Indian cooking: Making Spinach & Cheese Curry (Palak Paneer) | Reena Katarya | Skillshare

Indian cooking: Making Spinach & Cheese Curry (Palak Paneer)

Reena Katarya, Simple Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Indian cooking: Making Spinach & Cheese Curry (Palak Paneer)

Reena Katarya, Simple Indian Vegetarian Cooking

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Ingredients

    • 4. Getting rid of spinach toxins

    • 5. Spinach juice

    • 6. Making the dish

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About This Class

This class is all about Indian vegetarian cooking.  I have been cooking for over 20 years.  My interest in this rose after I had my children because I wanted my kids to be used to home cooking.  I also wanted them to stay familiar with Indian cooking. 

I try to incorporate ingredients you would find in any grocery stores.  I also try to make the steps simple and easy to follow.  Many of the tricks and tips I have learned through my grandmother, mother, and getting my kids to eat the dishes.  :) 

I hope you enjoy both the dry and wet dishes.

Meet Your Teacher

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Reena Katarya

Simple Indian Vegetarian Cooking


I'm Reena and I have been cooking Indian Vegetarian meals for over 20 years. 

I first began learning many little tricks from my grandmother and my mother when I was single.  I then started incorporating techniques to make sure the meals were yummy for my kids.   I also took some courses to make sure I understood the benefits of all the spices and the theory behind why certain spices are added in certain ways. 

I am always in the kitchen trying out different Indian Vegetarian recipes. My family gets tired of the same thing so I see what I can do differently with the same vegetables you find at a grocery shop.  I also add my recipes and fun Indian facts on my website: Life Seen by a Hindu Girl.


My method of teaching:... See full profile

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1. Trailer: I've actually been cooking for over 20 for over 20 years, but it's only the last 10 10 years or so that I've actually really gotten into Indian vegetarian cooking. Before that, I used to live on my own on I didn't really bother really. Experimenting with food or trying are trying out are making sure that I had vegetables in mind in my food intake or anything. So it was like a quick thing are quickly by maker. Pizza are quickly makes him past. Have Mac and cheese Oh my God, but not really focused on Indian food or focused on making it presentable or making it healthy are learning the different spices that go into it. After I got married, one, my husband was raping. He loves Indian food, and he's also by the Turin. So I really had to turn about the different spices that are available and also the different vegetables and what you can make up. So now then I had kids. It was something I wanted to make sure that they knew they had vegetables in there, including take on that they were comfortable with an in food. So now every week we pretty much. There's the same type of vegetables. And now because we've been eating it for so long, act by experimenting and seeing what else can come out of the same vegetables and how we could make it slightly different. So as I progress on these on skills here and share some of the different but to turn dishes , I'm gonna try some dry dishes and some what dishes on some sweet dishes on. All of them were gonna be vegetarian. And I love that we're gonna be agent based and then see how you like it on if you try it, maybe you find out something new that I haven't shown you, or some tricks and tips as well. And if it didn't come up well, just let me know when that maybe I'll share where it might have gone wrong or what. I haven't come about it come about of it. But it should be fun. It should be exciting on something you to learn and try out. So let me know what you think and hopefully you'll have fun 2. Introduction: today we're gonna be making spinach and cheese curry or Peloponnese. This is a dish that I slowly started improving after I got married and looked at different ways of how it can be made and then improvised for myself. Because I have young kids for them is that they will eat it. It is a very healthy does Dutch because it won at has cheese, and second, husband and spinach has a lot of 14 as well. So it's definitely a very healthy dish, and it requires a little bit of work because making the juice from the reduce of the spinach and boiling the spinach beforehand. And then there's various different types of ingredients that usually not put in the normal dishes that you that you would make on a daily basis. But it is a very good dish, and it can be eaten with pretty much anything. She could have this with roti with non as well as with rice. So depending on how local do you want to make it if you don't want to make it too liquidy than definitely with non and roti. But look, enough liquidity, you could have it with rice, so definitely try it enjoy, and that we know what you think 3. Ingredients: to make folic paneer or spinach and cheese. The ingredients you would need is a bit of ginger. One pot of garlic, a bit of green chilies, which is optional cinnamon to clothes. One onion, cut into small pieces one tomato, cut into small pieces about one teeth one tablespoon of whipping cream. I also use roughly about half a tablespoon of ginger garlic paste. You would also need a handful of sodium, 80 or funeral leaves. You will need half of the money from this, so I use any entertained between that of beneath and swat phonied so you could both. You find them easily in an Indian grocery store. You would also need spinach with the end, uh, peace cut off so you would need about one cup of spinach that you will wash really well in terms of spices. You would need one teaspoon of cumin seeds, one teaspoon of pepper, paprika powder, one teaspoon of turmeric powder, half a teaspoon of good of masala, one teaspoon off coriander powder and salt per taste. Then you would also need about three tablespoons of oil, so let's get started 4. Getting rid of spinach toxins: do you get the toxins out of the spinach itself? What you would do is boil about two cups of water, and once it comes to a boil, the washed spinach you were put in there and that it mix up well and get heated up for roughly about two minutes, and then you would take it out and put it in a mixture and mix it up and make it into like a juice. So let me just put the spinach in here. So here I've put the leaves in the boiling water, and whatever do is let it cook for a little bit and then take it out and put it into the mixer. So we're going to do that. Once the two minutes are up for your spinach, you just turn up and then put these using this into their mixture. 5. Spinach juice: here. I've added the spinach in my mixture. So now I'm going t o makes it so I didn't I didn't need to add water because it was already coming out of the water are the boiling water So it has enough water in it. So I'm gonna mix it to make it all liquid. So this is how it should come up. It should look that you'll add into here makes Pido and 6. Making the dish: So once the oil is heated, whatever do is add are about one teeth, one teaspoon off mike, human seats. Once it's venturing, I will add my onions. I would also add my clothes and that's in a month. So I will then mix this all up. I will then add my ginger and garlic and as well as my piece does the garlic paste. Waited about a minute and now I've added my committee. And then, after adding on your spices, what I did was add a bit of water just so that none of my spices got burned or stuck to the bottom. I will now add my green going to leave green chilies on myself. I usually add about three Absolute, then make. Now what do you want? To make sure in this case, is that you don't get any lumpy potato. So you want to make sure that it really mixes golf and leading and really well to help. You could also use this particular you can too, and his press so that everything gets squished and blended really well because you don't want small pieces coming up. Do you want everything blended really well, you just let it took towards light tried minutes. Make sure you add water. If it's dry Now, this little bit not too much because you have your Spanish that will have water in them as well. So you don't want it to be too pretty. I am not gonna add about a handful of the benefits. So what I'm gonna do is basically do this, then keep adding them into the mix. And then I'm gonna mix it really well. And I had mine once You about your spin it you want to keep the heat to low because they have a tendency to screwed up on a mix a little bit. And after that, you add your jeez that you've put into small cubes. Do you want to add this at the answer? Because the cheese is soft. People then become too soft for your liking. Once mixing what you will end up what you were gonna shock with ISS a bit of your whipping queen and then garnish it with a bit of gonna masala about half a teaspoon, a teaspoon of good of Masada. And there you have it. You're polyphony