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Indonesian Speaking Class: Level 1 (part 1)

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. What is Your Name?

    • 3. 2. Where Are You From?

    • 4. 3. Are You a Student?

    • 5. 4. Who is He/She?

    • 6. 5. Can You Count?

    • 7. 6. What Time is it Now?

    • 8. 7. Morning or Afternoon?

    • 9. 8. Do You Have a Busy Life?

    • 10. 9. Do You Like Fried Rice?

    • 11. 10. I Like Apples.

    • 12. 11. I Like Chicken.

    • 13. 12. Do You Want a Cup of Tea?

    • 14. 13. What is Your Favourite Color?

    • 15. 14. This is Too Big.

    • 16. Conclusion

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About This Class

Spoken Indonesian Class: Level 1 (part 1)

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Arga Wally

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to the donation. Speaking class level one The class that will take you how to speak bonus and language from scratch. This is the part one of the class. My name is arguably and I would be your teacher in this class in this class you are going to learn 14 lecturers consisting off. What is your name? Where are you from? Are you a student? Can you come? What time is it now? Morning After Do you have a user life? Do you like fried rice? I like apples. I like chicken. You want a cup of tea? What is your battery collar? And this is too big. I hope that you will find this class useful for you on. I was looking forward to seeing you inside. 2. 1. What is Your Name?: Hello. Welcome to learn in a nation with me Now can you try to say hello in intonation? Hello. Hello. Now let's know more about each other. See a pond. See Oppa Nama, Camus Now massage, Alia and the mining is Argha that my one Ouali now masala Argha My won won Lee. Now let's lend some alphabet and pronunciation. The international alphabet uses from one letters whether you're successful or not in pronouncing the mission words is based on the proper sound Off your vowels as well are some cases off continents and Deftones The following table will So you some useful hints about how to pronounce the international off of it. Using words in Inglis as I got to help you pronounce the letters as closely as possible to the original sound at far Byetta to Delta Enter effective game Hacienda A get kamikaze l and A and M and Omega Pace Key A s panel tango food Do Santa V. Wayne expect create Yeah, zit. On the other hand, many in donation sounds have no equivalent in English. However, there are no words dresses it c level off the world receives almost ECU. All stress, for example Saw Yeah, the, um yah daughter, huh? Very Mukasey Dairy Mukasey some by jumper, some high jumper 3. 2. Where Are You From?: And this time we're going to talk about nations. Barry Monaca, Uber Castle, Dari Mana Damn Uber Castle, for example. You are from UK Sawaya but our Sal Dari, English Sawaya but our Sal Dari English Let's lend some other countries Name data mine German bronchitis Grantees America Sarita America Sarita Department Japon Spaniel spaniel India, India. So if I ask you Where are you from? Dari. Menachem Uber Russell, can you try to answer? If you're from Germany? Sawaya But ah Sal Dari German. And if I ask you Dari Mana, Camber Castle. And if you're from Japan Sawaya. But ah Sal Dari department Can you try to ask me? Yes. Dari Mana Cam, Uber Castle and the I am from Indonesia. Sawaya but ah solidary Indonesia. Now let's learn more about alphabet and pronunciation. Listen for the following woods Bob Bob A book able but but must must a cool actor Sawaya! Sawaya Got me! Got me! Keep that Kita God! Move God Under under Kalyan Kalyan Dia dia America Merica! They re Mukasey some pie jumper 4. 3. Are You a Student?: Hello, Hello. And this time we're going to talk about identity, A pack of camels said around six, a pack of camels ordinances were alpaca. You can always give it at the first of a statement to get a question, but our Sawaya on the last ordinances were Banana, Sawaya, Abdullah or anxious work on. If you're not, you can say book on Celje Buchman's or Ounces watch book an SIA Buchman's or Ounces. You may not. This in a negative statement, we do not use the world Adela or to be within the sentence. Instead, we only use book. And on if you're a teacher, you can say Sawaya adolescence or a guru. Sawaya gondolas around Guru. Now let's try to make the dialogue. If I ask you a pack of camels or insists what and if you are, you