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Increase Your Productivity, Time Management & Remove Procrastination

teacher avatar Alain Wolf, Social Skills Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. What You Will Learn In This Productivity Course

    • 2. What Kills Productivity

    • 3. How WIllPower Works

    • 4. Plan Your Day The Day Before

    • 5. 5 Steps To Boost Your Productivity

    • 6. What To Do When You Arrive At The Office

    • 7. Enter the Flow State

    • 8. Delegate and Say NO!

    • 9. Spend Time With Yourself In The Morning

    • 10. How To Kill Procrastination

    • 11. Recap

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About This Class

Would You Like To Learn The Best Hacks To Boost Your Productivity, Time Management & Remove Procrastination?

In this productivity course, you will discover the best productivity tools, time management techniques and easy ways to remove procrastination in this short but intense course.

It's based on practical advice with only important concepts that will really move the needle to boost your productivity, time management and destroy your procrastination.

Would you like to learn what kills your productivity and time management and makes you procrastinate?

- I'll show you the 5 step process to improve your productivity that I use with my team everyday.

- You'll discover how to delegate and say no more often so you can boost your productivity and become time management champion.

- By learning the powerful productivity and time management techniques, you'll be able to have more time for yourself and stop your procrastination.

- You'll uncover what you should do first in the morning to boost your productivity and how to play your day for maximum efficiency.

- And so much more! You will learn the best productivity and time management hacks to remove procrastination!

This course if for people who would like to become more productive and master time management in their personal and professional life. Would you like to have more time to do the things that truly matter to you? Then join this productivity course.

Go ahead, enroll in the course now! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alain Wolf

