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Inbox Explosion - A Guide To Email Deliverability

teacher avatar Donald Clark, Internet Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Email deliverability intro

    • 2. Email Deliverability Training

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About This Class


In this second installment of my series on email marketing, and building a profitable list we will cover how to INBOX your leads.

Having a large email list doesn’t matter one bit if your emails don’t make their way into your subscriber’s inbox.

I will show you how to ensure your emails land in your target’s inbox -which is the first step to getting high open rates and sales.

We will explore the differences between email service providers, and will teach you to test your open rates with popular email services.

Inboxing is the first step towards being a successful email marketer -if you don’t inbox, nothing else matters. Learn the subject from a top internet marketing expert. Email marketing is the most profitable business model to get started as a beginner marketer, and always a good investment.

In this complete series, we will cover how to create squeeze pages, drive traffic to these pages and follow up with converting emails, to ensure that you succeed as an email marketer.

Be on the lookout for more classes very soon!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Donald Clark

Internet Entrepreneur


Hello and Welcome!

Ive always had a nack for teaching and so Ive finally decided to join Skillshare and SHARE what I know and learned over the years.

Here youll find real world Internet Marketing tips, tricks and how to's and maybe even a few Life Hacks. My formal training was in Education, but in my life Ive been a corporate operations auditor, a successful small business owner, and now an internet marketer.

In the end.. its all about results and I want to see all of my students get the results that they are looking for.

Im here to answer any questions you have and help you along the way as much as I can. Be sure to reach out and introduce yourself!

Good Luck! and Happy Learning!

