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Indonesian Pronunciation Masterclass - Word Syllables, Tone and Intonation

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Skillshare 1 Introduction

    • 2. Syllable Lecture 2

    • 3. Syllable Lecture 3

    • 4. Tone and Intonation Lecture 4

    • 5. Tone and Intonation 5 lecture

    • 6. Skillshare 1 Conclusion

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About This Class

This class will teach you how to reduce your accent and make your accent similar to the native Indonesian speakers by learning the language word syllables, tone and intonation.


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Arga Wally

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1. Skillshare 1 Introduction: Hello, Everyone in this skills clothe first ammunition for chicken class. I'm very excited to show you my skills and knowledge about the unit in London. My name is Ramon Volume. And in this class we will learn and practice religion. World syllables, toned information. There are four main electorates on a project in this class and will learn practical skills inside the lecturers. I hope you will find this class useful for you. And I'm looking forward to see you in class. 2. Syllable Lecture 2: in this lecture, we're going to learn Indonesian word. Syllable two and three syllables is very important to make your proposition more Taylor more clear. Let's begin with two syllables. We have the first examples that are year. When you see a vowel and available like this, you have to separated this into different syllables. So it becomes a year. The rule here, every intelligent syllable has at least one one vowel. So a year e the one syllable here. Okay, are you which means water? He had the English translation off the mission work. And then the next example. Dia dia is very straight. For what? Same rule here. Same also as well. For Do what? Two syllables. And then we enter 44 letters. One who won against him. Same rule here. When you see a vowel and of our you cannot you have. You have to. You have to separate it into different syllables. Okay. And nd Here's the various special electors. It cannot be separated Order than this. Have to be separated. Okay, we talk more about this in the next slight. Okay? One at least has one by one, as I told you. And then ikan. He can every vow and a constant. At least you have to distinguish them. You have to separate this. Okay, If I were a constant, you have to separate these. Okay? Because here should have should have at least one by one. It done. And that is a very common one. Kuku Boo. Their straightforward, confident bubble confident, viable book. Okay, the next one We have five letters. Rumor, Ruma. Every time off this kind off world, you have to make it one different syllables. Yeah, of our continent separate this into two different syllabus k Same rule here beside And then we have better g. We prioritized, toe separated, confident, confident that these because a confident, confident cannot be pronounced Okay, Other than e a vowel and a consonant you have We have to prioritize. Distinguish this Okay. But again for the six lettuce like we have Senator and using Special world has have to be included in tow. One syllable The headless has one. But I was it cannot be sent on is very up. What You know because you will have to separate this again. Violent, confident. Then we have pencil. Why? We cannot separate this because again, as I told you, we have to prioritize the distinguished off a constant costume like this. So it becomes pencil. Okay. So, again, sunlight in the example Song at nd again cannot be separated because it is a special word in Indonesian, son, not nut. The viol. Constant separate. Okay. And then we talk about three syllables. Three syllables. You have to move. Pronounce it more clearly. The syllabus should be clear in the distinguished. Okay, We have a word. Gay Napa. They're straightforward, confident, while Wilkinson of our confidence, our three syllables kidnapper and then Gardina. Some also like this for two syllables. Boo hoo! Have Here we have six Lecter's okay, Allison, Our last Sunday, Allison. Three syllables because a zit ihsaa, you cannot be Allah. It should be distinguished. Okay, So different. Okay, so it becomes Allison, son of our continent. Separate. Okay. And for seven letters, we have Kim Bali. It's their important now that MB constant continent, you have to distinguish them in tow. A different different syllable call. Okay, came Bali. Okay. Also, same here for the breakfast. Uh, member utter every kind off process should have. It should have a standalone syllable game. Mem mem bacha. Okay, distinguish this because it is perfect sense. And also a confident, confident member. McConnell also ah suffixes. We have to distinguished this into different syllable McConnell because this is not, uh, this is not a crisis were It's a normal world for food. So it becomes none Indian. No common order than Mark and very awkward. Ok, uh, continue more than seven. Let us we have December is very straightforward. A vowel consonant, distinguished, constant, constant, distinguished at least has one vowel 1111 bottle. Same also with the perfect says. For passive points like this, it's safe d d the same one