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Indonesian Pronunciation Masterclass - Indonesian Phonetics and Letters

teacher avatar Arga Wally, Skype lesson at

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 - Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 2 - Introduction Lecture: Indonesian Phonetics

    • 3. Lecture 3 - The Special Sound of "H"

    • 4. Lecture 4 - The "K" Sound

    • 5. Lecture 5 - The "R" Sound

    • 6. Lecture 6 - The "G" Sound

    • 7. Lecture 7 - The "N" Sound

    • 8. Lecture 8 - The "ng" Sound

    • 9. Lecture 9 - The "ny" Sound

    • 10. Lecture 10 - Conclusion

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About This Class


This class will teach you how to reduce you accent and make it similar with Indonesian native speakers by learning Indonesian phonetics and letters.

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Arga Wally

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1. Lecture 1 - Introduction: Hello. Everyone in this skills class Second division decision class. I'm very excited to say you my skills and knowledge about the mission. London. My name's are one. And in this class we are going to learn and practice. In addition, politics and there are eight million electorate on a product of this class on loathe practical skills inside electorate. I hope that human finding this class this for you and support you see you in the class. 2. Lecture 2 - Introduction Lecture: Indonesian Phonetics: Hi, everyone. This is our first lecture in our class. I will introduce you to the nation phonetics before we move onto the next lectures. Let me introduce you this before so you can better understand what I say in the next upcoming electricity. Okay. Hindiyah Indonesian phonetics. Try to repeat the electors with me. Okay. Uh, Bay. Okay. Day. Yeah. If gay so e do you God and a and and oh, Bay Queen era? Yes. Day There. Where X Yeah, zit. Remember this. This green color is avowal of our lecture. Remember the sound? Ah, a e Oh, Uh, yeah, he Oh, and then other done vowel. We have confident we have many continents here. What's the most off the confidence? Ah, company with E. Okay. A like this, for example. There. Here. Big Hey there. Most of them Most off the continent's, uh, half it. Yeah. Following the sound on the example. If if if get. And then this is this blue color. It's a special letter in pronouncing because it has, uh, instead off a huh? God Queen order. And these accompanied by a for example, dear l m And steady, straightforward Instead, off I'll I'm No l m n bei air s they their way? Ex? Yea, is that? Remember this one rule when calling bobbles Underline Emphasize Force Letter B check here. He added the letter. He directed the letters and the blue color. Here is a special letter with the order than it. We're bouncing. Okay, I hope you understand this. And please take a photo if you want and see you in the next lecture. 3. Lecture 3 - The Special Sound of "H": Hello everyone. It is Argha in this elector. We're going to learn the special sound off age So I will teach you how to pronounce the age elector in intonation. Okay is very important in order to make your pronunciation better. Okay, let's begin examples off the edge letter. There are many examples off In addition wars which include H letter for example we have in this example we have Ruma Ruma You know this the H sound at the end It's very clear because you have to say that you have to pronounce it Include the age letter Ruma who want to say this word it becomes rumor house home and we have Mahele which the H letter Ah was it but isn't off. The actual letter in in the middle is in the middle we model we pronounce my heart not a mile but Mahal same ruma And then we have the age letter at the first off the word which is handle hunt too Handle meaning ghost You you have to pronounce the H letter because moda there's a world moda and Buddha Buddha with each letter at the end means easy But Buddha without eight letter means, uh, young. Okay, so it's very important toe include toe pronounce the H letter. Okay. And that example, we have from here some beer. You know this place. Notice the each letter at the person. Where would some better? Okay, Meaning almost. And then we have say, Hinga Say Hinga saying huh? Hinga se Hinga Meaning so. Zynga is a word is a formal word for so but for speaking, we have daddy instead off Hingas Hinga is for formal in the written newspaper in the nation newspaper. Okay, so it's very important to you have to include the H letter where their position in the in the first of this world in the middle or at the end of the world war is very important. So repeat after me. Ruma Mahala hunt too. Hum beer. Saying got okay. Not just the H letter is very important. Okay. I hope you find this lecture. It's helpful for you and see you in the next lecture. 