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Indonesian for Beginners (A1) - Part 1 (Vocabularies 1 - 54)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Pronunciation

    • 3. 2. Basics I

    • 4. 3. Basics II

    • 5. 4. Family

    • 6. 5. Animals

    • 7. 6. Food

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the Indonesian language for Beginners Class: Level 1 (A1). This is the part one of the class.

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: highs. Everyone. Welcome to the new nation For between us. Level one A one in this class. We're going to lend ammunition language from scratch. This is part one of the class. My name is Don and Victor. In this class in this class, we're going to let me land by not for prices. The first of two seconds off Collector. You will be faced by vocabulary list. Then follow it by lots of places on grandma materials Inside electorate. The product of this class is about understanding the grammar materials on. I put it as a plug applies this class at the end of the classes. I hope you get your language. I look forward to you inside. 2. 1. Pronunciation: pronunciation. Let this in general, there are 26 characters in Indonesian language. Same with anguish. They both used Latin character as an analyst. Indonesian character also has two types off character called vowel and confident. Let's talk more about this In pronunciation guidelines, there are wife foul character skin in the nation. They, uh uh, e uh huh. A and oh, in in the nation, it is very common to structure the rubble in that order. Uh, e mm, a uh huh. The rest 21 characters or cold continent. They Yeah, bay. Okay. Day if gay for gear. Uh, and I m and bay we air this they they way x. Yeah. Is that as a rule, only the letter. So, uh, and we must be pronounced with us. Onda, we voice order done the rest Continent excluding vowels Used the letter A for their pronunciation. Let's see, uh, bay, Yeah, there a if gay for e dear, Uh, l i m and, uh, bay we enter If they Mm. There. Where? X Yeah. Is that no bold vowels? Underlying emphasis. Focus letter. Read special letters. Uh, bay dio they a if gay for e Yeah. Uh, l and and, uh, Bay we enter IHS they Oh, there. Where X? Yeah. Is that very Mukasey? Very Mukasey. Somebody doompa somebody number. 3. 2. Basics I: - basics . One part one. Hello? Ah, yeah, Evil. Ah yeah. Able Ah yeah are not lucky. Lucky A knock baron one. I'm not lucky. Lucky I'm not Barham one. Hello able. Ah, yeah. I'm not a parent. Hello. He will some by number. Part two some by Juba. Are you Sawaya, Celje Adala or on subject Plus Adela plus object. Adela. It's almost equivalent to Toby in anguish in Indonesian is used to connect. To announce the structure is now on one plus. Adela plus noun to work in Indonesian never changes its form, no matter who does that. Oh, when someone does that, for example um Izz o where Waas are all translated into Adela sentence examples, Celia or on you. I am Amanda. Under under last or on are not Sharon Boone. You are a day after dia on the last order are not lucky. Lucky he is a son. So or, um, the autumn is a music would for one person Or in other words, is an article in for example, you are the father under the last Or are you Celia Dallas around? Are you Celia? Under Under and cam, Remember, it is a rule. The world under it's Always written with the capital A in its for selector. What the world position in the beginning in the middle. Oh, at the end of a sentence, it's Charles politeness. It is very common to see in Indonesian articles on the newspapers. If you want to use the word you for informal communication. Is it used Camel instead? Off under under adolescent around Anak Parent born under a Dallas or on a book se or On Celia and Elastic Around are not lucky. Lucky I don't love Celia on the last day or on You dia idea. Are the left or on are not lucky. Lucky Dia Adalah or an area dia dia are the last or on a boo idea are the last around a knock baron born under Sawaya under a Dallas aura. I'm not lucky, Lucky Dia Adalah a wrong dia somebody jumper 4. 