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Indonesian Speaking Class: Level 2 (part 1)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Pleased to meet you.

    • 3. 2. Long time no see.

    • 4. 3. They are both teachers.

    • 5. 4. May I have your phone number, please?

    • 6. 5. I'm working.

    • 7. 6. When are you going to get off from the work?

    • 8. 7. Do you have time on Saturday?

    • 9. 8. What are you doing?

    • 10. 9. Do you like spicy food?

    • 11. 10. Coffee or tea?

    • 12. 11. I eat a lot!

    • 13. 12. This is much better than that.

    • 14. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the spoken Indonesian class level 2 (part1). I hope you can benefit to improve your spoken Indonesian at more advanved basic level. Thank you

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Indonesian speaking glass level two. The class that will take you how to speak reminiscent language at basic level. This is the part one of the class. My name is our Gyawali and I will be a teacher in this class. In this class you are going to learn 12 lecturers insisting off, please to meet you. Long time no see. They opposed my phone number. Please, I'm walking. When are you going to get off from the walk? We have time on Saturday. What are you doing? Do you like spicy food, coffee or tea? I eat a lot and it is much better than that. I hope that you will find this class useful for you. And I look forward to seeing you excited. 2. 1. Pleased to meet you.: Hello. When we meet someone for the first time, we usually say hello. Welcome or nice to meet you how to set it in Indonesian. That's what we're going to learn today. Hello, the one Elif. So I am a dot on the Jakarta the Messiah Argo Early. The one wildly Hello. It's a long birthday. Moving on. Move Dolan Bangura's I Only mood I don't know, Darling. Bungle Celia Woolly Buddha Moda means small or little, while Lee is the stone name. While Muta is a form of address indicating the person is quite young, the young man asked Mr Al, if I call him Worley Buddha because he wants to sort in the distance between them, and he also wants to make the atmosphere more relax. 3. 2. Long time no see.: Hello. This time let's learn how to say hello to someone we know and ask about someone we don't know. For example, here's a birthday party to you. Hello, But when you zoom Lama Doompa But Monica Bar moved Bye bye Gammel Yes, yes, Outside yet I'm on any other LaSala a mill Obama usually Hello. Hello. Hello? Haiti. Oh, hello, baby. Me Hello? CFP Ania Dia CIA people Young manner You need toe uses security become Oh, Celia. Doctor who? Dia come wouldn't always give the complete sentence. When we talk with our friends, for example, I'm an Indonesian. How about you? How to say that Celje Angela or on Indonesia? And I drink coffee and you saya minimum copy common. 4. 3. They are both teachers.: Hello. What job do you want to do if you're walking? It's not the joke what you like. Let's talk about the job on identity today. When it on that Harry, any will be shut up in Tampa collegian or on talk. I'm OK of the about ecology and I come Yes, I had a lasting or unlocked a public image. Enable come Ibu saya Other last order Correa one post witness about ecology and I come Are you Celia or on policy, you will come Musalia Duga at the last foreign policy. Oh good. You're under awareness in l. A policy guru are buying or unwto under Lecoq? Yes. I had an episode on Google. You beside you got jealous on Go Mary Kassian more Adela Guru. He took an upper under at the last order Guru Ah hey Duga at the last. Or a guru Duga means also or two now, how to say you like April? I like able to Masuka apple saya Duga, Sukha, apple. And how about I am? A student is also a student Sawaya Adela said, or on ce soir the Duga Adela a wrong sis who are America? Samoa Adela Guru, Someone means all because there are only two people in the dialect we translate, Say more as both here. Let's try to say we both won't kick in. Can we say more? You mean I am? And all of them, like the blue one, America's More Sukha wanna bureau. 5. 