can say Banana, Celia, Dallas or arms. If you're not, you can say book and Sawaya blueprints or on seats were. If you're a teacher, you can say Celia Dallas or a guru, and we're going to talk about what you study. Camus, Bellagio, Upper a lot. Sawaya, Bellagio, Bahasa Indonesia. That's what we're doing now, so we need that Sawaya Belhadj are Bahasa Indonesia. Now, let's do some pronunciation practices, as mentioned earlier, many letters off the Indonesian offer, but do not have the equivalent sounds in anguish. Therefore, in this practice you listen to a list of votes and repeat them for your pronunciation practices. Vawa sounds Nah, mah sah yeah Bear lure Best sir Bay. So, so red. Si, si Geary for both bowl? No. So so the book Little sounds bun Die car Lau d you who won be your lot? That's all. Very Mukasey, some high jumper. 5. 4. Who is He/She?: how little this time we're going to talk about family. Look at this picture. If you want to introduce E on the backside. Amy, I know, but looks Are you and mother able any Adela? The little girl is a little elder for me. So I will introduce Dia on one side. Got what? If you think this younger, you can say I get better. Dia, I love Dick once are you? If they go, is an elder sister on a little boy Will be. I did lucky. Lucky dia. I left a lucky lucky Sonya. Oh, Dia got lucky. Lucky. Now let's do more Some pronunciation practices goes without some two key God God, How beer rule, Ma, but huh? Do your go go. Uh uh. So soon? Uh huh. De la za double consonant sounds boo. Now, God, goo Who shoes? Yeah, right. Very Monocacy. Some fighting 6. 5. Can You Count?: Hello. This time we're going to lend numbers. Tried to count with me Sock too. Do, uh, Digga and but Lima and number, don't you? The lap one. Sam bila sepa lo How do you show the numbers with your hand in Indonesia we just this finger to show one and then to do, uh and then Iga and but Lima No, do you? The lap on Sam bila cepal and let's learn more In Indonesia, it is easy to count continuously. 11 is fabulous 12 IHS Doblas Now can you try to go on 13 de gobble us and then, um but below us Lima below us and number loss. Do you believe us? The lap on below us Simbolon below us and let's go on. How about 20? That's to 10. So it is Dua pool and then add one That's 21. Do, uh Polo Scioto And do, uh, Polo Dua. Can you try to go on? Do, uh, Polo Tyga Do, uh, polo Do, uh, Polo Lima Do, uh, pull off. Now, do, uh, Polo to do. Do a pull off the happen. Do, uh, pull off Simba. And we can still go one 30. That's 3 10 So it is Tyga polo and 40 impact 50 Lima Polo, Can you try to go on? And now full. Do you pull the lap on full symbol. A polo? Can you try 99? Yes, that's Sembilan Polo Simbolon. If you want to practice, let's play again. That's cold. Don't say seven. You can play. Did with your friend. You will come The number one by one Satu do, uh, bigger. And but Lima And, um when you come to seven, don't say that. You clap your hands and let it go Passed to the next one to say eight. So, for example, I would say one first, Sato and you will say do, uh, always a bigger you will say Come back and my turn Lima and you number for me. And you will say the lap eight this time and I will go on Sam Bila. And you said polo merit number here is about seven. Sometimes it includes seven. For example. Do you believe us 17. Oh, do, uh, Polo to you? 27. And you can't say the multiple off seven, For example 14 and but below us and 21 do, uh Polo Satu and also 28. Do a full of the happen. Now let's see. How much can you go on? Democracy? Some high jumper? 7. 6. What Time is it Now?: And this time let's talk about time. First, let's count the number as our relation. Sad to do. Uh, he got And Lima and Numb do you the lap One Sembilan CEPAL symbol us do a blast. And at one o'clock ISS jumps at two. What about two o'clock? Two o'clock is jammed, Dua, and to your clock is jumped. The gun. Can you try to continue? 40 clock? Jump But And then young Lima young and numb John Doe do jump the lap. One jump Sembilan jumps a pool, Jum said. Bliss young, do a blouse and let's try to ask about the time. Bury me. C jamboree. Kara. Better me. See Jamboree Classic car. And the answer will be sick. Are on. For example, It is one o'clock now. Ciccarone jumps out to what? About two o'clock. But you, didn't you? Yes, it will be Sekera Jang Dua! On what? About a five o'clock now, said Caron. Dumb Lima eight, Ciccarone Jam Dell'Apa and 10 Sekera jumps a pool and 12 Cikarang junk doable us. Can we make a dialogue now? Better Missy Jamboree opposite Caron. And it is full, said Caron Young. They re Mukasey some pie jumper 8. 