Indian Cooking : Cauliflower and Potatoes (Aloo Gobi), Flat Bread (Roti) and Papad | Kosha Merchant | Skillshare

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Indian Cooking : Cauliflower and Potatoes (Aloo Gobi), Flat Bread (Roti) and Papad

teacher avatar Kosha Merchant

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduced

    • 2. Ingredients for Aloo gobi

    • 3. Aloo gobi

    • 4. Ingredients for roti

    • 5. Make roti

    • 6. Ingredients and make papad

    • 7. Closing

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About This Class


Welcome to "Aloo Gobi, Roti and Papad, my name is Kosha. I love cooking Indian food, and been cooking for more than 25 years.

In this class I am going to teach you how to make Aloo Gobi, Roti and Papad. Aloo means Potatoes, and Gobi means caulflower. I am going to teach you how to make Aloo Gobi with fresh ingrendent, make Roti with wheat flour and rise it on open flame, and cook Papad on open flame.  In comfort of your own home you can make Aloo Gobi, Roti and Papad, take pictures and share it on project galary.

During this class you will learn how to make the following.

1) Ingredient for Aloo Gobi

2) Make Aloo Gobi

3) Ingrendient for Roti

4) Make Roti

5) Make Papad

Meet Your Teacher


I enjoy Cooking Indian food.Teaching cooking  Is my passion and brings

me great joy. I have more then 25 years of experience cooking Indian food. 
I have my YouTube channel Cooking with Kosha.

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1. Introduced: hello and welcome to learn to make a logo be fruity and proper. Alu means potato and Gobi means call if lover My name is Scotia. I love cooking Indian food and has been cooking for last 25 years. I have ah, food block Cautious kitchen In this class, I'm going to teach you how to make Ahlu Go Be with all the fresh ingredients. Make roti with wheat flour for and rises on open flame. Make popper on open flame so you can make all this dishes in comfort off your own home for class Project that all the ingredients make Allah, Gobi, roti and proper Take pictures and share it on your project gallery. 2. Ingredients for Aloo gobi: ingredients to make a looby. So for Allah. Gobi, we need goby, cauliflower alu, But day does. Onions, tomato Tom made up pace garlic tumeric powder red chili powder, Gramma Cell apart Coriander powder, cumin powder song oil, human see butter, mustard seed water and fresh cilantro. 3. Aloo gobi: To make Ahlu go be we need Gobi or cauliflower. Cut into small pieces and washed. Three cops, but data cut in small pieces one cup onion, chopped half a cup tomato job half a cup garlic paste 1.5 to you Spoon tomato paste two tables form tumeric powder half a teaspoon red chili powder 2.5 teaspoon coriander powder 1.5 teaspoon cumin powder 1.5 teaspoon garam masala powder one fourth teaspoon, so to taste oil two tables for butter one in the half tablespoon mustard seed half a teaspoon cumin seeds Half a teaspoon water 1/4 cup cilantro to garnets in a non stick pan on medium heat My pain is hot. I'm going to ed my oil once. The oil is what so that I'm going to add my mustard seed and my cumin seeds, this time changing caller, and he needs to pop the monster, etc. That I'm going to add my onions. I could cook my onions until it is light brown, so my onions, I guess I didn't begin kind of light ground so bad I'm going to add tomato makes it I'm going to add my garlic with garlic, man fresh commuters are getting soft. Did that? I'm going to add my potato and it's all about a minute. A minute or two, I'm going to cover it up. Give it one on two minutes. It's about two minutes, and we don't want potatoes all the way. Just a little bit that I'm going to end my tumeric powder. My rig powder coriander powder, cumin powder, my girl masala powder. So, with a mix it well, make sure it's on low heat. Doesn't get makes it really that I'm going to my once you mix it really good that I'm going to add my Amerigo pace and my water. My and you can always add more water. Teoh Olivo be you so after it, it's local, but then we can add our border. They covered it up. Let it half pick. So let's check on a holic lover. See, there's enough water. The cuckold will cook it through. And if you if you want, you can. If it's dry, you can always add some water. Do this. I'm going to ed my butter. Good. Mix it no and let it cook through When you cart your potatoes, it should really nicely. It's still a little bit hard to cut, so it will take. Let it cook colored so a cauliflower is done to check, can take one potato and binges carded. And if it cuts really smoothly, your predator is done and your collie flower is done, too. Cauliflower. So you take it antis, cut into half, and it should come really nicely. So a potato and cauliflower it is time. So I'm going to garnish my ahlu Go be with some cilantro and that's our Elokobi. 4. Ingredients for roti: ingredients To make roadie, we need whole wheat flour. We need canola oil song water and border road deep in or non stick him fled wooden boat rolling pin Still they still punks container with lid to put my roti 5. Make roti: so do make the dough. I have one cup whole wheat flour, one teaspoon canola oil, salt to taste and water to tie our dough. And then I have one teaspoon off canal I for needy. So, to that, I'm going Teoh and my God along going to put my salt I'm going to mix it well. Makes all the salt I'm going Do slowly add my water to make the dough Don't put too much border or is my be very A soft, though is almost done. So you eat. It needs to be not very hard. Knock yourself a little bit more water. Damn! And if you go becomes too soft, you can always add some more briefs Lover to that I'm going to in my Canelo so I can make it into very smooth down. Okay, I'm going toe covered this up, wash my hands and let it rest for at least 10 minutes and then you're going to make a wrote . So my go has been resting for 10 minutes and I made seven balls making into round circles. Make it flair and you'll need all purpose flour or wheat flour. What do you make sure I called it really good. So on my wouldn't born. I'm going to start rolling. Not too much pressure, just very light. And it will keep going. You can always add some more flower and the practice you can. He going? Okay, so it's not too thin. It's not to take. I'm going. Do go ahead and on my plan. It's It's hot. My pan is hot. So once the stats changing, is he small bubbles on top? I'm going to flip it, going to put it in our going to put some bar. Lt is time. 6. Ingredients and make papad: ingredients to make. Popper bumper comes in a lot of different flavors. This is black pepper popper. This is garlic pepper. This is salon Drew and, uh, chili proper. You'll need still is still kung's, and you will need stainless still great for electric range to make up for I'm gonna start my gas range. Would you take the popper, Put it on open flame and quickly turn it to go back and forth and you need to go all the way around so the proper gets chance to cook. And because it's on open plains, you don't need to live it for two. Is this click and you're on it Coming and, uh, for it is done. 7. Closing: Hello. I enjoy doing this class Alu, Gobi, Roti and proper. I hope you enjoy cooking all this dishes if you can please give me of feedback and a questions are comments I'll greatly appreciate and thank you for taking this class.