4. May I have your phone number, please?: Hello. This time we're going to learn how to tell Telephone number and address. For example, This is a girl who is calling for food from a restaurant. Hello, Canton Salon. Hello. Siamo prison. Will McLennan Bourey aan de Brito SIA di Mana under single science Tingling Adam and he job wouldn't happen Commerce up to no damn bully SIA Pollyanna More help on under Saturday Tingling MMA Newell A Ponderosa Mylan bully SIA humble person and under Sam was that Anesi gardening and I end and suddenly good In the end against happy I saw you tingle the common Helio getting the lap on hammer Satu Knoll numb When we want to give the address in Indonesian we need to pay attention to the order off expression Soundman he go the area Gay doom the lap on the building camera Satu no another Their room number It is different with endless 6. 5. I'm working.: Hello. What am I doing? I'm walking and I'm very busy today. No one can hope this is the life. Let's look at another person who is also very busy. I a society that mcgurty any be circa momento side check. So you said Oh, come on a boo said on muscle. Kaka. Lucky, lucky trouble Kaka. Lucky, lucky Saddam Montagne pretending and separate Bowler. Okay, sign a check, Sawaya said. Deng Karenga sedan is a world indicating some action is in progress. For example, I am drinking the tea, Sawaya said on minimum. And he's watching the movie, Dia said on May not on film. 7. 6. When are you going to get off from the work?: Hello. Are you very busy with your job or learning? Do you have time to have dinner at the home? What will you do if there is no food in the house? Let's see what this couple will do. Embrapa, Polanco Djuhari Any damn Lima Harry Any Siazon? Nazi Jam Nam, Sire Polanco A parka? Come or conduct And Karuma Tele Boulangere comedy that bring in the Lord has split the Lord en de media penises. So I had a basis coming in with and I found my saying and mark on Beacon. Okay? Said on Rekha Camel in and Mark an upper took my camp Aggie. But in my name again. Back So Okay, SIA Billy back Sosa Tele Fulham Saw? Yeah, in McCann ikan Indian means want we have loaned another wound. That is Mao. What's the difference between them when we will use them before the vote Mark gun? They are quite similar but Indian. We can transit as just an idea. I'm just thinking off her face. Mao means I really want we cannot use inning before a noun. But we can use Mao before that we can say Sawyer mo gun. I want a piece Let's make some sentences with union. I want to go swimming. Sawyer Kenyon, Fergie Burner! I want to go there by car. Celia Union. But a G back I mobile. 8. 7. Do you have time on Saturday?: Hello. Do you know what I'm doing? I'm practicing the choreography. We're going to learn how to talk about something in somewhere. Let's listen to a conversation off to middle school students. Matahari, too, wouldn't took upper Visa. Megan Osama! Say a camper. Gaber Anong. But hurry! It's upto, Sire. The Asana party Branam Bada Harry's upto Bika Danka Dang Cyber mine. Bola bus Getting on the money because I walked Oh, brother Harry Mingo at the concert by the Harry Mingo. Come on, that saya did a burn Almond Narcan Consul. 9. 8. What are you doing?: Hello. What do you do during the weekend? Still walk or go for fine? Some people are quite beauty even during the weekend. Let's see what they are busy with by said on camera. So you sit down Menu list Calligraphy, garlic, graffiti A parka, camo badger Calligraphy Yeah, de Manha The group calligraphy Sekula Meninga Comey Come on. Come Blood Harry Rabu, See Young a Parker bludgeon Calligraphy man Eric Sunup Minarik Family Had any Adela to reason? Calligraphy, sire. Soon go sign up Genting A dead duck. Luke Calligraphy Sekula Meninga Comey This is a very brief answer in our dialogue. The complete sentence should be soluble lodger colleague Rafi the club Calligraphy Sekula Meninga Coming when we need to express do something in somewhere. Pay attention to put the work before the location saying in English, for example, I have Lance in the school Sawaya, Marcon, CIA, these Akula and he walks in Surabaya. Dia Oreja de Surabaya. Ah, Diduck. This is a very common intelligent expression. When someone prices thus there are a lot of meaning in it. Such as you are so kind. I'm not that good. Still a long way to go 10. 