But a salary *** Ramana, Celia Adela or on Indonesia Apple two Ito Adala drugging Bobbi A pack a Honda Una Cola See up Anoma under see up Anoma Under now Messiah 3. 2. Numbers: numbers part one satu or on music would. Whenever you talk about the quantity off something in inclination, you always need a miss. A word in endless some mounds need me the words as well. Such us a piece of paper In in the nation. Different towns are associate it with different music awards. The fracture is number plus mutual would plus now order for people bottom for most meals and echo for animals are the most common nominal music would, for example, Satu or on top Param one one older sister do, uh, but I'm rocky to lots of breath. Giga Core quoting three cats. Other sentences. Examples. Satu or on Indonesia, one Indonesian person do our or on America's Erica. Two Americans SIA una satu or an addict parent born. I have one younger sister, Sarto or on Indonesia, start to blue. Uh, do, uh, do our or on America's Erica? Or on do our or on Lucky Lucky Tyga? Or on that one? And but Tyga or on Arctic Lucky, Lucky and Pat? Or in Lima, Lima Bottom protea What, um, Satu or on SIA una satu, Or on Arctic Param one. The Apulia do, apart from roti eema or in and but do a or on lucky lucky Digga bottom property part two satu or on Indonesia. And, um did you take or quitting? And, um, a core coating. Edgar, don't you the lap one The lap on accord ending Saya Poona Sembilan Core boom saya Poona Sembilan core coating cepal dia, Poona, Sapelo Coming Sapolu saya Poona The lap on a core ending. And, um, under Poona did you a core panda CEPAL The lap on the lap on eco coating done Sembilan Accord ending CEPAL and numb Saya Poona Sembilan Core coating Dude, you a core coating part three You see idea on the lefty Gotta hoon, you see idea Abdullah cepal OSHA Ah Hoon Lucius Alia Adela Number Last June below us Lucius ia Adalah Delavan Ballast A hoon. You see a under Adela and but blue. You see a lucky lucky idea, But Sembilan or C idea Adela doable last June, You see idea Adala, do a pool. You, uh, parappa nausea under question. Would the Rapa the rapper means how many or how much all interrogative pronounce are used in place of the incorrect information off the sentence? Just place the interrogative pronoun in place off the information you want to ask about. There's no need to rearrange the sentence, for example. But Cappadocia under how old are you? You see Asada duopoly. I am 20 years old. Attendances Examples. Vera Pappu CIA. Under how old are you? But APPA who see idea. How old is she? Ba rapper. Who? CIA. Ardeche. Lucky. Lucky Under How old is your younger brother, Vera? Pappu. See? Idea better. Apa Baraka. Who? CIA. Under Siyassah. Yah! You see Asada and number Arapaho. Shia under Siyassah. Yah Parappa nausea under the Rapa Hussey idea. 4. 3. Measure Words I: maser words One part one do, uh Or in and but or on you're Ghazaliya una Tyga. Or on you are Guardia Brogna from Oregon. Cailloux, Argha You're Ghazaliya una Tyga satya gila Skopje Glass saya Poona do Angeles juice de Apulia Sat Uggla Scola A core sat appearing So you're any Nadella? Satya Peering, dogging Sappy glass beating Satu appearing So you're Ito Adela Sato Acre ending and part galas Juice You are a good idea Gonna do a run Celia Poona do our core putting You're Gasela, Bouna Tyga or on ini Adalah Satu appearing drugging sappy part two So Phil Satu Bulus Su su soppy Cool it to Adalah Satu bottom de apunta Digga Buiter Both here better oppa banya Buiter Taylor on Dapena Question would plus Musa would when using question phrase such us that Habana to ask about number for example How many friends do you have? And missile what must be added it between the question world and the now sentence examples Gila Suso How many glasses off men do you have? There are probably booster Taylor kuna How many eggs do you have? Barack Obama Koran will work under Poona How many people Does your family have Laura Banya ? There are Saya Poona Saya Poona Satu boater Barack Obama Gila Suso under. But our Habana or uncle worker under Bouna Kur Ghazaliya do a wrong SIA una and but Berenguer Satel appearing where there are Habana Buiter Taylor under Poona SIA una una Bearup a banana or uncle worker on Dapena You are Gasela Union or on there are 5. 