Social Skills Consultant



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1. What You Will Learn In This Productivity Course: so hi and welcome to design training. So I'm really honored and excited to have you here because today we'll be talking about how you can become more productive, how you can do more off the important asked, but also how we can have more time to do the things that really matter to you. So as you see, these online training is really practical, really intense and really short because I don't want to waste your time. I want to give you the best productivity tips that you can watch it on in training and get results right away. So before starting, I just wanted to say that I'm really honored to have you here. I'm ordered that you're watching designing training because most people don't really take the time to invest in themselves, and they don't think the time to become more productive. And the fact that you are watching that means that you're an action taker and you will succeed. You will become a productive if you apply the tips that I'm sharing here. In this course, you will get the success that you are 2. What Kills Productivity: So now let's jump right in. Let's start with what kills productivity. Most people when they arrive at work, they don't know what to do. They really don't know. They don't have priorities, They just arrive and they start working. But they don't really know if if what they're doing is effective. They don't know it just like they're just doing something. And these people, they don't know. The difference between being busy and being productive being busy is that you are just doing stuff. But if you're doing stuff that is not, getting you closer to your dreams is not getting your real results or if you're just doing stuff to do stuff, toe appear busy. It doesn't mean that you are productive being busy. You're doing stuff. Just stuff and you don't know if you will get real results and it's and you don't know if it's a priority. You're just doing stuff to do stuff and being productive. It means that you are doing more off the important task faster and better, so it's all about defining the tasks that you have to do during the day. We'll get more into that later, but just I wanted to show you here that being busy and productive is not the same thing. Another reason is that they have a lot of distractions. They have the phone here that has a lot of distractions, that there are many notifications that's will appear here on the phone that we say, Oh, there is this new cats that just that that felt that fosters born there is that the restart there is that there is game notification. There is news certifications there really a lot of things. And there are the colleagues that the birth study are the people the other phone calls. So at the end, it's really difficult to just focus on one task because we have all the distractions. So in the schools, who would see how you can reduce the amount of distractions so that when you work, you are 100% off the time working. Just work and you have a laser focus on what you do, and nowadays it's so difficult. But I would show you ways on how you can do that. Another reason is that they don't have a deadline. They have this project all they know that the shoot take these actions, but they don't have a deadline. They don't have a sense off urgency. And what ends up happening is that they don't do. They procrastinate and they're not motivated to take action. So show you in the schools how you can have deadlines for everything that you do so that you can really fast track your success, and you can work faster than ever. Another problem is that most people multi task that try to do too many things at once. Have you ever been in front of your computer and you're trying to work and then you have your phone next to you and then you have a WhatsApp message, and then you have a text message and then you have a Facebook tab open, and then you have a YouTube type open. So you just check your email and then you find his link about this amazing video on YouTube , and then you have a friend that text you and at the end, you are trying to do too many things at once and you don't do anything. Is it something that is farm earlier to you? So we'll try to really focus on one thing at the time, I would show you how and another reason is that they don't understand how to use willpower . The thing that there will power would be the same at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. And what end up happening is that they arrive at work and they don't do the important task until the afternoon. And what will end up happening is that they will do with the important task late during the afternoon. And it will be the moment when the will pour is the lowest. So we'll discuss also about willpower and how to do the important that's in the morning instead of the artery afternoon and why it's really important. 3. How WIllPower Works: so now collectively illustrate how will poor works? I'd like you to imagine that this bother here is your willpower. So every morning when you arrive at your office, you have this border here that is food. So we have that you have a lot off willpower. You can see here like the willpower is at its maximum. And what's what ends up happening is that through today there will power will decrease standing him 11 a.m. 