Indian cooking: Making mashed eggplant (bhartha) | Reena Katarya | Skillshare

Indian cooking: Making mashed eggplant (bhartha)

Reena Katarya, Knitter and a Indian cooking lover

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5 Videos (13m)
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    • Introduction

    • The ingredients

    • Roasting the eggplant

    • Making the dish


About This Class

I enjoy cooking Indian dishes and trying out different things with the same vegetables.  I started really getting into this out of necessity because I did not want my family to be eating outside food all the time.  In this course I will share different types of Indian dishes that I try at home; both wet and dry dishes.  I will also be making some sweet dishes for you to check out.





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Reena Katarya

Knitter and a Indian cooking lover

Hello, I'm Reena. I am interested in many things. I had learned knitting from my grandmother and did a bit over the years. However, 5 years ago, I went full on by picking up new projects and trying different patterns. Now, I always have about 5 projects ongoing at the same time. It seems never ending but it keeps me excited about knitting.

I am also someone in the kitchen trying out different Vegetarian Indian recipes. My family gets tired of the same thing so I see what I can do diffe...

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