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Indian Cooking Class : Learn to Make Authentic Indian Style "Poori"

teacher avatar Indian Food By Nishkam, Learn To Cook Indian Food

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Indian Cooking Class : Intro

    • 2. What Utensil do you need?

    • 3. Ingredients Required For The Class

    • 4. Kneading A Dough For Pooris

    • 5. How to Roll Perfect Pooris

    • 6. Class 5 Frying Pooris

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About This Class

Poori also known as Puri is an Indian classic snack also served as breakfast. But there's no limitation you can eat it in dinner or at lunch. Poori is a puffed bread made from whole wheat flour later fried. The best way to serve poori is with a potato curry or chick peas curry. 

Poori can be served with kheer(rice pudding) or Halwa(also a pudding) The easiest way to eat it is eat with any pickle.

In this Indian Cooking Class I am going to teach you how to make Street style poori at the comfort of your home. I am going to suggest you the utensils required to make pooris, Which oil to use and how to roll the poori in round shapes easily. 

If you have any doubt feel free to ask it in discussion section.

Meet Your Teacher

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Indian Food By Nishkam

Learn To Cook Indian Food


Namaste, I am Nishkam and I am from Rajasthan, India. Cooking is my passion and teaching how to cook Indian Food is a great way to share the culture we live in.


Indian food is not just limited to chicken tikka or butter paneer masala. It's more than that. If you are a food lover and loves Indian food I am going to bring for you many short cooking classes. Please feel free to give your suggestions in the description box. 


Love Indian Food, Cook It Yourself and Surprise your friends.