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. And what will end up happening is that people will do the most important. Asks when late in the afternoon, because they procrastinated on the task. They arrived in the morning and they say, Oh, what do I want to do? Then they say, Oh, I don't want to do this important task because can repay in full It's boring. I want to do other stuff and the will poorer decreased. And then there are the end of the day and they almost don't have, like they almost ran out off willpower, and they would say, Hey, now I have to do the important test and then it would become becomes really, really difficult. So What you should do instead is do the important task in the morning when your willpower is full. So how can you do that? 4. Plan Your Day The Day Before: the night before. I would like you to plan your day the night before of like I have like you to think about the important task that you will have to do next day. And I would like you to write them down on a piece of paper. And when you arrive next day in the office, that's the first thing that you do because you will power will be fooled. And you won't have to think about what to do. Because the issue is that if you plan the night before, you will write down the things that are important in that you must do in the morning. And if you don't do that, you will arrive in you arrive in the morning. And you would say What do I want to do instead off? What do I need to do? So what do I want to do if you ask yourself this question when you arrived, what do I want to go? I want to do this task I want to do. It starts and it will be the task that are not important. And it it may be the task that won't give you the results that you want. And if you planted in the night before you know that what you have written on the piece under on this piece off paper has to be done, You arrive. You don't think you start executing and this is what I do. And this is why I don't think when I arrive in the office in the morning, I don't think I just start taking action and I do the most important test and I would have a lot off ville. Part will power and you will be able to do it faster. It would be more motivated. And most importantly, you would arrive, for example, start of the afternoon and you will have accomplished so many tasks that are really important that are getting new clothes, that your dreams and then it does not really matter. If at three pm four PM, you don't have a lot of food power because you are doing tasks that are not really important because you did all the important test in the morning 5. 5 Steps To Boost Your Productivity: So how can you become more productive? So I would like you to really take notes on this one, because here it's a step by step process. The first thing that I do and that I encourage you to do is to take, like, it's toe open an excel shit or take a piece of paper and then you write down your main goes . What are you main goals for this year? What? Fatah? The main goal. So if you're an entrepreneur, like the goals will be about your business, I really want to write in terms off work. It's you're not writing in terms off personal gold here, just writing in terms off. Okay, what are your goals at work and you write that. Okay, my gold easier is to do that. To do that. To do that, I have I want to accomplish this project. I want to do that. I want to get a raise up to that out. So you write down what's your toe accomplish? Because the first step is about having more clarity in what you want. Remember, most people they don't know what they want, so they don't know the important task they should be doing getting what they want. And what you do here is that you just write down. So in my case, I have an excel shit with all my business goals. And like I know for 2018 exactly what I will be doing. I know what my main goals are. And I have my goals that are defined. I know they're there. And then I would like to you to break down your main goals in tow. My stones, what are my stones is just big actions that you must complete in order to create a project in my case. So I wrote my new book, which is Master your life. And I had this goal off launching my new book Master your life and what I did that I broke down the project. So I had I must first find an idea for the book. So this was one milestone. Had to write the book. I had to aided the books, which was another my stone. Then I had to find someone to create the book over. Then I had to find someone to print the book. And then I had to find someone Teoh to send the book. So, um, you can see here that these were on my mind, Stone. So I had this this big old and had the small my stones. So I knew that the actions that I had to come to complete hard to achieve the first milestone than the second milestone. The third might stone the forced mind stone. So I knew exactly the steps because most of the time, if you have a big old it can be overwhelming because you don't really know what to do. But if you break down into small steps, it becomes easier. So what they encourage you to do right now is start doing this exercise with me. You just write down one goal that you have at work, and then you break it down into milestones and it's really use it. You will see that it's really start starting the process off, being more productive. Number three. It's about setting deadlines. So now that you have the my stones, it's about setting a deadline. Why is that? Because it will give you a sense of urgency, and it will motivate you to take action. Let's illustrate that you are in your apartment and it's messy. And you know that friends are coming over, You know that they will. They will come tonight. And if you know that maybe they will come at 67 or 8 p.m. And it's 11 again. So yeah, whatever. I do it later. But if you say okay in one narrow, that would arrive, you say, Oh, my God, I have one hour. And if you create the sense of urgency you want took in your apartment, imagine that in one hour or half, half an hour. And your apartment is really messy your you're friends with all right, And his friends like you really want to make a great impression on them. So yes. Oh, my God, I have for now to clean my apartment and you'll be highly motivated to do that. It's the same thing with the deadline if you just have the goals. And if you just have the milestones. But if you don't have a deadline, you won't be motivated to put through. So when I wrote my book, I had the deadline. OK, by this date, I have to write the book. By this date, I have to find the cover by this date. I have to print it by this day. I'm this day. I must find