3. Basics II: - basics to part one. Indonesia, Americus, Erica, Indonesia, Celia Adala or on Indonesia Dia Adela. Or on America's Erica or Wrong or on Your Own Under Bardella or on Indonesia Dia Adala or on Indonesia Idea Book An or on Indonesia Under Bruggen or on America's Erica Book on Speed Up Are you Ito Book On or in Indonesia, it do Dia Book an or on America's Erica around Indonesia, Celje, Adela or on Indonesia Dia Book An Or on America's Erica You Ito Book On or on America's Erica Part two. Got Me, Adela or on Indonesia, Comey, Adela or on America's Erica Merica. Book On or On Indonesia Kalyan Book On or On America's Erica Comey, Tommy Kinta, America Deduct Kinta Under Negation with BUCA and Dida. Broken means no and not remember. It is the negative form for most announce book. An should be used before announed, indicating identity or profession without Toby. Active herbs and objectives following the world to express negative form off most identity knowns, for example, CYA Book An or on Indonesia, I'm not in donation Dia Book an or on America's Erica. It is not American people. It'll book an or on America. Sirica, the mother is not American. Deduct means no and note. Remember, it is the negative form for most births and our objectives. The doctor should be used before of up Oh, an objective without Toby and now owns following the world to express negative form off most present tense. Or, if you get tense, for example Celia, I do not love you. Dia did the tinta idea. He does not love his father. Dia did that. 20. It's not beautiful. Additionally, book on and the doctor can be used. Toe. Answer yes, no questions, depending on the questions. If you want to say no to answer the question, Are you hungry? A pack of under lapper you should say deduct. And if the question are you a father alpaca underscoring are you? You should say book on if you want to say yes Instead, you get answer. Read Yeah, Celia Kinta under coating ending America That funding Comey Coating Kalyan America. Kinta quoting Carmi gente ending Kalyan, Kalyan Bogan or in America, Sarita Comey, Kinta quoting part tweet Comey Merica Book an Or in Indonesia, Kami sama Jaya, the all same one similar. It's used to express all both in in the nation. It should be used before works a detective's or announce the structure is subject plus someone plus the plus object or subject plus similar plus announce or addictive sentence examples promising more America, Samoa, Bardella or on America's Erica Thomas A more coaching Kalyan, Samoa. Same one America, Samoa, bardella Or on Indonesia, America's More Adela or on America's Erica, can you say more cooking Thomas Samoa. Kalyan Samore Kinta Ending Kalyan Seymour ending, Tommy Samoa, Same one America, Samoa, adala or on Indonesia Comey, Samoa inte coating, Tommy Seymour. 5. 4. Family: - family . Part one Gachot. Lucky, Lucky Got Cut Baron one Dia Angela Cacak. Parents who want to Sonya Sonya or on Lucky Lucky Dia kunas. Or on Sharon Boone, Bouna Arctic Lucky, Lucky Ardeche Baron Puan Celje or an Arctic caribou on Sonya Sonya or on Arctic Lucky, Lucky Contact. Lucky, Lucky Tommy did Apulia or on cocky Locky Locky America did Aktuna or an addict Karembeu on Fumiya? Celia Munoz or an addict? Aaron Boone? Celia Munoz around Lucky, Lucky Dia did Apulia or on Gachot Baron one Sawaya deduct kuna or on Arctic Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Lucky Ito did, Aktuna said. A core coaching. It's a sequel. The echo is, um, use a word for one animal Or, in other words, is an article in, for example, a cat. A core coating so sick or part two quoting coatings. Arya position. Fortunately, talking about position in intonation is very easy. Almost, there are no additional or complicated rules to it. Most people simply say, like this Arctic lucky, lucky Zarya, my younger brother, it Boudia his mother. This is because the subject pronoun, sire, I under you, Dia, he she got me. We America Day and Kalyan, you polar are sane with Dale Possessive pronounce Another example is America Seymour Kinta Barham One under They all love your older sister ending under Ardeche Lucky, lucky Celia Dia Adalah addict Lucky, lucky SIA Dia Book on one side Got lucky, Lucky under a coating He Boudia addict from India Munoza Accord ending Got lucky! Lucky idea! Did a Kunasek or Ending? Celia Adela, America Addict Karembeu India Kunas Accord ending Got lucky, Lucky under kunas A core coating America Samoa Kinta Barham one under Ardeche Lucky, Lucky Under Bonanza Core coaching got lucky. Lucky Celje Kinta Comey Dia Adalah addict Lucky, lucky SIA Celia Kinta! Boo yah! 6. 