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Indonesian Pronunciation Masterclass - Reading Indonesian Newspaper

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Article 1

    • 3. Article 2

    • 4. Advanced Techniques 1

    • 5. Advanced Techniques 2

    • 6. Article 3 and Advanced Techniques 3

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is the pronunciation class for advance, which we will read Indonesian newspaper articles and the techniques.

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Arga Wally

Skype lesson at


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. In this loser past the cold. In addition, violences. And plus, I'm very excited to tell you my skills and knowledge about language. My name is arguably one Wallace. And in this class, we're going to land and breathe. In addition, newspaper articles there are five men, lecturers and a product in this class. And learn practical skills inside the lecturer. I hope that you will find this class is useful for you. And I'm bored with you in the glass. 2. Article 1: Goran content is failure. Then beside begin Anak Muda Mara McCanns Are you then Wolf Araneta Decor? Hasina was enough Consultant Gastro hepatology Frida Honda Yonica Oneto sp Many Captain Young column Then sell you Mara Fear them in Alaska Sarah Young Lord Dalam Are you Atika Muscle column posted Very acceding bacteria Also the apartment hospital can just assume solid subpoena or somebody era somebody era young de produccion Duga Hinga menu bar The attack Assam boot era that me to kill Warner hormone serotonin hormone Any member What? The answer The last fear The Ballon program Advocacy KBS Mackenzie had young the dark and sorry who saw the car coming on Some say so you're on then pull Many had been turned on Mignolet fear that when they're not on Yancy Marca Akamine What's Wassana fact The Lady area Hello and Mara Mara Member Rick America 100 So you put up fear now Muscle apnea, Decorum to warming aloof Many are not on a sortie at a young Across the supper Nina McLean Boulevard. Inside your memory, Carlos should be a second guinea Been dumping See m r S t being in Alan Bullough then. So you Beezus, I'm makin Barragan or on to after Lou Member Vatican. Sarah in Berrien Mark. And go ahead and saw you unlock Miss Selena Yangon. Me, Max Asa, You must get a lot more traumas. A massage, 90 mullah in black souca daddy can unlock McCann Bua then saw you The terra young money Nunca gotta Nina. 3. Article 2: Pastor Gimp Abu Me Lombok Putin Pen Ducky The F A quasi Dari Bring Johnny Say hurry as many Winton Pulau Ito be hot item on national Many but can in Gounon my young men do a full metal Sobule helicopter Duga Viqueira took menu story Layering young Massey Comey Bihar up Merica Can't Boone take a good look? Do you? One cup water logistic Better pay better and they party Decoding Daddy wrote us Namen Process Kwasi Deeper Iraq and Macie landed Finger Matahari Mingo Malawi Twitter nya So top poor war grow Tallapoosa data inform acid and who must bay in baby? Many but can they do a pool and lucky, You know young turkey back Gonna bring Johnny Se begin beside the entire America Adela Watauga Negara Nothing Youngberg a salary Thailand, America's Erica, the Yankees Belinda done German. They take the Lombok Bali Young The equity all do again pasok under young. What be in Carnegie Mellon Park and Dingus And in poker is a pool with But in the second Informa sitter Accurate Dumela, carbon. Do you then? Maybe Dari. Saragosa Lima. Poor youngster Luca back on a war Golomb book to bargain Malaysia. There he toe the Antara Carbon there Waas Yeah men Ingle, Donia, AKI But the Temple book Robbo But one baggy para Orban Pastor Gimpel went one cigarette Birla Salmon The Parana Dari Commentary on Social Than Palin Mira Indonesia But Haniel Logistic Damon Sausage Ooga Ooga Jonah Jonah Dan Team Alien and human The so called social They pay young but to us the company's younger Ventana They Sada County tomato on somebody Director General Berlin Human then young in and soc Elementary and social Harry Hickman Dalam See around personally came in sauce Mingo Many but can 1 to 1 logistics eh Pretty much truss Binda Berlin Cap on Berlin Kappen Lancia McConnell Rhapsody Then Lavinia declaring Can birth a hop still work up Carbon mingle Duga can mend about Santa Anna Lima Bella's Duta Rupiah said Duncan Carbon Luca Manda portmanteau on via being a baton Do a coma Lima Duta Rupiah Waas Bader than Young on Berjaya Hawks Meskhi Gimpel that potency tsunami bargain demon that took the wasp ardor that had up on Taman Impact Landing and India hooey by Moonen become a part in limbo. Tingle! Dumela, Ruma Roosa! Young lady Dari removed Samantha Bee Lombok. Tara Ruma Young. So who? Buhman Ding on the in. Both men and party Young Condi Xena. Do we Corita that Know what? Paypal. A bottle. Meteorology. Climatology. Done. Gayo fisica the YMCA gear dalam sierra purse dot com Mingo Jack Hanna Tito What got you got ? The minister will took the captain on the young and panic in about one any minute, depending young mini bar Buster Gimp Warda that what many cootie informative? Mennonite Kembangan Gambia, Malawi on Twitter at in four b m car get 4. Advanced Techniques 1: highs. Everyone in this lecture, we're going toe Practice the techniques behind off this lecture off this specific articles that we have read there. Let me pay the figure for you. Yeah, media. Sorry, B B King. If you notice that I said no mater again. Okay, that's it. Value we start making death. Okay, create a listen. My SJ aka I said young. Very accident Asan Booty, right, Saleh Zala. I would be that Kinga Kinga Me but many, many smart man You better bar the brain Some one one the last year program Listen to my baby s on. Yeah, the Yeah South on the distinguishable. Yes, our baby give us on means heavy which