how to send it So you can see here. I did that with all my goals or my professional goes, I break down and then I set the deadline next to it. Number four. Every night. I would like you to sit down and toe open this excess shit or take this piece of paper and to look at all the goals and to look at all the milestones that that you have and the deadline's next to it. And I would like you to plan the next day. How I did that is that I focus on one project at the time. Or maybe 12 or three maximum. So I will have the book project. I would have the on ankles project and I would have for them the website project. And I would say OK, what are the milestones? What? What are the next my stones I need to achieve to get me closer to my dream. Okay. I must write the book. So I've right down the night before tomorrow our starts by writing 2000 words then my other project is the website. Okay, so tomorrow I would write my marketing description and I know, so I I have a least off the important tasks that I have to have to do the next day. Okay, So I do that. And I really try to have all the important task in the morning dawn because it's really important. And as we discuss, will power will decrease the willpower with the crees drinks a day. So make a list of all the important actions based on the deadlines that you have. And based on the my stones that you have number five. It's about prioritizing the actions. For example, on my list, I have I have to write the book. I have to write the marketing description and have to do that. I have to do that. That which one is the most important? Think in terms off which action will give you will give me the greatest outcome. I'd like you to think in terms off the parietal. Oh, that 20% of the action will give you 80% off the results. And I'd like you to do the most effective and important actions first. in the morning, okay? And you can also ask yourself, Is this question Is there a better way of doing that? And most of the time there is. So maybe instead, off doing things action. Here there is a most effective way that takes less time. Or you could, for example, do it in another way, and it will take less time and it will be more effective. So I would like you to have this mindset here off. Is there a better way to do it? And that's it. If you really follow this step by step process here, you will become a big success and you will know exactly what you have to do. You first define your goals, you break it down into my stones, he said. The deadline the night before you plan what you have to do, and you put the most important task first in the morning, you prioritize them, and if you've to find if there is a better way of doing them and now you are ready to start being productive, you can become productive, and 99% of people don't do that. So if you do that, you will be ahead of your competition in a head off people 6. What To Do When You Arrive At The Office: So then when you arrive at the office, you just take the piece of paper and you start executing on it. And there are two things that are really important now because, you know, that's really, really to be really productive. You must first eliminate time wasters and distractions. And you must what? We must do what we call single tasking. So let me explain what it is. What most people do is that when they are working, they're doing many things at the same time. And, for example, the open the email and and everything to these YouTube video. And then there is the bus that cold. And then there is this email. And then there was dating. And what end up happening is that they don't do anything. So what I encourage you to do is to element eliminate the distractions that you have. So it's to make a list off all the distractions that prevent you from being 100% focused on a task. So it can be the notifications that you have on this phone. It can be back. Do you really need to have a notification each time someone sends you a message on Facebook ? Or do you really need to know what's happening in the world right now? Most of off the things are useless. Like there are things to know that I completely us useless, that there is a new cats that is born of that. There is a new elephants that I was born. There are things that are completely useless and most of and it takes our time, and it takes our focus. So it starts with that with taking away the distraction. So I encourage you to turn off your phone if you can turn off your phone. Okay, um, you can put on airplane mode and remove all the notifications, all the push notification that feel birth. So that will distract you when you are work. When you're working, when you're out with friends, that's something that is different. But when you're working, you are working. And then on your computer. Maybe you have distraction that it's Facebook. YouTube. LinkedIn have, like all the sides, there are Softwares that you can just don't know it. And that will bloke that will block certain websites. I don't know exactly the name because I don't use them. I'm what I do that. I just disconnect Internet when I'm working, and so I don't have access to these websites. But if you want, you can just google. You say, um, well, software to block websites and then you have, like many of them, have a list of them and you can say between 10. Am and three PM I want to block Facebook. It means that I won't be able to access Facebook, and it's something that can really help you. And it can really increase the quality of your work because the idea is to single task. It means that when you start an important action, we have you shit, you have your piece of paper, you read the first action and you do it without distraction, and you do it until you complete your completed. So you work 1% of the time on the action. You try to eliminate everything that will distract you. If, for example, if you have your boss that's called you are you have something that is really, really important, then Okay, go and take that phone call. But most of the