7. Morning or Afternoon?: And this time let's talk more about time. Read after me A Subaru Su book. That's early morning about from 3 a.m. Toe about 5:30 a.m. and then baggy body is about from six o'clock 10 o'clock. See? You see Young is about from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and then Sorry. Sorry. It's about from three PM to six PM in the last Mahlum Mahlum is about after six pm until midnight to 3 a.m. Okay, so how do you say five oclock in the area? Morning Young Lima Suba Have you paid attention to the order? Indonesian We give the detail first and then come to the general or period Last saying in English junk Lima, Subaru and then 10 a.m. jump CEPAL Baggy jump seppuku baggy and then 12 Young doable us Young jam Doable Acea 30 clock in the afternoon Young gas or young gas or and 8 p.m. Jump The Lachman Mahlum Jump the lap on Mahlum Democracy some high jumper 9. 8. Do You Have a Busy Life?: this time we're going to talk about daily life. For example, Sawaya, Bangemann, Bada Jam and lamp Baggy Sawaya Bon won by jump Anam Baggy. But some in the mission people get up at 5 a.m. Due to avoid in traffic and religion proposes. So in this case, we can say Sawaya barn. But jam Lima Subaru. Okay. And then Soraya, Mark and Maggie by the young Baggy Sawaya. Mark and Maggie Bada jump you, Maggie, Soraya Berg, Ikaria Body jumps and Dylan, Baggy. Soraya Borghi Corretja. But I Jump Sembilan, Baggy, Sawaya, Mark and CIA. But I jumped Doable a c m Sawaya mark and see Young but the young doable US CIA Sawaya Bolan, Karuma by the jump. And I'm sorry Sonya pulling Karuma. But that young and I'm sorry Sawaya, Mark and Mahlum. But I jumped the lap on Mahlum, Sawaya, Mark and Mahlum by the jump The Lapan Mahlum Please try to introduce your daily life with this sentence and you can use some off your our time instead of their part. Soraya de Do But jump said Belus. Mahlum Soraya de door by that dumb said Well, a small um Terry Mukasey, some high jumper 10. 9. Do You Like Fried Rice?: this time, let's talk about Indonesian main food. The question is Camus, Mao Mark an upper Camus. Mao McCann Rise ISS Nazi. Now see Zarya module McCann asi fried rice is nasi goreng. Sawaya Mama can nasi goreng frighten noodle is me going? Sawaya Mao McCann, Me Goering If I ask you Cam Mahmoud McCann upper. What do you want to eat? And if you like Rice Sawaya model McCann nasi try to ask me. Yes, Camus. Maheu McCann apa I want to frighten noodle Sawaya Mao McCann me go roaring. Let's learn something more box. So Sawaya Mao McCann Back so me. Wow Sawaya Mama can me if you want to After people do you want to eat price? You can remove upper and give a parka at the first of the statement to give a question indicating yes, no question. As a backup, Camus Mao McCann, Nazi A pack of camels now Mark and Nazi If you want Celia Mao McCann Nazi. If you don't, you can say dada saya Deduct Mao McCann Nazi. You won the fight. Rice Sonya Mao Marca Nazi going Daddy Mukasey some by jumper 11. 10. I Like Apples.: Let's learn how to say fruits in Indonesian First the question Come Sukha Upper Campbell Soup Bua apa April is up belt If you like the April, you can say Sawaya Sukha apple banana Be some If you like it you can say Sawaya Sukha be sung and orange Guettel If you liked it, you can say Sawaya Sukha We can also remove upper and give the alpaca at the first of a statement to give a yes, no question A pack a Tomoo Sukha apple Be like April about the Camus Sukha apple If you liked it, you can say Sonya Sukha Appel If you don't, you can say Thida, Sawaya, Dida, Sukha apple If you like the banana Sawaya Sukha be son Very Mukasey some high jumper 12. 11. I Like Chicken.: Let's learn something more about food. The question is move, Mom! Come, Ma, Who beef is dogging Sappy dogging. Sappy Sonya Model dodging sappy chicken Daqing are yam Sawaya Mao docking our young peace it come Sawaya Mao Ikan vestibule! Sorry You Sawaya Ma who saw you Now if I ask you what do you want? Come on, move my apple! The new answer If you want chicken Sawaya Maheu dogging I am Can you try to ask me? Yes. Camus, Model APA and I want peace. Sawaya Mao, You can also remove upper and give a parka at the first statement to give a Yes. No question A pack. A common mom dogging sappy. Do you want beef? A pack? A common Mao diving. Sappy If you want. You can say Sawaya Mao dragging sappy. If you don't, we can say Did a Celia Diduck Mao docking? Sappy, if you will. Investable Sawaya. Mom Who saw you? Dari. Mukasey Somebody doompa 13. 