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1. Email deliverability intro: everyone. And welcome to this new class on inbox explosion. A guide to increasing your email deliver ability. So what this class is about is I'm going to take you through the problems that everybody has in email marketing. And these were some fundamental things that most people don't even teach in most courses. Everybody wants to talk about subject lines and email copy and an open rates and really and truly those of the wrong things you focus on when you're creating, when you're first getting started an email marketing and even when you creating a new campaign, you always have to start with a good foundation in order to build upon that and be successful. And so that's exactly what this course is. It's not an intro to email marketing, but it is the fundamental problem that nobody really addresses and email marketing, and that's what again, this course is gonna be over. So please enroll. I've got some great insider tips, some good pro tips for you in this course, and so in role today and what let's get started 2. Email Deliverability Training: All right, everybody, welcome to this class. As I said in the intro, this is gonna be a guide to increasing email deliver ability. Now, as I also said before, a lot of people focus on their open. Writes an email When your email marketing, you know, you send out 100 emails, you know, you get 10 open, you have a 10% open, right? And so a lot of people want to get that number higher. Obviously, they want to increase their open writes well, you're kind of starting in a spot where you really aren't sure. You know, if your foot well, okay, people are opening because of the subject lines. You try subject lines and you maybe get a little bit better response. But it really doesn't help. Well, you really need to take another step back and decide, you know, or find out if you are actually in boxing to begin with. And so that's what this guide is. I learned this technique from a marketer that I know who is actually a seven figure and probably more, um, email marketer. And so this is a ah technique that he uses and human his team used to actually know if you inbox and so let's get started with showing. Let's see. And like I said, these steps are gonna be important for having success and email marketing. Um, you know, if your aren't, if you're not in boxing, you're actually gonna be losing out on a lot of revenue. You know, because if you don't inbox your open rates, click the rates, etcetera. Those just do not matter. Um, there are a lot of other websites, and there's some software out there, that sort of thing that can tell you, you know, should you inbox or not. You know, I wouldn't use those, Um, because this technique this strategy, uh, you're gonna use Google, you're gonna use yahoo. You're gonna use Hotmail whatever to actually tell you whether you inbox or not. And I would not trust another website or software to tell me if I inbox. I would actually go to the, uh to actually to the source, go to Google or etcetera and find out, you know, if you inbox or not. So, um, looks it Gmail, Yahoo, Xterra, They're gonna tell you if you inbox by actually in boxing, you know, 1/3 party is never gonna be is accurate. Azi, actual email provider will be to tell you that you actually are in boxing, then this process is going to be a manual process, and it can be a little bit labor intensive on to begin with if you're just setting up an auto responder or something like that. But, however, once you get it set up, there's a lot of things you don't have to test going forward. And it's just basically testing your email and your copy, etcetera. But you will get faster over time. You won't have to do this on as frequent of a basis. And, of course, if you follow this process, you should definitely increase your in boxing and be on your way to making more sales period. So the grand question, Why do I have terrible Open writes? Well, open rights have a lot of factors that contribute to lower open rights. But the first and foremost is that, ah, does the email make it into the in box in the first place? Like I said earlier, and that's really what you should be concerned with because again, if the email is not in the in box. It can't be open if it never makes it there. And so stop focusing on your open rates. Take a step back and focus on your in boxing. Then once you get your in boxing taken care of, ah, then you can move forward like, say, there's, you know, if it doesn't make the inbox, obviously there's nothing for their for them to open. So you've gotta overcome that hurdle first before you could do anything else. And that is your deliver ability. Now you're open, right, but you're deliver ability. All right, so, and e mails road to heaven or the inbox, shall we say, is not an easy one. And here's a little diagram that I found online about the path from, you know, the center to the recipient. And it's not as easy as just goes from your in box are you know you're to their inbox. It it takes a path, and there's a lot of things that happen on the way. So, you know, take a look at this real quick. This, you know, Are you sending too many messages per day? Is there an attachment? Is it is as a fouled sized to large. Is the format OK or not? It could be blocked for that is your cinder I p blacklisted, You know, Are there any kind of viruses that somehow got on there that you maybe didn't even know about? Um, you know, guess now, block, do you have spam like content? Maybe you don't even know if you have spam like content. You know, you're just sending, you know, something out you think is not spammy. But it is now your emails block. And so there's a lot of things that can happen along the way before email actually makes it all the way over to the recipient. Now, one thing that you should remember and is very important is that everything online has reputation, especially in this day and age. It either has a good rep, a bad rip or no rip it all. And so just remember everything. It doesn't matter if you have a new domain. It has a reputation because it doesn't have a reputation yet, and so things are going to be much more leery of that. It has to build credibility, shall we say, nor build a good reputation. Or maybe you're doing something that helps it built a bad reputation. You have to be very careful for that. But everything online has a reputation. Now, the email providers know this, and that's always gonna be taking into account when they're sending. And, of course, your things like your I p addresses your links, your domain names, the actual email