time it's not so really. You must find a way to focus our angry on great cheap that I would like to share. The here is that people won't disturb you as often if you have earphones. So even if you don't have music on it, you can just have your phones. And people think that you are listening to music and they don't want to disturb you. So it's something that I had when I worked in a company for a few months on, and people were really disturbing me and and I couldn't focus on my work. I just had the year phones, and what's happening is that I waas like no one waas disturbing anymore. So it's a tip here on even you can tell your colleagues. Listen, I just have to complete this work here. It's an important task. Can we Can we talk in one hour, or can we talk this afternoon, or can we talk during lunch? It's known about telling people that it's important work if you work from home and you have Children that are always around and making noise and trying to take your time. Say, Hey, listen, Children, I know it may be difficult, but for these next two hours I have to work on my own business and I want no one toe. Disturb me. You must set the boundaries. When I wrote my book, I went to a place that hade Onley like I could only see it. I had no distractions. I had no Internet. I just had my computer and had no full. I just arrived there. It was like Stone Age had just arrived there and I sat in a road. I had no destruction, and that's why I was able to write the book, Master your life in a really short period of time because I was able to focus. And I know that some people will say, Alan, you're But in my case, it's different. I have all these distractions that have all of that I cannot do, find a way, find a way to do more work where you are single tasking. And we're doing just that until you complete that multitasking is just doing everything, and at the end you don't complete anything. Try that right now. Try just to focus on one task and you see how it is. For example, right now, if you have your phone, But while you're watching the zoning training. You have Facebook up and you have your phone. Try to turn everything off and just listen to my voice and watch me. You will see how productive you will be. And most importantly, you will really understand what they say. And you should do that every time in life. Just focus on one thing instead, off 1000 things, you will become really productive and you will get the life that you want because most people don't do it. 7. Enter the Flow State: there is a concept called Flow. Have you ever been in a state of mind? Why address working and you know, like you just hit the flow. It means that you are really productive and you like you don't know you don't have the perception of time anymore and address working, walking where he working. It's what we call a state of flow. And that can happen if you just focus on one thing at the time and you just focus on it without distraction. So the concept of flow is something that is really powerful. So how how can you use it? Most people do it wrong. It means that they say Okay, way work for three hours nonstop. And what ends up happening is that they get tired. They how distractions in the if they see Okay, I want to work for three hours and after half on hour, one hour twice there's a distraction. There would be attracted to the distraction because our human brain cannot focus for three hours nonstop. I would say it cannot focus on three hours nonstop and then be productive for eight hours. So what they encourage you to do instead is to use the promoter or technique, which is you work for 25 minutes and then have a five minute break. It is that when you work for 25 minutes, you are working for 25 minutes. There is nothing that can distract you and then have a five minute break. Entering this five minute break, you can have the distractions, you can talk to your colleagues and so on. So in my case, I don't do 25 minutes. I do more to one hour or one ar 15 and then I have a 15 minute break. It's something that works really well, and that's how it can become productive on the long term because no one can really work eight hours non stop and say, Okay, I'm just productive. I don't take any break it. It's just a lie. It doesn't for cow. Human brain cannot do it, so instead, take small breaks in between rather than working longer hours without breaks. Because that way you will be less tired, you'll be more productive and you will be able to re enter the state off float. So it's something that is really, really great if you to increase your productivity 8. Delegate and Say NO!: If you want to become a productive, you can also delegate and learn to say no. Let's say that you entrepreneur and you have listed the important tasks. Can you delegate them to other people? Other other people, for example, your personal assistant who could do the tasks well, well enough. Let's say it like that are other, like all the people who could do the task where enough other people Because then you can get your time back through other people's efforts and being productive doesn't mean to do everything by yourself being productive. It's also being smart about it, because if their task that other people could be doing ends, it can free your time. It's something that can be great. So if you are, you have like an assistant or if you have someone that can help you give work to that person. I know it can be difficult sometimes because you think that you can do better than them because especially Shawn entrepreneur like we think that we can do like we can. We can only do the work, and if you really want to be free and more productive, you must understand that it's okay to give test or the people, and they can do well that they can do a great job. It's it's also your job to train them and to show them exactly how you want them to do it. So delegates the task and a great So when you have your mind stones, when you have the actions that you want to take, ask yourself this question. Can