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Indonesian Speaking Class: Level 2 (part 2)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. What can we do?

    • 3. 2. You can’t buy anymore!

    • 4. 3. May I exchange?

    • 5. 4. Be quiet, please.

    • 6. 5. I feel headache!

    • 7. 6. You should go to the hospital.

    • 8. 7. I think walking is better for your health.

    • 9. 8. I go running every day.

    • 10. 9. How about your holiday?

    • 11. 10. What’s your plan for the coming weekend?

    • 12. 11. Have you been to Jakarta?

    • 13. 12. If you like cities, then go to the west.

    • 14. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the spoken Indonesian class level 2 (part2). I hope you can benefit to improve your spoken Indonesian at more advanved basic level. Thank you

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Arga Wally

Skype lesson at


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the new Nation speaking class level two, the class that will take you how to speak English in language at a basic level. This is the part to the glass. When it is our Gyawali on our your teacher. In this class, in this class, you are going to learn 12 lack tourists existing off. What can we do? You can't buy anymore my exchange beak like peace. You should go to the hospital. I think walking is better for your house. I'll go running every day. How about your holiday? What's your plan for the coming week? If you mean to Takata And if you like cities, then go to the West. I hope that you will find this class useful for you. And I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. 1. What can we do?: Hello. Some things in life can be a problem such as home alliances. How do you describe these problems in intermission? Let's see hito hand lumberyard because you're good with that cuppa by piecing it together with stop. Are there upper company? It was sad. Quokka's need you. But if you see need to get with stuff a pack, a commodity that Alabama lemon history, huh? Got bud there? Is here any somebody based off bug kitta Sabena Borghi took Makan Malam appliance a big nick a telescope in melamine e get out of every $700 fee. See you there. Deduct masala Murray Borghi may not Don't feel him underpinned by them in the street. Did you know how Arda up sounds like? It was ok before. But what happened? No lampoon. Yah! Rustaq? Yeah Is the soft access for the particle Do lampoon yah through suck cool Castagna Juggalos The refrigerator is also broken They left a senior Duga The TV is also broken Upper Young said by TNA Kita Kuchen took Makan Malam done makin g up a youngster Bagna kita Lecoq means what can we do? Let's try to say I don't know his name What can I do? Upper Young said. By Aetna. Celia Coogan, Celia Doctor Who? NAMA IDEA. The refrigerator is broken. What's all we do up a young Slobodna Kita Coogan When Castagna Rustaq. 3. 2. You can’t buy anymore!: Hello. They like shopping. We want to buy something because they are useful or because they are the lighters Onley because they are cheap. Let's see what this girl is thinking does. It is an attempt. Ick same ill innocents. Mora se Mao Carmo, pseudo Genest as any the Penis and have more than this summer. What mayna Back and unison. Attempting security. Una Sana again that is their assessable individual. A happy Palmer. You can have become Massoud. I am piling Moreau. Tapia. Anybody model should have Jack and Billy like Marie Gelon that being nipple battle Come Sudha Bouna And I'm happy Suda means already young on Billy Lucky Youngun La gi is a pattern for can't do something anymore. Let's try to say you already have favor. You can't go swimming again More Suda The mom John Burgee, Marina Lagi. He has drank a lot already. He can't drink anymore. Dia Sudha Minimum Binoche John Minu Laghi 4. 3. May I exchange?: Hello A few about the wrong things before What can you say when bad things happen? Let's learn how to extinct in Indonesian this time. Hello? A parka. Karma, Mobley said To pass on in. Yeah, let us about two Cy ability. Cynical Marrying America today, Osama So I m o N e a pack abuse says I took our oh deduct masala stem to Saudia under Visa in a very big toe. Oh my colleague Don in the summer Gagnon Indeed. Yoga summoning and Young America's and more Osama Look, I see alpaca visa SIA Tooker Visa means my my I have a taste How to say alpaca Bisa Celia Rasa And how about my? I have a try a pack a visa by October My I play again a pack a visa Celia Hermine Game 5. 4. Be quiet, please.: Hello. We will always meet someone who are Carol with and don't follow the rules. We need to remind them repeatedly to do this and not to do that. It's not that easy at all for those people who do this job. Let's see. Stolen Morocco doing under the bizarre Morocco Did Alum Oh my very Mukasey darling John by Taboo can you see me? The little girl up to see me? Oh, dream Agassi, Let me see the Letterman before you see me. Oh, okay. The, um so long Leah Bola Yangon. But Abu Dis Seaney So long Yangon D c me is a sentence used toe. Ask someone not to do something, for example. Please don't talk here. Stolen John Berry Batara Disney de Laurent Um Bill Photo Destiny Can you try to say it is prohibited to swim here? De Laura Barron on D C me and no smoking here De Lara Miro Cook Decent 6. 