addresses. You're coming from the email. Copy the wording inside of that email, etcetera will all have a reputation. Words have a reputation. And that's how you get spam words. So this all effects You're in boxing of your emails. All right, So now what factors contribute to in boxing in the 1st 1 that ah, we're gonna take a look at is gonna be the i p. Address that you're sending from now. There are a lot of people that use different platforms like a weber get response. I contact mail chimp, etcetera. Those have their own. I paid. Those platforms are basically trusted. Eso that you know. All points and purposes won't affect you. However, there are sometimes you might want Oh, you know, host your own email. Ah, platform and send from your own domain. And that sort of thing, and that's another subject for another day. But that I p address that you're sending from that could be affected if your own shared horse hosting or something of that nature that I p address can affect your in boxing. Um, that's what I just said. This is something you can. You you It's not something you have a great deal of control over, you know, like said, once you put, decide on a provider, but you have to make that decision in the beginning. It's very difficult to change later on. No, here's an example where a while back a Webber, um, had an issue where? And I believe I don't remember exactly. Either they had some sort of attack or, you know, some marketers or something had done something, you know that shouldn't have. And what ended up happening is that the A Weber I. P. Was marked as spam and potentially dangerous by Gmail. And so, you know, Gmail makes up. I'm not reassured the latest statistics, but at least, like, 60% of all email addresses. And so it blocked all e mails that come from a Weber I p. As malicious. And you know, the problem got corrected, but there were a lot of people, especially marketers and such that email, you know that the that's their livelihood. Their email marketers, you know, had their deliver ability stopped because of that. And, you know, they were on a trusted platform. But because of something, you know that happened. I don't know the technical issues behind it, but either way, that's what happened. And so it's just another example of what can affect her deliver ability. All right, now, the next thing is your domain name reputation. Now, this is something you obviously can control. Um has everything to do with the domain name that you send e mails from. Um, but I have to warn you do not do not do not Do not send emails from gmail dot com ao well, yahoo hotmail dot com etcetera ever. For one, it's rather unprofessional. But then, too, that's what Um, you know, free email services are used by spammers, and it can greatly increase. You know, the chance of you landing in the spam voter, and that's not what we want. So what you should do is create a email address from your, um, actual domain name, for example, say you bought the domain your domain dot com, and you can put, of course, your name at your domain dot com as an email address. Um, so let's say you try to send from two different emails, or you can create two different email addresses like these. Like you know, you could send from one like John at john smith dot com. And maybe that email does inbox. But you send another one from John at John Smith media dot com, and it doesn't inbox. Um, the difference. Ah, the different domain name. There is the factor for not in boxing. The exact reasons aren't always known, but again, the reputation always comes into play, and as a note, you should always have several domains that you can send and test from. I suggest a minimum of three ah toe have that you contest from. So maybe in this example, you have a john smith dot com, John Smith media dot com or J s Media, um inc dot com or something like that. If that's less that you're John Smith and you have a media company, so I would have at least three domains domains are fairly cheap. Go data. You can get your 1st 1 99 cents. After that, it's, you know, 799999 Something like that. You could get enforcers very inexpensive. It's certainly worth it for your business. Um, always watch out for email. Spam words in the names money. Um um, different things like that that always come out, you know, rather spammy. And I've got a list of email spam words that I can provide you with if you need those. All right. Now, the next thing that you need to watch, of course, is your links. Now, this again is something that's controlled by you know, if you're promoting an affiliate offer, for example, that link can possibly be promoted by thousands of other affiliates. And this is where a good cloak er will always come into good use. There many advantages to a cloak er or sometimes called a link tracker, a mask your link for one. And this can increase your links uniqueness and not contribute to you having a spammy email . And that's not what we want. Links, of course, are important. For example Ah, here I have ah, weight loss example of a link from Click Bank. Now what we have here is that Klink, a click bank dot net, is the domain name. It really doesn't matter about this front part here or this last part at the end. This is, Ah, another kind of offer here from a c p a network. It matters about the dot com, the go to cloud dot com. So whatever comes before the euro l ending the dot net dot com dot org's in this example Clinton. That's where it's coming from. This were that the eyes, peas. They're going to be looking on what they're looking at. And so is this a trusted domain or not? So sometimes in like this c p f c p a offer link you have am offers dot etcetera. That's a sub domain. So sometimes the sub domain will also come into play as well. Is that a trusted domain name? Are they getting a lot of spam from that sub domain and domain name? Um, another thing, as faras links is, don't do not use link shortening hours bitterly, bitterly orbit, not a wire tiny eurail dot com. Even the Google one are very, very bad when you're doing email marketing, do not ever use these. I could not emphasize this enough. These air, not Clockers, their short ners. So in other words, if you have a simple super long year R L it was shorten it down to something that's that's , you know, very short. It looks neat, um, visually to the eye, but those air bad to use, they're not cloak ear's, you know, the, um, email service providers and the like. Even Facebook or something like that can see into those links. They know where those links go. So it's they're not cloaked again. They're just shorter's spammers use. Um um, you know, they can get you