9. Do you like spicy food?: Hello. What taste do you like? Swit So very like spicy food. I do. But some people don't such as this person up in any Angela, I am important with us under Sukha Makan Makan on us my off society that Bisa makan Makan on possess under Sabena mechanic and money's done a some any said ticket monies Duga Syndicate Assam Okay say Asuka Makan Makan and management Yoga McGann and ask him But I'm Ana and that mm sun up in the any said ticket monies, Duga said To get Asan said Dick, it means the little a bit. It can be used before some words describing estate which is called addictive. Let's try to say today is a big cold hurry Any syndicate dinging This one is a little expensive. Any syndicate mahal. 11. 10. Coffee or tea?: Hello. I like to drink tea. I drink tea every day. I cannot live with Dr. How about you? What would you like to drink? Hello, That silicon muscle Silicon Duke, Come Minimum poppy. SIA So communal day a Bangkok ammonia. They Joe Yeah, Saya Poona The video The hitem. You got that booty done? They ferment Asi, huh? They would be. They ferment Tussey. Okay. Hari ini saya conman Tractor Camus the booty than they ferment Asi com meaning a copy Aktau means Oh, let's try to say, do you take underground train or take a bus? Come night? Get about Donna About night Bush Is he going toe? Come on. Tuesday or Wednesday Dhia Data by the Harry Solossa Harry. 12. 11. I eat a lot!: Hello. They know how to cook. I can cook noodle well and vast. Look, the instant noodle. Today we're going to learn how to tell people to do something And how toe evaluate that I'm keep up. Marib! What? Nazi going bersama. Celia, deduct what Massey going under Magnum. OK, but come on, Separate the any. The moody antipathy Any there are here, said pretty any. Oh, but that must put the any Would you support the any? They're all here. Support the evening. Yeah, Lupatkin, Come sit by CNA job, but Obama support the any the moody on super t Any the rock, your support, the any alpaca. Benner Banana Nasa Goran Camel Diduck Book bag Yamana, Celje, Abarca Messiah. But Bush nasty Gordon Cameron, You got bogus. So you bought Nasi Goring sums to pack, sire. But Nasi Goring sang a frantic saya saya saya visa. Marc Ambinder? Yeah, Doctor Who? What? Not going. Who means you know how to do something. Oh, you can do something because you have learned it. If you don't, you can say Diduck. Tahu, let's try to say, Do you know how to swim? Who and I don't know how to speak in the nation. Sawaya, the doctor who will be Ciara Bahasa Indonesia 13. 12. This is much better than that.: Hello. Sometimes we need to compare things until which one is better. Onda. Which one is the best? That's what we're going to lend today. Comparison about any Any Adela Bolan. I said them Abarca, come Suker. Mm. And knock up. I do it to yoga at a lack way. Duca bogeymen. Mm. Some not enough. Alpaca. Any Duga? Bolan? Banana Joe by young line. Oh, some got in Mexicali. Your money, young darling. Bite any sun up in Look, any lady in a very bad a young to any How Libbie and Dari bada it too. Any young falling and knock any sign up and knock any Leiby and knock Dari. Bada Ito Libby means more Dari. Bader means then, for example, his abuser Done me dia lay B c book Dari Bada Celia This one is sweeter than that one young Any Leiby Money's Dari bada young Ito Any job Libbie bike Dari Bada it. Sometimes we need to give the degree off comparison for example, much better or much taller. How can we do that? We say go. For example, today it's much colder than yesterday. Hurry Any jiao lei be digging in Dari Bada Camerin And this one is much more beautiful. Done that one young any Joe Levy chan tick Dari bada young too 14. Conclusion: Congratulations, My students. You have completed Indonesian speaking class level too hard one. I hope that your spoken in the mission is getting better now. Thank you for your enrollment and other classes Somebody doompa.