5. I feel headache!: Hello. I'm not feeling well now. I felt headed. How are you today? How to describe If you're feeling wet in in the nation, That's listen toe What All these four friends are saying other apart the number saya Berjaya Darla Lubanga Takis Idea Suck it Saya Marcon Talabani Sick Aramburu SIA circuit at the opening and move Celia Bacha Lubanga Baku Mata sucking Tell me some more. Did a madrassa by Abarca come by? Can Apple promoted a booby? Abarca Cocky some get Apopka Mata get good Napa Cambodia Kalyan Darla Burbey Ciara 7. 6. You should go to the hospital.: Hello. What devices will you give to your family members off your friends when they get ill? Will they take your advice is, Let's listen to a conversation off to college students. I doubt putting in Gigi SIA suck. I hope my kids, sire, did a pretty room a second kidnapper. Karna Sayah. Who says No doctor that pitted over. Give a console. Senior Celia Open, sire. Um, beer. Sadiq it over the Murray guitar. We had separatism. Subagja Political must like it. Doctor, when he said he just get us on a bike, Sawyer Humble said, they keep Oh, but that Mary Kate only had syndicate means little on How about this? It is used before now. Owns, for example. I want to drink a little water saya Mommy, No, said ticket. Here I have a little money, SIA una said Ticket one Sawyer picker. Come say bye. Aetna Berg, Egorova Socket. This is an expression for giving a suggestion or advice to your friends or your family members, for example. I think you should ask the teacher so you pick your guru and I think you should learn calligraphy. Celia Picket Camus, Sabena Bellagio Calligraphy speaker here means to think 8. 7. I think walking is better for your health.: Hello Indonesia was a kingdom off pedestrian about 30 years ago. Now more and more people start to drive. Is that good or not? Some people are talking about that. My Gibb said. Their party it in my chip. Munger Moody Mobile Deduct by Canticle Car Magellan Cocky Diduck. Other magic that be doing a piece on a topic. Katica Much saya picker Jaylen. Cocky Libby by going toe to see happen. Good night. Well, better bite Dicta or a lotta Money. Moody Mobile Data Kalmadi and add a policy key party Saya Hanya Moody Mobile Soraya Santa Marta Katica But the market Katica means when or at the time. For example, I go to the hospital when I have to teach Saya Borghi Koroma socket Katica Gigi's area socket I listen to the music when I have a rest. Sawaya mending Arkan Music Patika Celia Steer A hot Surya Picker Jelen Cocky ladies bike Wouldn't happen. Oneto means for when you think festival is better for the health Comparing to the meat or front, What would you say? Saya Speaker McCann Sawyer Leiby bike will look And if you think comparing to driving a car riding a bicycle is better for the health saya picker like Cepeda Leiby bike will look Casey happen 9. 8. I go running every day.: Hello. Do you like to do sports exercises? I like swimming very much. It can make me quite down. Concentrate and give me physical strings and environs. I don't need to care about the weather when doing it in, though. How about you? Let's talk about it today to watch us a mark ending in that Libby didn't society that Mollari a pack a commuted a molar at the ready. Well, sire, I can probably get him. Campbell Dean did him wrong. Messiah scientists at their party. Com o seu calorie. Yeah, could I guess I could deal setting lad eating on my ESA Saturday? Be a sitting on it. Larry Adela KBS on by water Tamarkin Dean that Libby Dinging said Machen and Libby means getting more and more. Soraya Diduck. Now Larry Lagi, Celia la GI is a pattern for something you don't want to do any more. For example, the beef is getting more and more expensive. I don't want to buy any more, Duggan, sappy said. Mateen Mahal done. Maybe Celia Diduck, now belly lagi. And if you plan to do work today, but you feel so much and it's getting more and more serious, we don't want to go to the job. Animal. What do we say? Pero se mocking socket. Done, Libby! Suck it! Sawaya! Diduck! Now! Borghi Corretja. Lucky! 10. 9. How about your holiday?: Hello. Do you have many holidays? I'm a student in the university and I have a long occasion and quite a few holidays, including national days. How about you? Yeah, let me check When will The next holiday will be. Hi, Yamana. LIBOR And come saw me and then can step Yuka Sato Baia More than enough Milliband back I in Come on But we want to get income Saya did a floor ticket bazaar than ticket Corretta DeSouza globally Indian in Lebanon. But Harry But Harry did a sigh. A socket but a Harry Fotyga ribbon, Sire. Flu! Come on, copper! Boron Barry couldn't I had everybody national? There was a doctor bear. I'm gonna put a hurry. Any How did you need something to me? Uh, hurry. Any Adela bungle in, um may we can omit under lock. So we can also say Harry Guinea angle and, um may now try to say Today is February 17th. Harry, Any adela angle? Did you Belus February? Oh, Harry, Any bangle to do Bella's February? Let's try to give this time. It will be bungle. Do a full Mari Ah Hoon, Do a reboot the lap on us. The order is a little different between Indonesian and endless. Remember how to give the dress. It is quite similar. We give expression from D. Ito to general as this. 11. 