4. Money: money talked one Bearup A hard, gonna quit question would Bearup a hard Gagne. But APPA means how much if you want to ask how much money but apple Haryana should be used . The structure is Burrup. Aha! Argana plus optic All interrogative pronounce are used in place off the inquiry. Information off the sentence. Just place the interrogative pronoun in place of the information you want to ask about. There's no need to rearrange the sentence. For example Baraka. Hard gun in Duggan's happy How much is the beef dogging? Sappy hard Ghana Sierra 23 boom Rupiah The beef is 100,000 rupiahs. Sentences, Examples Bearup A hard Ganic were How much is the cake? Better apa Haryana Su su How much is the milk Bearup? A Hargon yet the lure. How much is the egg? Haryana CEPAL reboot Libya Bearup A heart gone? Yes. So Sue Rebeuh Bearup A hard gonna quit so so hard Ghana He marry boo Rubia Bearup A hard Gagne Allure Haryana. Sorry, Booby Bearup A hard Gannon dogging sappy Duggan. Sappy, hard Gonna dig a polo. Caribou Rupiah Bearup A hard Daniel. Cool Bearup. A hard, gonna copy Copy. Hard. Anya duopoly Review Rubia Bearup A hard Ghana juice juice hard gonna Lima Belus Rebeuh Rupiah Bearup a Haryana dogging sappy dogging sappy are gonna dig a Polo de Lapin reboot. Rupiah, Rupiah Tarragona CEPAL Review will be a Bearup A Haryana roti roti are gonna happen. Rebeuh Rupiah Bearup A hard Daniel Day Haryana Lamar Polo Reboot Rubia Bearup A hard gang adduce part two GOP Haryana duopoly Reboot Rubia Satya Galas Juice hard Elena Della Pond Belus Rebeuh Beer Rubia Barabak are gonna grow tea in part time Roti Argana Sarah three Rupiah Burrup Aha! Argana Lehman Telescope e Do a lot of hard gonna do a review Rupiah Lehman Telescope E Haryana character three Booby practice, but ah hah Argana Tyga The last dig a glassed a hard Ghana Sapelo Caribou bia CEPAL Off bottom Roti Haryana Luapula Diggory Mood Rupiah Burrup A hard Anna Lima Lima Petanque Haryana Lima Polo Caribou Rubia Do appearing ducking sappy Argana, Saratoga, Polo de Lapin, Rebeuh, Rupiah Bearup, A hard Ghana and Nambu to tell your and number two tell your heart gonna do Abella Cerebral Rupiah. I m Petratos Sembilan, Polo the lap and Rebeuh beer. Barack Bihar gonna leave my Digga Hard Ghana and Namorato Shaariibuu Rupiah Barack Bihar, Ghana Gila Su Su Impact villa So so hard Gana sepa lo reboot Rubia Lima Telescope E. Argana Lima Belus, Rebeuh, Rubia. 6. 5. Restaurants: - restaurants talked one a lion alien sire. Indulging sappy expression off Won't with in the Inning is quite similar as English word toe want. It can be used. That's an oxygen reverb toe. Indicate the desire off something or to do something. Destructor is subject plus in plus up plus object. For example, Sire in Copy. I want coffee idea in mark on Duggan's Happy She wants to eat beef sentence examples. Celia in Nazi alien Celia in Nazi going down 1,000,000,000 Celia Union Minimum a year. Nazi Kalyan Sawyer in Nazi nasi goreng. Alien Sawyer in Nazi going You mean 1,000,000,000 Celia in asi 1,000,000,000 Celia in Nazi going than day. Alien Sawyer in Nazi going Are you Bellion? Sawyer Union NASA going alien. Celia in the New Year I year Comey in minimum higher than just alien Celia in Markham Nazi nasi goreng Celje in McAllen Asi alien Celia in minimum Alien Celia in minimum cola. Celje in mark and drugging Sappy done Nazi Part two Me so saw yakking in Satu Manco Me, Satyam uncle me than Satu Man cook So me Bearup a hard Gagne Satu Monk took me Satu Man Cook Soup Haryana Duopoly Review Rubia got me inside appearing nasi than do, um uncooked me, My uncle Beer Bearup a Hargon NASA Douglas Bill Satya Galas Beer Argana Lima Belus Rebeuh Rupiah Beer Done me, Celia in Bill than meat Bearup A hard Gagne Satyam Uncle Me