in the spam photo real quick or even get you banned and blacklisted by an email provider. And I speak for E S P E mail service provider. They have their place, but email marketing is not yet. Eso do not ever use any kind of email. Short inner. Always use and invest in for your business a very good quality. Um link cloak er or link. Redirect? No, ideally, what she won't is for your sin domain and your links to have the same domain. So, for example, if your sin addressed that in boxes is John Smith at john smith dot com, The domain being john smith dot com You want your link on the inside to be john smith dot com, and then forward slash Whatever. Your you know, your Eurail slug might be your training or click here or something like that. But as you see the email address that they see it and the link domain are both the same. And like I said, you should invest in a good link. Redirects software, click Magic hyper tracker Build Redirects are some especially three examples are some very good examples. I would probably suggest build redirects. It was made by a marketer for marketers, so it is a very good piece of software. Now let's get to testing. So you have to become a mad scientist and start testing all these little idiosyncrasies to help your inbox. And so the first part of that process involves seed testing, and this is where you create several test accounts to see if you can get your deliver ability up. So typically when testing, you should have three G mail. Three Yahoo three a well and three Hotmail addresses in your seed list in your mailing account. This list should only have these addresses in it and nothing else. So, basically, you're gonna have a list or a campaign inside of your email platform. And the only thing you're gonna have in there are these 12 email addresses that you create and add to it they do not add any riel email list our emails to this list. Ultimately, the main one you want to focus on is Gmail. Gmail has the majority of email accounts in the world today. And so why you want to test all 12? You really kind of. If you have to make a decision and go in which way to go, Gmail is the way to go. All right, So now, generally, if you inbox here, you can inbox in the others in Gmail, that is, please understand that this is not always the case, but it is. Most of the time. The vast majority of emails again will be Gmail accounts because they account for 68% usually of total email addresses and usually is the hardest to in boxing. So that's where your focus should be so. What you need to do is create three different email accounts for each provider again. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Will and Hotmail. You should also create a separate list in your email provider. I eat your email platform, a Weber Sin lane. Get response mail, chimp eye contact, constant contact, etcetera. And title it something that you remember like seed list or test list. I'd probably say test list. And prior to sending those emails to your main list, you need to send them to your seed list only. So once you get to the process, that's testing process that we're gonna cover. Your email should be in boxing. And only then should you send that email that she wrote to actually your main list. And actually, that is then actually your email campaign that you're sending out to your recipients. Now it's important to remember that e mails do not always hit accounts quickly, so you should be patient. Don't think you just cause you hit the send button, they're gonna automatically pop up and in your test accounts, okay. It's also important to remember that you do not ever click on our open the emails there inside of your test accounts. Do not ever do that. This is going to risk you your results and not give you accurate in boxing. Why? Well, Gmail and the other providers like to learn things about you. They like to learn what you like so they can put things in spam and not send them and put him in the promotions tab when you don't want him there and that sort of thing. So if you ever open on open any of these emails, click on etcetera. They will in boxes in males, or start in boxing these emails for you. But they may be spam for everybody else, so do not open or click on the seed list. Emails. Do not delete them, either. You should not do anything, what so ever with the emails that end up in your test accounts? In other words, when you created test email and you send it and it in boxes, that's only thing you want to say. You want to open up that email account and look to see if that email is there. If it's their fine clothes, it do not ever open. Click anything to those emails okay. We want to have the cleanest results that we can possibly have. Okay. Eso Now we're gonna move on to testing. So the first thing we have to test is a generic subject line and copy. And what this is going to be testing, basically, is your email address Your domain name that's listed, etcetera? Is that actually in boxing? So the way to kind of do that is just with a very generic email subject and copy. So when you write your first test email to see list, you want to test a generic subject line in Copley by simply using something like, you know Hey, let's meet for coffee. You know, what time are we having dinner? Eso like your subject lines should be. Hey, let's meet for copy for start for coffee. Your body is, like, you know, just something you would send your mom of this friend of whatever, you know. Hey, I was hoping we could meet for confidently. Let me know if you have time in your name. Just like a regular email. Just you're sending off quick little note to somebody. Okay, so you have to test that first, then. Ah, you know he doesn't matter. It could be anything that's generic like that. Something simple again. Like I said, like you send a friend, Send this to your seat, accounts first and make sure it in boxes again. Don't open click or anything of those a bit e mails. Just make sure that in box by inbox again shows up in the email box on all of your seat accounts again. If you want to just focus on one, you can focus on Gmail now. If it does not inbox test again with a different generic copy for the subject line in the body of the email. Make sure this is nothing about selling nothing hyped up. You know, Essentially, it's just simple stuff again, you send friends and family. This has nothing to do with marketing or your business or anything like that. This is just a simple email to a friend. Now, if it does not inbox again, wait a few hours and tests again, using a different from name but the same domain name. So in other words, if you sent from, let's say, John