Indian cooking: Making okra currey (dry dish - Bhindi)

Reena Katarya, Knitter and a Indian cooking lover

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4 Videos (13m)
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About This Class

These classes give you different Indian dishes (dry and wet) to try making at home.  These can go well with rice, roti, and naan.  These classes also include sweet dishes.  Indian cooking is something I have been exposed to all my life.  I really started trying different things and really getting into I find it therapeutic.   






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Reena Katarya

Knitter and a Indian cooking lover

Hello, I'm Reena. I am interested in many things. I had learned knitting from my grandmother and did a bit over the years. However, 5 years ago, I went full on by picking up new projects and trying different patterns. Now, I always have about 5 projects ongoing at the same time. It seems never ending but it keeps me excited about knitting.

I am also someone in the kitchen trying out different Vegetarian Indian recipes. My family gets tired of the same thing so I see what I can do diffe...

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