MP should be distinguished again. The is a standalone profectus. Andi has one syllable, one different stand along syllable. And also we have been on a letters Barre Now against very special letters here, Andy, you have to make it one stand alone. I feel about this better and long spells straightforward. And then the next examples that we have nine letters which Gil among gay lum bang get their start war long bank MB Uh, it already instrument instrument is a very special because we would take it from the endless world instrument. And also we have to follow its role in one vowel. True. True Because it becomes it. It cannot because it can be pronounced like this. True, very space of work. Take taken from the English language Men Instrument Same rule here. Ex now ex Kate s can be situated external. Okay. Okay, guys, I hope you enjoy this. Listen and see you next in the next lecture. 3. Syllable Lecture 3: Oh, everyone in this lecture, we're going to learn, You know, it's an award. Syllables for four and more syllables. Okay, let's begin Four syllables we have at least Ah, you know, eight. Eight Leptis. Because it a syllable at least has one power. So the first examples that they know Mina phenomenon fair No men is very straightforward like kidnapped Carlina continent. Vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel. Okay. And the next examples that we have I guess it happened. Que se happened is very strike for what it is. It has a 99 letters here. I guess it happened. Done on a Suffolk, sis. Every surfaces like this should have at least one hour. And at least before the that foul we have toe have a constant like this order than 11 one. Do not has ah, do not Has a constant for their work for the letters a day. Because this has confident you have to make it a different. We have to make it a one syllable. So it becomes case they happen. Good. Stay, huh? Casey happen if you want to make it first case, they happen. Distinguished. You have tow Speak more clearly about the syllables that this thing was syllable health. Same Also here. But ban on four questions. Better banya on because the air and t sound cannot be pronounced, so it because it's it have to be distinguished. If it have to be, it has to be separated like this. But Tanya, I'm every It's a rule. In the previous lecture, we have seen these kind off violent of all. You have to separated this and the end as well as the N g. And why also is a special elected special electricity ammunition you have you cannot be is always in tow One syllable. You cannot be separated. Okay, but banya But my nan, I guess it be more gear. You're syllable but planning on making pasta. And then we have burned the circum butter. The circle is very straightforward, actually confident Katherine separated a viable, confident, separated constantly not separated the next, based on which means based on and then we have more than four syllables. For example, five syllables Here we have been led in Ben L E d. And evolve. Overconfident. A bubble avowal separated their straightforward. You can do it with almost any kind of words. Genital warts. Okay. And other than that, we have Documenta see still five syllables, but has more, more like this idea because there is no three lectures and we have to reticent document Kasey, which has in total 11 11 left us. Okay, the woman Tassi Documentation, Local men chassis men party. You know the rules. I didn't want to explain you again, OK? And the next example we have rationale it Us she Oh now lead us is very straight. For what? You can do it without seeing this distinguished this grassy because of our problem. Make it all the into a standalone syllable. Rossio Now and our confident Lee Pass and the last example we have Gasela, Bahama, Gasela, Bahama If you do not see, it is how many syllables here. Based on my proposition, goes Allah resealable Bob Harmon to ship, it means in totals there are six syllables. Bahama. Good luck. Also not separated cannot be pronounced Bahaman. The UN at least has a confident And here how about this? I ask you, I ask you a comment about this in the comedy section. Place your answer. How many syllables in the in the Indonesian world off Tangled Urbana no is up stuff fixes, of course. Different syllable. Here. How many and how do you structure the answer? Okay, let me now and then also, depending on how many and how to structure the syllable. Okay. And also Megan Bunker. Okay. I'm waiting for your answer. Let me know your thoughts about this lecture and these and your as well as your answer. Okay, if you in the next lecture. 