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Incredible Animations in PowerPoint

Abdelrahman, Presentation Specialist

Incredible Animations in PowerPoint

Abdelrahman, Presentation Specialist

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Morph?

    • 3. Working with titles

    • 4. Images

    • 5. Illustration

    • 6. Charts

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Animations are great for keeping your audience engaged, but how do you actually do it? When you have a complicated story to tell, how do you transform it to make sure it’s engaging for your audience? Well, it’s easier than you might think.

This 15-minute masterclass will demonstrate how to use creative animations to make a long presentation engaging for any audience. We’ll go through a real-life example and show you how to use it step-by-step in order to create a seamless and effective presentation. No prior knowledge is needed.

Step-by-step lessons will help you how to use animation for:

  • Slide Titles
  • Images
  • Illustrations
  • Charts

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Meet Your Teacher

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Presentation Specialist


Hello, I'm Abdelrahman.

I'm a Freelance Presentation Specialist with 4 years of experience.

I've worked for a wide range of international clients, became a preferred freelancer on and a Top level designer on 99designs since I started my freelance career. 

I'm looking forward to share what I've learned with SkillShare Students.

If you've any questions, please feel free to contact me :)

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1. Introduction: says his Abderrahmane. I would like to welcome you to incredible an emission in four Queen, the course where anyone can learn out of incredible emissions with the simple steps all into this poor point since 16 and 15 minutes. So what I we're going to discuss in this course low start up with the small talk of the town. More works there will cost three different examples, including patterns, images, frustrations and charts. Let's see some of the examples that we're going to work. This is an example of an advanced title in the mission we transition from problem. This one is incorporating an immediate change with it. Here we will have pathetic image of frustration and add animations are mostly people show how to make a great short swiftest. 2. What is Morph?: all right, let's first understand what is more and how it works. So what is a new animation that was introduced important for in 2016 by Microsoft? The way it works is simple. If you have too slight, for example, and you want to make a transition was more morph will see which objects are related, and it animated smoothly. Let's see some of the different changes that more can help you with. Here we have two slides with same shape, but the side of the second slide is bigger, so move will smoothly. Animators here the position is just different in this one. The color has changed, and lastly, he was always just irritated. Keep in mind that multiple re changes could be animated simultaneously like we can simply move it, change the color and make a little bit bigger. Then the mission will work on not just shape texts and images to. So try by yourself and just play with it and see how more for that meeting Next we will start off this title 3. Working with titles: and made entitles is one of the things that you can use just learning about how morph animation works and this Listen, we're going to work on the basic and advanced starts on the mission. So here we know my have two slides with each one has its own title. So what we're going to do is this. We will just copy the seconds like title to the 1st 1 and copies of First Light tryto to the second slight. They were going to make the text hidden by choosing Nofal for the text and that's it. Use more from now. You can have a smooth transition for titles. Great. Now let's move to the second title example and see what is in drizzled that we're going to achieve. Okay, so I have cleaned up all the details in this light so we can focus on the title animation. Here is how the card animation war again we're going to copy solution title to the problem side. But here I'm going to choose the color to be great so we can understand what's actually happening who are going to the same thing for a solution site. And now we are going to please just write builder lighting. We can see that we have almost achieved 50% off what we're looking for. We're going now to add a white box below the title that will go up with animation such that it toe high in the problem title. - We're going to copy it now. The solutions light, keeping the visible. And that's it. Keeping in mind that whenever you want to change the title in one of the slides, you have to change it in just like to which have placed in. This is one of the drawbacks confusion, such an emission, but it's worth. 4. Images: images are an important part in any presentation, and knowing how to use animation for them will create a great experience for your virgins. We will certainly the simple example here where we'll have two images, one British slide live in just a year ago from and splashed come, which is a great resource for free on quality images. So if we used more for the seconds life, the transition is not that good. But we can actually improve it by just placing the second image behind the first image. Now you see, how old are you? Great. So simple. Changing that anyone can do it will improve the tradition a lot. Now suppose that you like to present our first image. One idea would be is to make it transparent, then appeared the second slide. But unfortunately, the current PowerPoint version doesn't have transparency. Future for marriages, it will have been the upcoming billions. But for now we will have to create a shape at the same Lee mentioned, and could be the image and pieces inside a shape because shaped the poor point. Have transparency future, so you can't see now that we can easily make the image transparent. We will now make a duplicate of the slide and made the first flight image transparent. We were more directly to the middle school, but we can make it better by making the transparent image a little bit smaller, implicit in the park. Great. Now let's move to the next example Here we will have to slight and we would like to blink them in order to have a better in the mission. So the first thing we can do is titles as we learn. Lost less, right. So Avengers to cooking seven title. But first could be the 1st 2nd make no feel and we have Okay now the image port. We will cope with second average, place it in the first slide and sit in the back and then move a little bit to the right. Use morph now and we have a prophetic transition 5. Illustration: in this illustration example that we're going to work on. I have got illustration from online and initiated into street images here. As you can see, you would like to have that proximity, and then things will come out of the box. So we need to make them transparent. Which is why we will have to create a shape with same dimension as the image on. Then we're going to copy the image in the shape. Okay, so we get the image in the image from the top right corner. Make sure the words correct. Now the image. Please give this cheap. Great. So now we can please back to its position and to placate a slight go back to the 1st 1 and reduced size on the image. Make it transparent. Now we use more. Great. Now we can improve it a little bit by making the box go down a little bit. Yeah, this looks much better. 6. Charts: So let's see how we can use an invention for charts. I have to mention the beginning that may not be suitable for very professional or corporate presentation. So we will start by creating a chart. Would you legal the hexes and details resize it? They were going to create a way box. Sure. The title is said to be at the top of the white Books. We're going to copy the books of Seconds Night resize it. Use morph now Great here. We already have a design slide and we're going to conduct them. So you starting with copying the chart to the first light, Great. The way pokes to hide it and ensure everything else is about again . We re size it, sometimes more for some weird admission. But we can avoid this as we will make a copy of the title in the seconds light to have faith or effect insurance of top in seconds, like to great 7. Final Thoughts: I am so excited to see your presentation. If you haven't story now is a perfect free to use any presentations that you have presented or will preserve. And I had some emissions, too. If you have any questions or ideas free to post it on the project very and they will get back. Can't wait to see what you have.