Barabak Argana Soup Done. Nasi goring. Sonya in minimum Satu Month Cook soup SIA in Satu Man Cook soup Then start appearing. Nazi going Satu man Cook soup Haryana, Luapula Caribou Rupiah Celia In in Satu Manco Me than sat Google A severe Bearup. A hargon? Yes, a human cook soup Satya galas Beer Argana Lima Blustery rupiah part three Some pit sad person gotta poop. Barry Sawaya Sack Togar Poop Betty. Plus somebody plus something. The world Mary means to give its use. It is quite similar. Took its usage in anguish. But when using very in Indonesian, the subject of the sentence can often be omitted which is called the imperative sentence. Destructor is berry plus somebody plus something. For example. Very sorry. A higher Give me water sentence Examples. Very sorry. A Seattle Carpou. Give me a folk bilion. Barre. Soraya sought to pass on some people. Wait a give me a payoff. Chopsticks so long. Very Zarya, do us in. Look, please give me two schools. Send up. Very Zarya. Satu Sendak. Bell Alien. Very Sawyer Sato Passing some pit. Very send up. Well, I am very sorry. Assad Togar poop alien Very Sarria Start to pass on some bit, then start to send up very bilion Marissa Yassa to pass on some people Possum Marissa sat carpou So long Barry Saaiyaan do was send slalom. Very Zarya. Start appearing Massey So long. So long, Barry. So Yeah, Poland Barry Zarya sort of person. Roland Berry Celia, do ascend look than sat Douglas Beer. So long, Barry Zarya Satu person. Then suck Togar poop. So long. Very sorry. Assad to send up Dolan. Very sorry. A person. Part four Fallahiyan Celia in Nazi. Done So long. Very Zarya sucked. Appearing. Saw you then start to pass on some pit. I'm that in an upper Celia in So done roti under in modern upper in in Bearup A hard janessa. Give us higher Satya galas. Juice are gonna do a Polo Freebo Rupiah Barry Sayako Sato Douglasville Celia in Macron's start appearing Nazi Kalyan Very Sawyer Ire than me. Well again, Very sorry to send up under Being in Minimum Upper Celia in minimum. Saratoga Last Bill Bearup, Albanna Villas Under Indian. So long, Marissa. Yes, our to give us higher, but I am stolen. Barry's arias are appearing Nazi Bella Young alien sire Inside Togar Poop Undocking in Upper Celia in higher Alien. So long, Marissa Yassa to get us to suit Bearup A hard gonna start appearing Nazi sat appearing nasty hard Ghana Lima, Rebeuh Rubia Bearup Appearing nasty going under in Surya King and do appearing nasty going . 7. 6. Places: - places . Part one restaurant. Saadiyat Borghi Restaurant Supermarket. Surya Fergie. A supermarket. Sekula Sawyer Borghi Sekula Cantor. Celia Borghi. Camp Better G Supermarket. Sawyer Fergie Cantor Celia Union Burdick Restaurant. Good. Surya. Dr. G. Cola Sawyers who cut Borghi Supermarket Celia in Borghi Cantor. A pack of under Borghi Casey Cola. Celia did a birdie Piccola Celia Enberg supermarket SIA in Burdick Cantor. A pack of under in particular store on Celia in Borghi restaurant. A pack of under in particular Restore on part two Cumana under Borghi. Question Would Yamana Humana means where the structure is. Cumana class subject plus book. All interrogated, pronounce are used in place off the incurred information off the sentence. Just place the interrogative pronoun in place off the information you want to ask about. There's no need to rearrange the sentence. For example. Borghi, where do you go? Saya Borghi case. Akula sentence examples. Game on a camel. Borghi, what do you go? Humana? Conducting Enberg, where do you want to go? I'm one mum. Sorry. Jeopardy! Saw yakking in common. Bandara Dr. Sawyer Opinion for Guica Bandara SIA union Per guica Toko Gaiman Underberg e Celia in particular. Salmon Amana under Fergie Humana under Fergie Borghi A man under Fergie Someone the manna under in Borghi Soraya in per gig Thomann Saya Enberg, ikebana commander under Fergie Celia in Borghi Bandara. 8. Conclusion: Congrats, Legends. My students. I hope by now you make a lot of protein. It's your thank you for your and do next classes somebody.