Smith Ah, at your domain name dot com Now try sending from John one at your domain name dot com or admin at your domain name dot com. Um, keep the domain the same, but changed the from name. Okay. Just like it isn't his example. So the variants here is John John one or admin. But the at your domain name at your domain name at your domain name stays the same. All right, so changing the from name can help prevent your emails from going to the spam folder. Now, if it does not inbox there, it's part of part. Gonna be your domain. So you need to get a new domain name in a sin email from that new domain in your accounts. And once you get the new domain start, test the testing process over again, but mailing from this new domain. Okay. So, for example, if you send your first email from John at your domain name dot com now, you need to try City from John one at new domain name dot com. Pretty simple. Now, once that in boxes, you can move on to step two your riel subject line. It's important here that you leave the copy. What's in the body of the email that you sent that? You got to inbox exactly the same as it wasn't. Step one. Only now you're gonna test your real subject line that you want to use for your email. Your only changing the subject line. Nothing else. Everything stays the same. So, for example, your the real subject line you want to use is Are you ready for training? Then again, your body copy stays the same. Hey, I was hoping we could meet for coffee today. Let me know if you have time your name and getting four minute just like a regular email. Now, if it does not inbox test with a different subject line. But make sure to take note of the subject line you're using, you know, Does it have a lot of capital letters? Doesn't have words that might make it look like junk or spam doesn't have hyperspace Me words in it again. You, you know, really should stay away from those kind of things, but, you know, test it. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't again. Just test test test if you can get into the in box Now, if it does not inbox use the same subject lines. But this time test Would one of your other from names you consent from from the same domain ? If you cannot get into the in box, you probably have to start over with a new Nobel domain name again. More likely, you're gonna inbox now. I've never really had to go this far. Not in boxing, but it is again trying to solve the problem in boxing. So if you can't, you're gonna have to start over from the Munich. But once that in boxes, then you can move on to step three, your riel copy or the real body of the email that you want to use. So at this point, you want to use your proper subject line because it in box, along with the same from name and domain name that inbox. However, this time you're gonna and in the proper email copy. At this point, do not add in your links. You also need to make sure to do a text version of this Testa's well, because of the weight, e mails go out in different ways. Um, s Oh, yeah. Use your actual email copy, even put the text in there that you're gonna link to but do not put a link in there, Okay, now, if it does not inbox, you need to change of the words that you think could be causing the issue. Words like sale by click here free make money. Those other kind of spam words. Some tips you can try at our adding a underscore, or a dash or period between words like click here by now or free. You will see a lot and lot of promotional emails from marketers like free spelled with a period in there somewhere. Um, but go but paragraph by paragraph, tweaking and testing different adjustments to the copy. So if it does not inbox, you need to try completely new copy. Sometimes you know, many people are saying the same copy over and over. It can end up in spam. So grab a different copy or different body of an email and start testing that at this point now, if you used any sort of swipe copy, let's say if you're an affiliate, marker a marketer and you use a swipe file, you know, for some sort of affiliate product or something are possibly a c p a offer. If there's if you needed that. You know, you're gonna have to rewrite that copy. You know, you can use it as an example, but use it to rewrite it into your own words. You know, just like with affiliate links in an email swipe copy will be sit by thousands of affiliates and can be seen is spanned by the email service providers. Now, if it does not eat inbox tests with a different from name, you know, from the same domain name, So again, test the copy and tweak it. Trying to remove things that can be seen is problematic once that in boxes, you can then move on to step for your links. Now, just use everything. At this point. Everything should be in boxing. So keep everything the same, just as you did when you got it in boxes. Step three. But only this time you're gonna add your links and, uh, or whatever links you know, you want to use inside the content of your email. Uh, now if that my chance does not inbox test again, altering your linking structure. So try this. For example. Don't use a raw link. Used the html link. I e If you are writing like you can search here instead of inserting a link after search. Here just linked the words search here. It would be a hyperlink. You can shorten or lengthen the amount of words your hyperlinked in each in each link. So, for example, instead of just search here, you can have, like, you can search. Here is the whole thing. Could be a link. Um, or you could just shorten it to here. Or you could back it up further whenever the words are. So, um, you can try linking different words within the copy again, okay. And also the same thing. You can also try using an underscore and a dash in the words that are linked. Um, just getting test and tweak little things to see if if those can help you get to the inbox . So once that in boxes, congratulations, you have now achieved deliver ability. So congrats. You're in the in box now. That's the first step. All that is just the first step to a successful email marketing campaign. You know, you're ready to start sending that campaign to your entire list. And so, you know, you should be ready at this point, engage your reader and make sales. And that's what we all want from email marketing. Rather, it's in affiliate marketing, our local business, whatever. Ultimately, we were trying to convert a recipient a reader via email into a paying customer. So but, you know, that's another training for another day. Now, uh, let's see. Keep this in mind. Keep this in mind. You must always check your links before sending. Make sure those links work. If