come from a B Asa Bs is usual The asana usually nasa usually used to a visual and become headed. So in this context Gaby Asa Okay. Next on your enough. What? Okay. Yeah. Got Mata Mata. Goodbye by very good with that. Hello, Sukha Mara Mara! To my age, some model matter nobody had so that bike men return Men Bay How many syllables in men recon? Yes, you're right. It is for men. Bear masala. Let's listen again. My warning? Yeah, And in this context, I want to talk about Viasa. Yassa, the B a second that could be repeatable. Have to be repeatable. Indeed. Eating fruits and vegetables have to be repeatable. Be a second. The doctor? Yeah, be a I mean, if you maybe about why. Didn't say not be Not the second, but actually, when you see a bowel and community with a bar like it's normal. But something like this be a second. Another vowel In another power, it should be be Yeah, use Why? Why? Let us be a second. The the second in order combined about an hour Have to be different power. But in the same power to be read it really should be clearly distinguishable So in this context Yeah, Yeah, suck on that. Next that my friend thinking he's that Yeah. I hope that these electron is clear for you. And I'm waiting for your attendance in the next lecture 5. Advanced Techniques 2: Hello. Welcome to the next lecture. In this lecture we're going toe criticize and review off What we have learned for this pathetic article. Pasta Give Bumi Low book The long book back Person conducting the Kwasi Danny Guys, let's listen to the, uh all you pastor give me WASI everything. Johnny? Yeah. In this context the uasi if a cool WASI when you hear when you hear between who and that same with one like one for example One not who you are not one that should be constant Double you hear w here one who won What? Confident with uasi? Because it is normal Like a baby. Yeah, yeah, the yeah. And why? Yeah, but in this and to be used w if a WASI what Wasit there He's a picnic. In this lecture we are often hear they get they get sound and the air in the air sound in medicine Listening is an optical. Okay? Gay. Who knew? Johnny? So many so many words here. Okay, I love books. Hurry, Solossa hard. I mean sitting. It's not our Yes, five Eagle. Yeah, you are full of matter Reboot. Would you practice do a full? The guys dabbling young The hot up look up If you look in our weapons logistics the best. And they may. But according brought it about Watty. Former there are there are here. That may be sorry. I want a long book. They want Yeah, Nya in the book problem That young game back 20 to me. What? That means the hard up. But what about if you see Yeah, w or y Yeah, it is using this using w who That we come on people. Maybe Daddy. Data from Puma Young. Both when you see the same power Bi in about very clear. Did not use it. The window or the limbo Just be involved. Different. Very clearly. Different syllables in both. Yeah. What in 10 years? The lump, you know, in in one in one in one Bowen. But that young men you But but in bond Kimba in for Okay, guys, I hope that you can get something from this letter on waiting you in the next lecture. See you guys. 6. Article 3 and Advanced Techniques 3: Hi guys. Work on article three in this lecture. We're going to read this article. Karpa Garden City Buckle Giller Property Good guys. Let's read with me, baby. Who said it? Modern land reality They Louis we back w with Bahana Tracinda Success being in bunk being in bunk beds Kalakota pounds Jakarta Garden City Young stock under construction on in then Garden City but J de property Export do a review Palmyra property Young Big for me Run regular the mine three u three you use Why you a three? You you Do you? I am mall Dechert Garden City Long, long, long three syllables Daddy get sacked full of Julie do our blasting than Barack here the last The line may not be better Baby rapper For what? For ruffling Rouco Done apartment Dallam the hard you can also do Got the hard American unian young, But I Yeah, yeah You need a wife about that in the car Park City to plaster. Do what? Some nobody move Bill upon us. Yeah, but Honda number Indonesia Demon Dearie The key Kobe Hannemann A C I m b Niaga Younger member data in baggy baggy Farrah cost to America ingress Costume area. Evening memory. Leakey. Who? Me? And who? Young Garden City. I can be very can really normal. Very difficult for you, Gary. No. None. Foreseeable. Scary. No, not by a down payment. They play with a lead person. Do a full percent. Sammy Miettinen Director. Thomas Tracinda Success Get Property Expert 2000 and 16. Be selling the Rock and Surana in for Marcie. Wait from us. Debugging in Done. Awassa City. The Bad Guy Waas on Lincoln Louis J Property Expo and the User. That investor that happening enough Living the cuts. Grossman Who city promise in a young Minarik. Me in person. Samimi 18 and meaning you can get a proper Expo 19 after momentum built on Madame Rodham. Look harder, scuffling with very blessed that square. Tommy optimists are getting do a familiar that even they get export. Samantha, you're only most Johannes. Get em sales that marketing get property export moment. I believe the do what harvest particularly had a cluster. The subway stop house claim. Part done. Can park apartment that your ladies lovely Hieronymous Johannes Back and Ultimate Daily Milliyet, Dallam Plastic and Duga Access Dari area. I would have happily being a human. I hope that you find this article and reading this have to go help for you. I'm looking for seen you inside the next you guys. 7. Conclusion: Congratulations, My students. You have now completed this class. I hope you find the class useful for you after completing a lecturers and doing products. Let me now your thoughts and comments about the class communities section. Thank you for your time and see you in my next class. Is somebody dumba?