5. Animals: - animals part one funder in e r Dallas Core panda in me Bardella ongoing Zarya in me Bobby it to adalah. Succor Bobby Ito Adala Which India ini Duga model s a core under they also Duga Yoga means also in Indonesian It needs to always come after the subject The structure is subject class Guga plus plus object or subject Last Duga plus announce or at the gifts sentence examples it would you got bardelas core panda that is also a panda America Duga kunas accord ending They also have a dark Comey yoga top under We also love bond us it would do Got a Dallas a car Bobby Duga e me it does adala coach India Funder Any adala core Panda America Duga Kunasek or Ending or a Or on America's Erica Guga Una Banda Tommy Duga Cinta Honda Dia Duga in Top idea Saya Duga Kinta Ending it Did you got Dallas Core Bobby Part two sabih Come being abarca Any ad? Alas, echo. Sappy. The question Would a pack of the particle would a parka? It's used as a question mark for yes, no question Indonesian. A statement sentence with a parka at the beginning will be a yes. No question. Attendance examples. A pack of any Andalus echo sappy. Is this a co A pack? A cam kunas. Echo coaching? Do you have a cat? A pack, a camel? Linda coaching camera. Do you love your cat? A pack of Tito under last court Coming. It'll book and saw a car coming. Come being a pack under Kunasek or coating a pack a veto of the last week or coming a pack under bonus. Echo. Sappy Celia Munoz a course happy but tough, sappy. A pack under Kingda under a pack of any of the last week. Or coming. A pack of Ito are the last week or coming a pack under Kunasek or Bobby SIA Una for Bobby. A pack under Luna's acre ending coming a pack, a bikini or the left funding under any book on ending SIA. A pack of any Adela sappy addict. One. A pack under Linda coaching under Part three Gun I, um, a pack of any of the last week or ikan egan a pack a veto on the last acre. I am Ito are the last week or I am guru, a pack of any of the last week or boom I am a pack of Ito are the last echo. Ikan it to our the last cycle beacon a pack under China's core boom. A pack a Honda Kun a sappy a pack America Bouna ikan I am a pack of any of the last occur I am boom a pack a Honda Kinta Ikan a pack America Una coming America Deduct una coming a pack under Kinta, ending a pack of any adela funding under a pack America That boom offer motive and negative questions. A common way to form questions in Indonesian is no first use a subject plus verb in the positive. Then add Dida. Oh, broken at the end of a sentence. It is same to the English form off questioning or not. Are you an Indonesian or not? Not this. No alpaca should be used in this case. Sentences, examples. Any other last echo? Ikan broken Corbeau. Remember again? The World Book on means no or not, and it issues. We're talking about things which do not have an active verb and addictive in the sentence. Wary us. The duck means no or not also, and it issues for talking about things which have an active verb or an adjective 7. 6. Food: - food Part one dogging, sappy, drugging, Bobbi ending, Ito Mark conducting sappy or on or in Indonesia Marcon dogging sappy McCann a pack a Honda mark and drugging sappy Sawaya Diduck. Makin dogging Sappy Ardeche. Lucky, Lucky Celia. Yoga Mark and Drugging Bobbi Dia Diduck McCann Drugging Bobbi Roddy So You So you're done Roti now in one class, done plus noun to done means and in the nation it is important to note that done, it's used to link downs, not births or sentences. Sentences. Examples. Sawyer done Roti vestibules and Brit America McEnroe t done dogging sappy. They eat bread and beef. Putting that ending the duck mark. Answer your gets and dogs do not eat vegetables. Dia McCann Roti Diane Sawyer Done America McCann roti Done digging Bobby Dia Dance. Alia McCann dogging sappy Doc Karembeu and Celia Marcon dogging sappy. Done drugging Bobbi Sawyer. Done. Roddy Dia McEnroe t dancer. Your quoting that ending? Dida, Mark, answer your part two God be Soraya me number America did a minimum copy. I mean, um a pack idea. You know, alcohol use saya minimum Dan juice Sawaya Diduck. Minimum alcohol than copy a pack under minimum juice. There Gola a pack under minimum cola. Markon Celia. Minimum dia Minimum copy. Done. Juice Celia did a minimum alcohol done. Cola, Celia. Meaning? Don't use Celia Didac. Minimum alcohol. Celia did a minimum alcohol. Part three Braudy Sawaya, Sukha Roti The world souca perhaps indicating mental activities. Such Asuka can be used before announce and other kind off rooftops. The structure is subject plus Sukha plus up plus object sentences. Examples Sires to cola. I like cola SIA So cut me some day. I like to drink tea. Com o seu car. Do you like tea? Sayah Sukha dogging Sappy souca saya sucaco p A pack under Sue got De Asuka under Saya. Did Asuka drugging Bobbi Celia Did Asuka Alcohol! Dia Sucaco! P Dia! So produce Celia Sukha! McCanns are your Sonya! Deduct Sukha McCann Roti A pack under super minimum alcohol. America! The docks! UCA minimum Copy! Celia Did Asuka Minimum Gola Sarria Who got cola? Sawaya Sukha Minimum Sawaya Sukha McCann Drugging Bobbi! Done dogging! Sappy 8. Conclusion: Congrats, Legends. My students. I hope by now you make a lot of protein. It's your thank you for your and do next classes somebody.