I delegate this task to people? The goal is not to give all your work to your colleagues. Just to be clear. It just that if there are tasks that your assistant off someone that can help you could do , just give them toe that person. If you think that they can do the the job, okay, and the 2nd 1 is about saying no, because you will have people who will ask you to do something they would say, You call, you say, Hey, can you help me with this Work your boss to say, Can you do that? You will have people who will ask you to do extra work or the kind of work, and sometimes it's great to say no if it doesn't concern you, if you don't gain anything from it and if it's not a direct order, or you must have your own criteria to judge if you should do it or not. But I would have liked to say that most of the time you don't need to do what people ask you to do. I'm not saying I'm not saying Oh yes, I'm not saying to say yes to people and then don't do it. But I'm just saying that sometimes your colleague would ask you to do something, and it's not your job. It's theirs. So you can also remind them that it's not your job. It's theirs in a polite way, for sure. But what I want to show you hear that you can save a few hours, but eight if you just work on on your stuff. I'm not saying not to be helpful when your colleagues come and ask for help, but don't do their work. If it's their work, you just have to remind them off the responsibilities and off their priorities. Okay, I know it's maybe something that most people don't like and are not comfortable with that. But here's the training about being productive and take it to the extent that you want. Okay. So, like if you really like helping your colleagues and do all the work, just do it. But maybe do a little bit less so that you can become a productive. And if you already productive and you are already comfortable, we say no, you can just continue doing what you're doing and become a productive it. It's all about finding the balance because saying no, all the time to everyone around you is not a great thing either. So just find the balance and he must be comfortable with that. And if you do it well, you can. You can save a few hours per day. 9. Spend Time With Yourself In The Morning: but you should really do also spend time with yourself in the morning. First, what do most people do who are not productive? They take their phone in the morning and then the check their image and this is what they do. So if you do that, studies have shown that she will be 30% less productive over the day. What you should do instead is take one hour. When you wake up for yourself, it can be meditation. It can be reading. It can be writing something down. It can be preparing a day can do that the night before. But you could also do that in the morning, depending on how you like it. But you must take time for yourself to be excited about the day. One question that I always ask myself is what I'm excited about the day. What am I excited about today? And I would come up with an answer and then I would plan my day. I will review the task that I have to do who I have to reach out to, and that's how I start my day before, when I was not productive, the first thing I would do even before waking up. Like even before having my breakfast, I would just check my emails and start answering, and I will be in a reaction mode. And what you want to do is really think been thinking bold, not in a reaction mode. You don't want to react to other people's demands. When you just woke up, you want to think and plan that can become productive, and then when you arrive at work or when you have spent time with yourself, you can then check your emails and then you can see what all the people expect a few and want from you. But first you spend time with yourself. A great way to do that is to meditate for 10 minutes. You just close your eyes and you focus on how you breathe. That's it for 10 minutes, and you try to empty your mind. If you can't empty your mind, you just focus on your senses. On the way. Your breath, that's it. It's really easy. Any candidate for 10 mins the first thing that you wake up so that you can become present with everything that is around you. It's not about the motivation it's about getting things done. I know that most people are here and they say, Alan, but I'm not really motivated to do this task, and that's why I'm not productive. Sometimes it's just about getting things done. So before starting these online training, I was not really motivated. I was. I was like sitting on the couch on Guy was like, I was, like, texting someone and then say off, I don't want to record it And sometimes it's not about the motivations about getting things done. So I just stood up and I came to the studio here, and then I started recording it. Sometimes it just about doing it. So most people say, Yeah, but I don't know if I feel like doing this important as today. Now you just do it point. You just do the task. In my case, I don't ask myself. Am I motivated? Now? I just do it. I know I have to do. It's written on this piece of paper. I don't ask myself. Am I motivated? I say, Okay, I have to do it and then I do. So it's something that I would like to encourage you to do you don't need motivation to do stuff. You just do it. Just get things done. And if you want to become a productive, have more time for what you truly want. Mud gets used to taking action, even if you're not motivated. And even if you are afraid and it's a muscle that you will develop, you will develop over time. So start taking small actions, even if you're not really motivated, and then you will see that will be more and more used in taking these kind of actions without motivation, and at the end, you won't need motivation anymore. 