4. Lecture 4 - The "K" Sound: Hello, everyone. And it's a lecture. We're going to learn and practice the K sound. I have compiled these things letters in information because they are the common one. The common one that many foreigners found difficult or doing wrongly incorrect. Okay, let's begin The K sound Hindiyah in genera in addition is pronounce kah kah for example there is Okay, sounds elector, which is karma Karma not grammar, Because many people cannot distinguish meeting car and gay Got Garrincha Ziska Castle Pay attention a mother And then we have Bob back. Bob! Back, back, back! But Buck, which means father And then we have Dica Dica Because many my students around Digga is very different. Yeah, you know that you have tow perfectly pronounce every in addition electors in order to be understandable if you want to try to speak toe any locals Okay? Okay. Repeat after me, Dica Zika and then bam! Boom! Camus is very important because this is the very common. In addition, the cavalry's camel and then we have medica. Atika means win for not for asking questions But if you want toe ah win for asking the question You should say Karpan happen also using the K letters and initial letters. Okay, guys, let's repeat after me. Pay attention. Not That's the case. Sound is very strong. You know, we have gone like Godmother. Are you dancing and repeat after me? And then Bob back Bob Buck and then Deka not Giga, but Deka Zika and then got moved. Gotta move calm and then we have Katica gay. Okay, good. Good God! Katica! Okay, guys, I hope you find this special lectures. It's hard for you and see you in the next lecture. Okay. Cam R barbeque. Dica Campbell Atika. 5. Lecture 5 - The "R" Sound: Hello everyone. In this lecture, we are going to learn and practice the R sound in Internation. No, you might not. Just that that they are found in the nation is very strong. It is vibrant. You know your tongue should be vibrant. Okay, Different with endless the English language. Because in analysts you you pronounce the r sound smokes like a a OK, But in the nation, when you talk about water for example and an example is water water in English but in Indonesian meaning isthmian meaning means higher, higher pay attention to the arsenal is very strong. It is vibrant my tongue. Okay, let's begin for examples, we have Ruma pay attention notices Notice the r sound through through through vibrant Gruma . Ruma Okay, Ruma on the second example we have. Besides, you have to pronounce clearly strongly the r sound, the the error every sound in donation because in endless, for example, like water water you you do not pronounce the r sum at the end. But in addition like this based are you have to pronounce the r found Eddie in the air sound basada and then we have better up, which means he which means he bet up Bearup Britain's into the vibrant of my tongue, my appreciation. And then we have America Merica. Mary Morita. Oh, Merrick. Medic without the a means Bren Merrick Merica in the are found that are the elector is in the middle off the world. And then and that example we have room put room put. Okay, Pay attention to the my our sound. You have to pronounce them. Just pronounce. You have to make it clear They're strong, vibrant fiber. You have to fight on this letter. OK, let's repeat, pay attention to my pronunciation, especially the are electors, and try to imitate them. Okay, we have Ruma ruma and then we have Besides besides, and then we have a bear, a bear up and then we have America merica and then we have room put room put basada basada . Okay, guys, I hope you find this lecture helpful for you and see you in the next Electra 6. Lecture 6 - The "G" Sound: Hello guys. In this lecture, we're going to learn and practice the D found or in the nation. We call it gay. Get in endless G. But in a nation Gay gay intention to the to the Heavey. Stronger found gay and car Small car, but gay gay pay attention notices the difference. Gay sound. Okay, I will discuss this because it is also very common between the misconception off. The foreigners say gay and okay, Okay. Get gay sound in Indonesia. OK, media and examples. The first example We have grade. Yeah, Gay radia knock. Okay, Rita, Not Girija Corretja Corretja. But gay gay Leija. And then we have Gambar, which means which means pictures, gum, butter, gum, butter. And then we have a bag. Goose. The G sound is in the middle off the vocabulary bag Baggio's which means nice or good. And I was okay. Pattinson today Gay sound gay, gay bar Goose Gamber, Gay Rageh. And then you have lagi Lagi lagi G Laghi, Pay attention Lagi Which means again? Okay. On the next example we have Negara, Negara, Negara, Sawaya, Adela Indonesia Happen *** Rahkamo Negara. Okay, Okay, for the one or repeat, let's listen and repeat my pronunciation. Get a job gear agia, Pay attention to the gates on gum butter gum But bag Goose by Goose Laghi Laghi and then Negara Niigata. Okay, guys, I hope you will find this lecture helpful for you on the next example we have some sort off special. Ah, combination with Engie. There's nd there is only G. Okay. On DSI you in the next lecture. 7. Lecture 7 - The "N" Sound: Hello, everyone. And in this lecture, we're going to learn and practice to sound the end sound because the end is also common One because many innocent loners, uh do not really pronounce the end sound in addition would instead they usually pronounce the m the M sound instead of the end. The end, very you know, is very strong in n sound And pay attention to my pronunciation and and I m I am different . And this little we're going toe practice and sound Okay, here they on examples we have the letter and at the end of the world Makan Makan in McCann maccagnan food Makan Makan Okay. And then we have Monday pay attention Munn de Monday Monday Yeah, and Monday Monday Monday. Okay. On the next example, we have Massey nasty, nasty going Go get nasty, nasty, nasty going fright rice Nyassi. Okay, pay attention. And then the next example We have to do one do one. Did you one And did you ever Okay, guys um Andi last example. We have lung by saying with Monday in this example pronounced Lund by meaning for floor. Okay, guys, I hope you can, uh, distinguish between the m and N sound. The end should be net. So be clear. Okay, in the end sound. Okay, guys, by learning these phonetics and lettuce, you will enter the intermediate level off Internation pronunciation Because this is my pronunciation intermediate masterclass. Okay, the phonetics and letters. After this, you will have a confidence reading in the nation newspaper. Okay? Using some techniques that you have learned in this phonetics and letters up in addition pronunciation over guys and see you in the next Electra. 