you are using a redirect software or something of that nature, you need to test those links, make sure they're working that something doesn't happen and a space or appeared or commerce something got in there that shouldn't be in there, and it throws your link off. So always, always check your links before you seeing. Now, you contest this to your personal email account. No problem. But do not check these in your test accounts again. Do nothing to the email and those accounts. If you send it to your personal email account. Yes, you can check it all day long. Check your links and that. Matter of fact, I would certainly suggest doing that. But do not ever check it again. and those test accounts. Now, I will admit that this is a slightly labor intensive process to begin with. But after you get the domain names, your email addresses and all that inbox, and you really should not have to go through those steps again because after all, you tested them that they've inbox. You've been sending appropriate emails, not sending spammy stuff, etcetera. So now after the more you do it, the more you're from emails, your domain names, etcetera will build up their reputation. Remember in the beginning, we were talking about everything. Has a reputation. Good batter, No rep. Well, now you've built up a good rap on your email from names domain names, and you don't should not rather have to test those all the time. So then you really only have to basically test your subject lines or copy and your links going forward, and the process will get faster. So don't worry. But if you start having issue in boxing or your open rates start going down, you can always go back and revisit this process. But this time, but by this time, you should be a pro at it, and it should go a lot quicker for you. Now, before I go, I want to give you a couple goals thing. This is always subject to different niches on issues. Different list, specific list. Engagement. Is it a cold list? Is it a warm list? Etcetera, But all things main equal. This is some baseline numbers that you should be looking for. For an open rate, you want your open right to be over 12% within two days of sending your click route. Click three rate should be about 25% of the open rate. You're soft bounce. It really should not exceed 5%. You know, if you do exceed that after a couple of mailings, you should clean your account of non openers. And a hard bounce should not really should not exceed ever 1%. If you do exceed that, you should clean your account of non openers as well. Now here's a protea up. Now this goes against our egos because we all like to have big lists and say our list was 115,000 people on the list. But if those people are not engaging with you and they're dead, email addresses that. Don't you know there there are spam trap of some things are, ah, fake email address that somebody made that never get open. It doesn't do you any good to have them on your list anyway. And the way all the email providers charge you, per you know how many email addresses you have? It probably is costing you many anyway, so you must clean your list. Yep, that's right. Get rid of old email addresses that are clogging up your email campaign performance because non openers are not doing you any good. They're not making you any money matter. Fact. They're costing you money. So there that can do nothing but hurt you. And, like said, the costing you money by being on that list of providers. Charge by number of contacts you have, and they're dragging your open rates down. Most importantly, so let me read that again. They're dragging your open rates down. That's not good, because it's like making your campaigns of well or machine and looks good to your email service providers. So, in other words, in a for example, if, um, it's really just a numbers game, so let's say you had 1000 contacts that you emailed in 100 opened and 25 clicked inside the email. So that's a 10% open rate in a 25% click through rate. It's not bad, but it's not great. Now let's say 500 of those emails haven't opened your email in the last six months. Let's get rid of that dead weight. What good are they? Clean them up. So now, with a 500 person list and the same 100 opens, you now have a 20% open rate. You doubled it, which is very, very nice. And your email provider seizure list as engaged far, twice as engaged as it was before. Your emails air relevant to the audience. And you're not spamming people and everyone, including yourself, is gonna be very happy because you're not gonna get black listed by your E. S. P. So one of the things that I've been told that the email service providers those have talked directly with compliance departments, etcetera, is that they're starting to look more at things like the open rates and the engagement inside of the list. Um, so that this is starting become a very, very important factor in email marketing that your engagement of your audience is far more far more important than how many. How many you have on your list. So keep that in mind. All right? He and so now go forth and explode your recipients inbox. So that brings us to the end of their training. I hope this process has been explained in a way that you can certainly understand what the point of it is. I have this all in an e book. If you like it. I'm probably got think gonna put a link somewhere either in the class description or in my profile and you can get this eat. Ah, e book this training in an e book from May. If not if you can't find it, just message me, and I'll certainly send you our way to get the book from it. But anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this class email marketing likes it is great. The money is always in the list. When you have an audience that you can talk to and engage with provide value to provide value, they're going to give that back in the form of sales and commissions, etcetera. So It's certainly always worth worth the money worth the time to develop your email marketing skills. Now, what I want most of all is one not only for you to get value out of this class, but leave me a review. Let me know how this training work for you. What you thought about it. Was there something I didn't explain clearly enough? Do we need to go back and answer some more questions for U. S? So let me know. So sent. Write a review of this class for me and start message me and the discussions. Let me know. Is it working for you? Are you having problems, Etcetera? So because I really want engage with my students and know how they're doing so Anyway, thank you so much. I enjoy teaching here on skill share, and I hope you'll have a great day