10. What’s your plan for the coming weekend?: Hello. We have any plan for this coming weekend? Do you plan to go travelling today? We're going to tell the plan on the activity time. Come over in general pronto. Nicolini SIA. But in general Borghi coupons comma. But in general it up along with injury center Silja Bara. Jenna Tengan Salama, Do a hurry. Happened to be but hurry. You might come with the that couldn't happen ahead of Schumacher. Saya aconite, Greta. But hurry, you mad mullahs! Salama, do our sting a job. Harry Mingo, CIA Gamble demand a camera. Boring Jenna Borghi Society that December again Say, How does my complicated general muscle I'm a do ahead of me? China Europe Allama Single di Sana Bearup Allama means how long Lama is about the parent off the time Sawaya barren Jonah Tingle Salama, do a hurry here, Salama, do a hurry. Is the period off the time Then how to say I must have arrest for one hour. Saya Harrah's ist era Hot Salama saw too young. And how about you can watch TV for half an hour? Com Bisa Men on bunked LF easy Salama sitting a junk happen a moon buggy Happen when Bada Hari Duma. That's a great answer in our dialect. The complete sentence should be saya Borghi by the hurry. Juma, how do you much? It's just a day. We must put it after the vote on how to say I get up at seven saya bone, but a damn you. 12. 11. Have you been to Jakarta?: Hello. When we checked with our friends, we will probably talk about some experiences before. And that's we're going to lend today up in Grandma's cooking. Saya said on Molly had Barbara photo the money. Any de jugar abarca Berna Sambolin. Bon appetit. G saya Borghi asana do at the homeland. I hope you look at it again. Saya Borghi Toe up again. A pack. A jacket from You know, Duncan support e more nuts than gotta toe. He didn't put up any Adela knows. You know Thomason. Prosthetic limbs. Agata. Did he go skin? Check out that Dechert. Lakota Sana. Happy Judah. Borghi, Jakarta. Berna is a particle for past experiences like ever, which is used before of up. If you want to give a positive answer, it will be but enough. And the negative answer is balloon. Burma. Then how to say if you tested fried rice? A pack of nasi goring. If you have but not Martin. And if you haven't balloon Berna McCann then what about Have you seen any Indonesian movies fill in Indonesia? If you have fair enough if you haven't balloon Berna Mae Mountain Can you retarded Dalam said Jara. Robotic Darla is a pattern for being interested in something. For example, I am interested in music. Soraya There Carrick Dalam Musik How to say he is very interested in football but not interested in basketball. Dia Saleh Aerobatic Dalam Sepak Bola The Doctor Parekh Dalam Bola Basket 13. 12. If you like cities, then go to the west.: Hello. If I'm going to visit your country, what places do you want to re comment to me? Well, I'm going to introduce to you some of them sites in Indonesia. Okay. Hello, Africa. Kalyan In black? Yeah, becoming doctor. Who? Harrisburg brother. A poker guardian. Tell para bellum Sierra Magica Kalyan Su Casa Aguilera Jakarta. Abdullah But most Jakarta. Oh, a polka guardian Su casa Swat to modern. Say it's okay to want to Madeira saying And we had mega money that we have jica under supermodel Nikki Jakarta Duga Maybe by Gollia Borghi, go but support the Jakarta Bundu Maidan Celia Leiby Sukha Alum under Sukha Alum Burgi Good Supporting Sulawesi, Kalimantan Done Poor copper Kalyan in and Cooper gin. Yet thou did a muscle Dicle, Carly. And that only motion partners Kalyan Visa for Geico Begin Stratton toe burn on the body, Carly. And that the motion Carly and bizarrely had tobacco desu matter. Did that book deduct book? But, um easy Alpaca Kalyan! Massive bona fortuna Online! Did that Did that by Chika Cali. And did Apulia Cortana committed up in your world? Dica! Kalyan! Sukha! Gotta Borghi! Obata! Dica means if? Well, are there any places you are interested in. We have learned some expressions during the past six few sections. I hope they're helpful for you. And I wish we can meet in Indonesia someday in the future and communicate in Indonesian. We plan to do that. If you do, I will be waiting for you here in Makassar City. Daddy Mukasey. 14. Conclusion: Congratulations. My students. You have completed initial speaking class. Level two, Part two. I hope that your spotting donation is getting better now. 10 few for your enrollment. And you, my order classes.