10. How To Kill Procrastination: if you procrastinate a lot, a great advice for you would be just to show you brain that there will be a consequence if you don't take action. Okay. If you procrastinate, it's because you don't see any consequences. You say, Hey, I can write this paper later. I don't need to write it right now. Why do I have to write it for now? And it's painful to write a paper. And then when you are just near the deadline, say, Oh my God, I have to write it. Otherwise, if I don't give this paper tomorrow, I will be fired. So then the pain is really what you should do instead is OK right now I have a few hours in front of me. I'm not motivated to write my paper. What I will do is that I will take action and start writing. And I would say Okay, if I don't write this paper in the next 23 hours, this will be the consequence. And then you stick with it and then you do it. And that way you can beat procrastination. In my case, that's how I told myself. It's OK if I don't recall these on in training right now. Then tonight I won't be able tow. Enjoy my night with my friends. I won't go out. So I knew I had to record it. And then I found a way to beat procrastination. So you must have your small consequences. And for example, if you love drinking coffee, you can say if I don't complete the test. This task by this afternoon. I won't have my coffee this afternoon. If I don't do that, I won't have. I won't eat this pizza tonight. I won't have this food I like. Try to punish your selfish Don't take action. It's a really great way, Toby. Procrastination. 11. Recap: so basically productivity is about taking tasks that will get you closer to what you want. You have defined what you want, and every task that you take during the day is a task that should be getting you closer to your dream. So what I encourage you to do is to ask yourself every hour I might taking actions that will get me closer to what I want and its action that well or that want. And it's a great thing. And if you can, you can also take it to the next level. Every second you are doing things that will get you closer to your dreams. It means that right now I'm spending all my seconds doing something that will get that will get me closer to my dreams because I'm recording this on training. But before, when I was sitting on the couch, not motivated the seconds that was spending there, we're not helping me build my dream. I'm not saying that you shouldn't rest, and you shouldn't have times when you procrastinate and you're not feeling well. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that on average, most of the time you should be taking actions to watch a treat. And if you do that, if you just realize that every man, every minutes, you could be taking actions while you dream towards what you really want in life, then you will become really productive. Find the right balance between your personal life and professional life. I'm not saying to just work and forget your family. Friends, health are not saying that I just didn't find the balance. Your focus with what I told you in this course with removing the distractions single tasking entering the flow state you prepare the task before you liked. Remove all the distractions you have your my stones, you have what you have to do and you just go for it and you do it. Despite the motivation, the fear you will become productive. There is no magic behind that. It's just about getting things done. So what they encourage you to do with the zoning training is to really think about everything I've covered so far and find a way to apply them to your life. Don't say yeah, Alan, but I know it. Do you know it? But are you applying that? Make it really take a piece of paper right now and do the exercise plan your day plan? What, like what are you big goals? Find the mic, Stones said. The deadlines do everything, and you will see that if you do that, you will become a big success. So I like to give you hear a last piece of advice. It's cold, fast thinking, precious slow thinking. Fast thinking is like taking a decision right away or in a few seconds. And slow thinking is like when you take a few hours or few days to take the decision. And what most people would do is that they will take fast decisions on important decisions . And when you have important decisions, you should do slow thinking. When you go toe toe a shop and you want to buy a bottle of wine, you don't need to spend hours and hours choosing the bottle of wine. You should do fast thinking you choose, like, real quickly, about it offline when you have to decide if you want toe. If you want tohave chicken or from to have fish, you don't need to spend 25 minutes thinking about that. You just decide you must have fast thinking. But when you are when you have an important decision for your life, before you work for your business, it's important that you take time to think you can write down what's happening. You can write down the decision to pro the cons, and then you can decide. But don't makes the fast thinking versus slow thinking. And how can you become a productive? Just understand that if you're at work and there are decisions that you should take really fast, take them really fast. Don't take them slow. You have a decision you have toe to increase your ability to take decisions fast for simple tasks. And you must retake time to plan and to think for important tasks. That way you will be always on the right track. So for me, it was really a pleasure to give me to give you this disowning training about productivity . I really encourage you to take action right now to take some notes and two starts using some of the ideas. Even if used, only one idea that you have learned in designing training you will become a productive and even if you can just save like 20 minutes per day and this 20 minutes. But you can use to do something that is meaningful to you and fulfilling to you spending more time with people that you love your family. Your friends are spending time on a passion or project that you have. It was first it like to give you this on a training. So what's really Arnold and really proud to have you here? And I wish you all the success that you deserve and desire in your life.