12. Do You Want a Cup of Tea?: this time we're going to learn how to say drinks in Indonesian. The question is, can Mao minimum apa Camus now me? Nu apa Hey, DEA water. Are you Sawaya Mao? Minimum a year. Coke Cola. Sawaya Mao Minimum Cola Coffee O B Sawaya. Mommy! No. GOP de this Sawaya. Mommy? No. And beer. Beer. Sawaya Mao Minu Beer If I asked you What do you want to drink? Camus. Mao Meaning apa Can you answer if you like coffee, Sawaya Mouth minimum GOP. Now then you ask me. Yes, Camus. Mao Minimum APA and I won t Sawaya mao Me? No. You can also remove upper and give a parka at the first of the statement to give the Yes. No question. A pack A combo. Mom, you know Do you want to drink? Do you want to drink water? A pack? A common mouth are you? If you want, you can say Sonya Mao minimum our year. If you don't, you can say teed up. Sawaya deduct Mao meaning our year. If you want to drink coke, you can say Sawaya. Mommy No cola Very Mukasey some pie Doompa 14. 13. What is Your Favourite Color?: Hello. This time let's learned how to say colors. Okay? You know, be rude. Be true. Black. He, um he, um read Mira May yellow go ni go Name green Is he don't he go and white is booty boo. So can you tried it? How to say green he go and black He, um Right man White who d yellow go Ni and blue be room among all these colors. Indonesian people like red and white color Very much because they have courage and neutral connotation. So it's always a pairs or new year celebration wedding and opening ceremony off a new business. Okay. And let's make a dialogue. God moves to cut water up. Warner is color water now. Don't pronounce us what now? It is what are not again God. Masuka were not happen. And the answer is Sawaya Sukha. You can put the color name after this but we usually at Warner before the color name. So for example, I like blue saw Yasuoka. Wanna be route Sawaya Sukha? What? Not be rue. Okay. Suppose you like yellow color If I ask you Moussa Warner Yes, it is Yellow Sawaya Sukha What? Nachmani And let most are not Sawaya Sukha Warner hit off course you can say Sarria Sukha. It is no problem. Okay, okay. They re Mukasey somebody jumper! 15. 14. This is Too Big.: Hello. Let's talk about shopping. Suppose we are in a shop or more. We are discussing Which one do we like? Okay, for example, we are going toe by the mark bag man Landing on any baga umana de gun any. If you don't like that, you can say Celia the duck soup. Any saya deduct Sukha Deng on any saya sue cutting and eat too SIA so they can eat too. Okay. Began here as we mentioned. It's an adverb with So in this context, we actually want to say What do you think with this instead? Off off this any Is this it too? Is that okay? Let's do that again. Bag man landing on any If you like it, you can say Celia Soukup being on any. If you don't, you can say Celia Doc Sukha. Dig any Sayah Sukha ding on it too. Okay. And how about the clothing bag of man landing on any If it's not suitable for you, it is too large. You can say any Lalu bazaar. Any Lalu bazaar Don't pronounced a lalu. It is their lalu. Darla New is an October 2 or over or too much. And if you think this one is to read over it. Bread is Mera and you can use this one to say they're Lalu. Mira. Okay, right. Let's say that again. Bag Mana thing on any. And if I ask you this one Bagir Manan ending on any on If you think that is too small, you can say thank you That deal any there Lalu Patil Any there? Lalu Patil Okay. And which one do you want? If you like this one, you can say Sonya Mao Young eat too. Yeah, here is a middle would for describing things. And in this context it means one Which one So it is a very useful phrase. Okay, let's do the dialogue again. Bag Mana, Dig on any to a big any Lalu bazaar. Baga Mana Any two small. Any there? Lalu Patil, Do you want that one? Sire Mao young it too. And you can also give the color in the middle. Saya Mao Young Guantanamera, If you want this one, you can say Sonya Mao Young Warner Booty in tow. Mukasey Somebody jumper 16. Conclusion: Congratulations, My students. You have completed Indonesian speaking class Devil one part one. I hope that your spoken Indonesia is getting better now. Thank you for your involvement. And you my other classes.