4. Tone and Intonation Lecture 4: Hello. If one in this lecture we're going to learn about the intonation, tone and intonation for the positive and negative sentences. Okay, let's pay attention to this start in general. The in addition poem in Internation for positive and negative sentences. That's not really have much differences. They usually have a flat tone and intonation and sometimes lower for example, for the positive sentence like this Sigh. Asuka McCanns Are you the flop? Point International depends on you. Depends when Which would you have to emphasise the importance one, the important one, but usually have clapped tone and intonation. Okay. And then Merica, single day Canada America Tingle. Deacon Onda Also it's quite flat. You know, the intonation and tone usually flat interesting depends on you which would you want to emphasize? The importance? Okay. And then for the negative sentence we have deer deduct when one dia una by no one. We have learned the syllables in the previous lecture. So pay attention to my syllabus here. Dia una una two syllables beina again, two syllables, one to serve us and then the tone for history. Sonya, balloon balloon is not yet. My wife has not beat anything no yet Histories idea balloon mapping. Apapa right? You know that it is quite flat and standard the intonation and tone Delmon begotten young on the garden is very the internet is quite strong here because I emphasised garden. Do not stay up late begotten Stay up late, Okay, for positive sentence We enforce us these kind off sentences. Celia Mama Can I am? Of course you can say anything you want anything Any tone, you won't come on. I am, I am, I am. I am saya Borghi, you can't or Matahari Solossa. Peggy Kantor Matahari Solossa Very care Ibazeta Sukha apple It was Suker apple. It was Ah, yes. Okay, Mark, An apple likes to eat a bull market. It's very black tone. Usually the single Indonesia DEA tingle the Indonesia How many syllables here and yeah, do not answer it. Yes, I just make you memorize premise lecture. And then we have Comey, Hermine Sepak Bola Camerin. Comey reminds so and for the negative sentences we have Celia, that now bad you Ito Ito very flat here. Diduck and on the wall send. It was also flat as well. Donmar conducting when we have young and we usually emphasized the develop market. Dougie. Damon Muffin German McCann. Yeah, you know, do not. But the war ascendance is has flat tone. The next example we have coming Balloon Bellagio Comey Balloon Blood test. We have not study for a test. Comey bloom by larger took tests. We have not yet study for a test. OK, America T duck So calm. And so usually that means No, you all do not. Or no deduct souca do not like bringing me. Okay, flat on and flat Information depends on you for a donation, actually. Ah, yes. Ah, you bogans around, Guru. It's very straightforward. Okay, guys, I think it is enough for now and see you in the next lecture. 5. Tone and Intonation 5 lecture: everyone okay? Hey, idea. We're going to learn tone International for the interrogative sentences. Hey, hey. The other room for the for the interrogative sentences in general, the intonation, tone and intonation could be defied it by two category, depending on the user's off. A question mark or not, especially in a yes, no question. Let me give you an example. For example, Africa under or on America? Africa here is Ah, question Mark, When you have question marks like this, the question must have to be have to be increased in done and internationals. Well, you have tow Emphasize this a bunker under order America Africa under order America about under or in America it could be flat home, But in the Africa you have to make it a tone found increased sound high don't intonations. Well, you also can omit the question mark like this focus depending on the it divided by two in tow to category. But the good one have. Ah sometimes has a high Indonesian and home for the question mark. And here you are because you didn't have a question mark, but you have to in crested tone at the end. Just don't idea and make it emphasize to make it a unique, uh, Internation. Okay. For example, I say understood. Collective Ito Ito cannot be safe on the left. They're slot is a very a positive, A positive tone. Okay, flat and sometimes lower. But for the interrogate, if you have to increase the time you have to you don't have. You don't have a choice here, but you have to include it on because there are No, There is no question Mark here. It's actually a parka on the left. It can like me like that. But when you omit the question, Mark, of course can do that in the daily Indonesian speaking conversation. You can say on this in Kristen and the quite strong information on the next example, we have demanded undercarriage. We have toe make These, uh, stone should be a little more increased little high demand. And you emphasize this word. This kind off a question mark abaca carbon. And they're like this. And like that, like that, we have top on lock down camera. Gumbel, Flat cap, love. Don't come. Hi. Hi. Bone here. High inclination and block something and lower at the end because we has these questions got long. You cannot You you can, uh, Ada make these high or low? Depends on you. It can be both. Got one Run. Don't go happen. I don't know Cutback long don't come. Okay, The best way forward and also in Napa can up on the a P. Li Bacara book and Monica Anapa The appeal e Bacardi a book and Monica flaps on Indian or the inquest on at the end. Why does he choose to walk to a better get work? Not BUCA to get married Dominica. Okay. I hope you find the lesson useful for you in the class and see you, Bobby. 6. Skillshare 1 Conclusion: Congratulations, My students. You have now completed this class. I hope you find the class useful for you after completing a lecturers and doing products. Let me now your thoughts and comments about the class communities section. Thank you for your time and see you in my next class. Is somebody dumba?