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1. Indian Cooking Class : Intro: Hey, my name is Xiao mine. I'm from graduates on India. I love cooking and sharing Indian food with you is my way of sharing the culture will even today in this class, we together we'll go into make poor is what is sometimes misspelled as PUI is a deep fried bread made from whole wheat flour that originated in an Indian sub-continent. It is usually served with every query or budget inquiry body. But you can also with sweet dishes like keyed, Alva or even pickle. What is our most commonly served as a breadth-first and snacks. It is also served as a special sediment in functional as a part of ceremonial ritual. So doubtless seen anytime buckle up your belt, we are going to make it fun and let's learn how to make food. Is. 2. What Utensil do you need?: In this class you will learn about utensils you need for making movies. Now if you're practicing along with this class, make sure to arrange all of these utensils before we head over to our ingredients section. So this utensil is known as high hip later or parrot in India, you can also use any kind of ball, but make sure it is big in size. Then you need measuring cups. You need a full cup, a half measuring cup. Then you need spoons, 140 teaspoon and a half teaspoon. After that, you need a Voc, also known as high, which will help you frying the pulleys. You can use any utensil, but make sure it has a thick base because with a 10 base, your oil can burn really quickly and you don't need that aren't already. You need a frank spoon so that you can easily take out the poorest we're frying in hot oil. Now I have two variants of this. The another one looks something like this. You can use any of these, whichever you're comfortable with. Both works perfectly fine. After that, you need a rolling board and a rolling pin to roll the ui's in round shapes. If you're not comfortable with the rolling the worries, you can also use another thing which is a machine. Now, when you have a lot of poor is to make, you can use this machine to roll your food is, but when you have to make only three to four poor, you can do it with your rolling pin and bold the traditional way. So that pretty much all the utensils you need for this booty making glass. Let's move to our next class where I will tell you the ingredients required for making movies. 3. Ingredients Required For The Class: In this class we will talk about old IBD. It's required to make bourree. None the floor used for booty can be all-purpose flour, are similar enough flour mixed with whole wheat flour. But for this class we will be using just Hollweg floor because it is healthy and also the taste of the body becomes richer as compared to just the all-purpose flour and SAML enough Learn, so you need almost half a cup of water. We will be using all of these voter. Another thing you need is one full cup of whole wheat flour. Then you need almost half cup of milk, which can give a good taste or reject in-store poor is. Then you need one teaspoon of salt. Or as per your tests, we need half teaspoon of sugar. It will help pull the puff in hot oil. Now for the oil, you can use either mustard oil or refined oil for this class we will be using. So yeah, refined oil, you can also find a poor is in olive oils, but it is not recommended because it tastes for the poor, he becomes bitter and also it will not give you that Indian style poorly. So make sure either use mustard oil or use any kind of refined oil. So that's pretty much all the ingredients you need for making poor is now gather all these ingredients video before we start making dough in our next class. 4. Kneading A Dough For Pooris: To make poor is add one cup of hallway floor. One teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of sugar. Sugar will help rising the buoys and it will make IT software as well. Now we will slowly add milk. We have taken half a cup of milk and we will slowly mix the milk and the floor. Make sure that you do not add the milk altogether. We will slowly added, mix it and again repeat the process. Add a little more of milk. And now we will make a stiff DO that is not rumbly or dry. It must not be soft like the routine do. And once the milk is totally mixed with the floor, we will start adding water. Now slowly add water and make sure to note, make it soft like the roti dough. You'd have to make a stiff and tight dough. Make sure it is not crumbly or it is not dry. So once you feel like the dough is being dried, make sure to add a little water. So this is how you can punch the dough and make sure it is stiff enough to make the poorest in the hot oil. Keep everything together and again, punch them in a flat dough. Now, we will bring them again together and again start punching it. Once a dough is ready, we will take oil and we will pull the oil onto the dough. Will make sure the dough is not drive from any side and we will fully cover the door into the oil end. I should reject this stiffness of the dough by pressing it hard. And once it's ready, make sure to cover it with a blade or any butter paper. And we will give it aside for 15 minutes before you start pouring the ui's into hot aisle. 5. How to Roll Perfect Pooris: All right guys. It's been 15 minutes and our dough must be ready. Now, what we will do is we will divide it into six equal portions. So first, make sure to knead the dough again and make it smooth. There must be no Danny grumbles or any dryness in the dough. So we will roll it in our hands only, and we will start dividing the dough into six equal portions. Once the door is divided, make sure to gently roll the balls into your palms just to make them smooth. Mixture do not need them. You just have to roll them into your pumps. And we will do it one-by-one for all our partitions. This is for the first time. So our bulls are ready now when we take a rolling board and a roller, you can also use your tabletop or slab to rolled up poor is now what we will do is we will sprinkle some oil, even also sprinkle some GI flora, diabetes flare by sprinkling some oil on the rolling boulder rolling surface, make sure that the poorest do not stick to the rolling surface. Genki applied the oil both to the roller and the rolling bold. Now, we will take the dough one-by-one, the partition we did earlier, and we will start rolling it. Follow it, be take a bowl, press it gently. And now you have to just keep rolling it. You do not have to make it too thin. Are living to take make sure to start rolling from the sides. And you have to just thin the sides and leave the center of the park tick so that the poor, these can cause evenly. So here's our one booty is ready now we will roll each and every part one by one, and we will make sure that we will start rolling it from the sides and make sure that the site must be tailored the medial side of the voice. What about us? So here's another trick for you. If you are not able to roll up worries into circle, you just have to take a vowel or a circular shape and you have to just press it and remove the extra dough from the site. And once the door is removed, completely, removed about and there are your only is reading, you've been fired them directly into the oil. Here's another method of rolling the poor is, it is called a poorly rolling machine. And what you have to do is apply some oil in the center of it. So make sure that your booty doesn't stick to the top or the bottom of this machine. Now I'm applying ultimately of oil here and we will spread it using the dough only will spread the oil so that it is applied on each and every corner. Now we will cover the lid and we will press this handle. Make sure to press eight so that you can make the circular shape of fluorine. And then it is useful when you have to create a lot of worries. And you have guest in your house and you don't want to roll each and every query video hands. So this machine comes in handy and you can create multiple breweries within minutes. So that's all about drooling poor is in the next class we will learn how to fry it up worries and how to sell eight VA the pickle. Make sure to follow this process until here and a practicing, make sure your period must be circular in shape. 6. Class 5 Frying Pooris: Now it's time to fry the pulleys, turn on your burner and put on the VOC, are the crud high as you call in India. Now, put the oil in it, I'm using here mustard oil. You can also use refined oil, but make sure put it enough so that the food is can be easily into the oil. Now, we will keep it aside for almost three to four minutes and we will make it, make sure that it reaches to the smoking hot temperature. Now we will prepare a basket. We will keep a better paper on it so that the poor is the will of the poor. It can be absorbed by the bit of paper. To make sure that the oil-rich is smoking hot temperature, we will put a little bit of the dope. And if the dope flood zone the surface, that oil is ready and you can one-by-one slowly put the poorest into it. Make sure do not burn your hands. Gently slide the pooling from the side. Too hot oil if you have used flyer do does so the excess flower before Frank, as soon as it is added to the pen, it seems completely do not disturb until the poor. It comes up at least half the way to the surface. Then quickly but gently keep pressing the poorest down to the oil. If you press too hard, holes can form on the query and we'll note pub for is puffs completely. Now, next, flip the query and cry until it's Chris Brown. Now we will follow the same step for all our risk for other purposes. So here are your four is now we will serve it with a fickle and I'm using her mango because you can use any of the people you like. Here are the poor is you can directly eat the poorest with pickle or even also use any type of query like allegory or genetically, and enjoy your booties. Make sure to post the photos into the project section. I love to see how your poorest comes up. Make sure to add the details how you like the taste of this breweries and let me know if you want another classes of Indian dishes harem signing up for this class. And if you like the class II, make sure to leave a review for this class and share it with a friend who loves Indian food and loves to make the pulleys.