8. Lecture 8 - The "ng" Sound: Hello guys. Welcome to this lecture. The selector is passion because it contains two letters in a one lecture. Because these lecturers, this is a special is a special electricity Hess a special pronunciation in the nation. Pronunciation is very special. Okay, let's Ah, let me give you an example. Examples. In general there are 22 different categories off How to pronounce the Engie found in intonation The first example we have young This is the first time which the G sound is strong. Did you sound is quite strong Same with gear gay strong young How to pronounce dance young young again Because the n g located located in the at the end at the end of the world OK, And then the next example which is, in other words, the second type off nd sounding in the nation, for example pay attention to my pronunciation May numb Bill may gamble when the nd followed by a vowel like i e or anything or in you have to make its most smooth Okay, Magnum bill not from like young, not strong but smooth Maniam Bill May number combined were together may gamble to take and then opposite with many Gamber because after the any sound you followed by a continent but followed by a continent like this you have to pronounce that strong. Clear the gay sound The nd sound strong instead Not like this is smart. This is this one is strong Same with young. So to pronounce this word is men. Gamber Ming Gambar Petition to my any sound. Strong men number may numb Bill Not strong Magnum. Bill Hallows Gambill is a smooth men, Gamber strong. And then we have banged one somewhat or strong. You're not it? Yeah, it is smooth because followed by a vowel who bomb moon by the moon Moon moon Bangemann Numb Bill Men strong men number. And then we have Bulan pulling. Same with this. You know police notice when you hear the Engie when you see the n g followed by a continent , you have to pronounce that strong the any strong. But when you see, um, like this followed by a vowel you have tow pronounce it smartly smooth combined together. Bang One main Gambill Mingo number Poland Young or guys. I hope you find this important lectures useful for you so you can try to read any ammunition, tax and sentences correctly. Okay, guys, and see you in the next Electra 9. Lecture 9 - The "ny" Sound: Hello, guys. In this electoral again we have to learn there the two lectures in recent the too common on strength in Indonesian sound and lecture in the mission which we're going to lend and practice and pronounce the end y sound Okay, but attention to my appreciation, he idea examples. It's also eyes important as the nd the provincial selector before any sound. The n y sound is never located at the end because the the N y sound is always followed by buy a vowel never followed by a counsellor Pay attention Uh, the foul foul vowel, vowel For what? I was like that and I was in the middle Never at the end Always is always followed by a barbell. Okay, let's pronounce it. For example, we have Don't bet Nina Yeah, her or his wallet. Don't bet nya potential it becomes smote. Never be strong. Okay, Like it's like not like in the geese. And you sound has two types off appreciation. But then why always smooth? Okay, combined with the with the vowel. Let this always like that. And then we have Manulis Aiken, man. Yeah, presented Manulis icon to finish. Okay. And then the next example, we have be a Sonya. Be a Sonya again. Small to be a Sonya. Yeah. Menu Manulis. I guys followed by a vowel always like that. And then main Ian Duncan fund many in London. And then we have Bonn. Yuck! Bah! Nuck said Also for Dica, Hannah, Hannah Dica Only Which means only Hannah. Hannah Hannah Hannah is ah formal would for only if, ok are for only not if. Sorry Banya. Okay, pay attention. Bar knock smote. OK, usually when you have award sinner when it has the perfect sense it becomes. And why the s the S Senna becomes and why So it becomes many in London Say also, hear many analysts I can sell s I finished cell aside the s we changed with the end while so for the making of up. So it because Manulis hey, can potentially Okay. Okay, guys, let's repeat after me. Pay attention to the toe my pronunciation toe the especially to the in world transition. Bet Nina Manulis Aiken be a Sonya. Many Duncan Bondoc. Okay, guys, I hope you find this lecture you so value and I'm looking forward to the next lecture. See you guys 10. Lecture 10 - Conclusion: Congratulations, Marston's. You have now completed this class. I hope that you find this class useful for you after completing electricity doing products . Let me. Now you're parts and comments about this class in the second. Thank you for your time. And see you in my next class. Is somebody.