InDesign for Creatives - Make a Promo Contact Sheet

Adriana Bergstrom, Illustrator & Designer

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11 Videos (1h 2m)
    • OO Welcome

    • EXTRA: Introducing the InDesign Workspace

    • Step01 Creating a New Document

    • Step02 Layout Basics

    • Step03 Adding Text

    • Step04 Mastering Master Pages

    • Step05 Importing Images

    • Step06 Scaling and Editing

    • Step07 Captions

    • BONUS CharacterStyles

    • Step08 Exporting


About This Class

Learn to use Adobe InDesign (which already comes bundled with many Adobe CC accounts) to make beautiful, clean, perfectly aligned contact sheets that are easily edited, updated, and exported to help you sell your work.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Adriana Bergstrom, the teacher of the course. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know a bit about my background. I'm an illustrator and graphic designer, and I created this course to help de-mystify InDesign. A lot of creatives, artists, and photographers pay for Adobe CC, but are not sure how to take advantage of all the software it brings. So, this is my effort in making CC work for you. InDesign is a really robust piece of software and the perfect companion for Illustrator and Photoshop when you're looking to put it all together and publish your work.

I've used InDesign to produce all kinds of promotional and informational materials throughout the years: business cards, mailers, postcards, booklets, portfolios, and contact sheets.

This course focuses on contact sheets as a way to explore InDesign and learn concepts that will easily translate to a lot of other projects. I hope you learn something from it, I can't wait to see your art in your own self-made contact sheet with your branding on it! Make sure to share an image of it in your projects page!



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I've never used InDesign before but this class is really inspiring! I look forward to creating postcards, posters, and improving my portfolio!
Margarita Bourkova

artist | dreamer | infp

Great instruction! Easy to understand and broken down to simple components.
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

Wow! This lesson really made an impact for me. Very high quality class, made by professional artist with a lot of experience.
Jarmo Tikka

Teacher, Designer, Carpenter, Artist